AST 1481 - Coincidence? She’s the person who obtained the inheritance of the Fox Battle God? lordbluefire_98448380's Thoughts

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AST 1481 - Coincidence? She’s the person who obtained the inheritance of the Fox Battle God?

Having battle arenas during weddings was a popular custom. The Ling Clan was supposed to be on the guarding side, in order to symbolise the guarding of the young mistress from the Ling Clan. The Ying Clan, as the clan who wanted to marry the Ling Clan young mistress, would have to send people to defeat the person from the Ling Clan guarding the battle platform.

This was just a formality, and it wouldn’t change the fact that, in the end, the young mistress from the Ling Clan would still be married to the Ying Clan. It could also be considered a showing stage for the younger generations of the clans. The battle arena stand was set up not far away and was about half a pavillion tall, allowing a good view for spectators.

Everyone excitedly turned their eyes towards the arena. The person who went up the arena first was someone from the younger generations of the Ling Clan. He was very young and seemed to be an excellent seedling.

“I’m Ling Ye from the Ling Clan. For the first round of battle, allow me to build up the hype for everyone. Will any brothers from the Ying Clan step up to meet my challenge?” The young man glanced at his surroundings as he politely asked.

“Let me do it. My name is Ying Feng.” A young voice rang out as a sturdy young man appeared on the arena and announced his name to everyone.

They were all from the younger generations. Those seated below were from the elder generations and this was considered very normal.

For these first two fellows who went up, although their combat prowess wasn’t strong, they put up a fascinating fight against each other. It didn’t mean that there must be true experts fighting in order for a battle to be fascinating to watch. Even when weaklings fought, as long as their battle spirit was there, it could still cause people who spectated to feel a rush in their blood.

The two young men were evenly matched, and their fight was extremely lively.

Finally, the Ying Clan junior made a careless mistake and was knocked down by his opponent.

After that, quite a few of the younger generations from the Ying Clan went up consecutively. They knocked down some from the Ling Clan, and lost more rounds themselves. Soon after, over ten people had already fought in the arena.

Now, there was a young man from the Ling Clan on the arena who had already defeated four members of the Ying Clan. According to the rules, he was supposed to get down but from his appearance, this man seemed to be keen on staying put.

Qing Shui had an expression of interest as he regarded the young man on the arena. This young man should be around his age, only slightly older than he was with a cultivation at the peak of Martial Saint.

It was impossible for everywhere to have False Gods and Divinities. From what Qing Shui saw, the people here were at most at the Martial Emperor level. As for the juniors, Peak Martial Saint was already their highest cultivation.

Qing Shui stared at the man from the Ying Clan in the leading seat. That old man had a faint smile on his face and was chatting while smiling at the people around him. He didn’t even bother to glance at the battle arena.

There was another old man from the Ling Clan who was conversing with the old man from the Ying Clan. However, the old man from the Ling Clan would occasionally glance at the battle arena while a slight smile could be seen on his face.

Now, there were many people who were staring at the arena with excitement. Everyone could see that the people from the Ling Clan were having fun at the expense of the Ying Clan. Regardless of what happened, everyone should follow formalities, but the Ling Clan didn’t seem to intend to follow the rules.

“I have not fought enough yet. I wonder if any brothers from the Ying Clan still wish to fight? If there isn’t any one, let’s end the battle here.” The young man from the Ling Clan laughed as he stood on the arena.

This scene made everyone understand. Even if the Ling Clan had to marry their young mistress to the Ying Clan, they had to dominate on the battle arena, showing everyone that no one from the Ying Clan was qualified enough to make them concede.

“End the battle? How? Could it be that you guys are trying to establish your dominance or are you all having second thoughts about the marriage?” At this moment, Ying Tong’s voice drifted over, sounding extremely calm.

This wastrel of the Ying Clan, their third young master Ying Tong actually spoke such words that caused everyone to be stunned. Although his tone was calm, everyone could hear the fiery battle intent in his voice.

“Ying Tong, could it be that you wish to come up? Just let it end, the marriage is already set. All this is just to show that our Ling Clan has managed to guard the battle arena. It’s as simple as that.” Ling Sha was the young man currently on the platform. He stared at Ying Tong with contempt as he spoke.

“Hahaha, you guys are nothing but a bunch of clowns.” As he spoke, Ying Tong appeared on the battle arena.

Ying Tong’s actions made many astonished. This was even true for the Ying Clan. The Ying Clan didn’t expect that a wastrel like him would suddenly be so domineering. This made many of the Ying Clan wonder if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

“You dare to insult my Ling Clan. Even if I kill you, you have brought this upon yourself.” Ling Sha coldly stared at Ying Tong.

“In your perspective, the Ling Clan is the strongest. But there are times the Ling Clan cannot protect you. Fool, wake the fuck up!” Ying Tong advanced towards Ling Sha, and the distance between them shrank to ten metres.


Ling Sha was truly angered, being called a fool by a wastrel. He truly could endure no longer. It should be fine to kill Ying Tong now, and there were many people from the Ling Clan who were angered and shouting for Ying Tong’s death from the spectator stands.

“Kill him! How dare he insult my Ling Clan.”

“Insulting my Ling Clan? Destroy him!”


These people basically didn’t care about the Ying Clan’s feelings. They only know that the Ling Clan had been insulted now, ignoring the fact that their actions earlier were overbearing. They actually even wanted to ignore the formal rules of the battle arena, which had even suggested by the Ling Clan themselves.

The countenance of the old man from the Ying Clan was normal, but the expression on the face of the old man from the Ling Clan was extremely ugly to behold. If they killed Ying Tong, then the marriage today...but if they didn’t kill Ying Tong, their Ling Clan would have lost face. For a moment, the old man from the Ling Clan had an ashen expression.

