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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1496 - Hua Clan is unwilling, Ziche Clan, Lan Clan

It was actually a Treasure map. Qing Shui was stunned for a moment, before turning to Xiyue Kun. Treasure maps in the Nine Continents were extremely mystical, if you had the map, the treasure would not be lost, as one needed to find the treasury to be able to locate the treasure.

Since the treasury was still intact, then it meant that the treasure within were untouched, but what puzzled Qing Shui was that under normal circumstances, there would be no samaritans who would obediently give up treasure maps, as upon obtaining these maps they would go ahead and collect the treasure. Qing Shui felt that it was dubious that the treasure map was recently discovered and an expedition had yet to be organized.

Noticing the puzzling look in Qing Shui’s gaze, Xiyue Lun smilingly proclaimed: “ We do know the location that this treasure map is pointing to, but are washing our hands off this business as it is too dangerous and risky. You are different from us, we cannot work with others on this. Though the Xiyue Clan is decent in Linhai City, we have very few capable people, so if exposed, we might have to pay for carrying jade, losing far more than we would gain. As for you, as a Miraculous Physician, I believe there are more than a few powers willing to work for you.

Xiyue Lun’s words were very concise and obvious, and was a true testament to the situation. Qing Shui smiled as he opened the treasure map, pinpointing the location of the treasury to be at the 

The Kunpeng Mountain is the massive local mountain range, the largest in the vicinity, with the exception of the Ice Ocean City. It was also famed for being an extremely vicious and dangerous place, with rumors even citing the existence of Kun Peng 

In the depths of the northern sea lies a fish, its name is Kun. The Kun’s vastness spans thousands of li. Transforming into a bird, its name is Peng. Peng’s width, spanning an unknown thousands of li. In its fury, its wings encompass and squash down the heaven’s clouds. As a bird, it traverses the seas to the southern dephs, an inhabitant of the southern depths, an inhabitant of the heavens.

Zhuang zi had never told of the northern depths’ vastness, but a single fish spanning thousands of li, the immensity of the water’s surface could only be imagined. Kun is a massive fish living in the northern sea; Peng was a giant bird that was transformed from a Kun, both were similarly large, with backs as vast as Mount Tai, its wings encompassing the heaven’s clouds, the world that the Kun Peng lived in was a massive, boundless one. The Roc could send water flying three thousand li, a single flap giving it ninety thousand li of majesty and momentum.

The Kun Peng was a true roc, an existence that was in no way inferior to dragons or phoenixes. In his previous life, Qing Shui found the legends of the Kun Peng unimaginable, that a bird could be that immense, but upon arriving on the Nine Continents, Qing Shui had even seen dragons, such as the lady and her Giant Azure Dragon, spanning thousands of metres, while the Kun Peng’s back was akin to a mountain. Though this was slightly exaggerated, Qing Shui believed that the Kun Peng should already be one of the largest kinds of Demonic Beast.

The treasury was located deep within Kun Peng Mountain. Qing Shui believed that they had to have tried entering, after all, no one would bear to give away a treasure map without trying. However, Qing Shui did not bother about such details, he was still very excited, after all, he had once found three treasure maps, with the Emperor’s Qi being one of the extremely formidable abilities obtained from one of the maps.

Qing Shui kept the treasure map and said smilingly:” Then I shan’t be too courteous.

“This is only natural, there will be many times when we to trouble Mister Qing, if Mister Qing has any need for the Xiyue Clan, you need only ask. If we are capable of accomplishing the task, we would definitely not refuse.” The Xiyue Clan perfectly described its stance, without drawing suspicion or overly flattering others.

Qing Shui smiled, nodding his head before leaving, a mutually beneficial relationship, as long as they were able to bring out something that could move him, he was not against helping them out. After all, he needed to work with these powers, to allow him to obtain resources that would move him.


The Imperial Cuisine Hall had gotten on the right track, its influence expanding, with rich and powerful people visiting each day as food, since time immemorial, has always been 

The food Qing Shui ate here was not any less addictive than smoking cigarettes in his past life, even if some strong cultivators didn’t eat for a while, they would begin pining for it, just like how they pined for women.

However, not eating would not cause any problems for strong cultivators, with no side effects like depression. The Imperial Cuisine Hall had a limit on the amount one could buy, first come first served, while those who came late would have nothing. Trying to save up the amount one could buy was impossible, while reselling it was equally an impossibility, unless one was willing to give up the small amount they could buy themselves.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall had already become a unique existence, but there were definitely those who were not pleased by this development, such as the Hua Clan and the Zheng Clan, and now the two were together in careful discussion.

“Brother Zheng Yuan, you’ve already seen the rise of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. At this rate, there would be no place for our two clans on Linhai Street.” An old man from the Hua Clan told another elegant, scholarly old man.

“The rise of the Imperial Cuisine Hall is inevitable and cannot be stopped, Old Brother Hua, let’s just endure it.” The old man sighed

“Endure it, he wasted my Hua Clan’s descendant, and now the whole world knows about it, where should I hide my face then.” The Hua Clan old man said, exasperated.

“Hua Old Brother, perhaps this is unpleasant to hear, but you should be clear on the sheer number of atrocities that kid from your clan has committed, just that no one dares to say anything out of fear for the Hua Clan. This might even allow your Hua Clan to have greater longevity.” Zheng Yuan shook his head while saying.

“I’m really unwilling, Old brother, you have to help me.” the old man from the Hua Clan looked at Zheng Yuan, a surge of unwillingness and reluctance in his heart.

