Chapter: 1424

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1424 - Fifth Grade False God’s Divide, Assembled at the Ancient Ruins Entrance

It had reached an adequate level of power, so the Treasure Hunting Pig mutated after swallowing the Blue Dragon Pearl of Immortals and Demons Essence. Not all beasts could swallow a dragon kind’s Pearl of Immortals and Demons Essence. Normally, the stronger beast would swallow the Pearl of Immortals and Demons Essence of a weaker beast to increase their strength. If a weaker beast ate the Pearl of Immortals and Demons of a much stronger beast, there was a huge chance they would explode.

After swallowing it, they would usually only absorb a small part of it.

Moreover, swallowing a Pearl of Immortals and Demons Essence had a chance of inheriting the abilities from the Pearl of Immortals and Demons Essence. However, the chance was only 1/10,000th.

Treasure Hunting Pig was a Mutated Beast of Heaven and Earth and also a Treasure Beast, it was a rare encounter. Otherwise, it would be other beasts that would be trying to steal the Treasure Hunting Pig’s strength, which would allow the power within the formidable Pearl of Immortals and Demons Essence to increase exponentially.

Looking at this little thing that had mutated into the Dragon Slaying Beast, Qing Shui was still very satisfied. From now on, if he encountered any dragon race, it would be a lot easier to kill them. The Dragon Slaying Beast was a unique and formidable existence, which could debuff for 20%. In addition to Qing Shui’s Emperor Qi that could also debuff for 20%, this would cause the opponent to only be able to use their strength at 60%, reducing the level of threat.

Eighth Grade Spiritual Medicinal Beast!

Qing Shui thought about this and allowed the Dragon Slaying Beast to work around the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal for a bit. Since it had a much larger body now, the Dragon Slaying Beast completed its previous work in a quick fashion. Qing Shui could clearly feel that just from that bit of work, the medicinal properties of the medical herbs had increased by quite a bit.

Eighth Grade Spiritual Medicinal Beast was horrifying. Even the Jade Emperor Queen Bee was barely a Fourth Grade Spiritual Medicinal Beast. The later the stage, the harder it became to raise its grade. In terms of the Spiritual Beast Pill, he had two Spiritual Medicinal Beasts within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal right now, which was more than enough.

However, Qing Shui still needed a couple more. He needed to breed several water dwelling Spiritual Medicinal Beasts. This would allow the quality of the herbs and fish within the small pond to increase.

He almost required the herbs to refine the Spiritual Beast Pill. Now that he had an Eight Grade Spiritual Medicinal Beast, it should be even quicker when the time came.

The second day, Hua Rumei was looking for the Treasure Hunting Pig, but when Qing Shui retrieved the Dragon Slaying Beast, Hua Rumei said in annoyance, “Knew it, I should have played with it longer yesterday……”


Time unknowingly passed, and the Soaring Dragon Continent was already before them. Moreover, Qing Shui and the two women had already left the Battle Pavilion and Secret Service Pavilion behind. People knew the location of the Ancient Ruin, but the gathering location was not in front of the entrance of the Ancient Ruin. Furthermore, they had to be careful when they entered the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Qing Shui started to feel that the Soaring Dragon Continent was the same as the Phoenix Dance Continent. This assumption was purely based on the surface. The truth was, the top tier powers within Soaring Dragon Continent were far more powerful than those of Phoenix Dance Continent.

Right now, Qing Shui knew the actual strength of a Fifth Grade False God from discussions between the Demon Lord and Hua Rumei. The Peak Fifth Grade False God’s strength was at 16 million suns. Peak Sixth Grade False God’s strength was at 32 million suns. Peak Seventh Grade False God’s strength was at 64 million suns. Peak Eighth Grade and Peak Ninth Grade False God’s strength was at 128 million and 256 million suns respectively.

Since he knew their strengths, Qing Shui felt like a speck of stardust within the vast cosmos. What was the limit of a human martial artist? False Gods were already like immortals of the World of Nine Continents. Then, what type of existence was the far away Divine Realm?

Soaring Dragon Continent!

This was Qing Shui’s first time entering the Soaring Dragon Continent. The Demon Lord and Hua Rumei were both wearing bamboo hats, but even their loose clothing could not hide their charming figures. Many looked in their direction.

The secular world did not taint her, as she lightly walked about, each step carried a saintly ice-burning charm. No one would associate this type of woman with the legendary Demon Lord who was fond of killing.

The weather here was like mid-Autumn, and it was already morning. There was a breeze in the air. Even though it had been dozens of years, Qing Shui still enjoyed the breeze and air here. As he walked around the busy city, his mood was calm.

He enjoyed this feeling. He enjoyed this type of liveliness. Just like people who were watching the busy streets from a high-rise, it was that type of feeling. Once he entered the crowd, he slowly melded into it. While he was observing others, people would also watch him from above.

State of Mind!

This was a type of State of Mind. A human’s thought process and state of mind decided the heights that they could reach. A person like a frog at the bottom of a well that had a limited outlook and experience would limit their state of mind, as they could only see very little. If they could not break through, they would not rise to newer heights. To raise their state of mind, they would need to jump out of the well. However, this was a difficult feat.

Humans were the same, raising the level of their State of Mind was incredibly reliant on luck. Trying to raise the level was like a frog trying to leave the bottom of a well.

“What are you thinking about? Your expression looks weird,” Hua Rumei’s voice transmitted over.

“I was thinking when I could stop and go live a simple life, protecting my family.” Qing Shui shook his head.

“I couldn’t tell that you were thinking these things. You are so young, yet you’re thinking in such a mature fashion.” Hua Rumei was stunned, but she smiled.

