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 AST 1464 - How time flies! Qing Zun and Qing Yin’s coming of age ceremony

Qing Shui’s words were really warm. While looking at him, Tantai Lingyan once again revealed a faint smile on her face. It’s as if her beauty wasn’t something from this world. Her beauty was a kind of stunning beauty, the beauty which words couldn’t describe, it felt just like when a cactus which rarely blossomed with flowers bloomed for once. 

Facing her smile, Qing Shui couldn’t help but froze in shock. His eyes looked as if he has been intoxicated by something and at the same time, they also seemed really fired-up. Despite this, he didn’t really do anything about it. He only continued to hold her wrist with his hand. The longer he held it, the smoother he felt her hand was. 


Tantai Lingyan extended her hand and knocked his head lightly.

Qing Shui revealed an awkward smile. In any case, it was a bit impolite of him to keep staring at a woman like this. In any case, for now, they have yet to share any relationships with each other. Even if they have had close interactions backthen, they were still yet to be in any official relationships as of now. Hence, they could only be considered as close friends. 

While rubbing the part of his head knocked by her, he lowered down his head only to see the necklace which she gave him. He felt a sense of warmth in his heart. Similarly, Tantai Lingyan also saw the necklace he gave to the man on his neck. She didn’t know how she felt about it. It was her first time giving something to a man. Furthermore, it’s something which she loved alot and had a special meaning for her. It was considered to be a remnant which her mother left for her. 

“Seems everything seems fine with my injury, don’t you think that it’s time you let go of my hands?” Tantai Lingyan slightly raised her arm which Qing Shui was holding.

Qing Shui reluctantly let go of her hands. He never hoped to get together with this woman within a short amount of time. No, it’s not that he never hoped for it, it’s that he was well aware that it wouldn’t be easy to do so. Despite this, he has had the most advantages out of every men she came across. Furthermore, he has already made a huge progress with the amount of efforts he has been putting in for so long. This kind of progress was something which he would never dare to think about in the past.

“Lingyan, what’s your next plan? The incident regarding Immortal Five Tiger Sect?” Qing Shui took up the teapot and prepared her a cup of tea.

Tantai Lingyan was a bit speechless about it. There was only a teacup and a teapot here. Furthermore, they were the ones she used very regularly.

“The Immortal Five Tiger Sect is located within Haohan Continent. It is also very powerful. They have mentioned before that there are Divine Daos within the sect. If we are to head there now, we will just be like tiny ants with no power to them. There is no hope for us to win. I am already really satisfied being able to destroy Soaring Dragon Organization, at least for now. Once my family members saw it when they were in heaven, they would finally be able to find peace!”Tantai Lingyan said it really slowly. She also sounded more relaxed when she was saying it.

“It’s good that you can think about it this way. Once we’re stronger in the future, it will still be possible for us to head off to Immortal Five Tiger Sect. There is also a possibility for us to tap into Divine Dao. By then, we will certainly not be any weaker than them.” Qing Shui might be comforting her, but the things which he said were all true.

“We will just go with the flow. For now, we can finally relax for a while. The next thing we should do is to let Demon Lord Palace initiate its attack and get its vengeance from the people who took part in the event at that time.” Tantai Lingyan felt complicated when she was saying this. It’s normal, after all, she has been holding it in herself for so long.


For the following two months, the Demon Lord Palace made their move to get their vengeance back from the people who were involved in the event backthen. Other than the people who escaped, they didn’t let go of even a single person who played a main part in it. However, they also didn’t go that far as to totally annihilate them. After all, the majority of them were just motley crowds. They wouldn’t really have the ability to cause any ruckus. With the current strength Demon Lord Palace possessed, they also wouldn’t fear it even if they really did plan to cause chaos.

After all of these were done, Tantai Lingyan made up her mind to head back to cultivate in secret. Because of this, Qing Shui got a bit upset. Where should he head off to next? Could it be that he would have to follow her back to Demon Lord Palace?

He would certainly go back there eventually. It’s just that before that, there were still things he needed to do. 

It’s to let his mother met the woman from Lu Clan. What happened has happened, it’s best to let them talk about it among themselves. 

Qing Shui didn’t plan to move houses anymore. He has decided to settle down in Dancing Phoenix Continent to develop his strength. Once he became powerful, he would be able to do anything freely everywhere. It would be easy for him to survive. 

How time flew! Without noticing, a special day has befallen upon Qing Clan.

