Chapter: 1358

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1358 - Birth of Soulsearch’s Child. Two ladies pregnant, The Qing Clan is unable to have an inheritance?

On the next day, Qing Shui bid farewell to Tianhe Clan. The old man from Tianhe Clan also informed him that later on, they would travel to Yehuang Country.

Tianhe Renmo didn’t go along with Qing Shui right away. He didn’t want to bother Qing Shui and Yuan Su. It was just that he still didn’t know about the relationship between Qing Shui and Yuan Su. Other than that, it was also because Qing Shui didn’t want to let them know about his Nine Continents Steps Effect too soon.

Other than when he was in Tianhe City, Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Steps Effect to make haste for the rest of his journey. In just a moment’s time, they had already arrived in Yehuang Country City. Yuan Su, who experienced the Nine Continents Step Effect for the second time, found herself totally shocked. She was starting to find this man more and more mysterious. They hadn’t met for many years and during those years, a lot of things about him had changed. He had become more mature. Certainly, a lot of things seemed to have stayed the same too. He was still the man she was once familiar with.

Soulsearch also felt extremely happy seeing both of them back. Li Ji was going to give birth at anytime. It should be on the following week. Soulsearch was really agitated. He was really looking forward to that child of his.

Initially, he was already considered to be an old man. But Qing Shui wanted to help Soulsearch gain back his look back when he was in his middle age. This was also the symbol of Qing Shui’s medical expertise. It was because of this incident that Qing Shui’s reputation rose up.

Now, Qing Shui added more demonic beasts. He mixed in the Tiger Bone Soup from the past, the All Aspect Nourishment Soup and so on together into it. Of course, the current one was a lot more powerful compared to the one before.

Other than that, recently, Qing Shui would also constantly revolve his Ancient Strengthening Technique to refine his body. He operated the strength of the Shield Attack within his body all the way to its maximum. The energy of his Ancient Strengthening Technique had long since been revolving independently. It was just that now, Qing Shui was trying to make it revolve even faster. It was a few times faster than normal speed.

Unknowingly, he had already started to feel the enormous barrier. This place was a dead end. The only way was to gain access to the barrier in front.

He was finally here. This barrier was just like the dragon’s gate and he on the other hand, was the tiny carp fish. Once he hopped over it, he would turn into a Divine Dragon. A lot of people had managed to reach up to this point but in actuality, how many of them would actually manage to hop over the gate?

All the small barriers for Qing Shui could basically be broken through very easily. He had never been obstructed by small barriers before. He could simply just revolve the strength of his Shield Attack and Divine Force to easily break through.

On the second day, before the sky turned dark, Tianhe Renmo was already here. He was in a restaurant near Imperial Hall. Originally, he had planned to buy a courtyard here, it was just that this was against some of their rules. Hence, doing this might cause Yehuang Country to eject him.

The people from Tianhe Clan would immediately be noticed by others when they came to Yehuang country. Some of the aristocratic clans from Yehuang Country would pay attention to Tianhe Clan’s movements from time to time.

Once these aristocratic clans found out that Tianhe Clan was here for treatments in Imperial Hall, they would stop being so sensitive. In the history of the World of the Nine Continents, there were a lot of examples where countries were wiped out very quickly. Some of them would even be caught unprepared and as a result got attacked.

Hence, normally, the leading clan of a particular country was prohibited from sending along a huge troop of powerful warriors into other countries. Furthermore, when they arrived, it would be best for them to first greet the clans.

Unknowingly, time had yet again passed. Tianhe Renmo recovered in less than half a month. Basically, he was considered to have healed completely. He was at Grade One False God. This was the youngest False God Warrior Qing Shui had ever met.

Tianhe Renmo who became a False God Warrior didn’t actually change anything between him and Qing Shui. The gratitude he held for him had never disappeared. Now, the two of them addressed each other as brothers. Similarly, Qing Shui also felt really happy. Tianhe Renmo’s achievements in the future would definitely be limitless. Tianhe Clan would definitely fall into his hands. In the future, undoubtedly, he would also assist Qing Shui.

