Chapter: 1397

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1397 - Two Super “Guardians”, Golden Fragrance Jade, Golden Fragrance Jade Fruit

Though the elder was asking, he could already feel the change in his body. He was merely trying to confirm it. Knowing that these two elders were biological brothers that had lived over a thousand years, their familial bond would be deeply rooted. This time the elder who was near the end of his life span had already given up hope, if not for his brother, he would have never found Qing Shui to treat him.

Opportunities usually come to those who put in the time and effort, the silent elder finally collected himself before sighing, “Miraculous Doctor, you are entirely worthy of the title of Miraculous Doctor. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.”

“Older brother, how was it?” The elder could not help but ask again.

“Extended my life span by 800 years, this is unbelievable.” The elder spoke as if he was in a daze, this was unimaginable.

“Ha ha, this is great! Older brother, we do not have any family, nor we have any money or possessions, how can we return the favor to the Miraculous Doctor.” The younger elder thought for a bit before asking the older elder.

“Right, these old bones still have some strength left in them, after journeying for so long, there is no place to call home anymore. How about we stay and work for Miraculous Doctor, anything will do as long as we are fed a meal,” the elder said looking directly at Qing Shui. Both brothers shared the same sentiment, they did not need to discuss this.

Qing Shui was stunned, he had originally planned to send the two elders away quickly. He had not thought they would have wished to stay and work for him… Suddenly, Qing Shui thought that they would be the best bouncers……

Yuan Su did not know the true strength of the two elders, Qing Shui saw the two elders look at him, he smiled, “Are you sure this is your plan? I have angered many people, they all want to kill me.”

“Oh, if that’s the case then we should definitely stay here. It doesn’t matter who they are, with us here, no one will be able to lay a hand on young Miraculous Doctor.” One of the brothers said with determination, even a bit angered.

“Then let’s go, I will take you guys to where you will live. I’m not certain, do you two elders have any things you like? For example, wine, tea or anything else?” Qing Shui asked while walking.

“Wine and tea are both fine, but we especially like to eat…” The elder said while laughing.

“If both elders would like to stay, please treat this like your home. I may be gone for some time in the future but was worried about leaving this place alone.” Qing Shui brought the elders upstairs.

“Don’t worry, with the two of us here, the safety of this place is guaranteed,” the elder said confidently.

“Young Miraculous Doctor, you don’t have to worry, the two of us old farts have nothing else to do, nor do we have any family. You saved older brother, we will treat you as our closest family member. Your friends and family are our friends and family.” The younger elder’s attitude was clear as day.

Qing Shui dropped his worries. He didn’t think he would receive such benefits today. A doctor, a formidable doctor’s ability could not be underestimated. Soon, they were already at the top floor, there were several rooms that were vacant. The rooms here could be said to be an individual house.

“Elders, see if this location is suitable?” Qing Shui said while smiling.

“Really nice, we have not lived in a house like this for many years. We don’t really mind, any place that would let us live would be good,” the elder said in response while laughing.

“Other things from the Imperial Cuisine Hall I cannot say but the food will definitely satisfy both elders. These two rooms across the hall will be where the two of you will live from now on.”

After Qing Shui spoke some parting words and then left the elder to recover. The two elders probably had lots to talk about, so he did not want to disturb them anymore.

Now that he had two super guardians, he did not have anything to worry about on the Dancing Phoenix Continent anymore. He felt that the two elders had already gotten sick of many things in life, but they placed emphasis on family relationships and favor, that’s why the two elders made the decision to stay.

When it was meal time, Qing Shui not only took out several jars of quality wine, he also served jade buns, meats that were marinated with different spices, soup, vegetables… Everything was laid out on a large table. The entire room was filled with fragrances of food that made people drool.

The two elders stared in awe, the fragrances that they smelled before were coming from here. However, the immersive impact of seeing the dishes was much stronger now, which made the dishes seem even more fragrant.

The wine of course was exquisite. This meal made the elders feel that they had made the correct decision to stay behind.

After the meal, Qing Shui left behind quite a bit of wine, tea, spices and other items. There were already different people assigned with the duty to take care of this place, so their only job was to keep this place safe. The other chores would be taken care of.


Phoenix Dance Organization had no movements. Qing Shui felt it may have had to do with the arrival of the two elders. The intel of Imperial Cuisine Hall’s movements was all passed to the Phoenix Dance Organization. The Phoenix Dance Organization has many formidable martial artists, they could find out quickly if they did some digging.

The rumors were of how the Phoenix Dance Organization was terrified of a young man to the point where they did not dare to show their faces, just like a turtle hiding in its shell.

There were always people who thought that the matter was too small to cost them their lives but after several of them mysteriously disappeared, many understood that they should not publicly insult the Phoenix Dance Organization anymore.

This type of thing, anyone would know that it was the Phoenix Dance Organization who did it. But knowing is not the same as having proof, moreover many people could not fight the Phoenix Dance Organization. Their deaths would be in vain.

Reputation, there’s no clan that would only leave behind a good reputation. Many of them had done things that were beyond immoral. Some of their next generation would be hedonistic, many of whom would be surrounded by bad rumors. While those tended to only be rumors, the longer these rumors existed, the more likely people would think they are authentic. The nature of these things, people would not check whether it was true.