“I left home when I was sixteen. Most of the time, I was away from my family. After so many struggles with my life on the line, there are still so many things I must do. There’s no slowing down, as I have only relied on myself……” Qing Shui said softly, and his tone carried traces of tiredness.

Hua Rumei was quiet, as she looked at this man’s back. It was a back that carried loneliness, desolation, but it was also unyielding. She said softly, “You saved sister’s life. If you have anything in the future, I will deal with them with you. Unless you no longer need me, or you come to hate me.”

“Older sister, why do you keep bringing up that incident where I treated your condition? Do you not consider me a good friend? Not to mention that we are sister and brother now,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“I will no longer bring this matter up in the future.”

The Demon Lord stood on the side. He could not see her expression, and he could only feel that she was looking afar.

After traveling for a while, they arrived at the Soaring Dragon Continent. He went down to go and check it out. It was Qing Shui’s first time here, so he suggested to go walk around. The two women had no objections since they still had some time. The Nine Continents Steps had already saved them quite a bit of time.

“Someone seems to be watching us.” Qing Shui’s spiritual sense picked up a hidden sense locking onto them, as he said softly.

“Someone locking onto us as we arrive on the Soaring Dragon Continent is not strange at all. Since we came from outside, having them observe and target us is not a strange thing,” the Demon Lord said softly.

Qing Shui’s spiritual sense was powerful, but it would seem that the Demon Lord’s spiritual sense was even stronger.

“Do you know which organization it is?” Qing Shui asked in a low voice.

“It should be Yin Moon Sect. They specialize in stealth and poison.”

“Will they attack us?”

“Can’t be certain. The chance of fighting now will not be big. Otherwise, our whereabouts will be exposed,” the Demon Lord said slowly.

“No fear. We will wait for them here. Then, we will go directly over there. Even if they want to follow us, they would not know where to go.” Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Steps could use himself as the center. He could bring many people within a hundred-meter radius with him.

“That is good too.”


Several days later, Battle Pavilion and Secret Service Pavilion’s members arrived. That day, Qing Shui directly used the Nine Continents Steps to make a group of people instantly disappear into thin air. This was the best method to avoid trackers. Of course, if they really wanted to track the Demon Lord Palace’s whereabouts, they could still slowly investigate to discover it.

But he estimated that they did not know the terrifying ability of his Nine Continents Steps. His consecutive use of it had already opened a wide distance between them. It was a perimeter that they could not imagine. Those who wanted to intercept them in the middle would find nothing but air.

The Ancient Ruin was not far from the intersection of the three continents. They could reach it within three days. It was a location similar to the Sacred Land of Panacea, and it had a boundary made of mist. Only those above Martial Emperor could enter. Moreover, there was no limit. It could be entered at any time or day; however, it was very dangerous inside. If one was unlucky, beasts could immediately eat them.

Ancient Ruin’s entrance was at the heart of a giant mountain range—Dragon Chant Mountain.

The reason why the Demon Lord Palace and Dragon Palace would fight within the Ancient Ruin was because someone said that they had found an Ancient Divine Temple within the ruins. Thus, there were many people here. Both the ‘righteous’ and the ‘evil’ were here.

It did not matter who got the good stuff, as people would fight for it. This would naturally cause lots of fights to break out or even giant battles.

Dragon Chant Mountain was like a giant spiraling dragon. The gate of the Ancient Ruin was located in the midwest section of Dragon Chant Mountain; at the inverse scale area of the dragon mountain.

With the crystalline light gleaming, the boundary was huge. It was tall and wide and spanned at least ten thousand meters.

At this time, the place was already packed with people. In reality, it was packed with people every day. There were those who could enter and those who could not enter. To rush pass the boundary required a large consumption of strength. Those who could not enter were here in the Dragon Chant Mountain to hunt for treasures.

If they were to enter, they would partner up and enter.

Suddenly, Qing Shui saw some familiar powers. There were three of them, Divine Sound Sect, Divine Beast Sect, and Wild Ghost Valley. Other than these, there were a few other forces, but they were all forces that opposed those who claim to be a righteous organization.

Divine Sound Sect’s clothing was easy to recognize while the Divine Beast Sect wore clothing embroidered with beasts. Moreover, the Wild Ghost Valley had just come out. He had to ask Hua Rumei to verify.

“We should go over. Whatever the case, we are on the same side as those guys,” the Demon Lord said, as she led them.

Divine Sound Sect had several people. Divine Beast Sect, as well as Wild Ghost Valley, had several people walk out. Of course, the Demon Lord Palace was the strongest existence amongst them.

Divine Sound Sect only had women. There were two older but well-rounded women that walked out. They resembled a ripe peach. Qing Shui could also see Shen Ling, as Shen Ling happily walked over.

“To think we meet again.”

“Yes, what a coincidence,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“How was it at Demon Lord Palace?” Shen Ling did not care for others. She tugged at Qing Shui as if they were really close. Perhaps because Qing Shui was her benefactor, but she naturally believed him and felt close.

“Good. Why did you guys not enter?” Qing Shui asked, as he didn’t understand.

“We were waiting for you. Do you see the surrounding people? They are all enemies. If it was not because we weren’t weaklings either, they would have probably wiped us out. Many people have already entered, but we must wait till Demon Lord Palace enters. Otherwise, we would all be wiped out in one go,” Shen Ling said with a smile.

“You must be Qing Shui. Thank you for saving Ling’er.”

After their greetings, a well-rounded flirtatious woman walked out beside Shen Ling and smiled.

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