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AST 1463 - Victory, Five Tigers Immortal Sect, The Fearsomeness of the Haohan Continent

The combat was still ongoing. Now, however, there was no longer any pressure. Qing Shui had no idea who those old monsters who had opposed them were or where they had come from. However, their strength couldn’t be doubted.

“Old man, in the past, other than those from the Soaring Dragon Organization, was it these people who attacked the Demon Lord Palace?” Qing Shui asked while he fought.

“Do you think I will tell you? Don’t even dream about knowing the truth. Although we fumbled this attempt, don’t dream that you will have an easy time in the future.” The old ancestor from the Soaring Dragon Organization hatefully spoke.

“You are already about to die, so why are you still afraid to tell us? Could it be you also feel that they won’t be strong enough to be our opponents? You don’t want them to take revenge for you?” Qing Shui slowly forced his way forward. The addition of him and the Dragon Slaying Beast to the battle had already allowed their allies to slowly gain control.

“Haha, that’s funny. Do you really think that you guys are already invincible in the Soaring Dragon Continent? The power we displayed is not even 1% of our full strength. In fact, how many major powers have you seen before here in the Haohan Continent? In reality, those major powers can’t even be bothered with you guys.” The old ancestor mocked with disdain.

He was extremely reluctant to accept this ending. This had actually been such a huge mistake. He had imagined the possibilities of him dying while plundering, but he didn’t expect he wouldn’t even have the chance to plunder.

Qing Shui actually had some inkling on what’s going on when he heard the words of the Soaring Dragon Organization old ancestor. Now that he heard this, he couldn’t help but admit how narrow his suspicions were back then.

This world was simply too vast. Those things on the surface were not even 1%. For one person, even if he explored endlessly, his encounters would surely be limited. There were many powers hidden in the shadows.

“Since you are not afraid, why are you still not telling us?” Qing Shui and his allies continued their attacks unceasingly. Qing Shui dished out several methods, directly causing the old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization to be flustered as he attempted his best to defend.

“Old man, don’t kill him. We need to know their background.” Qing Shui stared at Old Man Lu, who was steadily inching towards victory against his opponent as he spoke.

One versus one, although it needed some time, it’s clear that Old Man Lu’s strength was at an advantage. Qing Shui used the Nine Palace Laws to obstruct his opponent, as well as the Seal of Xuantian. He was so fast that the old man couldn’t even match his speed.

“Tell us, who exactly are you guys? I’m puzzled as to why you all are so much stronger than the Soaring Dragon Organization, yet still choose to use it as a front.” Old Man Lu asked.

Although quite a few experts from the three great dynasties had died, everything was worth it for the sake of victory. This time, the Soaring Dragon Organization would finally disappear, and the strength of the dynasties would rise. It would be new golden age for the Great Yan Dynasty.

“Accident. It was truly an accident. However, although it’s an accident, I don’t even have time for regrets. Don’t question me any further; you guys won’t get the information you want.” The old man spoke in a tone of resolution.

“You don’t wish to talk? Fine, I can investigate myself. However, if my investigations bear any results, I will ensure none of the people in your organization will remain alive.” Old Man Lu coldly snorted. Since this old man didn’t dare to say anything, it must mean that the power backing them was so strong that it was inconceivable. They probably wouldn’t be able to resist those people’s strength.

“Why must you force us? I can only tell you that after the five of us die, there are no longer any threats to you all.” The old man sighed.

“Who is the power behind the Soaring Dragon Organization? Back then, who were the ones who allied with the Soaring Dragon Organization and mounted an attack on the Demon Lord Palace?” Old Man Lu spoke as he fought, intensifying the injuries of his opponent.

“It’s useless even if I tell you. Back then...everything happened because of a bad encounter.”

“Bad encounter? What do you mean? What relationship does the Five Tigers Immortal Sect has with you?” The old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization was already subdued as Qing Shui rushed over.

“You even know about this?” The old man exclaimed with astonishment, but he soon understood when he saw the dispirited and listless old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization.

“Forget it…” The old man sighed.

“We are people from the Five Tigers Immortal Sect, but merely a branch of it sent to the Soaring Dragon Continent. Back then, the young master of the Five Tigers Immortal Sect chanced upon the Demon Lord, causing the seeds of love to bloom in his heart. He wanted her for her beauty, so he told us what to do.. which led to…” The old man was a little embarrassed after he spoke. The Five Tigers Immortal Sect was supposed to be a righteous sect in the Haohan Continent, yet their young master was a lawless and horny fellow. He squandered his time on beauties and acted like a beast, only wanting them for their bodies.

“Oh, so this is the reason why there were so many casualties in the Demon Lord Palace.” Qing Shui spoke. After that, he turned to Tantai Lingyan. She was as cold as ever, but her entire body was shuddering. Nobody knew whether it was from anger or because she learned of the reason why this had all happened and that she finally had an identity for that mysterious power.

That old man mumbled. “We knew that we would die for sure today, but I urge you all to stop your revenge. Just let our deaths set your hearts at ease.”

“The Five Tigers Immortal Sect won’t avenge you?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“Although we are from the Five Tigers Immortal Sect, we actually left it a very long time ago. That incident had already happened for so long... The Five Tigers Immortal Sect is a major power in the Haohan Continent. For powerful sects and clans in the Haohan Continent, they view our Soaring Dragon Continent the same way we view the Western Oxhe Continent.”

