Chapter: 1423

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1423 - Treasure Hunting Pig’s Transformation, Eighth Level Spiritual Medicinal Beast, Dragon Slaying Beast

Qing Shui was stunned. Her weapon was too mystical, demonic and dripping with blood. It filled people with fear.

Devil Slaying Weapon!

Qing Shui distinctly remembered that when Demon Lord pulled out her sword, the Dragon had called it a Devil Slaying Weapon. Among weapons, there were different grades. Apart from the legendary Artifacts and Divine Artifacts, there were Immortal Artifacts, Demonic Artifacts etc. Devil Slaying Weapons were on par with Divine Artifacts.

All Demonic artifacts had demonic natures. People loved and hated them. Those that loved them gained great power, but those that hated them would be betrayed by them. Demonic Artifacts constantly drained a user’s soul. Those who were not strong enough would be controlled by it instead.

On the same note, those who used Demonic Artifacts frequently tended to hunger for death and blood. They became excessively cruel and violent to the point where they would not recognise friends and family, their personality warped beyond belief. Those betrayed by the Artifact showed these signs as well.

Roar! Roar!

Blue Dragon roared, shaking the heavens. Qing Shui now knew why Demon Lord could fight the multitude of forces from Soaring Dragon Continent on so many fronts. This woman was terrifying.

Or rather, both women were terrifying. Hua Rumei’s weapon was not as strong as Demon Lord’s, but it was made of the same material. It did not lose out much.


Treasure Hunting Pig burrowed into Blue Dragon’s body. After becoming Fourth Level Spiritual Medicinal Beast, it’s powers grew, especially in terms of speed. With Demon Lord and Hua Rumei distracting Blue Dragon’s attention, Treasure Hunting Pig managed to continue burrowing into Blue Dragon.

Roar! Roar!

Blue Dragon began to struggle. The violent movements forced Demon Lord and Hua Rumei to temporarily retreat. During that time, Blue Dragon’s massive body was sliced into three pieces, fresh blood pouring out. It was then that Qing Shui took out his instruments and appeared next to Blue Dragon.

Catching Dragon’s Blood!

Both women looked at Qing Shui, speechless. Even though dragon blood was valuable, there was no need to be this cheap!

Qing Shui collected two vats of blood and placed them in the Realm of the Violet Immortal. He took out another two vats, intending to fill them up just as Blue Dragon smashed into the vats and destroyed them, causing Qing Shui to temporarily retreat.

Seeing Hua Rumei look at him with a pondering look on her face, he laughed embarrassingly, “This stuff has too many uses, and it’s difficult to come by.”

“You gave us quite a surprise. You are knowledgeable in so many ways, and very proficient in your knowledge.” Hua Rumei said in a sincere voice.

“You all surprised me more.” Qing Shui laughed, embarrassed. He felt a little nervous earlier, as though he were the protagonist of a story.

“Without you, the princess and I would not have been able to retreat today,” Hua Rumei said. She laughed at Qing Shui’s expression, a sincere laugh with no other meaning to it.

Roar! Roar!

Blue Dragon began to struggle more violently, making the situation more scary.

“Humans, how dare you allow your Demonic Beast to consume my Pearl Of Immortals and Demons! The other Dragons will avenge me!” Blue Dragon roared in rage.


Qing Shui thought for a moment, then understood. It must have been Treasure Hunting Pig.


Blue Dragon roared in pain, sounding like one whose heart was being ripped asunder.

Blue Dragon’s powerful Qi began to drop.

“Qing Shui, when Demonic Beasts consume a dragon’s Pearl of Immortals and Demons, it leaves a mark. Any dragon in range will be able to sense it. They will know who has consumed a dragon’s Pearl, and will mark them as an enemy of the Dragons. They will come for their lives.” Hua Rumei said.

“Relax, it’s fine. They won’t be able to find us.” Treasure Hunting Pig usually resided in the Realm of the Violet Immortal. There would be nothing to sense.

The enormous Blue Dragon still struggled and shouted in vain. Once Treasure Hunting Pig began to burrow in its body, there was no going back. If only it had been more observant, it would have been able to easily knock Treasure Hunting Pig 180 li away. But once it managed to burrow into its body, it would be similar to the Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm, or worse.

When the gold, shining Pig returned, Blue Dragon had perished...

The two women looked at the squeaky clean Treasure Hunting Pig in disbelief. Hua Rumei actually caught it in mid-air with a big hug. The Pig struggled in vain. It dared not use its teeth, as it knew who was friend and foe.

“Qing Shui, this little piggy is too magnificent. Let me play with it for two days please!”

Qing Shui looked at the pitiful expression on Treasure Hunting Pig’s face, smirked and then laughingly said:” He still needs to work. All my medicinal herbs are still waiting for him. Anytime you want to play with him, let me know and I will pull him out for you to play with. This is a Treasure Hunting Pig. We can bring him along to find treasure.”

“Ok. Once we finish up here, I wanna play with him.” Hua Rumei reluctantly handed the Pig over.


Qing Shui nodded, listening to Hua Rumei’s words with ambiguity. Hearing such a beautiful woman say such words made one think of multiple implications of what she had said. Qing Shui decided not to think too much. In his heart, this woman was one whom he could be friends with.

“What use is there in consuming a Pearl of Immortals and Demons?” Qing Shui suddenly had a thought and hurriedly asked.

“It will massively increase one’s power. One will also inherit powers from the Pearl. In the case of Treasure Hunting Pig, he will inherit some of Blue Dragon’s power. It might even change it somewhat.” Hua Rumei said.

