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AST 1482 - Liking someone takes but a single glance, but falling in love takes a lifetime

After speaking, the woman directly unleashed her charm art. Her figure started to emanate a demonic grace. Initially, Heilang Liao was still clear-headed but now, his eyes started getting misty, while the spectators were all in a daze.

Heilang Liao’s eyes slowly turned red. Suddenly, he pulled at the shirt of a young man beside him, and pushed the person to the ground, starting to kiss the man ferociously.

That man did his best to resist, but his strength was lower than that of Heilang Liao. At the start, he was stunned by what happened, but an instant later, he struggled violently although it was useless. His upper shirt was torn to shreds as Heilang Liao fondled his body.

All of a sudden, Heilang Liao woke up. When he discovered he was kissing a man, he instantly vomited before slamming a palm, killing the poor male underneath him.

There was a heavy silence, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The Ling Clan and Ying Clan were also stunned by this sight. Ying Tong understood why Qing Shui had said that this woman he was marrying was a good woman.

Although the arts this woman practiced was a little off the beaten path, it was still a good technique. Not only that, Heilang Liao was the one who had forced Ling Fei, so it couldn’t be considered that she was in the wrong when she did this.

The people in the surroundings also learned that this woman wasn’t the slut they thought she was. In addition, they had a trace of pity in their eyes when they regarded the poor Heilang Liao.

Heilang Liao was in a daze. Earlier, he was clearly in a room enjoying making love to Ling Fei. There shouldn’t have been any mistakes. What was going on? Could it be that everything that had happened before was nothing but his fantasy?

He hadn’t even held her hand yet?

“You made my Black Wolf Clan lose our face. I’m going to exterminate your entire clan.” Heilang Liao venomously glared at Ling Fei and Ying Tong.

“Today, I don’t wish to see any more bloodshed. Hurry and fuck off. Don’t make me make you regret your actions.” Ying Tong stared at Heilang Liao as he spoke. Heilang Liao was truly a pitiful man. Women were tigers. The more beautiful one was, the more ruthless she could be.

Right now, there was trepidation in the eyes of many who stared at Ling Fei. She could effortlessly toy around with men. If what happened to Heilang Liao happened to them, it would truly be a fate worse than death.

“Just you all wait.” After speaking, Heilang Liao ran away dejectedly.

“I’m just up here. Is there anyone else from the Ling Clan who still wishes to come up? Let’s not limit this to juniors; elders can come on up as well. Ying Tong will be here, sincerely seeking guidance.” Ying Tong spoke in a clear voice, resonating through the surroundings.

There were naturally no more from the junior generations that dared to go up. Ying Tong could kill Ling Sha with a single strike. Even if they were stronger than Ling Sha, going up would be simply akin to courting humiliation of their own accord.

Ying Tong’s words meant that he was challenging the entire Ling Clan. 

“Third young master Ying truly is a dragon that hides his strength. Let this old man exchange a few blows with you.” As the voice faded, an old man appeared on the arena.

This old man had a lanky figure, and he was tall and robust. Although his hair and beard had streaks of white, his expression was rosy, in the pink of health.

“Please.” Ying Tong had no expression.

The old man clenched his fingers into claws, equipped with boxing gloves that shone with a silver light. He transformed into after-images, lunging towards Ying Tong.

Ying Tong lightly shook his head and swung his body to the side.

Fox Leap!

At the instant Ying Tong evaded, his single hand transformed into the paws of a fox, grabbing towards the wrist of the old man. Its speed wasn’t extremely fast but for some reason, the old man failed to dodge.

Ka Cha!

The old man’s wrist was broken. Ying Tong’s silhouette flashed and unleashed another punch, aiming for the other shoulder of the old man.

Ka Cha!

The old man slumped to the ground. Although his life wasn’t in danger, his cultivation base had been crippled.

This time, everyone was extremely shocked once again. This old man was Ling Hao, a true Martial Emperor expert. However, he had been crippled by Ying Tong after just a few exchanges.

There were no signs of movement from any others but the discussion below erupted with fervor.

“What strength do you guys think the third young master of the Ying Clan is at?”

“He’s so powerful at such a young age. To think that he would usually put on the cowardly act. This is what a strong man is. If it’s me I wouldn’t have his level of restraint. I would send those who mock me to the heavens right away.”

“Yeah, if it wasn’t the Ling Clan forcing him today, he would most likely have continued with his useless trash act.”

“There’s truly no way to compare to him. The third young master of the Ying Clan didn’t want to contend for the position of Ying Clan Leader because he had no regards for it. This family inheritance is nothing in his eyes. Since he has revealed his strength now, he has most probably chosen to leave.”

“Yeah, the Ying Clan’s treatment of him truly sucked. The mother who doted on him most is also no longer here…”


The face of the old man from the Ying Clan suddenly wasn’t calm as he felt waves of deep regret in his heart. Since others could tell, he naturally could as well. A genius of the Ying Clan was going to disappear just like this.

He was reluctant, but the treatment of Ying Clan towards Ying Tong was truly atrocious. Ying Tong’s mother was abused to death by his father’s other women. Although Ying Tong had already caused those women to die, he still couldn’t forgive his father.