Qing Shui wouldn’t put his hopes on other people. Hence, he would only let some people help him wave flags and shout battle cries occasionally, to help him make the atmosphere more intimidating, so that some of the thieves and rascals would act more obediently.

It shouldn’t be too far away. Qing Shui was already able to feel it. Between six months to a year, he should be able to break through to False God. As a matter of fact, he might even be able to achieve it in three months.

The last time he went home, due to time constraints, he only managed to stay for two to three days. He had not visited Western Oxhe Continent during that time. Now that he was free and his strength had also increased a lot, he decided to pay Western Oxhe Continent a visit and also go back home once.

The people from Tianhe Clan left.

After five days, Soulsearch’s baby was finally born. It was a strong little boy. Back then, Soulsearch had already mentioned about making him Qing Shui’s godson. Qing Shui also happily agreed to it. Now, he even wanted Qing Shui to decide on his name.

Qing Shui had worried over this name for a long time. Eventually, he managed to come up with one. Sou Yi. He decided to include the word ‘Yi’ in his name in hope that in the future, he would be able to do everything easily. Other than this, there wasn’t any deeper meaning to it.

The little baby was really strong and healthy. He was around four kilograms when he was born. He had huge eyes that looked like Li Ji’s. His nose looked identical to Soulsearch’s. Based on physical appearance, the little baby still looked really firm and handsome.

Qing Shui also didn’t show any formality. He interacted with the little baby and infused his Xiantian Qi into him. This way, it could prevent the little baby from getting sick. In the future, he would be able to achieve Xiantian Realm without having to cultivate that hard. Of course, being Soulsearch’s son, Xiantian realm was something which he wouldn’t put in his eyes. Despite this, he still felt really happy. At least he would be able to achieve Xiantian Realm now.

The reason being that a lot of disciples from aristocratic clans would still have warriors who couldn’t even beat Xiantian Warriors. Even if they had the Xiantian Golden Pellet, it was still useless. Let alone not everyone could use the Xiantian Golden Pellet. It was considered to be a rare medicine. A medicine which was very hard to be refined.

Every baby would cry loudly the moment when they were born. That first voice he made would breathe out the Xiantian Qi within his body. But Qing Shui could help seal this qi.

A few maids were hired in the small courtyard. They were all in charge of taking care of Li Ji and the kid.

After three days, Qing Shui bid his farewells to Soulsearch and Yuan Su. After that, he used the Five Elements Divine Flag and immediately arrived in Central Continent.

During this time, Qing Shui would go back to his house once every month. But every time he went back, he would still feel really happy and excited. His mother and close relatives were all there. So were his women as well as children.

When he went back to Qing Clan, he had still yet to receive any news about Yiye Jiange. Both Wenren Wu-shuang and Di Qing were pregnant. They were already a month along. Seeing that he could come back now, Qing Shui stopped trying to rush to bring them to Western Oxhe Continent. In fact, they might be safer staying here.

Also because of this, Qing Shui decided to stop controlling it. They liked children, if they wanted babies, he would just let them be. Once their children got older, they would also be able to relax.

Just like Wenren Wu-shuang, things were better when her sister was still here. But now, she was the only one who remained. Having a child would also be considered having someone to place her hopes on. It could help make her live more happily. Just like Zhu Qing, compared to before, she had changed a lot. The same went for Canghai Mingyue, women mustn’t be childless.

The moment when Qing Shui saw Di Qing and Wenren Wu-shuang, who still hadn’t changed much, he realized that there was a kind of beauty on their faces which words couldn’t describe. It was the pure and kind type of beauty. In just a while, the two women seemed to have grown up and looked a lot more mature. That was a change in their temperament. They looked really graceful and elegant.

Those who went into seclusion had all come out. But there was still no news about Yiye Jiange. It had been a long time. Unfortunately, Qing Shui noticed that despite having the energy to look for her, he didn’t know where to start from. A palace, was it a palace on land or underwater? Which continent was it in?”