Qing Shui threw it directly into the Realm of the Violet Immortal and headed straight for the dying Blue Dragon with the intention of harvesting it. Dragon blood, bone, scales, heart, liver, marrow, Dragon Pearl, Dragon Demonic Crystal...

The Dragon’s skin, tendons, and even its flesh were stored away by Qing Shui. This was a big dragon. After Qing Shui had stored it all in the Realm of the Violet Immortal, Hua Rumei looked at Qing Shui and said, ”You have quite a treasure on you, for such a large being could be stored in it.”

When Qing Shui had stored his table and bed earlier, it wasn’t too odd. But the fact that such a large creature could be stored amazed everyone.

Qing Shui smiled, “I will keep these first. Later, I will refine some medicinal pills for you. By the way, have you finished the previous ones?” Qing Shui asked Demon Lord.

Demon Lord nodded!

Seeing Demon Lord nod her head, Qing Shui felt a sudden joy. He took out the recently refined Quadruple Portion Medicine, “Elder Strange gave me the formula to refine these. This Quadruple Portion Medicine.”

They still had medicine. A Quadruple Portion was sufficient.

After packing up, the three of them hit the road once again. After Demon Lord packed away Old Turtle, Qing Shui performed the Nine Continents Steps.


That night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Immortal. What he saw left him in a daze. Treasure Hunting Pig’s appearance in particular made Qing Shui want to cry.

The once cute pig’s head had morphed into something odd. It had become a gold dragon head…...

Dragon Pig Beast!

It was rumored, that the Dragon had nine sons. This Dragon Pig Beast, however, was not among them. It had even grown in size. Now, it was the size of a calf. When it saw Qing Shui, it ran over excitedly.

Qing Shui didn’t know whether to laugh, or to cry. He looked at Treasure Hunting Pig’s abilities.

Dragon Slaying Beast! Eighth Level Spiritual Medicinal Beast!

Qing Shui was stunned. It wasn’t a Dragon Pig Beast, but a Dragon Slaying Beast… Was it because it had slain Blue Dragon? Dragon Slaying Beast was a better name, definitely more heroic than Dragon Pig Beast. He was so afraid it would become a Dragon Pig Beast…

The most important part was that it was a Spiritual Medicinal Beast, especially an Eight Level one… Consuming the Pearl of Immortal and Demons had instantly made Treasure Hunting Pig a Dragon Slaying Beast. This power was also an earth-shaking change. Qing Shui felt relieved. The Realm of the Violet Immortal still needed it.

When Qing Shui saw its abilities, he was shocked once again.

A Dragon Slaying Beast’s teeth and claws were indestructible. Its tough body could withstand enormous impact and could not be countered by the Five Elements.

Dragon Slaying Beast’s whole body was harder than diamond. It had a powerful Gold Qi, Treasure Qi, and could retreat when injured.

It could be said that not much could hurt a Dragon Slaying Beast. As it was able to break through any prison, it could drill holes through a Demonic Beast’s body and escape even if it had been eaten. It defied any force or poison attack.

It was like being a prickly hedgehog. No one could eat it.

Abilities: Treasure seeking, creation of Spiritual Pills, upgrading of Spiritual Pills. Specializing in Icefire attacks.

Its attacks contained Icefire, and caused a speed reduction as well overall damage increase.

Icefire Fireball: This attack had a chance to freeze a target, and was not affected by an opponent’s defense.

Treasure Dragon Golden Qi: A passive skill, it enhanced one’s speed a hundredfold, upgradable with no energy expenditure!

Qing Shui looked at this calf-sized beast emit a scary aura. Even though it looked docile now, its sharp aura should not be overlooked. This thing was dangerous. With its frightening speed, it could easily penetrate an unwary foe. The hundred-fold speed increase made even more dangerous. What made the Dragon Slaying Beast terrifying was its extreme speed and indestructibility. Speed equaled power.

Dragon Slaying Beast was an aberration. It did not belong to any race. Rather, it was a mutated Demonic Beast. Demonic Beasts were plentiful, so a mutated one wasn’t a rare sight.

Moreover, the Icefire Fireball was Blue Dragon’s ability. The scary part was the possibility of freezing a target. The fact that it wasn’t affected by an opponent’s defense made this move a trump card. Once an opponent was frozen, Dragon Slaying Beast could kill any opponent, regardless of how powerful the opponent was.

Qing Shui looked at the last skill!

Dragon Slaying Qi: A passive skill, no energy expenditure, it suppressed 20% of any dragon’s power, while simultaneously increasing Dragon Slaying Beast’s strength and power tenfold.

The skill targeting dragons was frightening. It increased power tenfold. The Dragon Slaying Beast’s power was unknown, but it was relatively unchanged comparative to the Treasure Hunting Pig’s. However, that sharp and strong aura that seemed to promise death was unshakeable.

Qing Shui never thought that such a tiny thing could become a such a unique and terrifying Battle Beast. This power was like an assassin. A small slipup was fatal. Dragon Slaying Beast’s body could not be harmed. When Qing Shui tested his full strength against it, all it did was push it back a little, with nary a scratch. According to Dragon Slaying Beast, it didn’t feel a thing.

A skill that suppressed 20% of a dragon’s energy. Qing Shui smiled. He knew that many powerful Demonic Beasts had dragon blood in them. If it could slay dragons, other Demonic Beasts weren’t a problem. The Dragon Slaying Beast could play both the roles of an Eighth Level Spiritual Medicinal Beast and a powerful Battle Beast.

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