“There are some things that doesn’t require one to do themselves, don’t force yourself down a narrow path.” Zheng Yuan sighed, before telling the old man from the Hua Clan.

“Old Brother, your meaning is?”The old man from the Hua Clan knew that Zheng Yuan was famous for his intellect, his wit even exceeding that one from the Hua Clan, getting rid of his enemies without even having to lift a finger, this old man’s ploy of borrowing a knife to kill was legendary.

“Linhai City’s first prince Lan Lingfeng, he is proud and arrogant, his strength is pretty good, but once he hears of anyone stronger than him, he would go and spar with them, regardless of whether it’s cultivation or other matters, you can let them probe each other, then you would be able to retreat and advance freely, without falling into a state of passivity.

“Then how should I go about letting them fight?”The Hua Clan old man asked.

“Lan Lingfeng has always liked Ziche Sha, if anyone dared to get just a little close with her, it would be equivalent to touching his reverse scale, Ziche Sha’s father has been afflicted with a quirky disease for a long time now, they have long given up on treating it, if you can convince the Ziche Clan to invite the Imperial Cuisine Hall to treat him, if he is treated, ZIche Sha would definitely be grateful towards Qing Shui, and as Linhai City and the Imperial Capital’s number one beauty, something untoward would definitely happen then.” Zheng Yuan casually stated, making the Hua Clan old man feel as if it could work.

“Goodbye old brother, I’ll go make the preparations”

“Remember to ensure that the Lan Clan and the Imperial Cuisine Hall completely fall out, with these two tigers duking it out, then we can fish for the benefits, if we allow the Imperial Cuisine Hall to get closer with the Lan Clan, then we would be doing others a favour.” Zheng Yuan reminded him.

“Rest easy old brother, I know what to do, Lan Lingfeng is willing to do anything for Ziche Sha, as one of Linhai City’s top five clans, the Imperial Cuisine Hall is far too lacking to be able to resist the Lan Clan.

The Hua Clan old man left.

Qing Shui was still oblivious to the hidden threat plotting against him, but he did not fear being plotted against, regardless of the person’s identity, touching his reverse scale would not hold back.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall was becoming increasingly revered, healing the wounded and rescuing people from death, Miraculous Physicians with saintly hands, hearts of Bodhisatta were some titles given to them, with cheap treatment, while the poor didn’t even have to pay for treatment and medicine, even those seeking help, Qing Shui wouldn’t decline.

Qing Shui’s discerning eye could still expose liars, if they were liars he would try to expose them, before kicking them out, as there was no room for mercy against this kind of people.

In the blink of an eye, another month had passed, Qing Shui hadn’t left Linhai City, cultivating, refining medicine while managing the Imperial Cuisine Hall, not touching the treasure map, after all, the time was not ripe yet as he would require helpers, but the powers in Linhai City and the Imperial Capital were not yet willing to aid him, so there was no need to take up unnecessary risk.

Today Qing Shui was playing with a little brat, she was the smallest daughter of that lady, only two years old or so, Tianyi had accepted the big son as a disciple, when teaching him, the other two children would listen in at the side.

Only this smallest brat would be carefree, playing around with her in the manor, but Qing Shui would always have a Demonic Beast secretly protecting her, staying hidden when there was no danger.

“Uncle, what is that?” The little brat pointed to a white crow atop a tree.

Her beautiful, pure large eyes made Qing Shui feel calm, and also reminded him of his own children, he patted her head:” That’s a white crow.”

“Why can it be on top of the tree.”

“Because it can fly.”

“Can Uncle fly?”


The little brat was still in the phase of learning about the world, everything would pique her curiosity, she wanted to know about everything, she was like a blank piece of paper, needing to remain unblemished, the people around her had to exercise patience in explaining everything to her.

Qing Shui would frequently laugh knowing about the little brat’s thoughts, as the humour of little children was truly humourous...

“Brother-in-law, there’s someone outside looking for you, they claim they’re from the Ziche Clan.” Xue Nuo was essentially a manager here.

“Ziche Clan?” Qing Shui was suspicious, the Ziche Clan actually came to find him, but it probably had something to do with his ability to make delicacies or his ability to treat patients, either of the two had to be it.

Qing Shui Clan knew of the Ziche Clan, in Linhai City, the Ziche Clan absolutely belonged amongst the uppermost echelon of clans, and could be considered peak existences even in the Imperial Capital, but the nest of the Ziche Clan was in Linhai City, he was unsure whether this level of clan seeking him would be calamitous or fortuitous. 

Qing Shui did not believe it would be calamitous, while truthfully, even towards a clan like the Ziche Clan, Qing Shui did not have much apprehension or fear, as he felt like he at least had the power to defend himself.

“I’ll go take a look.” Qing Shui said smilingly.

“Brother-in-law”, if you have no confidence then we’ll just chase them away, I’ll say that you aren’t around, there are many rules for large families.” Xue Nuo said after thinking for a while.

“Relax, is your brother-in-law such an easily bullied person? They should feel happy that I’m not bullying them.” Qing Shui laughed.

“That’s true, I always see brother-in-law going around bullying others, but those people deserve it.” Xue Nuo chuckled, the clear laughing sound had an indescribable charm.

Qing Shui shook his head, walking towards the front courtyard.

Xue Nuo looked at Qing Shui’s back, muttering in her heart:” He really doesn’t put this beauty in his eyes.”

She laughed, before kneeling down to pick up the little brat and walking to a different room.

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