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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1459 - False God Grade, Seven Moon Chaser Boots, The Calm Before The Storm

There were nine open slots for fusion on Qing Shui’ Nine Continents Boots, but now Qing Shui had only fused fifth-grade gemstones into it. The Nine Continents Boots had increased much of Qing Shui’s speed, he would even fuse first-grade gemstones into it although it wouldn't increase his speed. For third-grade stones it would increase his speed by 10% and only up till fifth-grade stones would his speed increased by a fold.

Increasing speed by a fold was extremely terrifying, as the original Nine Continents Boots had already increased his speed by five times, it meant that his speed could receive a 6x boost.  This is why the speed of Qing Shui was much faster than those who had a greater strength than him.

Although there were many gems available for fusion, but the probability of failing was very high for higher-graded gemstones. This was especially true for the fifth level, and the sixth level had never succeeded. 

The rare materials in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal were considered plentiful as well, a lot of Kong Clan’s treasures had been collected by him after all in the Interspatial Silk Sachets that belonged to his enemies. There were many rare materials inside, which were the best among the forging materials.

Seven Stars Glaze Stone!

This was the materials used by Qing Shui for forging the women’s boots, and Qing Shui wanted to forge the Seven Moon Chaser Boots.

He is still considered pretty skillful. Basically, he will forge something in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal each time he enters the realm. He will also do some studies as he had an enormous expectation for the Ancient Art of Forging.

The process of forging was dull since they were ordinary materials that Qing Shui had familiarized himself with. The thought of making a pair of boots for Tantai Lingyan was not a new idea for Qing Shui, he had this thought a long time ago. However, now that she has the Goddess Divine Set, Qing Shui was in a dilemma.

Upon recalling, Qing Shui stopped.He had forgotten this matter. After a moment, he decided to continue forging, whether she is going to use it or not was still unknown, even if she is not going to use it there will still be someone who can use it.

Perhaps the thought of Tantai Lingyan not using it had made Qing Shui felt relaxed while forging it, he was not afraid of failing, which made the forging process surprising smooth.

Time had passed bit by bit, the time and energy spent for forging such boots were enormous. The time taken might not be long, but a week of time was needed, and the process was generally not affected by the slightest disturbance.

Gradually, Qing Shui's state of mind became the State of No Conscious, the distractions were all put aside. Forging was like an enjoyment, it was a pleasure of creating, it was a sense of accomplishment.


A crisp sound had appeared together with bright colorful lights as the forging was completed.

Gazing at the beautiful boots, there was a white glow on it, very pure and clean, emitting a faint vitality.

False God Grade!

Qing Shui was dumbfounded when he saw this. Everything has its own grade, for example, Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd is considered as divine grade, and Princess Chang’s Yang Sword is at legendary grade.

Generally, legendary grade meant powerful weapons and there was only a small probability for Qing Shui to forge legendary grade of equipments. However, there is still a grade in between the legendary grade and divine grade.. That, was the False God Grade.

It was an unexpected surprise that he can actually forge something which was at the False God Grade.

New effects: Speed was increased by four times, the consumption was reduced by four times, the attack speed was doubled up together with the effect of dodging.

Dodging skill: the probability of dodging the enemies’ attacks was doubled up, it was a passive ability with zero consumption.

False God Effect: Able to form complete set with other equipments.

These two abilities was really so powerful, that it made even Qing Shui jealous. Doubling up of the probability of dodging, it is indeed too awesome to be true. 

The last one made Qing Shui even more surprised, False God Grade items can complement any other equipment, forming a complete set, this ability was way too shameless.

It was nice to be able to be equipped, but Qing Shui still had no idea on the ability of the boots of Tantai Lingyan’s Goddess Divine Set. Since it was a divine grade object, it was clear that it will not be any weaker  than the Seven Moon Chaser Boots, but it did not seem to be any better as well

The Seven Moon Chaser Boots was considered the best among the False God Grade equipments, it did not seem to be any inferior if compared to the Divine grade objects, some low tier among the Divine grade might not be better than this Seven Moon Chaser Boots.

Qing Shui did not put this matter on his mind, because Qing Shui felt that the probability of upgrading the boots in the Goddess Divine Set was small, and hence he decided not to mention it.

Time flow by peacefully. Half a year had passed, and for this half a year, Qing Shui stayed in the Demon Lord Palace. He went out with Tantai Lingyan for several times, they had exterminated the forces which previously attacked the Demon Lord Palace completely. Basically, there were no more the people from Soaring Dragon Organisation in the current dynasty’s territory.

