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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1462 - One Wrong Step, Insta-killing One, Reversing the Situation

Qing Shui’s entire body was tensed up. Not only him, the other experts were also like this. But most likely, combat wouldn’t start like that without any conversation.

Yan Zhongyue’s eyes were filled with complexity as he stared at the old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization. Back then, it was this man who had saved his life. But right from the start, the old ancestor’s motive was never pure. There was basically no gratitude to speak of, and now, the old ancestor even wanted to plunder himself.

“Old thing, you finally revealed your fox tail. The matter of plundering would surely incur heaven’s wrath. If you wished to depend on plundering to steal the heavens, are you not afraid of the tribulation that would follow?” Old Man Lu spoke to the old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization.

“Twenty years and you didn’t even noticed it. Have you finally noticed it now? I saved him so he owes me his life. There’s nothing wrong with what I did. In fact, it was he who has forgot my kindness, actually repaying my gratitude with enmity.” The old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization stared at Yan Zhongyue as he spoke.

“If you saved him for the sake of plundering, no one would be willing to be ‘saved’ at all. Old thing, your words truly disgust me. You being the representative of the force of justice is nothing but a shame.” Old Man Lu spoke impolitely.

“Haha how could I be afraid if you want to curse at me? A while later, I will make you understand that no amount of cursing would be able to lift our hatred. The old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization spoke in disapproval.

“If you have the capabilities just fight one on one with us. What honor do you have by seeking the help of outsiders?” Old Man Lu angrily spoke.

“You want to fight one on one? Come on then. Do you really dare?” At this moment, another old man stepped out with a laugh.

This old man was one whose strength was approaching 300 million sun.

Old Man Lu’s current strength has already surpassed him. It was just that the augmentation to his strength wasn’t evident on the surface.

Old Man Lu stared at that skinny old man for a long time without saying anything.

“What? You don’t even dare to fight one on one? Then what qualifications do you have then?” The old man laughed in disdain.

“Fine you are right. I shall fight you one on one today. I shall only go fight with that old thing after killing you.” Old Man Lu acted like he was agitated. Even Qing Shui who was beside him could feel the tension in the air.

The older one was, the more cunning one would get. Qing Shui could be considered seeing these old foxes before now. Right now, things were off to a very good beginning.

Old Man Lu and that skinny old man was in the centre of the battlefield. This wasn’t a group battle but everyone was position nicely, ready to act the instant the other side showed any intent on interfering.

“Let’s get started, I’m going to make my move now.” Old Man Lu spoke as he brandished the dragon sabre in his hand.

Dragon Form Steps!

Old Man Lu moved out with an unique rhythm, exuding a powerful sabre qi from his dragon sabre as he dashed towards the skinny old man.

With no augmentation, Old Man Lu’s strength should be roughly around 250 millions sun but his opponent has around 290 million sun, almost reaching 300 million. A difference of 40 million sun was quite a huge different and, usually, the weaker party wouldn’t be able to last for more than three blows before getting injured.

Right now, the strength of Old Man Lu has reached roughly around 370 million sun, already surpassing many of the enemies.

Peng! Peng!

After some exchange of blows, Old Man Lu was actually forced back.

“Such puny strength, and you want to obstruct us? I will show you the distance between our strength today.”

Explosive Rain Pearflower Spear!

The spear in the old man’s hand shone with a dazzling light. It was akin to a vigorous pearflower tree, yet also resembled a coiling ancient dragon.

Sure Kill Heavenly Technique!

Old Man Lu suddenly soared up as a brilliant screen of light appeared above the dragon, generating an explosion of a vast and powerful aura.

Sabre Dragon Anger Slash!

At this moment, Qing Shui silently activated Emperor’s Qi.


A thunderous sound echoed, the five elements dispersed into chaos but the entire world had fallen silent.


This was an absolute insta-kill technique. When an opponent was using a sure-kill technique, the effect was instantaneous. Old Man Lu’s strength was higher, but his opponent was under the misconception that he himself was stronger. Hence, Old Man Lu could only pretend to dodge when his opponent was using his sure-kill technique.

Silence was everywhere, and everyone was still in a daze. That old man used the entirety of his close to 300 million sun strength to activate the sure-kill technique, sparing nothing to use back for defence. And in the moment that he activated it, he was killed by Old Man Lu.

Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief, one finally died. 

That old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization was insignificant. He could be taken out anytime they wanted him to die.

“To think that you actually concealed your strength. Since you are so sinister, don’t blame us for not being polite.” The old man in the lead of the enemies were incomparably enraged. 

Upon speaking, the remaining four rushed the Old Man Lu instantly. It seems like they wanted to finish Old Man Lu straight away.

Heavenly Talisman!

Emperor’s Qi!

Nine Palace Steps: Universe Reversal!

Qing Shui directly changed the position of one 400 million sun old man. Poisoned needles then erupted forth from his hand, filling the sky with their shadows.

The Demon Lord and Hua Rumei and Lu Xin all directly joined forces and ganged up on the old ancestor from the Soaring Dragon Organization. After all the augmentation, their strength could be comparable to Tantai Lingyan.

Old Man Lu naturally aimed for one of the stronger enemies. Qing Shui swap one out, and another of the enemy with 300 million sun strength only had 200 million + after the weakening effect. That person was then engaged by the people from the other two dynasties.

