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AST 1458 - The Mysterious Group Behind the Soaring Dragon Organization, A Long Discussion

Everything became clear when seeing Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan came back safely, their hearts were finally relieved.

Qing Shui briefed the others about the death of Chen Yuanhua, which made Hua Rumei excitedly asked them not to abandon her next time. Qing Shui smiled and agreed to it, but Tantai Lingyan was the one who called the shots as she was more familiar with it.

They had their meals together with Old Man Lu and Yan Zhongyue.

It was quite lively and they were all open-minded practitioners, not to mention that most of them had gone through many times of life and death which made them be flexible on everything. There were only Yan Qingting and the other three who had not gone through anything that big, but their experience was still much more than the average people.

In order to train these three, Old Man Lu always let them take risks. However, they did not know that Old Man Lu was protecting them in the dark. There was once an incident where one of them got injured badly but Old Man Lu did not show his face.

“Old Man, we would like to make a move.” Qing Shui smiled and said after he finished eating.

“Why should you leave Qing Shui? I thought you are going to wait for the Patriarch of the Soaring Dragon Organization to show up?” Yan Zhongyue asked in surprise.

“If he does not show up, we have to find him,” said Qing Shui after he thought for a bit.

“No, you are not his match. It is better to go with Old Man Lu and everyone here!” Yan Zhongyue disagreed immediately.

“I have realized something today and perhaps we might win.” Qing Shui felt that there would still be hope since he had the Battle God Halo.

“It is just a maybe, are you blaming me for not taking any action?” said Old Man Lu while he smiled at Qing Shui.

“No, how would can I do that? It’s just I am thinking that I might be able to kill him but if I fail, I will still need your help.” Qing Shui did not want to drag this matter anymore, he wanted to solve the problem quickly. He wondered which enemy organization was powerful enough that they had managed to beat Tantai Linyan in the past.

He needed to find Yiye Jiange as he had other things that he needed to settle.

“Qing Shui, you are being impatient. You have the Battle God inheritance, while the woman by your side has the Demon Lord inheritance. The Soaring Dragon Continent is not as simple as you think. I received some news that the old man has some breakthrough recently. Furthermore, the Soaring Dragon Organization have powerful people and a mysterious strength is also involved,” Old Man Lu said as he sighed

What Old Man Lu said was out of Qing Shui’s expectation. Before this, he thought that the Patriarch of the Soaring Dragon Organization was just about the same level as the bloody butcher. He had improved a lot since he left the Soaring Dragon Organization and came to here. Hence, although he was not as powerful as the Patriarch of Soaring Dragon Organization, his strength wouldn’t be that much behind. This was the reason why Qing Shui wanted to try killing the Patriarch of the Soaring Dragon Organization.

However, it seemed like he had taken the situation too simply. Their strength was almost on the same level, The strength of those two were about the same, but one of them could kill the other one with just a skill in a second. Their strength was just like the levels in games, their real power depends on equipment, skills, demonic beasts, and techniques.

The Dragon Slaying Beast was not powerful but it could kill someone who had the power which was much higher than itself.

Qing Shui had powerful techniques and battle skills. Together with his speed, he could kill someone more powerful than him. However, when it reached the realm of False God, especially on the level of Old Man Lu, these advantages Qing Shui had were no longer helpful. As how it was said, absolute strength overcomes all technique; the greater the difference in strength, the lesser the chances his techniques would work.

The breakthrough of realms was much scarier than the improvement of strength. Furthermore, it was still unknown which mysterious group had a connection with the Soaring Dragon Organization, or whether it was another enemy force which was against Tantai Lingyan.

“Qing Shui, we still need to plan this thoroughly. We need to pull those great forces of this generation to us, or else we will not be even able to fight back,” Old Man Lu said worryingly.

Yan Zhongyue looked at Qing Shui after a moment of silence and said, “Trust Old Man Lu, it is not terrifying if it was just the Soaring Dragon Organization. The terrifying thing is the force behind the Soaring Dragon Organization.”

Qing Shui nodded. It was expected that the circumstances had changed and it was out of his expectation. Which group was that mysterious force? What was their strength? Was it the hidden strength of the Soaring Dragon Continent?

A False God Warrior was the deity of the land, but the difference between the False God Warriors was just like the difference between the firefly’s light and the bright moon. It was like the difference between two million sun and few hundred millions sun of strength.

Old Man Lu’s strength was about two hundred million sun, so how much was the strength of the force behind the Soaring Dragon Organization? Three hundred million? Four hundred million? Or was it more than five hundred million?

Qing Shui’s strngth was only a bit more than one hundred million sun in his full power and Tantai Lingyan’s strength was about one and a half hundred million. Although their strength could be considered as powerful, they would only be killed if they were standing in front of those who had more than three hundred million sun of strength.

However, it was a different case for Old Man Lu. He could reach a strength of around three hundred million sun with the support of Qing Shui. Additionally, an opponent with three hundred million sun of strength could be weakened to two hundred million sun by Qing Shui, and if the Heavenly Talisman works, the opponent would be weakened to up to three hundred million sun of strength.

It made Qing Shui to once again feel the terrifying might of the Emperor’s Qi and how terrible it was to be weakened to about 20% of strength when he was dealing with a supreme opponent. A strength of five hundred million sun would be weakened to one hundred million, this was only with the use of Emperor’s Qi. The effects of the Heavenly Talisman was not included yet as it was still unknown whether it would work on high-level Warriors.