Throwing away these thoughts, Qing Shui gave them some medicinal pills. He was also really generous to let them take the Double-dose Prescription. Qing Qing’s entire family of three were also present. The Four-eared Macaque was still very small. But it possessed formidable strength. Qing Shui didn’t know if Qing Qing was aware that this thing was actually a formidable existence.

The other one was the Greencloud Up-step Pellet. Yuan Su was indeed the person with the most talent in this field. She replenished all of the medical prescriptions. Not only that, those which she replenished were all medicinal herbs which were relatively easy to find.

Seeing as everyone from Qing Clan was improving, Qing Shui felt really happy deep down. They were his close relatives, they all had the same blood flowing within them. On top of that, there were also his women.

Qing Zun and Qing Ming were growing really fast. Qing Yu was really independent, unlike Qing Yin, she liked swords. Furthermore, she was very talented with sword skills. The little brat really liked clinging onto Qing Shui just like how she used to when she was young.

Qing Yin, Qing Yan, Qing Yu, Qing Yun, four daughters. Qing Yin and Qing Yan looked identical whereas Qing Yu and Qing Yun shared some similarities with each other. Both Luan Luan and Yu Chang were all grown up but when around Qing Shui, they still behaved like they did when they were young. They hated parting with this father of theirs, a lot. Even if Luan Luan had a blood-related father of her own, it still wouldn’t stop her from feeling that way.

No one had talked about incidents involving Yu Chan. She was Qing Shui’s blood-related daughter. Qing Clan was her home.

The entire family was very lively and comfortable. This was a family. This kind of feeling was something which only people travelling far from home could feel when they blended themselves back into the family they were familiar with. It was a kind of happiness which words couldn’t describe.

Among the medical prescriptions which Yuan Su gave him, there were some particularly suitable to be used for the majority of people in Qing Clan. Even for the children, it was also very useful. There was still quite a plentiful amount of lifespan for his grandfather and Lin Zhanhan. Added on that currently, their cultivation was improving quickly, considering the many years he has left, he was confident he could let them live even longer, turning Qing Clan into an aristocratic clan.

Qing Shui set aside some time and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He still needed to refine medicines, cultivate and help them store Yang Pills and Origin Returning Pills. On top of that, he also needed to refine the Greencloud Up-step Pellet.

The time was once again sufficient for him to consume the Origin Returning Pill. The Origin Returning Pill, which Yuan Su gave him, was indeed considered a tiny divine grade medicinal pill. He had already consumed two in the realm. Now, his raw strength had surprisingly achieved a terrifying strength worth 45 sun.

Upon using it this time, Qing Shui finally sensed it. This should be his last time taking it, or rather, he could still take the pill one last time.

He was also able to figure out why aristocratic clans could cause the strength of their clan to increase significantly so quickly. As long as they got the appropriate chance and inheritance, just like how he had his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, by making use of them along with the Origin Returning Pill, they would be able to make rapid progress.

Origin Returning Pill, Yang Pill, Double-dose Medicinal Pill. All of these needed to be stored in large amounts. In the future, he could raise the strength of his clan by relying on these. The next generation would find it relatively easier to increase their strength. They had good genes. Other than that, it was also because they had inheritance from himself. Unfortunately, they still didn’t for now. He hoped that he could discover it in the two final forms of the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique.

Just like Tianhe Clan’s inheritance, there was powerful Heavenly Crane Spiritual Qi within their bodies. But now, the Violet Gold Bloodline within Qing Shui’s body was already a lot more powerful compared to before. He didn’t know if his future children would also inherit his own Violet Gold Bloodline but he felt there was a high chance for it to be so. The reason being that now, he as well as his women possessed the Violet Gold Blood within their bodies.

It was likely that this was a chance. Violet Gold Bloodline as well as Golden Bloodline’s inheritance were likely to be a sort of chance. For a group of people from the same generation, there could only be one or a minority of the people who could have Violet Gold or Golden Bloodline.

However there was only a few that had truly powerful Violet Gold or Golden bloodline. Qing Shui still needed to see the babies born to Wenren Wu-shuang and Di Qing, and if they possessed any of the bloodline.


Soulsearch’s pinyin in chinese is Sou Hun

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