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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1495 - A Treasure Map

The Xiyue Clan was also located at Linhai Street. It was just that the distance to get there was a little further. This distance couldn’t really be considered anything to stellar martial cultivators, and it took roughly about an hour of time.

For this month, this was already the third time Qing Shui personally acted. For the first two, his patients were ordinary people. One case was a single mom whose husband died early. She brought up the four kids and was so fatigued that she fell sick. The oldest child was merely eight and the youngest was two.

Not only did Qing Shui cure them, he invited them to stay here. The woman was a virtuous wife, and for her to feel more at ease in her heart, he asked her for help to prepare the Jade Buns whenever she was free.

In any case, there were many residences here available. Qing Shui was moved by her saint-like motherly love or he wouldn’t take the most care of her, given that there were so many people.

Not only that, the eldest child of the woman was eight. After seeking her approval, he directly got Tianyi to take him on as a disciple. Tianyi was naturally happy to do so. He would agree to whatever Qing Shui wanted him to do and would put in all his effort in it.

The woman was very thankful to Qing Shui. Although she was also pretty, she knew Qing Shui had no ill thoughts towards her. She truly had no way to repay the kindness Qing Shui has given her. Hence, she decided to stay in the Imperial Cusine Hall to do more things for Qing Shui.

Qing Shui wanted to pay her wages but she refused. In any case, Qing Shui didn’t insist on it because there were food and drinks here, and there were even people who could teach her sons and daughters. Because this was a medical clinic, there was no need to worry about any sickness. And Xue Nuo and Ling Fei would usually take the children out for shopping during their leisure time as well.

Ling Fei and Ying Tong was just married and they had no child yet. The children of the woman all bore a strong resemblance to her and were all extremely quick-witted. 

As for the second case where Qing Shui personally acted, the patient was an old man. He was a lonely one with no people to care for him, and he left immediately after he was cured. As the patient had nothing to his name, Qing Shui passed him some taels of silver for expenditure purposes before he left.

Qing Shui wasn’t somebody that tried to be on good terms with everyone and he didn’t want to be one anyway. Being kind to people made him feel at ease in his heart. For example, if he chose not to help the single mom back then, he would surely feel ill at ease. Since this was the case, he didn’t want to have any regrets.

Very soon, the reached the courtyard of the Xiyue Clan. This place was as luxurious as the courtyard of the Hua Clan, only slightly smaller as the Xiyue Clan has lesser people.

“Mister Qing, please follow me!”

Xiyue Kun brought Qing Shui and headed left. After three hundred metres, they came to a smaller courtyard with a few people in there.

“Mister Xiyue, I’m truly sorry. This old man is useless!”

“Mister Zeng, please take a look again.”

“Given our friendship, if there’s the slightest bit of hope, I would surely go all out. Sadly, my capabilities are limited.” An archaic voice filled with pity and helplessness could be heard.

An old man with a medical trunk on his back walked out from the entrance of this smaller courtyard. Accompanying him was another old man which bore a resemblance to Xiyue Kun.

“Good day to you Mister Zeng!” Xiyue Kun smiled as he greeted.

“Ai, second brother, this is?” The old man who resembled Xiyue Kun slowly asked.

The aura of this old man was stronger than Xiyue Kun and it possessed an indescribable characteristic, akin to an illusory feeling.

“Big brother, this is the divine doctor of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. He’s here to take a look at Bian’er.” Xiyue Kun hurriedly said, introducing Qing Shui.

“Mister Qing, this is my big brother, Xiyue Lun.”

Qing Shui was taken aback. The name of these brothers were actually Kun and Lun. He wonder if there was a Kunlun Mountains in this place. But for some reason, the names of the brothers were inverted with the elder one being named ‘Lun’, and the younger one ‘Kun’.

“Miraculous doctor Qing, I’ve long heard of your esteemed name. Thank you for coming.” Xiyue Lun smiled.

“I came here solely for the rewards, there’s no need to be so polite.” Qing Shui smiled as he honestly replied.

This sentence caused Xiyue Lun to start. This was the first time he heard someone being so direct. But he quickly smiled and reply, “That’s for sure.”

When Qing Shui walked into the room where the patient was in, a pungent medical smell assaulted his senses. Qing Shui frown and shook his head but he didn’t say anything but this action of his was noticed by Xiyue Lun.

“Miraculous doctor, is there something wrong?”

Qing Shui didn’t immediately reply to Xiyue Lun. He was staring at the patient on the bed. The patient was a man with a very weak constitution and was basically on his last breath. If this continued, he wouldn’t be able to endure much longer. At most, only half a month of his lifespan remained.

“We have no way to cure him and can only try to extend his lifespan. However, at this point, it’s already no longer possible to delay death. Half a month, he only has half a month at most to live.” Qing Shui glanced at Xiyue Lun and spoke.

Xiyue Lun already knew this. The son he favored most was none other than Xiyue Bing. Sadly, his son became in such a state. Having the white-haired one to send the black-haired ones to death, was the most tragic thing in the world. Xiyue Lun sighed and, at that instant, he seemed to become several times older than before.

“Mister, do you have any way to cure my son?” Xiyue Lun actually didn’t really have much hope. Through these years, he has searched for many doctors and alchemists numbering around 8,000 to 10,000, yet none of them could do anything. But for this Qing Shui, his younger brother Xiyue Kun had to go to the Imperial Cusine Hall three times before he could meet until Qing Shui.

Qing Shui smiled, “Yes!”

Xiyue Lun started for a moment before returning his attention back to Qing Shui. “You really have ways to cure my son?”

“Naturally. I’ve never spoken lies before. You will know soon enough.” Since Qing Shui came all the way here, he naturally had to cure the patient.

Qing Shui had long gathered the info about the Xiyue Clan. If the Xiyue Clan was a great clan of villainy, Qing Shui wouldn’t have come. Unless of course, the rewards offered were too tempting. But even then, Qing Shui wouldn’t have cure the patient completely.

If Qing Shui acted personally, there would naturally be no problems. Although he wasn’t able to let Xiyue Bing immediately recover to his peak state, he would still be in a much better condition than before…

Two hours later, Qing Shui stopped. “Recuperate well, he should recover to his peak roughly a month from now.”

Xiyue Lun stared at Qing Shui in disbelief. All the people he invited before had judged that his son was dead. Who would have thought that this Qing Shui actually managed to cure him?

“Miraculous doctor, he’s truly a miraculous doctor!” After a long time, Xiyue Lun spoke excitedly in an incomparably joyful manner. He wasn’t very clear of how strong the medical skills of a miraculous doctor was.

“I should get going.” Qing Shui smiled. The meaning behind these words were clear. I’ve saved the patient, it’s time for me to earn those rewards you promised.

Xiyue Kun hurriedly spoke up at this moment. “I know that Mister Qing wouldn’t be interested in ordinary items. How about this?”

Xiyue Kun passed over a beast parchment scroll to Qing Shui with a map inscribed on it.

It was a treasure map!

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