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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1480 - Facade, A vixen-like woman

“Sir, sorry for this. We need to check your invitation, so please forgive us for the rude treatment.” The man eventually still decided to do a check.

“Are you suspecting me?” Qing Shui purposely raised his voice.

“No, no. Sir, please don’t misunderstand.” The man hurriedly explained.

“The third young master of the Ying Clan is getting married. I’ve received an invitation yet I am actually suspected by others? Since this is the case, I might as well leave. If there are any problems, you shoulder the responsibility yourself.” After speaking, Qing Shui instantly turned and left.

“Sir wait! It’s my mistake. Please accept my apology, and please enter the residence.” The man hurriedly ran to catch up to Qing Shui and politely usher him into the residence.

Qing Shui didn’t even glance at the man and he directly walked inside. He knew that this man couldn’t afford to gamble. Furthermore, a wedding was an auspicious and happy thing, so he couldn’t afford to suffer an important guest’s displeasure.

The courtyard of the Ying Clan was very large and split into several smaller yards. Decorations for this joyous occasion could be seen everywhere and there was already a flood of people here. 

For weddings in the continents, people were used to holding them outdoors so that they would be more lively. Things like having battle arenas at weddings were very common and popular here.

Heading in deeper, Qing Shui could see fake mountains, large bridges, lakes and pools, forests, and gardens everywhere. At the places where guests were seated, numerous tables could be seen, and there were already people sitting in small groups of three to five. They were currently happily chatting about something.

Qing Shui swept his glance across the scene and chose a location to sit down. There were snacks like sweet melons on the table but right now, there were no signs of the third young master of the Ying Clan or the young mistress from the Ling Clan.

“Brother, are you alone?”

At this moment, a voice rang out. There was a young man sitting opposite Qing Shui smiling at him.

The age of this young man was relatively similar to Qing Shui or just a little older. Qing Shui could sense that his strength wasn’t bad. He should be pretty powerful, likely from an extraordinary clan.

“Brother, please feel free to take a seat. I’m alone, so why is brother alone as well?” Qing Shui politely smiled.

“I can’t be bothered to sit together with those vile characters. Brother, your features seem unlike people of this continent; where are you from?” The young man casually asked.

A smile appeared on Qing Shui’s face. He knew that the question of this man definitely wasn’t as casual as he made it out to be. Thinking back to the servant who had obstructed his entry at the door, Qing Shui felt that this man must surely also be related to the Ying Clan.

“I’m from the Yanjiang Country. I wonder where brother is from?” Qing Shui smiled.

That young man also smiled. “Yanjiang... I have no idea where that is and I have to apologise for being ignorant. I’m from the Great Xia. May I know brother’s name?”

“Qing Shui. How might I address you?”

“Ying Tong!”

Qing Shui smiled. He knew this was the name of the third young master of the Ying Clan. This young man was none other than the main character of the wedding today. Why did it seem that there’s no one friendly with him? This caused Qing Shui to have a bewildered look on his face.

“Do you feel puzzled about why there’s no one beside me, despite it being my wedding day?” Ying Tong laughed.

Qing Shui nodded his head.

“Because the third young master of the Ying Clan is a useless wastrel that doesn’t even have a single good point. Those stronger than me look down on me. Those weaker than me ignore my existence. I can’t be bothered to feign civility and hence, I’m all alone.” Ying Tong gave a self-mocking laugh.

“What? I think in all likelihood it should be the third young master ignoring the existences of others right?” Qing Shui knew that this young man was very strong. There were plenty of so-called geniuses who were nothing but piles of shit in comparison to this young master. 

“Today is my first day in this city. Pardon me for being direct, but brother, do you intend to go ahead with this wedding?” Qing Shui stared at Ying Tong as he asked.

Ying Tong glanced at Qing Shui for a long moment before slowly shaking his head. “Allowing a slut that can’t be married to other clans to climb over my head? If I can endure even that, I might as well not be a man.”

“A great man knows what he should do and what he should not do. As a brother, I will support you naturally.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Thank you. Brother, what are you here for?” Ying Tong had a look of puzzlement on his face when he asked this question.

“I’m here just to relax my heart. I’m here merely to look around, roam the streets with no intents or purposes. Coincidentally, I heard about your wedding when I was on the streets and I decided to come here for a free meal.” Qing Shui seriously spoke.

“Hahaha, okay I will believe you.”

After starting a moment, Qing Shui also smiled. “We are truly fated. You are my first friend in the Haohan Continent.”

“Oi, third young master why are you still here? We were looking for you high and low.”

At this moment, a rough voice drifted over as a few somewhat young-looking men walked over.

“Third young master Ying, congratulations on marrying a good wife.” A handsome sunshine looking man smiled with a mocking tone in his voice. His gaze was filled with traces of pity as he stared at Ying Tong.

“Master Wolf said you have to treat Ling Fei well. He hopes that you won’t allow her to suffer anything and treat her with courtesy. If you dare touch her inappropriately, Master Wolf said he will snap your thing into two.” As the man spoke the end of his sentence, the volume of his voice grew softer.

Qing Shui heard everything at the side but he remained still. Earlier, he heard Yi Tong say that this Ling Yan was a slut that couldn’t be married to other clans and who was about to climb on top of his head. He couldn’t help but shake his head at how cruel this world could be. Bullies were truly everywhere.

Who was Master Wolf? Qing Shui had no idea, but he might be an illicit partner of the Ling Clan’s young mistress. What an evil fellow. He didn’t want to marry the Ling Clan’s young mistress but he didn’t want other men to touch her as well.

