Chapter: 1378

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1378 - The Distinction between False God Realms, Battle, Yelang Wuji

Qing Shui was very calm when he spoke. He was clueless about the influence circle in the continent's capital or to what extent it could reach. Even so, Qing Shui wasn’t that worried right now.

That was why he asked the question. By now, he still wasn’t certain about the old man’s intentions.

“I’ve said this before. If Physician Qing won’t cooperate with us, the Yelang Clan, you will definitely find it difficult to establish yourself here because you have made Yelang Clan lose face.” Yelang Qiankun was still happily smiling.

Qing Shui knew this answer. He was initially wondering why Yelang Clan didn’t try to get even but had instead suggested for a cooperation with him. But now, he understood. As long as they cooperated with each other, everything that had happened before would be dissolved because this cooperation would make it appear as if the Yelang Clan was powerful and that naturally, would make people feel that Yelang Clan wasn’t humiliated.

Qing Shui knew that if he didn’t want to cooperate, the Yelang Clan was probably the first who wouldn’t allow him establish here. The Yelang Clan was an influential clan. He reckoned that they normally wouldn’t be bothered with nobodies as those people would definitely be eliminated immediately.

However, Qing Shui wasn’t a nobody. The influential clans would definitely find out what Qing Shui had done in the Yehuang Country had they paid attention to him. Therefore, Qing Shui wasn’t someone to be trifled with, regardless for his strength or his art of healing. This was also the reason behind Yelang Clan’s initiative in treating him with due respect.

The Yehuang Clan was destroyed by this young man and another young woman. Although Yelang Clan was powerful, they didn’t want to simply provoke anyone. Now that word about this had gotten out including Qing Shui’s reputation, Yelang Clan couldn’t weaken their own reputation either.

“Let me tell you that I am capable of bearing the consequences of what I dare to say. Old man, the Imperial Cuisine Hall will not cooperate with anyone.” Qing Shui’s words had clearly conveyed his attitude. However, the choice was still Yelang Clan’s to make.

“I still hope you will reconsider about it, Physician. If you have made up your mind, feel free to pay a visit to Yelang Clan.” Yelang Qiankun stood up, without showing any signs of surprise. He seemed to have already expected Qing Shui’s answer.

After Yelang Qiankun finished speaking he stood up and went out.

Qing Shui neither moved nor spoke. When he had already conveyed his intention, he wasn’t going to change his mind anymore. Therefore, he didn’t feel the need to say anything else. He wasn’t going to show any mercy if anyone blindly came for him.

Since he had no position, then he would need to make a name for himself first. However, he was clueless of the greatest strength among Yelang Clan. Were there any martial cultivators beyond Third Grade False God?

The strength of a Peak First Grade False God cultivator was two million sun, a Peak Second Grade False God was four million sun, a Peak Third Grade False God was seven million sun and a Peak Fourth Grade False God was 11 million sun...

The peak strength of every realm was the sum of previous realm’s peak strength and the current grade multiplied by a million. For example, the strength of Peak Grade Five False God realm would be strength of Peak Grade Four False God, which was 11 million sun plus 5 million sun of Grade Five, which was equivalent to 16 million sun of strength.

Qing Shui possessed a paragon vessel now. The Paragon Heavenly Technique allowed Qing Shui to instantly kill any Peak Third Grade False God and below. Besides, there was also a weakening effect and being weakened by 30% was enough to demotivate anyone to hell.

He wasn’t too worried. He watched as Yelang Qiankun left. Not long after that, the other two ladies also returned to his side.

“Qing Shui, what should we do? The Yelang Clan is obviously trying to overpower us,” Yehuang Guwu said and took a seat beside Qing Shui.

“It’s no bother. I would really love to see how Yelang Clan plans to do this,” Qing Shui laughed. He wasn’t too worried. Even with the other two ladies with him, he still had room for maneuvering.

When the two ladies saw Qing Shui’s attitude, they weren’t too worried anymore either. Without realizing it, Qing Shui had already become their pillar of strength.


The next two days passed uneventfully. But Qing Shui had a hunch that something would definitely happen today. It was an intuition; an indescribable feeling. On top of that, it was very intense.

When it was late in the morning, Yelang Qiankun showed up once again. This time, not alone but along with more than ten others. Most of them were elderly but two among them appeared to be middle-aged.

Moreover, they didn’t come here alone this time. Before anyone realized it, many people seemed to have gathered around the courtyard. They seemed to know that something would happen here since long ago.

Qing Shui could tell where this was going. The Yelang Clan had come here to redeem their reputation.

Yelang Qiankun stood in midair. Qing Shui slowly ascended. Yehuang Guwu wanted to follow but Qing Shui made her stay down there and asked her not to get involved for now. He knew that as long as Yelang Clan couldn’t take him out and if Yehuang Guwu didn’t strike out on her own accord, they wouldn’t provoke Yehuang Guwu on their own accord either.

Qing Shui went up there and stopped less than a hundred meters across from Yelang Qiankun and the rest. To cultivators who had attained such realm, this distance hardly amounted to anything. They would still be able to converse without any issues.

“Physician Qing. So, have you given it a thought? As long you cooperate with us, Yelang Clan, you will definitely have nothing to lose.” Yelang Qiankun said with a smile.

The world of a cultivator was very simple. They sometimes appeared a little dim-witted to others and would brandish their weapon upon disagreement in the name of defending their pride. However, he recalled a saying from his previous world — excessive pride was just another form of inferiority.