Qing Shui felt calm after he thought of these. The Battle God Halo also became very powerful after the change, together with his Emperor’s Qi and talent, it could be said that he was very powerful, albeit their power would still be considered weak.

“It seems like we’ll take some time. Lingyan, what is your plan?” asked Qing Shui while he looked at the Demon Lord.

“I already knew this situation, and have thought of this outcome too. In this case, I will be going back to the Demon Lord Palace first,” Tantai Lingyan said after thinking.

“The improvement of strength is tough. What’s more, you need to have an increase of one hundred million sun or even more. How will it be that simple?” Qing Shui thought about it and said, “I will go back to the Demon Lord Palace together with you!”

“I am thinking of opening a branch of the Demon Lord Palace in the Great Yan Dynasty, what do you think?” said Old Man Lu.

Although the Demon Lord Palace did not join the dynasty’s forces, they were still on the same side.

Qing Shui’s eyes lighted up and said, “Well, Lingyan, how about open one here? It will be convenient for us to settle things since we need to plan nicely. We can do something here while waiting, what do you think?”

Tantai Lingyan replied after a moment of silence, “The Demon Lord Palace is disliked by everyone. Staying here will leave a bad reputation for the Great Yan Dynasty.”

This was a real problem. Qing Shui looked at Old Man Lu, he knew that there would be a reason why he made that suggestion.

“The Heavenly Demon is the most benevolent Demon Lord among all the Demon Lords. This will not be an issue, someone will help in building up the good reputation of the Demon Lord Palace. If the true story of that time was told, everyone will know the true color of the Soaring Dragon Organization.” said Old Man Lu while smiling.

“Sorry for the trouble, Old Man Lu.”

The construction of the Demon Lord Palace would be done by the Great Yan Dynasty. When the news was spread, there were a lot of different comments. However, Old Man Lu had spread the news at an earlier time, the truth that the Demon Lord had never killed any innocent people. All those people that they had killed were their enemies. He also spread the news that the Demon Lord Palace was the Demon Lord Palace which belonged to the benevolent Heavenly Demon.

At that time, the Heavenly Demon was the only kind and famous Demon Lord. The impressions of the people had immediately changed once they heard the news. The Demon Lord Palace was the friend of the Great Yan Dynasty and the other three dynasties, which means that the Demon Lord Palace was also against the Soaring Dragon Organization.

One month had passed, the reputation of the Demon Lord Palace had been spread. At least, it was supported by every force in the dynasty as they know that the Heavenly Demon of the Demon Lord Palace was a fascinating beauty.

The construction of the Demon Lord Palace had been completed and they had moved in. It was not too far away from the Royal Palace, with a distance of only around a hundred li. The architectural style tended to be simple and majestic, without any sense of luxury. It was designed by Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan.

Tantai Lingyan was not fond of the luxurious type. Qing Shui visited her room, which was clean and elegant. There was a light fragrance in her room and the bed looked so comfortable and soft which made Qing Shui had an urge to lie on it.

Qing Shui stayed in the Demon Lord Palace and he also had his own room. However, he chose a room which was much nearer Tantai Lingyan’s room, although it was not on the same block.

It was a mansion which was few meters away. The two mansions were just next to each other that they could even chat while they stood in front of the windows.

Qing Shui wandered around during daytime to gain more knowledge. Since he had the Nine Continents Steps, it would be easy for him to go back. At night, he practiced the Phoenix Finger and Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

As long as he was able to fight against them, Qing Shui would be able to win. The Golden Battle Halberd was a treasure that could especially destroy others’ treasures, for example, weapons and Battle Armor. It would be unfortunate if his opponents met the amusing probability.

The improvement on the Phoenix Finger was also amazing, the power was not less than the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique. The most important thing was, if Qing Shui used the Phoenix Finger with the help of Golden Battle Halberd, the effect was not that good but it could still be considered as a huge improvement.

If it succeeds, even if someone on the level of Old Man Lu might lose as well.

There was also forging and embedding, Qing Shui worked with the magical gems and the black gem. He wanted to increase his speed, there were some empty slots on the Nine Continents Boots but there were no suitable gems for embedding.

Qing Shui did help Tantai Lingyan to forge one pair before. There were many gems left but the levels were not high enough and required fusion. If it succeeds, it would not be a problem to double its speed. However, a high-level gem would definitely be needed for that.

The embedding needs to fuse one level first, then fuse the second level to cover the first level. If it fails, then all of it would be gone. No matter how many times it was covered, it would still be gone and would need to be started from scratch again.

The increase was related to the quality of the gems. A level three black gem would increase the speed by 10%, a level four black gem would increase the speed by 20% while the level five black gem would increase the speed by 30%-60%. On the other hand, a level six black gem would increase the speed by 70%-100%, a level seven black gem would increase the speed by 110%-150%, level eight black gem would increase the speed by 160%-200% and the level nine black gem would increase the speed by 210%-230%.

If the level was higher, it would become a legendary grade. A level nine black gem could increase the speed by three times (the other gems follow this example).

The quality affected the range of increment and the best gem that Qing Shui had was a level five black gem. A level five gem could increase the speed by 30%-60%. The one that he owned had a good quality and could increase the speed by 50%. The Nine Continents Boots could only be fused with one gem, Qing Shui could bring along one with him which was easy as the level of the gem would be the same when it was brought along. However, if the fusion was needed to be placed on boots or clothes, some slots were needed. The same type of gems fused on different slots cannot be on the same level or else, the effects of the two gems would only be considered as one.

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