Half year time was not considered short for Qing Shui, it was a long time for him. Qing Shui had almost done studying the Battle God Halo, he was now proficient with it, and his power had increased a lot. He had also refined the strength of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, but unfortunately, it was not much.

The strength of Tantai Lingyan had increased a lot too, they had the upgraded Yang Pills, but Five-Yang Pill and those medical pills that are better than Five-Yang Pills, had not been refined yet.

Also, Qing Shui’s strength was probably increased by five million sun. It will naturally increased if he spent time in his realm. The increment of five million sun was powerful, it can be said to be terrifying, but no one knew the actual reason behind this.

There was some improvement in Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique as well although the progress was slow. However, it had clearly grown stronger than before and the current Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique can be considered Qing Shui's real battle technique.

It reached the realm of minor perfection and he could used it as he will, just like his own hands. When he activated the skill, the feeling was like moving clouds and flowing water, he can command it at will.

During the half year of time, Yan Zhongyue and the others were also practising. He had a strength which was about the same level as Qing Shui, but his combat prowess wasn't as good as Qing Shui. Despite so, it was still considered terrifying after all as his physique was better than average. 

Today was the day for Qing Shui to go to the Royal Palace to have meals with Old Man Lu and the others. They will be having meals together at least once a month to have a discussion.

Within this half year time, Tantai Lingyan was still calm, Qing Shui had never seen her having any mood swings. He had always wanted to make her smile more, but it was not that effective. However despite so, the relationship between the two of them had become better, and this was better than nothing.

The banquet was luxurious, Old Man Lu was happy. Yan Zhongyue looked at Qing Shui and then those three children, he felt a little complicated, but he became happy after a short while.

He was in debt with Qing Shui, he had no choice. However, fortunately, this child of his was the best thing that happened to him, Yan Zhongyue had everything that he had now was because of Qing Shui and if Qing Shui didn't exist, his outcome would be unimaginable. Even his own body will be owned by others, this was a life worse than death.

However, things changed because of Qing Shui, there was still a huge turning point for him. Not only had he regained his memory and found himself back, he also renewed ties with his family... Even if he dies he would never let that old monster to get what he wants.

“There are news saying that he is coming here soon, they have two powerful experts. They want to capture Zhongyue and kill all of us and make the three dynasties disappear.”

Yan Zhongyue had a different name before this, he recently changed his name back.

Not only his name changed, the child’s surname was also changed recently.

Are they coming? Previously Qing Shui always wanted them to come quickly, but when he heard that they were coming, he felt nervous, although only for a bit. 

 “Since they are coming, we should leave them buried here forever. Don’t worry, the people who are coming this time are not that powerful, as long as Qing Shui weakened their strength and increase ours, there should be no problem. My strength has also improved over time.” said Old Man Lu.

Qing Shui felt relaxed when Old Man Lu was around. He would be worried if Old Man Lu was not here as many things needed to be considered. However, it was a different case, as long as he convinced Old Man Lu to give his full strength, and assisted him from the side, they could kill their opponents in a second if they were lucky enough since they can make a sudden attack.

 “Old Man Lu, when will they arrive?” asked Qing Shui while looking at Old Man Lu.

 “Around a week time, there are not much people coming, but none of them are weaker than me so we are still in danger,” said Old Man Lu. He thought that Qing Shui was the only one who can help the most among them, the outcome of the battle will be depending on Qing Shui.

 “What is the probability for us to win? Are you confident?” asked Qing Shui while smiling at Old Man Lu.

 “If your abilities are effective, we still have a chance to win. If there are still some trump cards you are hiding, then our chance of winning will be increased by ten percent. Regardless of how low our chances of winning are, there's definitely still a chance to. ” said Old Man Lu firmly.

Tantai Lingyan and the others didn't speak. Although it looked relaxed to chat, everyone felt stressed. Some of their opponents might be more powerful than Old Man Lu, and perhaps they would all die in that battle.

 “Don’t worry about my abilities, I will give you a surprise, so it seems like we do have hope,” said Qing Shui while smiling, Old Man Lu still did not know about the effect of Battle God Halo.

"This Battle God Halo is special, it should only be obtained with the inheritance of the Golden Battle God, but it was not as powerful as this."

 “Since the battle halo is more powerful than expected, I feel assured and I am looking forward to their arrival now,” said Old Man Lu excitedly.

Qing Shui was speechless. Old Man Lu was also craving for battle, he was at a high spirit for battle and he felt confident for the battle.

Qing Shui felt like he should start preparing something after he was back to the Demon Lord Palace, The threat of this battle was huge and he cannot place all his hope on Old Man Lu.

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