Chapter: 1364

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1364 - Facing Yehuang Clan, Weapons Drawn

Unknowingly, it had already been a week since Yehuang Guwu came to the Dancing Phoenix Continent. She didn't head to Yehuang Clan immediately. She was waiting for a good time. Three days later would be the day that Yehuang Duxin was marrying a new wife. Of course, it wasn't his first wife and neither would it be the last.

It was nothing much for members of great clans to marry a wife. However, this time around, the lady that Yehuang Duxin was getting married to was no ordinary lady. She was one who would immediately assume the highest position amongst his wives upon marriage.

Chi Clan's Young Miss!

Chi Clan was one of the most powerful clans in the Yehuang City.They were not much inferior to Yehuang Clan and right now, the reason they were having a political marriage with Yehuang Clan seemed to be also due to the fact that they faintly felt threatened.

The threat came from Qing Shui and the Puyang. The upper echelon in the Yehuang Country Old Man Puyang had suddenly attained a breakthrough to Grade Two False God. This also made Yehuang Clan feel a little uneasy that they would be replaced by Puyang.

Such things happened too often in this world. For the past year, the Yehuang Clan had been on guard against the Puyang and had also tried to associate with other powers in a bid to reinforce their standing.

During this period of time, Yehuang Clan had also been trying to get into Qing Shui's good books. However, Qing Shui naturally wouldn't get close to Yehuang Clan. Yehuang Clan knew of Qing Shui's importance. Their Old Master still required Qing Shui's help to extend his lifespan.

During this period of time, people from the Yehuang Clan had requested Qing Shui's help to increase the lifespan of one of their Martial Saint level cultivators. Qing Shui didn't agree and had used other means to reject them. However, Yehuang Clan was aware that Puyang Qing and that old lady from Puyang Clan had both received Qing Shui's help to increase their lifespan by quite a bit. Furthermore, the two of them had both attained a breakthrough thanks to Qing Shui.

Without Qing Shui, Puyang Clan's abilities wouldn't have been able to catch up to Yehuang Clan's. After all, Puyang Clan didn't have as many Martial Saint level cultivators as compared to Yehuang Clan. However, having one Second Grade False God would be able to replace ten or even more Grade One False Gods.

Qing Shui managed to somehow refuse helping Yehuang Clan in increasing their cultivation and lifespans. Yehuang Clan had hoped that Qing Shui could help them bring out one or several Second Grade False Gods. If that were to happen, their status would have been much more established.

With Qing Shui helping other clans but not the Yehuang Clan, it was in a way, pitting himself against the Yehuang Clan. Qing Shui was on good terms with quite a number of clans. Yehuang Clan didn't understand why he was on such good terms with so many of them but yet no matter how much they requested, they couldn't receive the same treatment as Puyang Clan.

Yehuang Clan's False God cultivators had made the decision. Since they couldn't make use of this person and this person posed a huge threat to the clan, then they could only let him disappear forever. However, they must not make it too obvious.

Yehuang Clan was a clan with a long history in Yehuang Country and had deep roots in Yehuang City. They also had collaborations with quite a number of clans and this time around, had a political marriage with Chi Clan. There were quite a number of clans which had political marriages with Yehuang Clan and all these clans formed a great network. Yehuang Clan also planned on inviting Qing Shui to Yehuang Duxin's wedding.

Since they extended the invitation to Qing Shui, they would clearly not do anything at Yehuang Clan. They were only intending to show others that Yehuang Clan and Qing Shui as well as the Imperial Cuisine Hall were on very close terms.


On this day, Yehuang City was a lot livelier than usual. The political marriage between Yehuang Clan and Continent's Capital was a big event. Since Qing Shui had defeated Yehuang Duxin, for the past year, Yehuang Duxin hadn't only came out of the trauma but had also attained a break though to Early False God. It was unknown if he was the youngest False God in the Dancing Phoenix Continent but he was at least the youngest False God in the Yehuang Country.

The meeting with Qing Shui was an encounter for him. Right now, he was even more high spirited than he was in the past. As long as they could get rid of Qing Shui, then with time, Yehuang Duxin would become a supernatural existence in the Yehuang City.

However, if other people could get Qing Shui’s help, then Yehuang Clan's advantage wouldn't be that strong. Therefore, they decided to get rid of Qing Shui. Anyway, Qing Shui didn't allow himself to be used by Yehuang Clan. As for Yehuang Clan's Old Master, someone at Peak Martial Emperor, they could only give up on him. For the sake of the clan, this was something which couldn't be helped.

Yehuang Guwu woke up very early and stood in the backyard, in a daze. Yuan Su was accompanying her. She now also knew of the relationship between Yehuang Clan and Yehuang Guwu. To think that the man whom she herself almost couldn't escape from was the very same person Yehuang Guwu had told her about, the one who was no better than a beast...

Qing Shui walked over. Yuan Su smiled and nodded, "Sister Wu isn't in a good mood. You should have a talk with her."

With that, Yuan Su left.

"You've been waiting for this day for very long. Now that it's here, aren't you happy?" Qing Shui asked softly.

"I am happy. Today happens to be a big day for him, however, it has been many years since Mother passed away. I wonder if he still remembers the poor lady he drove to her death." Yehuang Guwu lowered her head slightly, her arms also dangling. In this moment, her silhouette appeared to be a little pitiful.

Qing Shui didn't say much. He wasn't in a suitable position to say much. Furthermore, Yehuang Guwu was a strong lady. When the entire thing with Yehuang Clan was settled smoothly, she would be able to walk out of the shadows by herself to face the exciting world outside.

"Qing Shui, let's go. It's about time now," Yehuang Guwu looked at the sky and then smiled at Qing Shui and said.