Qing Shui didn’t say anything. He knew the old man would continue speaking.

“When we were in the Five Tigers Immortal Sect, our strength wasn’t that strong. The Five Tigers Immortal Sect basically didn’t regard any other powers from the other continents as part of their strength. In fact, they probably didn’t know the events that happened here as, after all, the Haohan Continent is simply too big and those people from the inner regions would usually never leave the Haohan Continent.” The old man spoke. The combat had already stopped. With their current forces, Qing Shui and his allies weren’t afraid that this old man would suddenly mount a sneak attack.

The Haohan Continent was the most mysterious and largest continent among the nine continents. There were countless powerful sects, aristocrat clans and grand dynasties. Comparing the Soaring Dragon and Haohan Continents was like comparing a rural village to the capital city of a nation.

Without coming to the Haohan Continent, one truly wouldn’t have any idea how small, poor and weak the other continents are. 

Qing Shui would keep in mind the Five Tigers Immortal Sect, and naturally, so would Tantai Lingyan. But as to what she thought of it in her heart, nobody had any idea. Based on Qing Shui’s understanding of her, Tantai Lingyan most likely wouldn’t spare the Five Tigers Immortal Sect.

“Is the Five Tigers Immortal Sect very strong?” Qing Shui asked the last question he had.

“It’s a sect that has two Divine Warriors. You tell me whether they are strong or not. These existences are a tier above False Gods. Naturally this is just a legend and we can’t be sure either. There are divine existences only in the Haohan Continent. This continent is the most powerful and most mysterious of all the continents in the world.” The old man slowly spoke.

“Thank you for the information. However, we can’t spare your life. Look out, I’m going to attack.” Qing Shui spoke.

The old man nodded and held his weapon tightly.

Qing Shui and his Dragon Slaying Beast joined forces, injuring their opponent. After sometime, that old man died, but he didn’t suffer much before his death.

Counting the old ancestor from the Soaring Dragon Organization, there were five tigers of the Soaring Dragon Continent. However, nobody knew their names.

They won; it was a victory! They all were able to survive. The experts from all three dynasties were all incredibly excited. It felt like they had just passed a calamity. This was something they didn’t dare to imagine before. To think that they would achieve victory with such a small sacrifice.

The majority of them are people who had lived a long life and were now in the twilight of their years. Their eyes all filled with tears of joy and surprises.

Very swiftly, the news of the Soaring Dragon Organization’s defeat soon circulated around. The old ancestor of the Soaring Dragon Organization died, and the victory caused the people living in the three dynasties all to heave a sigh of relief.

One must know that there would have surely been a bloodbath if the three dynasties had changed masters. This was especially true for those major powers who were loyal to the dynasties. They only had two choices. One was victory. The second choice was that they could flee. However, the chances of them being able to escape was very low and hence, they chose to fight and share in the same fate of either life or death.

Yan Zhongyue also heaved a sigh of relief. This time around, it could be considered that he had finally escaped the clutches of the Soaring Dragon Organization. Since the old ancestor was already dead, there would be no more cases of plundering.

Naturally, the news of the plundering would never be circulated out. After all, Yan Zhongyue himself was a treasure. For many ancient monsters whose lifespans were reaching their end, they would still be willing to try it.

Hence, it would be for the best if the number of people who knew this secret was limited. Now, there was only three who knew. These three were the closest kin of Yan Zhongyue and would never harm him.

After they went back that day, a grand banquet was held by those of the three dynasties. Qing Shui initially didn’t intend to participate but he couldn’t refuse the ernest invitations. In the end, he went together with Tantai Lingyan.

This banquet lasted for an entire day. However, Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan left early. Tantai Lingyan was injured, hence nobody said anything. Even if she wasn’t injured, no one would feel that it was strange if she left early. In fact, many all felt that the reason she left early was surely because of Qing Shui.

So was it because of Qing Shui? Nobody knew. Even Qing Shui himself couldn’t be sure.

After returning to the Devil Lord Palace of the Great Yan Dynasty, Qing Shui sent her to her room.

“How’s your arm?” Qing Shui directly held on to her wrist after he spoke, slowly rolling up her sleeves.

Tantai Lingyan stared at this somewhat tyrannical man, not knowing how she felt. She didn’t reject his advances, merely staring at him as he studied her injuries. This battle went so smoothly all because of Qing Shui. Being able to know about the Five Tigers Immortal Sect was also because of Qing Shui.

Ever since she had met him, Tantai Lingyan discovered that her life was undergoing a gigantic transformation. There were many things in her life that were being pushed forward, some by at least 20 years.

She was staring at this man who was seriously studying her injuries. She herself didn’t discover that her expression had grown more and more gentle. Only now did she realize how close the two of them were. It wasn’t the close feeling of distance, but rather that of emotional closeness.

“Qing Shui, thank you!” Tantai Lingyan spoke in a light voice.

“What’s the matter? No matter what, we can be considered very good friends now. If you say thanks, wouldn’t that be undermining our relationship?” Qing Shui inclined his head and stared at Tantai Lingyan. It seemed that he saw something from her expression but then again, it also seemed like the something he saw was nothing more than his own imagination.

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