Chapter: 1359

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1359 - Greencloud Up-step Pellet, Di Chen stepped across the great gate of Heavenly Dao

It’s very hard for a person to have their own inheritance. One would need to achieve a specific condition of their own. Actually, Qing Shui had never thought that highly of Violet Gold Bloodline. As a matter of fact, he felt that the potential and possibility of Nine Yang Golden Body passing on through genes was even bigger.

He decided to put these questions aside for now. By then, he would know when the two little brats were born.

Luan Luan, Yu He, as well as Wenren Wu-shuang, Qing Shui had given the girls with formidable strength quite a lot of medicinal pills. It was just that they could only take one of each of the pills after a long time. For instance, one per year. But considering that they had the Double-dose Medicinal Pill, they could increase the amount up to two per year. Furthermore, there wasn’t just one kind of medicinal pill. Hence, when all was said and done, it was still considered to be quite decent.

Once they reached a strength which could enable them to take in the Yang Pill, Origin Returning Pill and some other types of medicinal pills, everything would be easier to handle. Just by accumulating it like this, they would still end up formidable warriors after several decades. After all, these medicinal pills weren’t something which every single disciple from aristocratic clans could have.

Extravagant, this was just being too extravagant!

Basically, the majority of the people had already taken both the Ren and Du Meridian Strengthening Pills. Last night, Qing Shui had also finished refining the Greencloud Up-step Pellets. These medicinal pills were the same type as the Xiantian Golden Pellet. But at the same time, they also had a few differences.

For a warrior without any cultivation, the Greencloud Up-step Pellet could straight away turn them into Grade One Martial King warriors. This could already be considered a legendary medicinal pill. But for those with cultivations beyond that of Martial King, it would help them raise their strength by a few times, so much so that they could right away achieve peak Martial King. Martial Saint warriors could also raise one to two grades, for example, from Grade One Martial Saint to either Grade Two or Three Martial Saint.

Basically, the Greencloud Up-step Pellet helped ordinary people to experience a skyrocketing in strength and achieve a level which they would never imagine themselves achieving. On the contrary, when one was already powerful, the amount of strength increased wouldn’t be as significant. Qing Shui tried out one of the pills only to realize that it increased less than half a sun of his raw strength. Even though this was also acceptable, it was basically considered to have been wasted.

Everyone could only consume one Greencloud Up-step Pellet in their lifetime. Even with the Double-dose Medicinal Pill, it still wouldn’t change it.

The Greencloud Up-step Pellet was the same as the Xiantian Golden Pellet. It would also help over-exploit the potential within a person’s body. If an ordinary person took in the Greencloud Up-step Pellet, in the future, they basically wouldn’t be able to make even the slightest bit of progress. But when a cultivator used it, normally, they wouldn’t be able to make the tiniest improvement within a year.

Qing Shui had the Life and Death Needles. Acupuncture with Divine Qi could help control the situation. Hence, other than children, other people could basically use it. For now, it wasn’t suitable to be used for children. It was the time for them to build up their foundation. The primary function of the medicinal pills was also only to provide supplementary boosts to the cultivators. Their purpose was to mainly trigger and exploit the potential and function across the entire body of the cultivator. It didn’t matter if it took longer for them to improve. But as for their foundation, they must build it to be really firm.

The world of the five continents wouldn’t change because of someone. It still stayed the same as before. Everyone would live within each of their respective circles. Only the higher up people within the five continents were aware that Qing Clan had now squeezed itself among the lists as one of the top aristocratic clans. According to normal situation, they were supposed to leave here. The reason being that they would only be able to develop farther in other continents.

Actually, Qing Shui had also thought about taking them along to the other four continents. The five years for the Ancient Teleportation Array to open was almost here. Hence, Qing Shui began to think. He had the medicinal pills, he had the martial techniques, even when compared to staying outside, the pace at which he progressed still wasn’t that slow. But all in all, certainly, it would be a bit slower, it was just that the effect of doing it inside and outside wasn’t that significant.

At night, Qing Shui laid down on Canghai Mingyue’s bed. After having a pleasant time together, the compassionate and magnificent woman cuddled in Qing Shui’s arms. The protruding soft breasts of hers looked white like snow. From time to time, the two pink spots on her breasts would press themselves against Qing Shui’s chest. The seductive look still remained on her face even after they finished doing it.

“Mingyue, you can cultivate faster in Western Oxhe Continent. But I won’t be there, do you guys still want to go?” Qing Shui felt that it was better to discuss this problem with the girls.

