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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1461 - Battle Technique, Terrifying Strength, They are here

There were many places in the continent that followed these customs. This item was something a mother would pass on to the daughter who would pass the item to the man she married in the future. However, this woman clearly didn’t bother to explain the latter part.

Qing Shui stared at the necklace. This was something anhydrogenous, able to be worn by both males and females. Staring at her, he could see gentleness and a large amount of happiness in her gaze. 

“What are you looking at? If you don’t want it, I will just take it back.” That woman placed her hand on the necklace and acted as though she was about to take it away as she spoke.

“No can do. Today, even if I leave my life behind, I have to have this necklace. Come help me. I can't wear this on my own, so help me put this on.” Qing Shui stretched his neck outwards, lowering his head slightly as he laughed.

Although the woman wasn’t as tall as Qing Shui, she could be considered pretty tall too. She was just a head shorter than him and helped Qing Shui wear the necklace.

Her movements were very slow yet very stable. Qing Shui could still sense that she felt a little ill at ease about this. It was her heart beat: sometimes it would be a beat quicker than normal.

Her fair hands slid across his neck, occasionally coming into contact. The initial movements of her cupping her hands around his neck and her fingers accidentally brushing his ears felt extremely warm-hearted. He would also lower his head to stare at her as she did that.

Tantai Lingyan calmly looked at him back in the air and continued helping him put on the necklace.

“Is it nice on me?” Qing Shui smiled.

“Not nice at all, it looks ugly.” Tantai Lingyan impolitely spoke.

Qing Shui liked her precisely for her character. This was the change. Today, the things they did were something they never dared to imagine in the past. It had all become reality now. There would surely be returns if one put in the effort.


In the royal palace, not only were Qing Shui and the others present, but also experts from the Great Sun and Great Yuan Dynasties had also arrived.

The Great Yuan Dynasty was also one of the three great dynasties of Soaring Dragon Continent. The Great Yuan Dynasty sent five people, all supreme experts that stood at the absolute peak.

Because the battle this time would result in either life or death, no mistakes could be tolerated. If they failed, the three dynasties would shift owners…

Among the experts from Great Sun Dynasty, the old man Qing Shui met before was here. However he wasn’t the leader; an even more ancient-looking old man led their group. Other then sending four old men, there was also a middle-aged man among the five experts from the Great Sun Dynasty. His aura felt incredible, even somewhat illusory and immeasurable.

After that, all of them sat down as they began their discussion.

“They challenged us to be at the public square when the sun is high in the sky.” Old Man Lu glanced at the surroundings as he spoke.

Old Man Li was exceedingly calm, like this was just a small matter. However, the atmosphere in the great hall was suddenly charged with tension.

“Senior Lu, do you have any good ideas?” At this moment, an old man from the Great Sun Dynasty asked.

“We will definitely have a battle, as there’s no way for us to retreat. We can only strive for victory or...everyone of you here knows what the consequences of losing would be.” Old Man Lu spoke heavily, to the point that everyone felt a stifling pressure press down upon them.

The consequences of defeat are that the royal clans of the dynasties will all be snuffed out. The pressure of this was naturally extraordinary.

“Senior Lu, tell us what should we do, and we will all listen to your arrangement.” Another old man directly spoke.

“Well I won’t be polite then. Our opponents sent five experts; each of the dynasty shall select one target to delay them. There are three more remaining. The Devil Lord will delay one, while Qing Shui, Yan Zhongyue and the other experts from Great Yan Dynasty will delay the other. Qing Shui has some special methods that can raise my strength. So, the plan of victory is simple: the longer you delay, the more time I can have to defeat the target I choose, opening up the path of victory for all of us.” Old Man Lu directly spoke. 

The others were all silent for a while.

“Senior Lu, I want to know what is the chance of success for this idea?” An old man who had always been silent, suddenly asked.

“Old Zhao’s question is what I just wanted to explain. If everyone can delay them longer, our chances of victory will reach 50%.” Old Man Lu slowly spoke with a solemn manner.

50%. This was a big number to talk about. But even so, they still had a high chance of failure. Everyone had to put in effort and try their very best.

A moment later, another old man stood up, “This rate of success can be considered pretty high. Initially, I had believed there was only a 20% chance of success. I hope everyone will give their all and accomplish our objectives.”

“Yeah, it’s already at this point of time. We have to do this for ourselves and for our families. We can only use our lives to stake it all on the line, gambling for the chance of victory.” An old man from the Great Yuan Dynasty stood up and spoke.


“Okay everyone must be confident. I can take the responsibility and tell everyone of you that the hope of us succeeding is pretty high.” Old Man Lu had a slight smile on his face.

The words he spoke caused the hearts of everyone else to burn with the fire of excitement. They knew this old man had many techniques and wasn’t a braggart. His words naturally could be trusted. Since he said 50%, the truth was probably that they did really have a 50% chance of success.

“Also, please work together with each other and do your best to delay the time. It’s the best if we can delay for the first 15 minutes. Once we do that, victory is not far off from us.”

