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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1494 - Opening, 200 million sun worth of strength, Xiyue Clan

Only after a long time did Tianyi awaken from his daze. He stared at Qing Shui with resolution in his eyes as he smiled, “Great kindness has no need for words of thanks. I know what I should do.”

“Your medical techniques are still passable, as is your cultivation base. You are from Linhai City, right? Is there anyway for you to find some doctors with passable medical skills? Don’t worry. The remuneration won’t be bad.” Qing Shui smiled. 

“Don’t worry. I will definitely accomplish this for you within three days.” Tianyi spoke seriously.


With Tianyi being a local, things were much easier to do. But the opening of the clinic still needed some time. Qing Shui would first start to prepare the things he needed first.

Three days later, Tianyi found over twenty doctors, and their standards weren’t bad. But of course, it depended on who they were compared to. There were also three more whose medical skills were roughly at the same level of Tianyi. One must know that Tianyi’s medical skill was already considered to be extremely good.

Qing Shui was very satisfied. Usually, just Tianyi and the three other doctors were enough to hold the fort. As for Qing Shui and Ling Fei, there was no need for them to personally act.

The remuneration Qing Shui gave them was a little strange. They had a choice of money, medicine or medical herbs, and they could choose what they wanted themselves. The profits here would be split 50% between them and Qing Shui but if they chose money, they could keep 100% of their earnings. For those who chose medicine or medical herbs, what they would keep would depend on the situation and the value of the items themselves.

These doctors also had cultivations. If a doctor had no cultivation, his medical skills would be limited. All these people had a cultivation level of at least the Martial King realm.

In this world, ordinary people were still the vast majority. Usually, the number of people would be lesser at each higher realm of cultivation.

But in any case, there were still many medical clinics to serve everyone. Reputation needed to be accrued gradually, and Qing Shui also didn’t plan to make his clinic very popular. He was experiencing life and was trying to do so with a state of relaxation.

For the name, Qing Shui eventually still decided on the Imperial Cuisine Hall. For the portion of medical cuisine, Qing Shui only allowed Xue Nuo and Ying Tong to handle this, while he himself and Ling Fei would handle things at the clinic.

The medicinal cuisine could be considered simpler, as it only needed manual labor. The amount they sold wouldn’t be a lot, and they had no deliveries. People could only come here if they wanted to eat.

But regarding these, Qing Shui was still filled with confidence. He wanted to accumulate popularity and try to discover some specific people. Who knows, he might be able to gain an unexpected harvest from meeting them.

Ying Tong and Ling Fei spent the majority of their time daily in cultivation. They would take a day out of their schedule every week to cure some diseases that were more serious in nature. Also, there was still Qing Shui. Qing Shui spent the time during the day in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. After all, with the Violet Jade Immortal Realm, the time he spent during the day was nothing when one considered the time ratio in the realm.

A week later, the Imperial Cuisine Hall opened for business. Qing Shui didn’t inform any one and the amount of people coming in couldn’t be considered a lot. Those from the Hua Clan also didn’t show up to support him. Maybe if it was in the past, he would feel unhappy. But now, he truly didn’t feel anything at all.

In the future, he believed that the Hua Clan would need him. At that time, he need not give them any face at all. 

For the first day, the services here were free, including free consultation, free medication and free food. There were even many valuable ingredients used. This could be considered to be a perfect conclusion of the opening of this Imperial Cuisine Hall.

The promotion of free consultation and treatment only lasted for one day due to the opening. The jade buns were served as the last dish, allowing these people to enjoy their food. Many of them were ordinary people and they also knew they wouldn’t have any chance to come here again in the future. However, Qing Shui gave them a token each and that token would allow them to claim up to two jade buns daily for free if they came here.

Qing Shui did so because there weren’t many people and many of them were just ordinary commoners. During the second day, when the price the jade buns sold for were revealed, many people had unimaginable expressions on their faces. They could claim up to two jade buns per day and if they sold them both, the income generated would allow their families to live for a month! Naturally, this was based on the spending scale of an ordinary commoner’s family lifestyle.

Qing Shui had also clearly stated that they were allowed to do this. For safety, the system for identifying users had to be set up. If one needed money, they could exchange for it everyday. This can be considered a safety to their lifestyle.

As for the jade buns, Qing Shui wasn’t afraid that nobody would buy them. In any case, he didn’t care for that bit of money in exchange for using these people as free live advertisement instead.

When business started, Qing Shui made the fragrance here permeate the atmosphere for a span of thousand metres. Instantly, many people were attracted. There were no lack of poor people in this world and there were also no lack of rich people. Wealthy people here were much more numerous compared to his old world and because they didn’t lack resources, many families all had savings. They weren’t poor, but rather it was just a matter of how much they had.

This time, the Imperial Cuisine Hall actually caused a great commotion. In addition to the free publicity of the first day, everyone soon knew that this place had many kind doctors with good hearts.