Logically speaking, an influential clan should usually have a large capacity for tolerance. Yet he had no idea why in the World of the Nine Continents, the glorious ones simply couldn’t tolerate any dishonor. For the sake of their clan, a person’s life would seem so insignificant to them.

To Qing Shui, the current current state of affair was neither good nor bad. This was the culture and custom in World of the Nine Continents. Whoever didn’t comply would incur a certain loss and the extent of this loss might not be estimable.

“I’ve said that I will not cooperate with anyone and there’s also no need for me to do that. And also, I forgot to inform you that I hate to be forced the most. So now, let me give you a warning. Do not try to threaten or menace me with anything. You won’t be able to bear the consequences.” Qing Shui felt like it was necessary to give them a warning in advance since they knew about his existence would mean that they also know about Soulsearch and the rest.

“If that’s the case, the Yelang Clan shall get even with you. Give us an explanation for killing our people.” Yelang Qiankun replied calmly. He wasn’t really agitated from the arrogance in Qing Shui’s words.

“Explanation? I have none. I have the rights to do anything to the people who had barged into my courtyard and that includes killing them.

“What benefits have the Tianhe Clan given to you? I will offer you double.” Yelang Qiankun hesitated for a moment before offering.

“The Tianhe Clan didn’t give me anything. I don’t need anyone to give me anything either. I can get my hands on anything I desire through many methods.” Qing Shui said calmly as he declared his position to Yelang Qiankun, making it clear to him that he could get anything he wanted without relying on others.

“If that’s the case, we shall talk with our fists then. Let’s make it into a best of three match. If we win, you will provide a satisfying explanation to Yelang Clan. If you win, we will write off everything that had happened and the Yelang Clan will also guarantee your stability in the continent’s capital; an indefinite guarantee. What do you think?”

When Qing Shui heard Yelang Qiankun’s words, he knew that he was a sly old fox. By doing this, he could choose to stay in an offensive or defensive position. If they won, then it was still up to them to decide if they wanted to kill Qing Shui. If they lost, their clan wouldn’t be involved either way and by offering Qing Shui impermanent assistance, they could not only form some ties with Qing Shui but also show the generosity of Yelang Clan.

“Three rounds are too many. Let’s keep it to one only. All of you can come at me at the same time too.” Qing Shui smiled.

Qing Shui was knew that there was no point in making it into three rounds. He only had a total of three people on his side but Yuan Su could be taken out of the picture. Since that was the case, he might as well fight alone.

“Two rounds, how about that?” Yelang Qiankun insisted seriously.

Qing Shui was really amused right now. During the battle with Yehuang Clan back then, both him and Yehuang Guwu weren’t even cultivators of False God Grade. Only the few white tigers condensed by Yehuang Guwu had the strength of a Grade One False Gods.

Although it hadn’t been that long since then, the strength of Qing Shui, Yehuang Guwu and the white tigers she condensed had undergone earth-shattering changes.

“Alright, fine. Two rounds. Promise me one other thing again if you all lose.” Qing Shui pondered for a moment before smiling.

“What is it?”

“Help me find someone.”

“That is fine. I can promise you that I will search for that person to the best of my abilities but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to find that person.” Yelang Qiankun’s eyebrows were slightly knitted together.

“Fine. Let’s begin. Who are you sending out to the battle?”

“Let me do this!” One of the two middle-aged men stepped forward among the crowd.

He was an enchantingly handsome man. Despite his middle-aged appearance, there was no sign of aging on his face but instead, the traces of vicissitudes of life and a few charming wrinkles were visible.

His eyes shone like stars, deep and sincere but alluring. It was a pair of manly eyes that were attractive to both women and men. Qing Shui suddenly recalled the man who had defeated Tianhe Renmo.

Was he that person?

“You are Yelang Wuji?” Qing Shui inquired softly.

“Did Tianhe Renmo told you that? Although the things I have done was hurtful to him, this is how the society is. Both of us like the same thing so it’s only natural for us to fight over it. But he didn’t manage to win.” The man spoke softly. His words were arrogant but not piercing when they came out of his mouth. On the contrary, it sounded convincing.

“So what you are saying is that it’s alright to snatch the things you like as long as you have the power?”

“This is the way of life in World of the Nine Continents. When a dynasty falls, a new dynasty arises. In reality, the new dynasty has snatched the position of the previous dynasty and has merely changed its name. Similarly, if a woman leaves a man and then falls in love with another man, although it may look like there’s no connection in between these two, this is actually another invisible form of snatching. In this society, it’s all about snatching from each other. There are many forms of snatching, some barbarous and involving bloodshed, while some are disguised. To be honest, a snatch in disguise isn’t any kinder than snatching barbarously. It’s just killing without spilling any blood.”

The man didn’t speak fast but his outlook on life had certainly startled Qing Shui. His words actually made sense. If a woman left a man and then threw herself into another man’s arms, that meant that this man was more outstanding and capable than the previous man in her heart. This was a snatch in disguise and also at the same time, a competition of strength. That explained why most of the villains were rich and had beautiful women around them...

“Fine then, let us begin. Perhaps both of you can settle the matter between yourselves in the future.” Qing Shui said with a smile, then gave him the signal to start.

“You better watch out then.”

Yelang Wuji slowly drew out a longsword that was engraved with the sun, moon and constellations — the Sunmoon Constellation Sword.

A powerful wave of aura exuded from him. He was a False God cultivator.

Qing Shui also activated the strength in his own body. It wasn’t odd for Yelang Wuji to not only attain the False God realm but also the Second Grade False God realm. This was the background of the Yelang Clan. As the genius of Yelang Clan, this achievement was within expectation.

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