Some things, people may or may not believe. It did not matter how bizarre the matter might be, things that people believe will become truths, while there could be people that don’t believe it.

When it came to rumors, Qing Shui did not care nor did he want to question it. He did not care about others’ views. Moreover, his identity as a doctor would allow him to gain a more positive reputation. On that note, there were more people that spoke good things about him since there were more people that were poor. In addition, some of the top clans would also praise Qing Shui because they had a use for him.

The best and the biggest crowd were dancing within Qing Shui’s palm, thus most people only had good things to say about Qing Shui.

One week later, the two elders arrived at the Imperial Cuisine Hall, stating that they were the Deputy Heads of the Phoenix Dance Organization. Qing Shui did not put up any fronts and directly invited them to the sixth floor.

The two elders were both Phoenix Dance’s Deputy Heads. They wore violet gowns, with a vivid and realistic phoenix embroidered on. The two elders gave off feelings of wise men, with long white hair, brows and beards. They both gave of a righteous, vigorous and immortal feeling.

“Two elders, please sit, why have you come today?” Qing Shui said with a laugh. The table was empty, he did not welcome them with tea or water.

The two elders laughed bitterly, “The things from before, let’s write them off?”

Qing Shui had thought of this answer before but hearing it now sounded weird. Phoenix Dance’s foundation should still be rich with talent, he had not thought they would take the initiative to ask for a cease fire from him.

“If I said I would drop the matter, would you believe me? Are you not afraid that I will attack Phoenix Dance Organization in the future?”

The elder looked at Qing Shui, “I know that you have definite opinions but you are also a man of your word, even if you attack Phoenix Dance in the future then so be it.”

He sure knew how to compliment people. Qing Shui looked at the two elders and then laughed, “We can write off the previous incident but I wish for the Phoenix Dance Organization to stop provoking me. Everyone will mind their own business. Is that alright with you?”

“I can promise, members of the Phoenix Dance Organization will not provoke mister. This is something prepared by the Phoenix Dance Organization, please treat it as compensation for troubling mister.”

One of the elders took out an Interspatial Silk Sachet and handed it to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui did not even look at it before putting the Interspatial Silk Sachet away. He believed that the Phoenix Dance Organization’s gift was going to be better than decent. If they were not willing to give away something of value as compensation, then in the future he could take some of their lives.


Once the two elders left, Qing Shui looked inside the Interspatial Silk Sachet. Not only were there quite a few things, the first thing that he saw was a Blackmoon Star….

Qing Shui laughed, this was a good item. While he was at Divine Might Dynasty he had gotten one but it was a bit bent, it had been used to enhance the Big Dipper Sword.

These things were hard to get, he had not thought that he would get a piece. He had contemplated before whether to use it with the Big Dipper Sword or Nine Continents Boots. Now that he got another piece, he was satisfied.

The remaining items were all pellets and herbs. Qing Shui was also familiar with the herbs, which made him laugh with joy.


Gold Aromatic Flower, Sea Star, Seven Stars Blue, White Feathered Eagle Eye, Jade Dragon Flower……

Golden Fragrance Jade could be refined!

Qing Shui could clearly remember Golden Fragrance Jade’s alchemy recipe and effect.

Golden Fragrance Jade!

Alchemy Recipe: Gold Aromatic Flower, Sea Star, Demonic Crystals, Beauty Pellet, Small Revitalizing Pellet……

Effect: Substantially heals and replenishes blood, retains youth and beautifies the face!

This was a sacred medicine for healing but now Qing Shui was uncertain about its true nature, especially given that it also had beautifying effects. With Beauty Pellet as its ingredient, Qing Shui felt that it might have better effects for retaining youth than for healing injuries.

Looking at the time, he directly went into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and began his refinement.

He still lacked experience for the Life Returning Pill. He had originally thought he would get it soon, but he never thought that at the later stages it would take even longer. It would take countless experience that he would have to slowly accumulate.

Qing Shui’s recipes that appear from Alchemy, basically cannot fail. This time was the same, it quickly succeeded refinement. It took one day’s worth of time, thus it left Qing Shui feeling that this Golden Fragrance Jade pellet was nothing really precious.

Once he opened it, there were two pellets.

Looking at the effect, Qing Shui was almost horrified.

Golden Fragrance Jade!

Effect: Substantially heals and replenishes blood, retain youth and beautifies the face!

Only the first one could be used to retain youth, any subsequent ones were for healing injuries.

Could be directly planted, would flower and fruit. The fruit would be Golden Fragrance Jade Fruit, its effect was the same as Golden Fragrance Jade……

Now, Qing Shui felt this was unrealistic. To plant a pellet…...

However, the result was Golden Fragrance Jade Fruits. This was actually a pretty good result. Especially when the Gold Aromatic Flower was difficult to find. Now he did not need to find anymore and it also saved on refining time. This was a good result. Given that he was within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, time was not an issue. From now on, he would have no fear that he would run out of Golden Fragrance Jade.

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