Chapter: 1363

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1363 - Yehuang Guwu's Determination, Power of Fath, Justice Strike, Holy Strike

Both Chi Ao and Chi Feng stayed at Qing Clan. As for their family background, it would have to be left to fate. If their parents were really dead, if they were really reincarnations of the devil and were destined for solitude in their lives, then there was no other way about it.

Even if their parents were still around and they had a home, the two of them wouldn't know where to start looking. This was unless their parents headed to the Eastern Victory Divine Continent to look for them. However, so many years had passed. Even if their parents were looking for them, it would be very hard to for them to find each other. The world was far too big.

Chi Ao's and Chi Feng's kin were only their grandfather and the people from the Jade Mountain Village. Having not met their parents since they were very young, they didn't hold much anticipation. To them, their birth parents were only strangers.

Although this was what they thought, there would always be a thought in their minds that they hoped to be able to meet their parents and ask them why they threw them away in the past. There was only a fine line between love and hatred. They didn't know of any reasons and thus had only a hint of hatred in them or even might not harbor any hatred for them at all.


The children of Wenren Wu-shuang and Di Qing were now two months old. Wenren Wu-shuang gave birth to a boy while Di Qing had a girl. The two children were only ten days apart in age.

The boy was called Qing Teng, the girl was called Qing Nuo. There were now two more additions to the Qing Clan. Qing Shui felt very happy when he saw the two ladies. Yu He's age was slightly older and had also reached a high cultivation level. However, she didn't have any children yet. She looked at Qing Shui, aggrieved, as if Qing Shui had slacked when he was with her...

Looking at his children, Qing Shui felt as if everything was an illusion. In his previous life, he didn't even dare to think of something like this. Putting aside the fact that people were told not to give birth to so many children, even if one was told to give birth, they might not be able to afford to raise the child. Furthermore, he was now surrounded by many beautiful wives...

Everyone has different pursuits in life. Some people pursued money, some people were lecherous, some people craved power, some people loved to fight...

In his previous life, Qing Shui only hoped to have a stable job, to get a house he could live comfortably in, to be with a woman he loved, for his parents to be healthy and for his family to be harmonious. He didn't wish to become the cream of the crop. He only wanted a comfortable and ordinary life.

He hadn't thought that after coming to this world, he would attain everything he had today. However, there was still no change to his mindset. From the very beginning, he had been held back by an invisible thread, one that made him want to have a better life.

From setting his determination back in the Qing Village, to heading for Yan Clan and then going around for over 20 years... Qing Shui had always been trying to resolve past grievances and feuds so that he, as well as the people around him, could put down the burdens in their hearts and live better lives.

Even now, it was still the same. He hadn't finished all the things he needed to do. He still needed to work harder. Back when he was in the Qing Village, he had initially thought that after becoming a Xiantian, he would be able to settle all the things between Qing Clan and Yan Clan and then he would be able to live a free and comfortable life.


After staying at home for a few days, Qing Shui returned to the Western Oxhe Continent, spoke to Yehuang Guwu and left. This time around, Yehuang Guwu would also be heading to the Dancing Phoenix Continent with him. She wanted to settle the debt from many years back with the Yehuang Clan.

Yehuang Duxin was her birth father but he was just one in name. He hadn't been involved with bringing her up, even if it was for a single day. He had even forced her mother to her death. Back then, he had taken her for himself and then ended up throwing her away. Yehuang Duxin had been very dominating and even if it was a woman he had thrown away, others could forget about having them. To Yehuang Guwu, it was the other man whom she saw as her father. However, that man and his entire family had been wiped out by Yehuang Duxin.

Yehuang Duxin even didn't want to let her off. They say that no matter how vicious a tiger is, it wouldn't kill its own cub. Yehuang Duxin had already gone overboard. He was afraid that someone would bring this up in the future and thus had thought about getting rid of her. However, he didn't push it too far and thus Yehuang Guwu managed to survive.

Therefore, even though her name was Yehuang Guwu, she wasn't a member of the Yehuang Clan. At least, not the Yehuang Clan which Yehuang Duxin belonged to. Her intention was to eradicate Yehuang Clan.

After knowing of her intentions, Qing Shui had an indescribable feeling. He felt that her decision was right and with Yehuang Guwu's character, she'd definitely do it. Any other people would also do the same if they were in her shoes.

"Do you want me to help you to deal with that person?" Qing Shui asked softly.

"You're afraid that I won't bear to do it?" Yehuang Guwu looked at Qing Shui.

"Qing Shui, he didn't marry my mother. He was overwhelmed by lust and took her but he didn't given her any name at all. She couldn't even be compared to an attendant and was just thrown away after he got tired of her. I'm the product of that man's beastly lust. A person like this forced my mother to her death and even wanted to kill me. In my heart, he's just a foe who has killed my parents. If I don't kill him myself, I won't be able to face my parents after I die. Qing Shui, do you think that I'm very vicious?" Yehuang Guwu looked at Qing Shui.

"No. I'm only afraid that you won't bear to do it. No matter who this happened to, the person wouldn't choose to forgive. However, what about the other members of the Yehuang Clan?" Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked. After all, Yehuang Clan was a great clan.

"I'll first kill off that person's branch and let him experience the feeling of having a family in tatters," Yehuang Guwu said softly but her tone was filled with surging killing intent.

Qing Shui didn't feel that there was anything wrong with her having such powerful killing intent. He could understand Yehuang Guwu's feelings. She had led a lonely and tough life but also had a firm will. Back when he first met her, she could still enjoy herself despite being plagued with such burdens and the trouble her physique had brought her. She really had a very big heart.

