Chapter: 1377

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1377 - Beaten Up People From Yelang Clan, Want to Cooperate? Yelang Qiankun

The next day, Qing Shui woke up very early. When he walked out, he saw that the two ladies were already awake and were going about with their morning practice. Yehuang Guwu was still practicing the Tiger Form. Right now, she focused primarily on practicing the Tiger Form and the Nine Palace Steps.

Yuan Su on the other hand, was practicing her sword. Qing Shui had no idea what she was practicing but it looked very nice, especially the charm and the essence of the technique she was displaying.

After taking a look for a while, Qing Shui started with his Taichi Golden Qi. In the morning, he usually didn't practice anything other than the Taichi Golden Qi. Right now, his Taichi Golden Qi was already very powerful but there had not been any new changes to it.

After they were done with their morning practice, the three of them had their breakfast and were about to go out and have a walk around the continent's capital, a group of people entered the manor.

"Where is he? Zhao Third, where are they?"

A coarse voice rang out. It sounded to be from a tall and burly man.

"They should be coming out very soon. Steward Chen, this person is very arrogant." Zhao Yaowu's voice sounded very weak. He had suffered from injuries after being beaten up by Qing Shui yesterday and hadn't recovered. He was now being carried in by others.

"Too arrogant. Regardless which Young Master of the Tianhe Clan he is, he has no right to be arrogant before the Yelang Clan. Tianhe Renmo is Tianhe Clan's most outstanding talent. But what of it? Hasn't he still been beaten by Young Master into a cripple?"

Qing Shui's, Yehuang Guwu's and Yuan Su's hearing were still quite sharp and could hear their loud blabberings clearly. The three of them didn't let their guard down as they headed for the door.

After passing by the building in front, they saw the people who were making a commotion. There were over ten of them, two of whom were lifting Zhao Yaowu with a wooden plank. The person in the lead was a tall and burly man who was like a steel tower. He seemed to be middle-aged and seemed to have a compatible appearance with the voice they heard earlier.

"That's him! They are the ones!" When Zhao Yaowu saw Qing Shui and the two ladies, he started shouting loudly.

"You're the one who injured Zhao Third? Which Young Master from the Tianhe Clan are you?" The man who was like a steel tower had tanned skin but it seemed to be glowing as if he had applied oil no it.

"Zhao Third?" Qing Shui was stunned for a moment. This person should be referring to Zhao Yaowu. It could be because Zhao Yaowu might be ranked third in his family!

"Zhao Third is someone working for our Young Master Yelang. How are you going to compensate for having injured him? Come, let's have this sorted out right now!" The man looked at Qing Shui then at the two ladies of unrivalled beauty, feeling an itch creeping up in his heart.

Men could be said to be visual animals. Furthermore, it was instinctive for opposite genders to attract. When men came across beautiful ladies, all of them would want to get involved. It was an amazing feeling that couldn't be described clearly using words.

"Go on. How do you guys want me to compensate him?" Qing Shui smiled. Both sides were actually trying to make a fool of each other. Qing Shui probably was aware of who was the one being made a fool of.

"If our Young Master were to find out that you've injured Zhao Third, he'd definitely kill you. How about this, let us have the manor." The man said without blinking an eye. His tone was so calm that it gave one the feeling as if Qing Shui was the one who had gotten the longer end of the stick.

Qing Shui continued to wear a faint smile on his face. "Did Young Master Yelang really say that?"

"I'm a person close to Young Master Yelang and my words do carry some weight." When the man said this, he sounded very proud. Many influential people in the continent's capital had to treat him with care when they met him.

A dog's status is raised if the owner holds a high status. If the owner is powerful enough, the dog next to him would also hold a high status.

"Oh? Then it seems like I'm the one getting the better end of the deal. Is the debt settled if I were to give the manor to you guys?" Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"The two ladies next to you are very beautiful. Our Young Master likes them a lot." The man's gaze flickered.

In the continent's capital, Young Master Yelang was well known for being lecherous. If he were to take a liking to a lady, he would make sure to do everything he could to get them. With his outstanding appearance and talent, in addition to his background, all his attempts had been successful. Most ladies would practically be the ones who come onto him, even if it was just for a one night stand...

Qing Shui's eyes narrowed as he looked at this man who was like a steel tower. Taking one step forward, he sent an immense pressure pressing down on the man.


Everyone, including Zhao Yaowu, were sent flying by Qing Shui's invisible essence, spurting out blood. Zhao Yaowu got the worst of them all. He had suffered from heavy injuries from the start and after being dealt this blow, he was on the verge of death. For him, it was hard to say if he could remain alive.

Qing Shui walked over slowly. All these people were sent flying out of the manor by Qing Shui and had landed on the streets outside. The streets were bustling with activity to begin with and this place was also one of the most prosperous areas in the continent's capital.

Yelang Clan's steward was well-known and thus many people immediately could recognize him to be the Yelang Clan's steward. however, what they were surprised about was who would dare to beat up people from the Yelang Clan?

People who found this curious all came over to watch and very soon, the place was filled up with people. Qing Shui was also taken by surprise when he saw that so many people had already gathered around. Since that was the case, then he might as well blow up the issue.

"Kid, how dare you beat me? I'm from the Yelang Clan! You can just wait to be killed!" From the beginning to the very end, the man's air of superiority had not disappeared. It was as if he felt invincible just because he had a circle of light above his head which was from his status as Yelang Clan's steward.

