Chapter: 1398

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1398 - Leveling Up Nine Continents Boots Again, Ventriloquism

Qing Shui didn’t eat it. This item was primarily used for skin healing and nourishing and also for retaining youthful appearance. He had no interest in it since it wouldn’t increase his strength. The anti-aging effect would last for a hundred years. Just the worth of this alone was inestimable.

While Qing Shui was trying to assess the value of this Golden Fragrance Jade, he reckoned that the value of its anti-aging effect should worth more than its healing effects. Women were not the only ones who wished to preserve their youthful appearance forever, it was actually the same for men as well.

Humans could never change their skin. They would forever be visual creatures. Even a woman who was as gorgeous as a flower would love to sleep with a strapping young man. Even if an old man with gray hair could be just as great in bed, something was still visually lacking.

Men were totally visual beings. No matter how beautiful a woman was when she was young, by the time their hair had turned gray and the wrinkles became deep like river gorges, a man’s interest would basically wane. Beauty was of utmost importance but age could be easily overlooked in the World of the Nine Continents since the culture here was completely different from his previous world.

Of course, Qing Shui hoped that he could retain his youth for a longer period of time too. However, he had more faith in this constitution. He decided to wait until he got injured before he used it. There were probably a lot of such chances in the future.

Qing Shui immediately planted two Golden Fragrance Jades then went off to do some tempering. He also refined some magic treasures or cultivated in between.

When the Golden Fragrance Jade was left with only a few, he stopped and took out the Blackmoon Star. He was very excited whenever he saw this item. After all, this thing was simply too powerful. It could probably even raise those magic treasures by one realm.

Qing Shui intended to level up the Spirit Gathering Lamp. If it could successfully double the power of Hellfire Phoenix, he didn’t mind spending it on leveling up the Spirit Gather Lamp. But then again, who could guarantee that raising one realm could double the strength of Hellfire Phoenix?

Hence, upon reconsidering his options, he decided to spend it on leveling up the Nine Continents Boots. The Nine Continents Steps was formidable enough now. If he were to raise it by another realm again, maybe he could really walk across the Main Continent.

The Five Elements Divine Flag could only act as a bridge between a few continents. One would still need the Nine Continents Steps upon arriving at one continent. Each continent was simply too vast. The time it took for any ordinary demonic beast to travel across it could probably kill a person. It would take even a powerful demonic beast a very long time to travel across one continent.

Unless it was some particular demonic beasts like Demon Lord’s divine turtle which had not only formidable heavenly techniques in water but also in the skies. Apart from that, there were also teleportation arrays. These were usually only in the possession of a clan which had a very long history. Teleportation arrays nowadays could transport over a very decent distance but most bidirectional teleportation formation techniques could only transport a user from a country to a few other countries. Even so, it was formidable enough. The amount of demonic crystals required for every teleportation via the teleportation array was unimaginable.

Qing Shui had only experienced the amazing Ancient Teleportation Array. However, not many people could create teleportation arrays nowadays. The ones that were in use now were all passed down by the ancestors.

Not many owned a teleportation array, and even if they did, they would keep it a secret. Just like how Yuan Su had carelessly arrived at the Dancing Phoenix Continent, that was actually a teleportation array which unfortunately, only worked one-way. If it was possible to create a teleportation array and link it to the one back at her home, then it would become a bidirectional teleportation array.

Although it seemed very easy, it was actually a very, very difficult feat to achieve!

Apart from this, many heavenly techniques among the False God cultivators were similar to Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Steps. They could only be used once a day and couldn’t be used during a battle as it require the space of a few breaths of time for preparation. Therefore, making it very difficult to use during fights.

Although a few breaths time was still needed after using it, it wasn’t uninterruptible. One would not be injured if it was interrupted, they would only not be able to use this heavenly technique for the rest of the day. The amount of distance teleported was different for each individual as it was dependent on one’s innate talent and the realm of constitution.

As strength increased, mounts would also become more powerful. By then, although one was not as powerless against distance as before, it was still an issue.

After taking a break, Qing Shui started to refine the Blackmoon Star and Nine Continents Boots. He added in water from the Great Sacred Buddha Stone and also the Divine Cast Stone, which was given by the old man from Phoenix Dance Organzation and it also seemed to be a pair with the Blackmoon Star. Ten Immortal Cast Stones were also added in.

Qing Shui would still cultivate the Thousand Hammer Technique from time to time and also art of forging. He would destroy the things he forged then refine it all over again before he forged again. He had never slacked in the art of forging as he still wished he would be able to create a divine artifact one day...

The process of forging was uninteresting, yet intense because the Blackmoon Star would disappear if the forging was a failure. He wasn’t overly worried about the Nine Continents Boots because it couldn’t be damaged. Otherwise, he reckoned that he would want to die if he lost the Nine Continents Boots after a forging.

He had been so used to the existence of Nine Continents Boots that if it suddenly vanished from his life, he would probably be depressed to death. Fortunately with the Divine Cast Stone, the success rate was improved considerably. He had no idea if submerging it in water of the Great Sacred Buddha Stone would contribute to the success rate. The Great Sacred Buddha Stone had just been enhanced by a realm. Although it had only been a few days, a very long time had actually passed in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. So there was quite some water accumulated.

Qing Shui started the refining process after the necessary preparation was done!

He was even more excited this time compared to last time. If he was able to succeed this time, then he could greatly increase his traveling speed to everywhere. He could probably save one and half years time when visiting the Yehuang Country.

