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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1460 - Poisonous Snare, Exquisite Jade Feet, Advancing

He wanted to do something, but couldn’t think of anything good to do, Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm, Dragon Slaying Beast, Hidden Weapons, Poison...


Qing Shui thought of something, he hadn’t really used poison before, and the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had a significant amount of poison related goods, he’s also flipped through the Poison Scriptures a good few times, it’s just that he never wanted to use it, but now was maybe a good time.

As soon as he thought about it he began to work, besides, the Blood Pond of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal already had many types of poison, just that Qing Shui was given a restriction and couldn’t go too far.

Poisonous flowers and poisonous weeds, poisonous bugs and poisonous beasts, these were all of the highest quality in poisons, or else Qing Shui wouldn’t have gathered these, Qing Shui also had crystals, which allowed him to increase the potency of his poisons by a lot.

The use of poison wasn’t as extraordinary, as it still took some time and procedures, and couldn’t be used on the spot. Warriors, strong warriors would still have a strong resistance against poison.

Poisonous attacks are very straightforward, for example through the teeth of poisonous monsters and poisonous fluids, which travel through the bloodstream to inner organs, or by using gases, travelling through the air to the inner organs, if the warrior’s five viscera and six bowels are strong, then their resistance to poison is also great.

Now when Qing Shui wants to create poison, the main component is things with a poisonous essence, this type of thing needs a medium of transfer, for example by using a concealed weapon or something of the sort, which was Qing Shui’s specialty and something that he had never failed in.

Gaseous poisons would be detected quickly by strong warriors, which are sensitive in addition to having a strong five viscera and six bowels, unless the poison was without taste, smell, and feel, as well as being especially strong.

Qing Shui immediately ruled it out, because as long as the poison has infected the bloodstream, there was nothing that could be done unless they could sever the bloodstream in the blink of an eye.

Poisonous Snare!

The poison created this time has a type of poisonous snare flower, a very potent poison, Qing Shui immediately named it the Poisonous Snare, which was a very tacky name that Qing Shui still enjoyed.

When this type of poison is deployed it comes in the form of a liquid, Qing Shui also added many different crystals to refine the mix, the inconceivable purity of the liquid being able to affect anything on earth or in the heavens, but it is the most potent Poisonous Snare.

The deployment still went smooth, just that Qing Shui was different from the people that were more learned in the poisonous arts, who used their own body as a training device, creating poisonous pills, poisonous hearts, and even real poison physiques.

Although Qing Shui didn’t have a poison physique, but in terms of being able to resist poison he wasn’t much worse compared with those who had poison physiques, he had nature energy in him, Area Dominance, an immovable state of mind, Yin-Yang Image, these things already protected him from poison trying to enter his body, and that’s not even counting Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, Battle God Strength, Qi of the Nine Yang, which are all strong powers, enough to neutralize any negative powers.

All the Heavenly Vision Technique can see is the components for making poison, so the poison that he was able to make was extremely strong.

10,000 Year Pearflower Needle, 10,000 Year Coldsteel Bead

The ability of Qing Shui’s hidden weapons weren’t considered super scary, even though he had been practicing less lately, his strength had not decreased, catching someone off guard when attacking with his hidden weapon would be a very effective strike.

Dong dong!

Qing Shui rang the bell to Tantai Lingyan’s room.

They needed to get ready tomorrow, their opponent had already gone to the Great Yan Dynasty.

The door opened, Tantai Lingyan faced Qing Shui as he averted his gaze to her feet, she was wearing boots of the Goddess Divine Set, something that he had not noticed till now, actually she was also wearing a pair of inner boots.

When Tantai Lingyan noticed that Qing Shui was looking at her feet, she was a little confused, asking him, “What’s the matter?”

“Since we will have to face a great danger tomorrow, I was coming to see whether I could help you open that puncture point, giving us an additional edge.” Qing Shui walked over and said.

Tantai Lingyan didn’t say anything.

Qing Shui talked about this about half a year ago, but Tantai Lingyan had not responded. This time over Qing Shui didn’t expect her to answer either, so he was going to gift her a pair of boots when she didn’t respond, however, would the Seven Stars Chasing Moon Boots be stronger than what she already had?

“This is also fine, even if I die, it wouldn’t be too much of a waste,” Tantai Lingyan said after some thought.

Qing Shui was prepared to say that it was alright, that she didn’t need to do it reluctantly, he was prepared to just give her the pair of boots, but it hadn’t even entered his mind that she would actually agree. He thought that it was very peculiar, and stood there dumbfounded.

“What is it, are you not willing…” Tantai Lingyan said immediately after seeing Qing Shui’s stunned response.


“No, it was just too sudden, I was a little excited…”

Tantai Lingyan: “...”

Qing Shui went back into Tantai Lingyan’s bedroom once more, she seemed to be a little uneasy, not moving while staring at Qing Shui, even Qing Shui was a little upset by her gaze.

“Oh stop looking, though I may be handsome now, you will be able to stare at me more later.” Qing Shui said, chuckling.

“Mm, it is still beautiful,” Tantai Lingyan said calmly.

“I said woman, I am handsome, not beautiful,” Qing Shui had nothing left to say, he knew that the woman was doing it on purpose.

“Let’s start then, what do I need to do?” Tantai Lingyan moved on to another topic, the previous awkwardness had already disappeared.

“Why don’t you sit on the couch then, and take off your shoes and socks.” Qing Shui said while pointing at the couch.