It was just a few women, but the middle-aged man couldn’t even manage them probably. What a failure.

As the current clan leader, it was impossible for the old man to take charge of everything. Nobody could imagine that a true genius would be born to their clan and that the genius would be none other than this child Ying Tong.

One from the Ling Clan had died while the other had been crippled. However they didn’t say anything and their expressions were ashened. In any case, Ling Fei was only an adopted daughter of an elder. That elder had already died and by all accounts, Ling Fei had never admitted that she was part of the Ling Clan...

“Do you need me to show you all the way out? I’m marrying her but that has nothing to do with your Ling Clan.” Ying Tong spoke as he stared at the people from the Ling Clan.

The faces of the Ling Clan alternated between shades of green and red, but since they were in the territory of the Ying Clan, they couldn’t help but lower their heads. After that, all of them departed with extreme speed. Their face had been all thrown away.

After that, Ying Tong stared at Ling Fei. “I don’t know what your initial purpose is for marrying me. But now, it’s time for you to make a choice.”

The woman cast a strange look at Ying Tong. She also didn’t expect the situation would become like this. After a long time she then slowly spoke, “I’m feeling a little regretful now. Can we break off the marriage?”

“No!” Ying Tong smiled.

Ling Fei pouted and glared at him. “Then why are you still asking the question?”

“I have to give you a chance to make a choice. Wouldn’t that be more selfless?” Ying Tong laughed.

“Then do I have the authority to make the choice?”

“When you put on the wedding gown today, you had already made your choice. I don’t care what sort of woman you are. I want to marry you. Even if you are truly as your reputation made you out to be, I will still marry you. However, you cannot have any external relationships from now on.” Ying Tong’s capacity to endure wasn’t that great.

“Then will you treat me well?”

“You are a good woman. I will.”

This sentence was very clear. If you are a virtuous wife, I will naturally treat you well.

“Then, do you like me?” Ling Fei asked seriously.

“Liking someone only needs a single glance, but loving someone requires an entire lifetime. I only like you now, but I believe I will fall in love with you.” Ying Tong seriously replied.

“I’m very happy to hear that.” The woman smiled.

Qing Shui didn’t expect Ying Tong to say such a corny thing. He made a mental note to remember it so he could use it himself in the future. Although it sounded corny, it was probably Ying Tong’s true feelings.

The wedding continued, and there were many happy people and many unhappy people. However, Ying Tong now was truly very joyful. Many of his clan members offered their congratulations sincerely.

“Tong`er, everything is over. I’m already old, so the Ying Clan shall be left in your hands.” The old man glanced at the people in the surroundings as he smiled.

“Old man, not so fast. I still have things I want to do. I cannot stay here for long.” Ying Tong smiled as he shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter when you come back. This place is your home.” The old man replied.

“I have too many things to do. Maybe I won’t finish them even when my life ends. I really have no idea when I will be back. I shall leave immediately after today. Old man, you guys take care. Don’t worry about the Ling Clan or Black Wolf Clan.” Ying Tong stated.

“Smelly brat, you are so impressive now. How dare you talk to your elders like this? I’m commanding you to remain here in the Ying Clan.” A middle-aged man that was about to enter old age loudly shouted.

“Bastard, who asked you to talk?” The old man didn’t even wait for Ying Tong to reply as he roared at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was none other than Ying Tong’s father. Usually, he didn’t care about Ying Tong and in fact, he had almost forgotten he had such a wastrel for a son. Now, he wanted to talk in the capacity of his father, but was he still qualified to do so?

“Do you still remember mother? If you can make mother live again, shout at me as you please.” Ying Tong pulled Ling Fei along as he walked towards Qing Shui.

“Hai, I really want to slap you to death with a single smack.” The middle-aged man sighed.


Qing Shui’s table only had him sitting at it alone. When Ying Tong and Ling Fei cam overe, the others then noticed this. Earlier, Ying Tong was precisely chatting with this young man before his wedding.

“Thank you!” Ying Tong laughed as he looked at Qing Shui.

Ling Fei also smiled.

“I feel that this is simply too coincidental. Today is the first day I came to the Haohan Continent and I’ve already met the successor of the Fox Battle God.” Qing Shui smiled.

“This is the first day that you’ve come to the Haohan Continent?”  Ying Tong stared at Qing Shui in surprise. One must know that this location wasn’t near the boundaries of the Haohan Continent. It could be considered a core central region. What flying-type demonic beast was so powerful that it could travel so far?

“Yeah. I have some special methods of my own.”

“Did you obtain the inheritance of the Golden Battle God or are you a descendant of him?” Ying Tong smiled as he filled the wine cups for the three of them.

“I’m the same as you. When you obtained the inheritance, did the Fox Battle God have any last wishes?” Qing Shui raised his wine cup and toasted the two of them as he asked.

“The god requested I help make the battle gods return to their former glory. However, even with the two of us, it’s still impossible to accomplish that. In my Haohan Continent, there are many demon and devil kings. We need more people.” Ying Tong replied.

“I’ve already found the successor of the Dragon Sabre Battle God. You are right. This thing will need a long time. For now, let’s search for more successors of the battle gods before we come together and discuss how to deal with those people.”

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