Today, Qing Zun and Qing Yin were going to celebrate their coming of age ceremony.

Without noticing, they were already sixteen year old. The fourth generation of Qing Clan was slowly beginning to represent their clan. For example, Luan Luan and Yu Chang, the both of them were already really grown up. Unlike his previous incarnation, where given their age, they should have been considered to be really old, across the World of the Nine Continents, they still looked really, really young.

The World of the Nine Continents was a very strange world. Despite the fact that the people here having really long lives, they still matured very quickly. A sixteen year old in this world was already comparable to that of a twenty-two year old from his previous incarnation. This might have to do with the fact that this world was a world where martial art ruled. Since young, they have already possessed great determination, which was what led to them becoming mature so soon. Regardless of whether they were children from aristocratic clans, whether they were children from a rich or a poor background, they still matured faster than those from his previous incarnation. The other factor which might contribute to this was due to the fact that often, most of them would fight for the status in their clan.

Tantai Lingyan has been in seclusion for a long time. There wasn’t any news from Yiye Jiange either. Di Chen, Tantai Xuan, Yu Ruyan, the Eldest Princess and Qing Sha were settling down really smoothly in Western Oxhe Continent. Their strength was improving at an unusually fast pace. In fact, they have already conquered the entire Western Oxhe Continent. Of course, this was only how it seemed from the surface. No one knew if there were any forces in hiding which might be even stronger than them. Since they have already decided to hide themselves, they would surely try to act more humbly and try not to provoke any enemies. They wouldn’t bother about the things happening across the world.

Qing Zun and Qing Yin were considered to have only started their life journey. However, there weren’t many people in Qing Clan, added on that many of them have yet to form their own families, Qing Clan was still yet to be considered a large clan. Qing Zi’s eldest son, Qing Changfeng has already celebrated his coming of age ceremony since a long time ago.

Qing Luo and Yan Zhongqiu, Qing Yi, Lu Xing, Yan Qingchang as well as Yan Qingting were also there. Today was quite a lively day for Qing Clan. People from other aristocratic clans and also Dancing Phoenix Organization also came for the ceremony.

At 16, both Qing Zun and Qing Yin already looked really matured for their age. They got their outstanding genes from both of their parents. Qing Zun had a tall and sturdy figure. He also looked quite handsome. As for Qing Yin, she looked a bit similar to Canghai Mingyue. Now, she could already be considered as one of the finest looking women.

Qing Yin embraced Qing Shui’s arm and was feeling unusually happy. Canghai Mingyue stood on one side, while Qing Zun stood on the other. Qing Yu and Qing Yan were also already quite big, but their personality hadn’t changed much. Qing Shui has been enjoying himself this entire time accompanying them to cultivate. 

Qing Ming was only a year younger. Despite so, he was almost as tall as Qing Zun in terms of height. In fact, he was already really close to reaching Qing Shui’s height. He has a tall and thin figure. His handsome face made him looked a bit bewitching. Those attractive eyes of his made people thought that he was a very mature person. He didn’t talk much, yet he was particularly good at flirting with girls.

He was accused by Mingyue Gelou for this. Actually, he hadn’t really done anything to the girls. It was mainly the girls that kept on clinging onto him. But until now, Qing Shui was already able to tell that ordinary women would have no hope in letting this brat stay loyal. 

Hence, Qing Shui didn’t try to stop him. He only told him that as a man, he must be responsible for the things he did. If he really didn’t feel like staying together with the girl, he mustn’t toy around with the girl’s feelings.

Qing Ming really admired his father. Until now, he still listened to the things which Qing Shui said. The many things which Qing Shui has done, QIng Ming and the others had all found out about it. Now, each and everyone of them placed their father as their heroes in their heart.

The coming of age ceremony was over. It was quite plain and simple. The family had dinner together and entertained the guests who attended the ceremony.

Many people had the intention to arrange marriages with Qing Clan when they saw the disciples in it. But none of them has dared to speak up about it. Deep down, they felt that they were trying to claim connections with people in higher social classes than themselves. Though Qing Shui might not distinguish people based on their social classes, he actually cared more about his children’s own decisions on their marriage, he still wouldn’t let them to get married too early. He would prefer to wait for them to grow up and become more mature first. By then, they would be more aware of what they wanted. 

Just as she wished, Yehuang Guwu has finally given birth. A few years passed since then, Qing Jun was already all grown up. The little brat had no idea that he was adopted. He treated both Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu like his own blood-related parents.