“Do you want us to go then?” Canghai Mingyue smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

“Certainly, the children aren’t allowed to go. Though both Zun`Er and Yin`Er have grown up now, they have never left your sides before.”

“Then I feel that it will be better if we stay here for now. With us here, you will be less worried about us when you are outside. In any case, as long as we are here, nothing will happen to Qing Clan,” Canghai Mingyue responded after thinking for a while.

“That’s good too. Very soon, we will be able to move the entire family together. By then, we won’t need to separate from each other again no matter where we go,” Qing Shui said happily.

“Yes, the time is almost up. They are still waiting for you, go now.” Canghai Mingyue turned around and sat up. She urged Qing Shui to leave.


For some reason, Qing Shui always felt as if time passed really fast while he was at home. On the fourth day he was at home, Qing Shui once again took the Origin Returning Pill. This time, it was considered his last time taking it. The pill was still effective when he took it for the first time. But on the second time he took it, it completely lost its effect.

With 50 sun worth of raw strength, Qing Shui’s body had already reached a saturated state. At the very least, he would no longer be able to raise his strength through Origin Returning Pill. As of now, Qing Shui’s strength had reached a terrifying height worth as much as 230,000 sun. The Nine Continents Mountain contained an offensive strength which was worth almost 700,000 sun.

At the same time, his Spirit Energy was even more ridiculous. When using Seal of Roc, he could achieve a strength worth more than 650,000 sun. When the chance to double in prowess was met, it would manage to draw out an offensive strength worth over 1.3 million sun.

Qing Shui experimented with his current strength, wanting to get use to controlling it. After stepping through the gate of heavenly dao, he no longer needed to worry about cultivation. Regardless of how your strength advanced, it wouldn’t fall too far behind. In fact, cultivation realms were harder to advance in. Hence, the Gate of Heavenly Dao was the barrier that decided if one could become a False God Warrior.

Snake Elephant’s Movement!

Qing Shui was practicing Snake Elephant’s Movement in the sky within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Spiritual Snake Exits Cave, Snake Devouring Elephant…...

Snake Elephant was also considered a kind of Immortal Demon Grade Demonic Beast. But at the same time, the snakes were also a powerful existence. Legend has it that the Nine Headed Dragon Snake was not in the slightest inferior to the dragons. Though it contained a huge amount of dragon’s Bloodline within its body, its main bloodline still remained that of a snake.

Ninth Heavenly Coiled Dragon. This was a pure snake species. But at the same time, it was also an existence which could compare itself to enormous dragons. Of course, this wasn’t the only species. The bloodline of snakes were also extremely formidable, it was just that in comparison, there were fewer existences of it. Moreover, the later generations of snakes had also been mixed a lot, leading to there being a lot of variations for them which in a way, caused the majority of the snakes to be excluded from the trend.

Snake Elephant, though it might not be able to compare itself to the level of Ninth Heavenly Coiled Snake, it was still almost at the same level as Dragon Elephant.

The movement of the Snake Elephant mainly focused on being fast, tricky and sinister. At the same time, it also contained powerful strength. It inherited the good aspects of snakes and elephants. Qing Shui was using the Primordial Flame Dragon Whip. By relying on the bizarre techniques of Snake Elephant’s Movements which he witnessed before, he was researching them patiently.

Slowly, Qing Shui got more and more adapted to it. This was an extraordinary kind of magic technique. When performing it, Qing Shui was in a relaxed state of mind, yet he was able to draw out the same effect as when he was going all-out normally. In just a while, Qing Shui had already found himself liking this type of feeling.

Qing Shui didn’t realize how long it has been since he started training. In the moment he stopped, he found out that a long time had passed. He really liked the Snake Elephant’s Movement. Without realizing it, he had already indulged himself to quite a decent state.

With that being the case, the Primordial Flame Dragon Whip finally had its own technique. Its strength should have been increased quite significantly. The main thing about it was the speedy attacks. Prior to this, it was possible to dodge it. But now, the speed of the Primordial Flame Dragon Whip had become even faster and craftier. There was not much one could do about it, which was what Qing Shui liked the most about it.

After staying for two additional days, Qing Shui bid his farewell to Qing Clan and immediately used the husband and wife teleportation ability of Five Elements Divine Flag.

This time, everything still turned out very normally. Furthermore, Yehuang Guwu as well as the other two girls were all together. The girls no longer expressed any surprise about Qing Shui’s sudden appearance.