“There shouldn’t be any problem. We are all experienced in battle, so there’s no problem for us to cooperate as after all, we’ve hung out for over a thousand years together.” An old man laughed.

From the start, Qing Shui didn’t say anything. He only nodded when they mentioned him, but none of the old men dared to underestimate him. He was a man that could sit together with the Demon Lord. How can such a person be ordinary?

Old Man Lu didn’t tell the rest about Qing Shui’s true powers. He only told them Qing Shui inherited the inheritance of the Golden Battle God. Just this info was sufficient to cause all of them to be incomparably shocked. The Golden Battle God was absolutely one of the top three battle gods in the rankings.

After that, some of the old men went back to their rooms to rest.

“Qing Shui, are you nervous? This time the weakest among the five experts sent is undoubtedly the old monster from the Soaring Dragon Organization. His strength is only about 200 million sun while there are some with around 300 million sun, and two more with strength nearing 400 million sun. It’s going to be a tough fight.” Old Man Lu bitterly smiled.

Could it be that even the heavens want the Great Yan Dynasty to vanish?

“Old man, don’t be too worried. There might be opportunities to reverse the situation.” Qing Shui smiled. The old man was equipped with the equipment of the Dragon Sabre Battle God, and his strength was able to reach 250 million sun. Even if it wasn’t sufficient, he wouldn’t lack anything.

Their opponent had strength roughly reaching 400 million. There was no fear, as there was always a chance to reverse the situation, but it would be very difficult.

Qing Shui was having a headache now. After all, it was very tough for warriors of the same grade to determine victory and defeat swiftly in a battle. The three great dynasties couldn’t afford to delay. If some accidents happened, the consequences would be too terrible even to imagine.


On the second day, a group of people headed towards the public square of the Great Yan Dynasty. Qing Shui didn’t really understand the battle format over here. Maybe it was all for fame, might and prestige.

The Great Yan Public Square was the largest public square in the capital, only reserved for royalty. It would usually not be opened to the public unless there was some unique circumstances. Today, however, it was flooded with people.

There are no walls that can block wind out and very swiftly, many of people knew that the Soaring Dragon Organization was going to come over to destroy the royal clans of the three great dynasties. To many people, this was a good thing. If the royal clans collapsed, there was a chance to become the new emperor. As for annihilating the city, nobody would do such a sickening thing. More accurately, they wouldn’t be able to do so even if they wanted to. They were usually several top-class experts hidden in seclusion within the great dynasties. If they were angered, nobody would know who would be the truly unlucky party.

“Have you all heard the news? There’s some people from the Soaring Dragon Organization coming to obliterate the three great dynasties. I heard that the these people are all extremely powerful.

“I heard there are five experts being sent. Not only that, they even brag that they would be able to stand against the experts from the three great dynasties as long as the number doesn’t exceed a hundred.”

“In that case, these five experts are truly too powerful.”

“Yeah they are. The strength of the old ancestor of the Great Yan Dynasty is almost 50% weaker than that of the other party. One must know that, among the old ancestors, the Lu Clan’s ancestor is the most powerful of them all.”

“We are over here. If the three dynasties lose this battle, would we be finished?”

“No idea…”


There was still a while before the sun was high in the sky. There would be no judge in this battle, as it was a life-and-death one. There were no rules, so one could do anything and use any method he wanted. 

Gradually, the sun rose up. The old ancestor, Qing Shui, the Demon Lord and the experts from the three great dynasties all soared into the air. Qing Shui directly took out some Heavenly Talismans and pasted them on the bodies of everyone.

When they saw Qing Shui’s methods, all their eyes started to gleam with light.

Phoenix battle intent!

It could cause people in the surroundings to have their strength raised by 10%. 

Qing Shui activated the Tiger Wing Halo, causing the combat strength of Old Man Lu to further increase by 25%. 

The eyes of Old Man Lu flashed with divine light, “Qing Shui, you truly give me too many surprises. This time, I have enough confidence to fight with them now.”

The eyes of the others who were affected by the influence of the Tiger Wing Halo also gleamed. The effects were too terrifying.

“Everyone remember my words, do your best and try everything you can to delay them. The longer you delay, the greater the chances of victory.” Old Man Lu emphasized.

And at this moment, five figures appeared from afar. They soared through the air, moving a great distance with every step, appearing at a region about 300 metres away from Qing Shui and the rest after a short instant.

The figures were five old men, all ancient-looking with flowing snow-white hair and beards. Qing Shui had no idea which was the old monster from the Soaring Dragon Organization, but he could deduce it from sensing their strengths.

The one furthest right had a strength slightly weaker than the old man with the Dragon Sabre Battle God equipment. Also, with all the augmentation effects reaching roughly 50%, the old man’s strength had already reached roughly about 370 million sun.

This was also Qing Shui’s greatest ability. So what if their opponent had strength at 400 million sun? He could cause their strength to be nerfed, and at the very least, he could weaken them by 80 million worth of sun, so that the strength of Old Man Lu wouldn’t be too far apart in comparison.

This was a battle they could fight, and the chances of winning could still be considered pretty high.

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