Of course, both Qing Shui and Yehuang Guwu would also treat him like he was their own child. In fact, they showed even more love to them than anyone. For example, Luan Luan, Yu Chang and the current Qing Jun.

The Unnamed Cultivation Technique was very unusual. Even his women had begun learning it. As a result, their strength increased significantly. Most importantly, their body physique also went through slight changes.

Other than that, the Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique has become the inheritance for Qing Clan. It was also added on with a few techniques, For example, the Nine Palace Step, Phoenix Fingers. They were all things that must be learnt. 

During this time, the two old men watching after the gate to Qing Clan has also experienced significant increase in strength. It was really unexpected for both of the old men. Originally, they thought that they have reached the maximum potential of their strength. Never would they have expected for it to break through once again. Though it still couldn’t be compared to Zhan Yu’s and Hua Rumei’s level, they were still confirmed to be the top existences within Dancing phoenix Continent.

Luan Luan was the most powerful one among her generations. She has thoroughly shaken off the entire three generations behind her and moved forward on her own. Compared to Qing Shui’s women, she would only be either equal or stronger than them. It was mainly due to her having enormous demonic beasts and her Divine Beast Possession.

Luan Luan’s Divine Beast Possession was just a ancient mutated species. A devouring beast.

Not only did it increase Luan Luan’s strength by a few times, this kind of demonic beast was also able to swallow everything. Technically speaking, it was even able to consume the target’s essence, qi and spirit. On top of that, it also has got formidable  strength. 

It even made Qing Shui felt like cultivating the Divine Beast Possession. He didn’t know if he would be able to do so. Cultivating was a very risky thing. If it wasn’t for this, everyone would have tried out any techniques which they wanted to cultivate. Distant benefits often came with a cost. It was only different in the case of Luan Luan and the Lu Brothers in which the techniques which they cultivated were made precisely for them.

During these years, Qing Shui has forged quite a lot of stuff. Some of them were even weapons at legendary grade. However, not everyone needed the weapons. Despite this, there were still too many people but too little goods for him to give to everyone.

For now, the fourth generation of Qing Clan was yet to be able to fully utilize the weapons. As for Luan Luan, Qing Shui has purposely left behind a sword for her. It was the Beast King Sword.

It could increase her strength by 7x, and had an effect of intimidating demonic beasts, allowing her taming rate to increase by a fold. Because she had the Heart of Seven Orifices, the loyalty of beasts she tamed would never be erased.

There was also the Interspatial Beast King Medallion. The Interspatial Beast King Medallion which Qing Shui gave her at that time has now turn out to be really powerful. 

According to normal logic, Luan Luan should already retire many of those demonic beasts which she tamed earlier as her strength now was incomparable to the past. The demonic beasts she tamed in the past, all had limits on their talent and strength. Other than the few she accidentally killed, she made the rest remain. Luckily she had the Heart of Seven Orifices and it wouldn’t sap too much of her spiritual strength to tame the demonic beasts.

Standing beside Qing Shui and looking at her own children, Canghai Mingyue felt particularly happy. Qing Shui was also holding her hand. It has always been said that a woman who was blessed with love was the most beautiful woman in the world. Like now, Canghai Mingyue was the most beautiful woman in the world. 

“Without us noticing, our children have grown to be fine adults. Mingyue, do you still remember the first time when we meet?” Qing Shui asked smiling.

“Back then, you’re nothing but only a naughty boy. Never have I ever expected for this day to come.” Canghai Mingyue said, feeling really blessed.

“What’s wrong? Are you regretting it?” Qing Shui asked with a smile across his face.

“I have never regretted it. In fact, I feel that I have really good eyes. Backthen, when you were still just a naughty boy, I was already able to tell that you will turn out to be a good man in the future.” Canghai Mingyue smiled.

“The god has been really good to me. Even I myself feel as if I am dreaming to have a woman as outstanding as you to be my wife. Little Yueyue, can you tell me something motivating to wash off the sense of inferiority your husband has towards you?” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Canghai Mingyue.

“Dear husband, you are really strong. I really like it.”

“Which part of me is strong?” Qing Shui revealed a flirtatious look on his face. 

“You are strong in everything, that body part of yours in particular.” Canghai Mingyue blushed as she said this. For a magnanimous and elegant woman to have a side like this, it really made Qing Shui all fired-up. Everytime when he talked to her, he would feel the same kind of strong sense of urge. 

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