The woman was very straightforward, she went over, and did exactly as Qing Shui had instructed, a pair of small feet, delicate as jade, gave off an entrancing luster, gave off a lure that could kill, he didn’t have a foot fetish, but he knew that any man that saw this pair of feet would question whether they did.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, looked up, and saw her red, tender face, and immediately said “Your embarrassed face, Lingyan, has given you an entrancing feminine aura.”

“Bastard, don’t you dare talk, hurry up.” Tantai Lingyan became even more unnatural after Qing Shui’s words, she felt her own change now, didn’t know whether it was good nor not, but this feeling was full of the force of impact.

“Mm mm, hurry, hurry…”

Holding her jade feet, Qing Shui slowly, as though he were holding the most fragile tool in existence, the flawless white jade, its lines delicate and fine, and with a faint fresh sweet smell, he was sure that it wasn’t the freshness of some other object.

From all the people that wear shoes daily, no matter how pretty the woman was, even if they had put on perfume after coming out of the shower, then would it be possible to give her some sweet smell. 

The tentacles mild as jade, cool to the touch, meticulous as fat, soft but not without elasticity, he almost forgot what he was supposed to be doing.


Tantai Lingyan stretched her arm and knocked him as though she was a little mad.

She had already thought of telling Qing Shui that she was ready for a while, even though she knew that she would not be married in this life, something she had decided on a long time ago, what she wanted was strength, so that she could avenge her family, being able to meet Qing Shui was a fortunate accident. 

She wasn’t sure if she would allow herself to trust fate, but she felt that if she was able to meet Qing Shui like this it must have been fate, too bad it might be an ill-fated relationship, but it didn’t matter, all she needed to do was work harder, but on what she wasn’t even sure herself.

Qing Shui gave a bitter smile before beginning to press on the pressure point, although his technique wasn’t as good as the Soft Tendon Hand Technique, but he wasn’t much worse, giving the same feeling of tart bloated tingling, there were many pressure points on the soles of the feet, constantly converging there, and there were dark pressure points as well.

Tantai Lingyan was enduring exhaustingly, her face was a little languid, it was a bit more relaxed than normal, but with more embarrassment.

Her body would shake every now and then, the numbness of the bone marrow made her want it to stop but can’t, a mystifying feeling, she had never experienced a feeling like this.

Then Qing Shui brought out the Life and Death Needles, his needles were all self sanitizing, and would not be able to be contaminated, especially these Life and Death Needles, on the surface it had a layer of haziness, isolating everything inside, that is the “Life” Qi, the Life and Death Needles would not directly make contact with the body.


Without waiting for long, a faint sound rung, as though something had been cleared, Tantai Lingyan only felt a mysterious increase in power, as though her entire body was lighter, her power seeming to have increased, this was a very potent feeling, as though her boundaries had expanded. 

Her body didn’t have impurities, no shameful diseases, this is the second one that Qing Shui had seen, Yiye Jiange was also like this, both their bodies were the most pure, without a speck of filth.

Holding the other foot, Qing Shui opened all the other pressure points, both her jade feet had also been subject to Qing Shui’s cravings… giving both of them a certain amount of satisfaction...

“Alright, aren’t you going to let me go…” Tantai Lingyan said after seeing how Qing Shui was still holding her legs, retracting them as she talked. 

“If I hold this position the effect will be even better…”

“Go, did you think I was so oblivious, holding my legs like this for such a long time,” Tantai Lingyan wasn’t angry, she actually wanted to open her heart a little, to let him continue, since naturally she wouldn’t be afraid of him holding her like this, and not reject him like the first time. 

“Before all I was concerned about was opening the pressure points, with a beautiful person as you, even the feet could be this pretty,” Qing Shui bowed down and kissed her once.

Tantai Lingyan hurriedly brought her legs back, her face filled with anger, and said “ aren’t getting more and more bold, trying to bully me like that.”

“Sorry, please don’t be mad, I promise there won’t be a next time.” Qing Shui said promptly and earnestly.

“It’d be weird if I believed you, this is the second time you’ve promised that.” As she said that she put on her white socks and boots. 

Qing Shui was very happy, because the him now was finally able to feel that Tantai Lingyan was a true woman, this way her speech was full of fluctuating moodiness.

“Lingyan, have you realized how cute you are now?” Qing Shui smilingly said to Tantai Lingyan.  

Tantai Lingyan was a little distracted, cute, this was the first time that someone described her as such, and it came from a man...

“So this is cute?” Tantai Lingyan said “So this is cute?” Tantai Lingyan said, slightly perturbed.

““For you, this is cute, alright, here’s a pair of boots for you, take it even if you can’t use it, “ Qing Shui put the Seven Stars Chasing Moon Boots in her hands.

“Would you be fine with me giving this away?” Tantai Lingyan said lightly.

Qing Shui knew wthat the possibility of her using it wasn’t high, and knew that the result would be like this after hearing her speak. 

“If you let your older sister wear this, it would improve her life force, what do you think?” Tantai Lingyan lightly said, as though she were testing the waters. 

“Yes, but you’ll have to give me a prize first,” Qing Shui smilingly said. 

Tantai Lingyan thought that Qing Shui had given her many gifts, but she hadn’t reciprocated and said while nodding her head “ok!”

She took out a necklace: “This necklace was given to me by my mom, who told me to give this to a great person, I’ll give it to you then!”


Qing Shui smiled after hearing this, he knew that the woman had not finished what she was trying to say, this necklace was supposed to be for her man.

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