It was just a woman. Despite having already played her before, he was actually still so territorial. From this, one could see that this woman definitely must have extraordinary charm.

“Black Wolf asked you to come here? You are nothing but a dog. There’s no need to be so arrogant.” Yi Tong didn’t even bother to glance at him. He wasn’t angered either and was calm instead.

“ your skin has toughened. Since today is your happy day, I will let this slide. I will show you who’s boss after today.” That man gritted his teeth before smiling coldly.

“Scram.” Yi Tong casually waved his hand. At this moment, a servant sent over some wine. Yi Tong smiled while opening a bottle, pouring some wine for him and Qing Shui.

“Given brother’s strength, you shouldn’t be afraid of them right?” Qing Shui raised his wine cup and touched it together with Yi Tong’s cup.

“The Ling Clan and Black Wolf Clan are both stronger than the Ying Clan. Hence, the Ying Clan can only endure this to the point where its limits are reached. But it’s still useless. I feel since there’s no way to endure things like this, then we should just go all out and fight it out. Our Ying Clan won’t be devoured away so easily by the others either.” Yi Tong drained his wine as he spoke.

Qing Shui wasn’t familiar with this place. He only knew that this place was named Great Xia. There were countless dynasties in the Haohan Continent, along with countless great clans and powerful sects. Everywhere you looked, you could find an independent power. No one had ever thought about unifying the Haohan Continent because it was simply impossible. In fact, no people knew exactly how vast the Haohan Continent was, so how could they even unify it?

The sun was high in the sky, and the guests basically had all arrived. Ying Tong stood up and smiled at Qing Shui. “It’s time for me to leave. After this farce, let’s have a good chat with more wine.”

“Sure!” Qing Shui smiled as he nodded.

The people of the Ying Clan came out and greeted the guests. Although today was said to be a day of celebration for the Ying Clan and Ling Clan, Qing Shui didn’t know how the upper echelons of both clans viewed this matter. Did they even know about the matters between juniors?

Qing Shui felt that, most probably, they knew about this. He heard some things from the rumors earlier and at the very least, the Ying Clan knew of the situation with the young mistress of Ling Clan. It was a shame that someone from the Ying Clan married this woman. But sometimes, sacrifices were needed, and only with sacrifices could one exchange for the longevity of his clan.

The wedding went very smoothly. Qing Shui also finally saw the young mistress of the Ling Clan. Ling Fei was a vixen-like young woman. Her figure was exquisite yet fully ample. Any clothes she wore only further accentuated her curves, pushing her chest up and showing the curves of her ass. One could only drool with desire as he saw her.

Her eyes had a mistiness that one couldn’t penetrate through, but Qing Shui could see a hint of disdain within, like she had no regards for anyone. Qing Shui felt that this girl was more and more interesting. Ying Tong was already considered an expert who hid his skills. Who would have thought that this young woman was someone who hid her skills even deeper?

The Haohan Continent wasn’t simple indeed.

Vixen Charm Art!

This woman must have cultivated in the Vixen Charm Art and had already reached a stage where she could induce illusions in people. Her skin was pure and white as jade, her nose was nice looking, and ruby-red lips with a soul-mesmerising smile complemented her face.

Qing Shui thought of Qinghan Ye. This woman could be comparable to her. Suddenly, he thought back to the memories he had with Qinghan Ye. It had been so many years, and he wondered if she was still doing well.

Qing Shui’s table was very special. There was only a single person there. Hence, it was offensively conspicuous. When Ying Tong brought Ling Fei to his table, Qing Shui stood up to greet them.

“Brother, do you like her?” Qing Shui raised his wine cup and smiled.

Ying Tong started. He glanced at the woman beside him seriously and contemplated for a moment before replying, “I do.”

From his eyes, Qing Shui realised that Ying Tong actually spoke the truth. He couldn’t help but smile, “She’s a good woman, so treat her well then!”

Yi nTong felt a little bewildered but he still smiled back in response, “I will.”

Qing Shui didn’t care if Ying Tong understood the meaning of his words or not. He simply smiled and toasted them. Ling Fei was extremely curious as she looked at the lonely young man. The more she looked at him, the more startled she felt. He was immeasurable in her eyes, a true expert who appeared so young.

This wedding is so lively, how can there be no battle arena!” After some time, somebody stood up as he remarked.

“Yeah, without winning fights in a battle arena, nobody has the qualifications to marry Young Mistress Ling.”

“Is it good that we are unable to have the qualifications to marry her, or do you think we are willing?” The Ying Clan people could only grumble in their hearts.

If things were to be put in this way that they could ‘play’ around with Ling Fei as they liked, all these men here would surely be more than willing. But if they had to take her as a wife, many would instantly balk at the prospect. This would be something extremely embarrassing. But no matter what, the Ling Clan still had to find someone from another clan of sufficient standing for her. So...Ying Tong became the fall guy.

Qing Shui knew that the young mistress of Ling Clan had this reputation because of the cultivation arts she trained in. This was because Qing Shui could clearly tell that this woman who had a promiscuous reputation was obviously still a virgin…

This was why Qing Shui had asked that question to Ying Tong earlier.

Ever since he had cultivated the nameless art he obtained from the ancient ruins in addition to his medical skills, he could clearly glean some information about this woman.

In the end, the Ying Clan naturally agreed to the battle arena. Although people were saying that nobody could marry the young mistress of the Ling Clan if he didn’t win fights, that was merely a formality to make this wedding more lively.

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