Despite this, they still felt really happy when they saw Qing Shui. The three girls were preparing some food. In the moment when Qing Shui went on to hug each of them, they almost forgot to prepare their food.

Qing Shui embraced them and nibbled them. Yehuang Guwu felt extremely embarrassed. The same went for Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan.

Yehuang Guwu had stepped across the great gate of Heavenly Dao. Once she reached a certain grade, the increase in her strength would also happen naturally. Taking into account the aid provided by Qing Shui, she was still improving at quite a fast pace.

Though the Tiger Form stopped breaking through after it achieved the Golden Grade, it was still considered to already be really terrifying. In fact, she could summon up to four of them.

And this time, Qing Shui planned to let her take both the Ren and Du Meridian Strengthening Pills one more time.

As for Tantai Xuan and Yu Ruyan, it would be better for them to wait a bit longer. In any case, they could already use the Origin Returning Pills and Yang Pills. He had already given them quite a lot of Yang Pills. Hence, he only left behind the Origin Returning Pills and some other medicinal pills for them.

They spent half a day chatting with each other. After that, Qing Shui helped them to increase their strength as much as possible. He helped them by performing acupuncture. The acupuncture as well as Constitution Nurturing could be used more than once. They would bring forth very good effect if they were used every once in a while. Let alone, there were still other kinds of acupuncture. For example, the one which helped make one’s strength increase even faster within the next six months.

Things would be a bit easier if he helped them raise their strength now. They possessed extremely good physiques as well as innate skills. With further boosts provided by mysterious and brilliant medicines as well as powerful medical expertise, they were improving everyday.

But they still had a long way to go until they could achieve peak Martial Emperor. However, this was excluding Yehuang Guwu, she should be able to achieve it very fast.

Qing Shui stayed here for two days. Like before, Yehuang Guwu and Tantai Xuan were still virgins. But it was just a matter of time until they lost it. Last time with Yehuang Guwu, Qing Shui happened to enter the wrong spot. Despite this, she was still incomparably seductive. The daring Yehuang Guwu had even passively asked Qing Shui for it once. Tantai Xuan on the other hand, also did the same a number of times…..

Since he was already here, he would naturally pay a visit to Heaven Secrets Academy as well as Lotus Sect. He first headed off to Lotus Sect. Di Chen had come out of her seclusion, upon seeing Qing Shui, she went to hug him in surprise. There had been a lot of changes in her during her seclusion this time.

Her extraordinary essence had gotten even heavier and the magnanimous and dignified aura of hers had gotten even more abundant as well. As a matter of fact, Qing Shui was even starting to worry if this woman would one day fly out of his grasp. But what delighted him was that she seemed to be really reluctant to part with him now. In fact, she had gotten a lot more attached to him than before.

Di Chen’s strength wasn’t in the slightest inferior to that of Yehuang Guwu’s. It was just that she wasn’t as strong in terms of personality compared to her. What shocked Qing Shui even more was that she had actually stepped across the great gate of Heavenly Dao after secluding herself for so long.

While speaking, Qing Shui was surprised to find out that her great gate of Heavenly Dao was entering the mortal world. And now, her temperament had become even more indistinct like a fairy. She had managed it. The key to it was Qing Shui, the reason being that she would only recognize Qing Shui, without Qing Shui she felt that she might not be able to step across the great gate of Heavenly Dao for her entire life.

“Chen`Er, Qing`Er is pregnant.” Qing Shui told Di Chen.

Di Chen was stunned and revealed a smile on her face, “This is good. It will be great if I can go back by the time the baby is born.”

“You should be able to. You have six more months to go.” Qing Shui tried to comfort her.

“Qing Shui, why don’t we make our own baby as well?” Di Chen had changed completely ever since she stepped across the great gate of Heavenly Dao. Despite this, she still seemed embarrassed when she said it. She didn’t dare to look Qing Shui in the eyes.

Qing Shui was stunned. He smiled, “Alright, it’s just that by then, will you prefer looking after the child or becoming the Sect Lord of Lotus Sect?”

“You are right about this too. Then I suppose we should wait a bit longer for a baby.” Di Chen’s eyes looked concealed like mist when she talked. Despite this, there was still a bit of redness on her face, giving off charm which words couldn’t describe.

Qing Shui went up to her and said something. It caused Di Chen to feel so embarrassed that she immediately punched Qing Shui. But after that, she grabbed on Qing Shui’s hand and walked with him towards the grassy field not too far away.

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