Humans were animals that depended on vision and hearing. If one person praised it, there was nothing much for it. But if many people said the same thing, it would surely influence others. Qing Shui set his price to be low, because he didn’t really plan to charge the poor. But for the wealthy people seeking his services, they might need to pay up to ten times the price.

Qing Shui didn’t hate the rich. It's just that he didn’t feel at ease earning money from ordinary and poor people. There were no merchants who weren’t crafty. Even if Qing Shui was crafty, the money he made had to come from the rich. At the very least, most wealthy people were crafty in their own rights as well.

The reputation of the Imperial Cuisine Hall was boosted by their medical skills and slogan of maintaining one’s health. The things they produced, such as longevity noodles and some wines, could increase one’s lifespan and cultivation base. Not even a month had passed before news of this already circulated around the entire Linhai City. Even from beyond the city, there were many who came from other places.

In about a month’s time, Qing Shui’s Six-Yang Pills had almost finished. His raw strength reached slightly more than five thousand sun. Earlier when he had connected the ninth heavenly meridians, his raw strength had already reached four thousand sun. Now, with his current raw strength plus all his augmentations, his power reached roughly around two hundred million sun.

To Qing Shui, two hundred million sun worth of strength was already extremely terrifying. After all, he was different than most people. His current defence, including all his augmentations, had already surpassed a hundred twenty million sun. In addition, Qing Shui was also skilled in weakening debuff techniques.

Even if this place was the Ice Domain Dynasty, Qing Shui could be considered to have enough ‘capital’ now. The Paragon Strike could reach six hundred million sun worth of power. In addition to his battle god halo and other sources of augmentation, the power erupted forth would be only more terrifying.

Qing Shui no longer considered these things. The Six-Yang Pills might not be as useful to him in the future, but he could still leave some for the people around him. If he could find some higher-graded medicinal pills, that would naturally be for the best.

The Seven-Colored Pellet and the Paragon didn’t receive many upgrades, but Qing Shui was already satisfied. Only with strength would he be able to protect those close to him; strength was the most important. Right now, his strength had reached a certain level that was comparable to false gods.

In a month’s time, the influence generated by the Imperial Cuisine Hall was simply overwhelming. Jjust when Qing Shui was researching some heavenly talisman, Xue Nuo walked in.

Xue Nuo was clad in white and she had become an unique existence in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Many young men in the Linhai City wanted to pursue her but she didn’t really take a fancy to any of their caliber. If not, she wouldn’t have left the Great Xia Dynasty.

Other than cold arrogance, she had a certain charm to her, causing her aura to attract others. There were many young geniuses in Linhai City who wanted to get close to this woman.

“Brother-in-law. That old man from the Xiyue Clan is here again.”

Now, Xue Nuo started to refer to Qing Shui as her brother in law, and she was much more respectful to him compared to before. Qing Shui didn’t reject this as well. In any case, it was impossible for the love between man and woman to blossom between her and Qing Shui.

Yiye Jiange was her great benefactor. Subconsciously, she had already eliminated the possibility of something happening between her and Qing Shui. Because, if that happened, she would feel guilt towards Yiye Jiange.

“This is already the third time. He can be considered sincere. I will go out and meet with him.” Qing Shui smiled and walked out of the room.

The Xiyue Clan could be considered a great clan in the Linhai City, stronger than the Hua Clan. It was only that they were more low profile. Also, although the population of the Xiyue Clan wasn’t that high, everyone of them was an expert.

“Mister Qing, you are finally here.” Xiyue Kun hurriedly stood up and walked towards Qing Shui when he saw him.

This old man didn’t seem to be very old. He wasn’t very sturdy but gave off a feeling like the essence of iron, exuding sharpness.

“Sir, might I know why you came here?” Qing Shui smiled and greeted him, signalling for the old man to take a seat.

“I wish to seek out a doctor’s help to cure an illness. Naturally, our Xiyue Clan won’t be stingy with rewarding your efforts.” The old man seriously spoke.

“Let me hear about the situation. Who is it that needs to be cured, and what is his or her symptoms?”

Since Qing Shui spoke like this, it meant that he had agreed to help. The old man happily replied, “It is the son of my elder brother. He was beaten by someone until his spinal cord shattered. A few of his meridians were broken and his inner organs were seriously damaged.”

Qing Shui frowned. For those who dared to beat up people from the Xiyue Clan, would he be offending a major power if he cured the patient? These were all things that needed to be considered.

“Mister, please rest at ease. The assailant has already been settled by the forces of my Xiyue Clan.” That old man understood the ways of the world as he hurriedly added.

“Okay, I suppose I can go and take a look. I can’t guarantee that I will be able to cure him though.” Qing Shui smiled.

“As long as it’s mister who acts personally, everything will be fine. If even your esteemed self can’t cure him, it means that he is fated to be a cripple in this life. My Xiyue Clan will still reward you heavily to thank you for the effort.” Xiyue Kun seriously stated.

For great clans, their words would always sound beautiful and nice to hear. However, Qing Shui didn’t know how the Xiyue Clan would repay him. But no matter what, they wouldn’t make a fool out of him, and the rewards would certainly be greater than he imagined.

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