"Alright!" Qing Shui smiled and replied before heading toward the Yehuang Clan with Yehuang Guwu on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

It was close to noon. There were many guests and Qing Shui was sent an invitation as well. However, this time around, Qing Shui was the last to arrive again.

Yehuang Clan would definitely wait for Qing Shui. The more they did something like this, the more others would feel that Yehuang Clan treated Qing Shui with high regard. However, only people from the Yehuang Clan would truly know what they thought about him.

However, there were still some people who were impatient and were blaming Qing Shui in a soft voice for putting on airs, getting so many people to wait for him. If the auspicious time was missed because of him, it would be a great sin.

"He's here!"


A commotion broke out. That huge Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was very conspicuous. This time around, Qing Shui flew the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant straight right up to be above the Yehuang Clan. This was considered an act of great disrespect.

Qing Shui put away the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and it was only then that everyone noticed that there was another lady next to him. This lady was someone of unrivalled beauty. However, when Qing Shui and that lady came down, some people revealed astonishment in their gazes.

It was because many people could tell that this lady looked very much like Yehuang Duxin. However, only a small number of them could guess Yehuang Guwu's identity. The people who came to offer their well wishes on this day weren't just Yehuang Clan's friends. There were also some who did not have much connection with Yehuang Clan. For example, Dugu Clan, Puyang Clan, Luo Clan and others.

Some of these people appeared to be happy while some of them were frowning. It was because they guessed that something big was going to occur and they were thinking about how they should be reacting.

"Haha, Miraculous Physician Qing is finally here." Yehuang Duzui and some other members of the Yehuang Clan came up to welcome him, speaking warmly.

The person in-charge was changed to another old man who was also a Peak Martial Emperor. False Gods wouldn't take part in such ordinary affairs. It had been a year since this old man had taken over. It hadn't been long after Qing Shui came to offer birthday wishes that the person in-charge was changed to this old man.

Yehuang Youfu!

This old man was Yehuang Duxin's real grandfather, who was also a Peak Martial Emperor. The reason the clan had pushed this old man to the position was partially also because of Yehuang Duxin. Of course, it was also very important that this old man was very powerful.

There were no problems for this old man to attain a breakthrough to False God. He only needed some time. However, he could afford to wait. He still had a long lifespan before him.

"I'm sorry to have kept everyone waiting. I had been delayed by some matters and I offer my apologies."

Who would dare to delay in attending to Yehuang Clan's matters due to some other events? Only Qing Shui could say this so naturally. After all, everyone else prioritized Yehuang Clan's matters. Qing Shui could use the excuse that he was saving someone else but if it was some other physicians, then the person couldn't afford to be late even if it was at the expense of not saving the person.

Qing Shui looked toward Yehuang Guwu, whose gaze was locked onto a person at the moment.

Yehuang Duxin!

Yehuang Duxin looked toward their direction in a slight daze. He had seen Yehuang Guwu. While other people might not recognize her, he did. For that moment, he was stunned.

Yehuang Duxin and Yehuang Youfu were both seated at the main seat. There were also other members from Chi Clan and Chi Clan's Young Miss seated there. Chi Clan's Young Miss was the lady whom Yehuang Duxin was going to marry that day.

Qing Shui also saw Chi Clan's Young Miss. She was a beautiful lady with a tall stature and had beautiful and sexy features. Her luxurious clothes brought out her beautiful and sexy figure. This was a lady who seemed to be extremely soft and tender and her beautiful eyes were clouded with a fog of mist.

Qing Shui hadn't expected that this lady was also one with a powerful physique. Many people compared ladies to be like water. Her desire to fuck was strong and she was very horny but her cultivation wasn't strong. She had probably used her charm on men.

"Yehuang Duxin, do you still recognize me?"

Yehuang Guwu's voice wasn't very loud but everyone could hear her clearly.

Qing Shui was stunned. He hadn't expected that Yehuang Guwu would step out so directly and go straight for Yehuang Duxin, immediately.

"You're Little Wu?" Yehuang Duxin asked, astonished.

He hadn't seen her for many years. The last time he did was when she was still young. Yehuang Guwu seemed to have changed a lot while Yehuang Duxin didn't. Although he had only met her when she wasn't even ten years old, he could still recognize her.

"You were the one who forced my father and his family, as well as my mother to their deaths. The reason I'm here today is to have you answer for this." Yehuang Guwu didn't show any fluctuations to her emotions as she looked calmly at Yehuang Duxin.

It was now that many people from Yehuang Clan finally understood why Qing Shui was unwilling to extend his full help to the Yehuang Clan. It was all because of this lady. It was certain that Qing Shui's relationship with this lady wasn't simple.

They just didn't know how powerful this lady was. However, at the thought that Qing Shui was together with her, anything seemed possible. Many people's eyes lit up.

Men dominated the world; women dominated men and could also reach the top through men.

"Do you know about this matter?"

"It's been so many years. Who could still remember that?"

"I have a vague impression of it. Young Master Yehuang snatched a lady, primarily because she was too beautiful. Many people should still have an impression about this. However, the lady was disfigured at a later time and Young Master Yehuang tossed her aside."

"Then why is this lady saying that Young Master Yehuang forced her entire family to their deaths?"

"That lady who was beautiful as a demoness was actually in love with Yehuang Xingfeng. However, she was snatched by Young Master Yehuang. In the end, after Young Master Yehuang tossed that woman away, Yehuang Xingfeng still took her as his wife, ignoring gossip. He even treated a child that wasn't his as his own. However, when Young Master Yehuang learned of this at a later time, it might be due to jealousy that he eventually forced Yehuang Xingfeng and his entire family to their deaths."

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