Qing Shui picked up her hand and held it, not saying anything. Yehuang Guwu smiled and looked at Qing Shui. Tears trickled down her eyes. No matter how strong she was, she was still a woman and needed someone to comfort her and to love her, to have a shoulder to rest on when she was tired. Right now, she had found this man, this man who made her feel as if she had been reborn. Without him, she had no idea how long she could have held out for. At the very least, the chances of her being able to head to the Yehuang Clan would be zero.

Qing Shui kissed her tears and rubbed his nose against the tip of her upright nose. He hugged her and let her feel the love he had for her, the love that was only for her.

"The best decision that Heaven made when I was feeling the most dejected and helpless, was to send you to my side." Yehuang Guwu lifted her head, looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

"It's only been a few days since we met and you're now so good at speaking words of love," Qing Shui teased her.

Yehuang Guwu blushed. She wasn't speaking words of love but was just speaking her heartfelt thoughts. It was also because of this that the impact was overly great and although Qing Shui didn't show it on his face, he felt very happy.

"Little Wuwu, I'll head over first, you can join me after. Let Ruyan and Xuan`er take over things here. You can come back and stay for a few days every month."

"Mmm. The next location for my Five Elements Divine Flag can only be set at the Soaring Dragon Continent. I've set it to be at Soaring Dragon Continent's capital, which is the closest place with the Dancing Phoenix Continent and Haohan Continent." Yehuang Guwu seemed to have suddenly thought of this and said.

"Mmm, this is good as well. It'll be easier if we wished to head to the continent's capital. I've also set my third location. It's in the center of the Haohan Continent," Qing Shui smiled and said.

Yehuang Guwu was stunned, "It seems that this Five Elements Divine Flag really want us to become husband and wife."

"Are we not considered husband and wife yet? In my heart, you're already my woman and my wife," Qing Shui smiled and said seriously.

"Domineering!" Yehuang Guwu said, in a bit of an annoyed tone. However, she felt very happy inside. Happiness between a couple who loved each other was very simple.


Qing Shui used the Five Elements Divine Flag and arrived at the Dancing Phoenix Continent.

In the air, Qing Shui waited for a while. Then, there were some ripples and Yehuang Guwu appeared next to him. Coming to the Dancing Phoenix Continent this time around, Yehuang Guwu was clearly not calm at all.

Qing Shui called out the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and the two of them headed to the Imperial Cuisine Hall. When Yehuang Guwu saw the Imperial Cuisine Hall again, she was very shocked. Compared to how it was in the past, the Imperial Cuisine Hall had changed too much. The one with the greatest reputation in the Yehuang City was no longer Yehuang Clans nor other clans, nor was it Moon Facade Tower or some other places. It was now the Imperial Cuisine Hall. It was because this was a place that was not only intended for powerful experts and the wealthy but the poor could also come to receive free treatment. It didn't matter what their ailment was. As long as they were poor, they would receive treatment for free. In Qing Shui's previous life, it was said that the one who captured the hearts of the people would be the one to own the world. A person who was loved by the people would be able to reach a terrifying height even with just the power of ordinary people. Sometimes, they might even become an existence that was like a "Great Scholar".

Some people would comprehend another type of power because of this. They would gain power of justice, power of holiness and be able to use Justice Strike and Holy Strike. Of course, there weren’t many with such power. The people of this world would also call this the power of faith.

Therefore the greater one's reputation, the more suppressed others would be by this person's reputation.

Soulsearch knew of Yehuang Guwu but Yuan Su didn't. When she saw Yehuang Guwu, she was stunned. This lady was too mature. That dignified and mature aura she exuded was irresistible.

Yuan Su had never thought of herself to be worse off than others. Other than Di Chen and Di Qing, she had yet to meet any other ladies who were more beautiful than her. However, she now felt that she would only be at best on par with her. But under that sacred, dignified and even a little charming disposition, she felt inferior.

Who was she?

Yuan Su didn't know what she was feeling. She knew that Qing Shui already had other women and it was more than just one. However, when she saw him together with another lady who was beautiful beyond words, she felt a little bitter. It was because she kept having the feeling that Qing Shui didn't like her. So what if she was beautiful?

"Qing Shui, you haven't been good. When did you get to know another great beauty like this?" When Yehuang Guwu saw Yuan Su, she said happily.

"This is Sister Su. Of course, you don't have to call her that. The Origin Returning Pill you used is from the alchemy recipe she created," Qing Shui introduced Yuan Su to Yehuang Guwu.

"So it's you. He has mentioned you a lot. I had initially thought that a lady who can create alchemy recipes won't be pretty. I hadn't expected that you aren't just pretty but so beautiful. Even I feel that I'm not a match for your beauty."

"Elder Sister, you must be joking. I feel that you're the one who is the most beautiful," Yuan Su also smiled and said. She felt much better now.

"Sister Su, this is my wife. In the future, you guys can get to know each other better," Qing Shui said casually, not hiding anything.

Although Yuan Su had guessed it was the case, her gaze dimmed when she heard this. Yehuang Guwu smiled and went up to take Yuan Su's hand. "Sister Su, come, let's go over there and have a chat."

Soulsearch and his family had also moved in. Anyway, the fifth story was huge, taking up several thousand square meters.This place had been intended to house ten big families. It was also connected to the big courtyard outside and was very convenient.

When Qing Shui came out again, he found it weird that the two ladies were now close as if they were real sisters. He couldn't understand the strange way women thought. The two ladies got along very well together and were very intimate. Qing Shui couldn't understand and thus decided not to think about it. After all, it was a good thing.

Yehuang Guwu stayed together with Yuan Su, which made Qing Shui speechless. However, he thought of how torturous it would be for him to be unable to go all the way even if they were to share the same bed. He could also find other time to occasionally relax a little...

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