Right now, no one present spoke. Although the Ying Clan couldn’t be compared to the Ling Clan, they were a powerful great clan as well. Regardless of party, most of the guests present today couldn’t afford to offend others.

Ling Sha roared as he swung his sabre towards Ying Tong with rapid speed, unleashing his power at the peak of Martial Saint to its fullest.


Yi Tong didn’t evade, and he casually stretched his arm out, blasting his palm directly into Ling Sha’s chest.

Ling Sha was like a kite with a broken strings. Fresh blood splattered through the air as he was flung away and slammed heavily onto the ground with extremely grievous injuries. Basically, there was no way he could be healed anymore.

“I said before you were trash. You are nothing but a clown. If you are too overbearing, you will be smacked to death just like this by people.” Ying Tong’s words rang out coldly.

Lin Sha stared at Ying Tong with anger and regret in his gaze. He was extremely reluctant, but in the next moment, his injuries took their toll as he closed his eyes and left this world.

Everyone at the wedding was stunned. Ling Sha was a genius of the Ling Clan, having a cultivation at the peak of Martial Saint, just a step away from Martial Emperor. However, he was so easily slaughtered by Ying Tong using merely a single move. There was no doubt that Ying Tong must surely have the cultivation base of a Martial Emperor.

 He was so young yet he had already reached the level of Martial Emperors...   

This wasn’t the most important thing. What’s important was that he had always been called a wastrel. But the performance of this so-called ‘wastrel’ today was as though he had just harshly slapped everyone present today.

Did I see it wrongly? The third young master of the Ying Clan insta-killed Ling Sha with a single move?

“Everyone must have felt that their eyes had gone bad.”

“I always said that he’s trash. But damn it, if he is trash, what is everyone else?”

“I even called him trash to his face. If he wanted to back then, he could have already perspiring.

The reality made everyone fall into a silence. But soon after, things became incomparably noisy. Standing there, Ying Tong looked like a solid pine tree, upright and strong. He didn’t say anything and merely stood there with his head lowered slightly.

At this moment, a clamorous noise sounded from outside.

“Master Wolf is here!”

“Make a path, Master Wolf has come.”


Qing Shui guessed that this Master Wolf must be the Black Wolf he had heard about. The Black Wolf Clan could also be considered a great clan that was even stronger than the Ling Clan. Usually, the Black Wolf Clan wouldn’t really interact with the Ling Clan or the Ying Clan.

The real name of Black Wolf was Heilang Liao. He wasn’t young any more. Qing Shui started for a moment when he saw him. He was a swarthy and burly middle-aged man, as fit as an ox. His eyes also gleamed with a faint greenish light.

The Black Wolf Clan was a clan that obtained the Black Wolf Inheritance.

Qing Shui scratched his head. What did this Black Wolf come here for? Since there’s no way the young mistress of the Ling Clan could marry into his Black Wolf Clan, what was he intending to do?

Most probably, this guy must be a victim as well. He must have been extremely satisfied in his dreams. The powerful charm art of the Ling Clan young mistress must’ve fueled his imaginations, making him believe that she was already his woman.

Although he always felt that something was strange and there was some illusory feel when he was doing the act, he wouldn’t suspect the truth of this matter.

If he knew that he had been making love to a pillow all night long, one could only wonder whether he cough out blood. But at the very least, he felt extremely satisfied in terms of his imagination, as he didn’t know he had been played.

Master Wolf brought over a hundred experts, and swaggered to the bottom of the arena before staring at Ying Tong, who was still standing on it.

“I can give you a chance. Give up on this marriage.”

Heilang Liao’s voice was extremely heavy and forceful, extremely discordant to the ears.

“This woman is my wife. No matter if she’s good or bad, from now on, she belongs to me alone. It’s useless no matter who comes to stop this marriage.” Ying Tong inclined his head, his eyes gleaming with a dazzling light, directly staring down at Heilang Liao.

Heilang Liao actually took a step back from being glared at. There was fear on his face. That gaze of Ying Tong was too terrifying, extremely bizarre. However, Qing Shui was smiling as he watched on. Qing Shui asked that question earlier, and had genuine interest to treat Ying Tong as a friend and brother because he could sense a familiar aura from him.

An aura from a battle god.

He must have received the Fox Battle God’s inheritance, and this was why a wastrel could have the accomplishments he had today.

These people had no idea what Ying Tong’s strength was, but Qing Shui knew. It wasn’t difficult for him to destroy everything here. The Black Wolf Clan was nothing but a fart in Ying Tong’s eyes. Hence, the Ying Tong of now no longer had any need to endure the humiliation further.

With his current strength, these people were merely ants in his eyes. When ants acted arrogant in front of a human, the human would usually have no feelings. However, this time they went too far. He had endured long enough anyway and might as well use this chance to give a harsh slap of reality to the faces of everyone here.

Qing Shui believed that Ying Tong must have also sensed a similar aura from him. The Fox Battle God had the keenest sense of ‘smell’. Now, Qing Shui was extremely relaxed, enjoying the wine and show on the battle arena.

“She has long been my woman. You still want her?” Heilang Liao suddenly laughed maniacally.

Ying Tong didn’t say anything, but the gaze he regarded Heilang Liao with turned even colder and more pitiful.


Heilang Liao clutched his face as he staggered back a few steps from disbelief. The person who slapped Heilang Liao wasn’t Yi Tong, but Ling Fei! Right now, she was coldly staring at him, “I shall let you understand things clearly before you die today.”




Note: 黑狼Heilang (surname of Black Wolf), literally can be translated as Black Wolf.

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