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AST 1483 - Ice Domain Dynasty, Tree Deity Dynasty, False God’s Strength

Three days passed by in a flash and the Yin Clan’s grand marriage ceremony had likewise concluded. Through the last deed by Yin Tong during those past three days, he had guaranteed the survival of the Yin Clan in this area.

What a coincidence this trip had been, Qing Shui thought. As it stood, the area was already formidable in comparison; they had the cultivation realm of Martial Emperor in existence after all. In the Haohan Continent, an Unrivalled level was enough symbolism of an especially powerful region.

[ Great Xia Dynasty ]

This was the Great Xia Dynasty’s Great Xia Country. While it was nothing like the capital, it was still considered a second-tier city. Above it was first-tier cities and the Capital City; within the Great Xia Dynasty, there were numerous regions that were stronger than the Great Xia Country.

The Great Xia Dynasty had a huge territory, yet such a dynasty within the Haohan Continent was nothing significant, like a mere droplet in the infinite ocean. Still, for the Great Xia Dynasty’s continued legacy to have lasted this long within the Haohan Continent, there must have been a good reason.

Qing Shui stayed there for three days under a façade of calmness even when certain incidents had already occurred without anyone else’s knowledge. Yin Tong did all that he could within his might, and once it was settled, Qing Shui, Yin Yong, and Ling Fei would depart from the dynasty.

In spite of the Yin Clan’s repeated plea for Yin Tong to stay, his mind had been set on leaving—with or without the presence of Qing Shui. It was a decision that had long been made, although admittedly, Qing Shui’s appearance might have slightly altered the circumstances.

The trio rode on Qing Shui’s Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Despite the fact that Yin Tong had obtained the Battle God Inheritance, he did not possess a particularly good mount and the one he did own could no longer keep up. Finding a compatible mount was also proving to be a difficult task.

“Brother, this is my first time in the Haohan Continent. Why not share some general knowledge with me?” The trio sat on the back of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

“Actually, common sense applies wherever you go: it’s the law of the jungle, you will need strength. I know that you understand this better than I do. It is just more prominent in the Haohan Continent. The Haohan Continent is too vast in geography: the Dynasty and sects mingle, some even form alliances, and as a result, they are not antagonistic.” Yin Tong replied nonchalantly. It was apparent that expressing himself was not his forte.

Qing Shui laughed. “Apart from the power of the Great Xia Dynasty, what other strengths does this generation possess? Where’s a good place to go? What’s your plan, Brother?”

“Beyond the Great Xia Dynasty, there are the Ice Domain and Tree Deity Dynasties, both of which are reasonably strong. There are innumerable small forces in this generation of small dynasties, but they're still not enough to make any waves, apart from some masters who conceal themselves. There is a famous saying in the Hanhao Continent: lay low as much as possible, live life with peace of mind.” Yin Tong said with a smile.

Despite being in the Haohan Continent, if it had not been for the knowledge of the Five Tiger Immortal Sect, Qing Shui might still believe that he could do as he willed. In the same way, with this realization of their existence came an unspoken recognition that his road of cultivation remained endless.

In the Haohan Continent, one may never hear of a sect as powerful as the Five Tiger Immortal in his lifetime. Given the great geographical area, those with such abilities had the tendency to stay hidden; people who were capable choose to retreat from the turmoil of the world. The real power lay in the streets where dragons hid and tigers crouched, and only top talents hid within the regime. Hence, these powerful forces existed, though largely only through dynasties and sects.

“Are both the Ice Domain Dynasty and Tree Deity Dynasty strong?” Qing Shui did not ask about the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. He knew that Yin Tong was not aware and neither would he have himself, if he had not heard of it out of pure coincidence.

A single piece of news was enough to change a person’s mentality. If Qing Shui had not known about it in advance, then by his reckoning, he would only have found out the next time he met with some obstacle, or perhaps even much later than that.

When one had grown to the same extent that Qing Shui had, he would grow complacent unconsciously, especially now after he gained the Hell Nightmare Beast. Qing Shui felt powerful; maybe he could protect himself even within the False God Realm. It should be fine. Still, in the presence of a Divine, he imagined that he would still be killed instantly.

That was why that single sentence was enough to clear Qing Shui’s head; it was imperative to have a clear understanding of yourself, otherwise you’d risk remaining stagnant for as long as a lifetime once you lost direction. The problem lay in your mindset; through diligence, you would be able to complete the tasks at hand, but the moment you slacked up on your effort, then there’d be no way it would be done.

“The Ice Domain Dynasty and Tree Deity Dynasty are considered the strongest in this area. From here to the nearby Dancing Phoenix Continent and Soaring Dragon Continent, this generation is definitely regarded as a powerful presence and the finest.” Yin Tong spoke after some thought.

“What’s the strongest?” Does Brother know?” Qing Shui was very concerned about this.

“It should be Peak False God; they have experienced ten rounds of False God Tribulation, maybe even more.”

The False God Tribulation would also appear at later stages, especially between Grade Ten False God and Peak False God; the number and difficulty of the False God Tribulations was in proportion to the strength exhibited.

Qing Shui had no clue about the degree of a Peak False God’s power either. He was unsure of its accuracy should he base it upon previous inferences. He only knew that the information about a Tenth Grade False God was correct.