"If Yelang Clan will take action for someone like you, then their reputation would be far too disappointing. Is the entire Yelang Clan as rubbish as you are? If that's the case, then I won't be afraid of them anymore." Qing Shui smiled and walked up.

"Just you wait. If you can live past three days, I'll give you my head." The man looked at Qing Shui viciously.

"I don't need your head. Scram. If you hurry, you'll still be able to tell your Young Master about this. If you're any later, than you'll end up dying on the way back." As Qing Shui spoke, he kicked at the man's Central Palace, locking onto his lifespan.

If one was powerful enough, they would be able to unlock it themselves. It could also be done if the person were to find someone who was more powerful than the person who had locked it. Otherwise, the only thing that would be left for the victim would be to die.

Hearing this, the man clenched his teeth and stood up, taking his leave rapidly with the others. After they had travelled a distance, they called out their rides and left at an even greater speed, disappearing into the distance.

"Isn't this Tianhe Clan's manor?"

"That's right. Who is this young man? To think that he would dare to beat someone from the Yelang Clan. Could it be that the Tianhe Clan is preparing to have a big battle with the Yelang Clan?"

"It can't be. The battles between great clans tend to be a competition between the same generation. There wouldn't be an all out fight. Could it be that this young man is a genius from Tianhe Clan who has attained a high level of cultivation?"

"That should be the case. This fight is between those in Tianhe Renmo's generation. The seniors won't be able to take part. I wonder how many people from Tianhe Clan have come this time around."


With the commotion, Qing Shui and the two ladies no longer had any interest to take a walk around town. After all, if they were to head out, there would definitely be many people following after them. Of course, it would be easy for Qing Shui to throw them off his tracks but with his mood affected, he decided to give up on the idea of heading out.

Moreover, if news of today's matter were to spread out, there would definitely be some powers from the continent's capital who would know of his existence and conduct checks on him. They should be able to find out quickly where he was from and who he was.

This was only their second day in the continent's capital and they had already encountered such troubles. Qing Shui wasn't afraid of trouble but that didn't mean that he was willing to encounter such things.

Yelang Clan was considered to have been shamed. Great clans could lose anything but not their reputation. Therefore, Qing Shui knew that very soon, someone from the Yelang Clan would come to talk it out with him.

He made up his mind to start the business for the Imperial Cusine Hall after this matter was over. Initially, Qing Shui had wanted to get a few powerful clans to support him before he started the business. With this matter with the Yelang Clan, there should be some clans who would know what Qing Shui did in the past and they might end up giving him some help.

The period of peace they enjoyed was beyond Qing Shui's expectations. They went through three days peacefully. Just as Qing Shui thought that they wouldn't be coming, someone arrived.

It was an old man or rather, a man who was starting to enter into old age. He appeared to be very elegant but had an air of superiority on him. Qing Shui had encountered many people with such auras, especially people from great clans. However, the aura on this old man was the strongest amongst all the people Qing Shui had encountered in the past.

"Physician Qing, have you been well?" The old man said directly the moment he saw Qing Shui. It went to show that there were now many people who knew of Qing Shui's identity. If Qing Shui didn't appear at this place nor had he beaten those people up, others wouldn't think of checking up on his background. However, what Qing Shui had done had surfaced him to the public and thus many people would be checking on him.

"How may I address you?" Qing Shui smiled, greeted the old man and invited the old man to head over with him to a resting pavilion.

"My name is Yelang Qiankun. I'm sure that Physician Qing is aware of the reason why I'm here!" The old man smiled and said as they walked.

"Are you here for the few people who were beaten up previously?" Qing Shui asked calmly.

"Of course not. If I was here for those few people who commit all sorts of misdeeds in the name of the Yelang Qiankun, I wouldn't have waited until today," Yelang Qiankun smiled and said.

"Then what's the reason that you're here today?" Qing Shui had already guessed the actual reason. Since they knew who he was and was showing a different attitude, it must be for his medical skills.

"Yelang Clan wishes to work together with Physician. What do you think about it?" Yelang Qiankun looked at Qing Shui, smiling very confidently.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at Yelang Qiankun, "How would you like for us to work together?"

"Yelang Clan will assure that everything will be smooth sailing for Physician in the continent's capital. We'll provide a stable environment. Physician will have to share everything you gain with Yelang Clan," Yelang Qiankun gave it some thought and said.

Qing Shui smiled. Yelang Clan was really greedy. Everything he gained would include connections. Yelang Clan wanted those as well. What they provided was merely stability. And whether or not it would really be stable was unknown.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at Yelang Qiankun, "Since you know who I am, then you should know that I don't work with others."

"I know. But there's always an exception to everything." Yelang Qiankun looked at as if he was bent on having his way with Qing Shui.

"What if there aren't any exceptions?" Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked.

"There'll definitely be. Today, I'm here to discuss this matter with Physician. The continent's capital is different from the Yehuang Country. Yehuang Country is nothing in comparison. In a new place, you must follow the regulations of the new place. Otherwise, you'll end up being on the losing end." Yelang Qiankun smiled very confidently.

"You should just say things out right. I don't really understand what you're saying."

"This area is the continent's capital and is very chaotic. If you don't have sufficient power, then you'll need to work together with some other forces. Otherwise, you won't be able to make it big. There'll be many people who won't allow you to make it big. They deploy all sorts of means to bring you down."

"If I don't work with Yelang Clan, will Yelang Clan also try to bring me down?"

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