The Dancing Phoenix Continent was too vast. Even if the Nine Continents Boots were successfully upgraded, traveling across the entire continent would still require about half a year’s time...

One day, two days...

Qing Shui’s concentration was highly focused. He activated Ancient Art of Forging technique to its peak, and expanded his spiritual sense to the maximum. While controlling the Primordial Flames, he slowly fused the Blackmoon Star into the Nine Continents Boots.


Seven days passed. On the seventh day, a melodious sound rang out. Qing Shui, who had been completely tense all this time, relaxed in an instant. But he didn’t fall asleep immediately from exhaustion.

On the contrary, he was elated right now. He was itching to see the current abilities of the Nine Continents Boots and decided to rest only after he had checked them out!

The Nine Continents Boots!

Refined from the star fragments and strange beasts in the World of the Nine Continents. Has a mysterious and unfathomable ability.

Speed increased to sixfold; reduces depletion to a sixth; hard for even an Early False God to inflict damage, even in the slightest. Comes with the battle technique Nine Continents Steps.

Before, it improved speed and depletion by a factor of five. But now, both speed and depletion were improved by a factor of six! Not only that, even an Early False God cultivator was unlikely able to inflict any damage on the Nine Continents Boots.

Nine Continent Steps: Activating the Nine Continent Boots and the Nine Continent Steps allows the user to instantly travel four million li in a straight line. Currently at the sixth level, Realm of So Close Yet Worlds Apart, can be used forty times in a day.

The user of the Nine Continents Steps can concurrently bring along with him all living things within two hundred meters of radius from him, including humans, demonic beasts and others.

Prerequisites: Martial Emperor level!

Qing Shui smiled. With this, his speed would receive another huge boost. Although it had only been increased by a fold, this one fold mustn’t be underestimated as it could raise his battle power very significantly. Qing Shui’s speed was faster than people who were more powerful than him in strength. The disparity between them was extremely large with just the help of Nine Continents Boots alone. In addition to the Nine Palace Steps, even if he didn’t use any battle techniques, instantly killing cultivators of the same level would be as easy as turning his hands over.

Speed was power; only swiftness was invincible. When one attained speed, his opponents would have no chance of showing him their strength.

Apart from that, the distance and usage limit of Nine Continents Steps had been increased by a fold. With this, they had been increased by a lot compared to before. At this very moment, Qing Shui felt great. It seemed like shuttling in one continent was no longer a big deal.

After checking the changes that the Nine Continents Boots had undergone, Qing Shui immediately retired to rest!

Half a month passed in a flash. The two old men oversaw the Imperial Cuisine Hall. This greatly assured Qing Shui. In just half a month, both of them already had the sense of belonging here.

Qing Jun was very close to the two old men, even though she couldn’t speak. However, one of the old men gave Qing Shui a word of advice which suddenly enlightened him.

“When the lass is a bit older, you can teach her ventriloquism.”


In his previous world, ventriloquism wasn’t exactly speaking with stomach — no one could speak with stomach. But instead, it was changing the voice of someone through certain training. When a normal person spoke, they basically relied on the movements of their lips, teeth and tongue to produce sounds. However, in ventriloquism, one would be able to voice out with his upper and lower jaws, or even lips closed after being trained.

However, it was really possible to speak with the stomach in the World of the Nine Continents. He just didn’t think of it earlier. Even a mute powerful cultivator could still force his voice out, although it would sound slightly weird.

Qing Jun didn’t have a vocal cord. On top of that, she was still young and had no cultivation. She would need to cultivate first to bear a Dantian and cultivate Origin Qi before she could force her voice out with the Origin Qi by forming it in her stomach.

This wasn’t something new in this world. It was even possible to transmit sound through a thousand li, not to mention ventriloquism. Qing Shui rejoiced when he thought of this and expressed his sincerest gratitude towards the old man.

“Qing Shui, are you chasing us away by being so polite? Qing Jun is your daughter, to us, she’s just like our junior. If you’re going to be this polite around us, we will take it as you are chasing us away.” The old man seemed to be very angry.

“Old Master, it’s my fault. It’s just that you’re like a senior to me. I definitely won’t do that again,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

The old man laughed.

“Old Master, I need to take another trip. I’ll leave everything here in your care.”

“Go then. Rest assured, nothing will happen here with me around.”

Qing Shui wished to drop by home but with him away, Yuan Su would be the only physician left here. If even she left…

The Five Elements Divine Flag had gained another level and allowed the user to bring an extra person along. He did have the intention of bringing Yuan Su home once. But in the end, he decided to discuss it with Yuan Su first after mulling over it.

When he found Yuan Su, she was by the pond, watching the fish. The fish were swimming in pairs and most were swimming in schools. All of a sudden, Qing Shui realized just how lonely this woman was.

But she still had a conviction right now. Qing Shui wasn’t sure if her conviction was returning home. She was only the close with Yehuang Guwu and Qing Shui here but Qing Shui had no idea to what extent they could reach.

As if she had sensed Qing Shui’s presence, she spoke without turning her head around. “Are you looking for me, Lord Qing, or is this merely a coincidence?”

Qing Shui walked to her side while rubbing his nose. “How dejected you look. Are you homesick?”

Yuan Su felt her nose burning. “You’re such a big meanie! You can say anything but this! I’ve stopped missing home with great difficulty but you just have to mention it!”

Yuan Su’s lovely, sparkling eyes welled up with tears that threatened to fall off anytime while she spoke. At that moment, she looked just like a withering flower. Although that was an exaggeration, she seemed to be very haggard right now.

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