Grade Five False God = 16 Million Sun

Grade Six False God = 32 Million Sun

Grade Seven False God = 64 Million Sun

Grade Eight False God = 128 Million Sun

Grade Nine False God = 256 Million Sun

Grade Ten False God = More than 500 Million Sun


One would have to break through Grade Ten False God to reach the realm of Peak False God, although Qing Shui could not be sure about the disparity between them. After Grade Five False God, the only way to advance was for one’s strength to reach the next corresponding stage.

To be specific, 516 Million Yang was the actual strength required for a Grade Ten False God. As for the attainment of Peak False God, its prerequisites remained unknown; it took twice as much strength to attain the next level for the previous grades, so theoretically that would be at least the minimal requirement. Even so, there was a distinction between the weak and strong even within the ranks of Peak False God. Qing Shui realized he would only suffer a thrashing in the False God Stage.

It was a relief that he had the Paragon Golden Armor. Paired with his Hell Nightmare Beast, Qing Shui thought that perhaps he would be able to withstand a beating… provided it was not the most fearsome Peak False God of the lot who was able to utilize the Sure Kill Heavenly Technique, otherwise the outlook would not look too good.

Qing Shui felt more at ease at that thought; it was still a fact that he was strong. Besides, such formidable opponents did not come by that easily and he wasn’t that unlucky… right?

“Let’s go take a look at the main city of Great Xia Dynasty; it should suit us better there.” Yin Tong looked over at Qing Shui with a smile.

Compared to Qing Shui, Yin Tong’s powers were much weaker. Perhaps it was because he had not had the Fox Battle God Inheritance for long. Nonetheless, he was at a Grade Seven False God’s strength now. To receive the Battle God Inheritance was exceptional and he had experienced the False God Tribulation only twice.

Nothing in life was absolute; such a saying usually applied to an average person. Although some may never go through False God Tribulation, others may have to undergo multiple rounds. Regardless, there would always be pros and cons, boiling down to a matter of perspective.

Every False God Tribulation was akin to an encounter with death. Proportionate to the chance of fatality was the resultant boost of power if completed.  


The company of three talked a great deal as they travelled, and finally the topic came to Ling Fei. While the discrepancy in power between her and the other two was drastic, it was her Charm Art and a set of mystical movement and poison techniques that allowed her to battle with many others who exceeded her level of strength. If anyone realized the actual extent of her capabilities, even those who were several times as strong would not dare engage in a fight with her. This was true for men especially, for her mesmerizing charm alone was enough to blind them.


All of a sudden, a sharp cry of a bird sounded from ahead.


Qing Shui’s brows furrowed at the dozen of cries that followed after; this was not the cry of a single fowl, he deduced, although nothing could be seen with clouds veiling the distance and obstructing their line of sight.

They soon saw what it was—a flock of thirty, enormous Crowned Golden Feathers.

The Crowned Golden Feather was a type of mighty fowl, and could be considered a common relic species. Furthermore, with their beautiful appearance, they were regarded as a symbol of status. While respected, their riders may not necessarily be powerful.

Of course, there were also powerhouses who rode on such fowls.

Qing Shui’s Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, with its immense spiritual pressure, was conspicuous and remained visually impactful.

The screeching was neither pleasing nor unpleasant to the ears. Soon, these fowl dispersed, faintly exhibiting an intention of encircling the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Qing Shui could clearly make out the people riding the Crowned Golden Feather by now—there were of both genders, though the majority were still young men, with two elders in their company. Those in the rear were likely responsible for the protection of these people.


If it had not been for Qing Shui’s restraint following the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s bellows, he imagined it would have rushed towards them on its own accord.  A Heaven and Earth Battle Beast was still combative after all.

The group of approximate thirty had indeed surrounded Qing Shui and his companions. It had already been six months since they had left the Yin Clan. Watching one of the fowls as it exuded an extraordinary heroism, Qing Shui wondered what the group planned to do.

“Brother Man, look at how impressive that ride is. Men would look even more masculine on it, so why don’t you ask him to give it to you!” Qing Shui heard a sweet-sounding voice spoke up.

Stunned, Qing Shui looked towards the source of the voice only to spot a relatively young lady, pleasant-looking and energetic. With just one glance, it was clear that she was a high-maintenance woman.

Beside the woman was a big, burly man dressed in an embroidered garment, giving him an air of grace. Yet, he had a formidable aura to him, although this perception was subjective with each comparison. Regardless, at this age, he could be regarded as one of God's favored.

Rather than heeding the words of the woman, the man merely watched Qing Shui and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant with interest, inevitably feeling the powerful aura emitting from it; such a creature couldn't be taken that easily.

“Your ride and its strength is so powerful that even our rides are intimidated,” the man said warmly.

Qing Shui didn't expect such words from the man. With a laugh, he replied, “I was just wondering why we are being stopped?”

“This is the Shi Clan's territory; passing through is not permissible. Whoever wishes to pass through will have to leave a little souvenir.” The man informed gently.

Qing Shui looked over at Yin Tong and witnessed his surly expression. In that moment, Qing Shui felt truth in the other party's words.

“Qing Shui, this slipped my mind before. There's a saying that the Shi Clan is one of the strongest in the Great Xia Dynasty. This must be the Shi Clan’s own airspace; they will not allow any average person to pass through. Even fowls that are flying by will get shot down.”


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