Although Qing Shui’s poison needles didn’t hit anyone, it managed to scatter the group. He was afraid that he himself might be insta-killed, and if that really happened, no tears would come out even if he wanted to cry.

The battle wasn’t as tough as they had imagined. Luckily, with Battle God Halo, Old Man Lu could stand evenly against his opponent and even seemed to be at a slight advantage.

For people with over 300 million sun worth of strength, the Heavenly Talisman would have no more effect. Hence, Old Man Lu only had strength in the excess of roughly 50 million sun in comparison.

But at this moment, another powerful old man rushed over, the others failed to obstruct him.

“Watch out for the poison!”

Qing Shui shouted loudly, the ten-thousand coldsteel bead shot out as he executed Meteor Rush. Given his strength now, the power of his hidden weapons were naturally terrifying beyond comparison. 

They had to continue delaying for a few moments more before they could achieve victory!

The people from the three great dynasties ceaselessly sacrificed themselves. They knew they had no choice but to persist on.

Old Man Lu actually still couldn’t instantly defeat his opponent despite having a strength in the excess of 50 million sun.

This was the difference in the cultivation realms. Also, the sure-kill technique earlier had injured Old Man Lu slightly, causing Qing Shui to panic and release the Dragon Slaying Beast over. In that case if some accident happened to Old Man Lu, the ending wouldn’t change.

Their opponents also saw the crucial point. This was why they did their very best to kill those who obstructed them, starting from the weakest. As long as they could rush out from the entrapment and joined forces with any of their companions, they would be able to win.

Right now they actually felt depressed, as they were too careless. If they hadn’t gone ahead with the nonsense of one versus one, they would have at least 30% more chance at victory. However, right now they still had no idea what method Qing Shui and Old Man Lu used to defeat one of their members.

Anger burned in their eyes. Qing Shui had to delay one old man and still care for others. Right now, even the experts from the other two dynasties were fully aware of Qing Shui’s abilities.

All of a sudden, Qing Shui shot out a Talisman towards the old man fighting with Old Man Lu, because that old man was activating his sure-kill technique.

“Poison Heart Talisman!”

The Heavenly Thunder Talisman wasn’t suitable to use against such experts.

And in that moment, that old man paused as he started to struggle painfully. Pain, guilt, regret and hatred flashed on his face as his emotions went into chaos.


Old Man Lu was already an extremely decisive man, let alone the fact that countless experts from the three dynasties were still sacrificing themselves.

Now that the two strongest old men had died, only three remained. The old ancestor from the Soaring Dragon Organization gave them no pressure at all.

Old Man Lu rushed towards an enemy with only 200+ million sun strength.

“Qing Shui, persist for roughly about two breaths worth of time longer. I will settle him first.” Old Man Lu already arrived before his target as the sound of his voice faded.

That old man that was being targeted had terror on his face. He was actually injured from the combined efforts of the three dynasties. But even if he had been unharmed, he wouldn’t be able to stand against Old Man Lu as well. Old Man Lu now brandished his dragon sabre and rushed him, leaving behind a series of after-images.

Dragon Sabre Three Anger Slash!

This was a heavenly sure-kill technique from Old Man Lu.

The enormous dragon sabre slashed out two intersecting lines while splitting them right from the middle. These three streams of sabre three were like coiling dragons, soaring towards his target.

Sealing Spiritual Sense!

He can only choose to evade, running away with speed faster than this attack. Either he last until the power of the attack was exhausted, or he find someone to take the attack that was meant for him.

In any case, the attack was too fast. The old man basically had no way to run from it. The draconic attacks devoured their target. There was no need to doubt Old Man Lu’s strength as he was the successor of the Dragon Sabre Battle God.


At this moment, Qing Shui was also blasted out. However, the paragon golden armor of Qing Shui automatically blocked the damage for him. Demon Lord and Hua Rumei wanted to help but was obstructed by the old ancestor from the Soaring Dragon Organization. Moreover, the Demon Lord’s arm had been injured in the conflict. If it hadn’t been for her equipment, one of her jade-like arm would have already been broken beyond restoration.

Old Man Lu, as well as experts from the two other great dynasties, hurried over and began to fight against the old ancestor from the Soaring Dragon Organization.

“How are you?” Qing Shui rushed to the side of Tantai Lingyan, propping up her injured arm.

“I’m fine. Are you okay?” Tantai Lingyan lightly spoke.

“Are you worried about me?”

“What..? No!”

“Saying things that differ from what you truly feel in your heart is a sign of a naughty child.” Qing Shui smiled and took out the strengthened golden sore ointment and applied it on her. An instant later, her wound was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This medical powder of Qing Shui was a very mystical thing.

Tantai Lingyan was speechless, she didn’t say anything. She discovered that she would always be angry when interacting with this man but there was also a feeling that no matter what, her anger lacked fire and she wanted to laugh instead...

These words were all spoken during the time he applied the medicine. After applying the medicine, Qing Shui returned to combat. It wasn’t time for him to start flirting now.

“Qing Shui, don’t kill him straightaway. I want to ask him some questions.” Tantai Lingyan called out.

“Okay, I will remember it.” Qing Shui turned his head and smiled before returning to combat. It was still possible for them to take down the old ancestor from Soaring Dragon Organization with him, the Dragon Slaying Beast, as well as the other experts joining forces.

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