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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1498 - Unintentionally sowing the seeds, The confusion in the lady’s heart

“Miraculous Physician Qing, if I did not mishear, you mean to sever the meridians then reattach them?” Ziche Sha spoke up at this time.

“You did not, do you not have faith in me?” Qing Shui smiled as he looked at this kingdom-toppling beauty, she was definitely qualified to be considered as such.

The lady was silent, before looking at Qing Shui: “I’ll sever my meridians, could you help me reattach them?” 

“Sha’er, stop fooling around, how could you suspect Miraculous Physician Qing.” The old man shouted, but Qing Shui could still feel the joy and indulgence emanating from him.

“You are also afflicted with a hidden disease, I can help you for free later on if there’s such a need.” Finished speaking, Qing Shui turned to look at the old man.

Qing Shui’s words had another implicit meaning, that helping the old man would come at a price.

“Old Master still has time to turn back, as a doctor I will not assure you of anything, but I will put forth my best effort, do you still wish to take a chance?” Qing Shui wished to see the potential of the old man.

Do not look down on this small tst, those who could persist were in the minority, after all this was severing one’s meridians, to a martial artist’s cultivation this was equivalent to contracting AIDs and being cured, who would dare to gamble like this?

“Compared to living like this, may as well take a shot, I have faith in Mister anyway.” The old man forthrightly said.

“Daddy!” Ziche Sha lightly called out.

The old man waved his hands, signalling the lady to stop speaking, slightly shaking his head.

“Miraculous Physician Qing, I hope you truly can cure my daddy.” Ziche Sha looked at Qing Shui and spoke seriously, her tranquil tone carrying an unclear connotation.

“The filial piety of Miss Ziche can be seen by the heavens, the Old Master will certainly be blessed with safety.” Qing Shui said smilingly.

Hearing this, the lady’s hands began to tremble, this scoundrel actually dared to try his luck on this matter, but she was had no way of changing the situation, the matters that her father had decided on were final, this time father had brought them to his side, meant that as long as the physician was able to describe the symptoms, and say they could cure it, even a fraction of a success rate would be worth a shot.

The entire curing process blew the other people’s minds, Qing Shui directly used his golden needles to sever the old man’s meridians, making him bit his lip in pain, his face a sheet of pale white.

Ziche Fei however, did not make any sounds, Qing Shui calmly drew out the invisible qi within his body, before reattaching his meridians.

Qing Shui used the Qi of Rebirth to reattach the meridians, which actually required a long period of time, the old man’s children were all extremely anxious, as the old man was their pillar.

Qing Shui only stopped after four hours, though he could have been faster, and could have lessened the old man’s suffering, but sometimes the message needed to be sent across through pain

“How is my Daddy?”

The old man was in a weakened and semi-conscious state, Ziche Sha anxiously asked after seeing Qing Shui stop, while the others also shot worried glances towards him.

“It will have no damage to him, he will wake up after a while, take this and boil the medicine, let him drink it.” Qing Shui took out a bag of medicine and gave it to Ziche Sha.

Ziche Sha quickly took the medicine to boil.

This short time seemed extremely long, after a while, Ziche Fei slowly opened his eyes, on his tired face were streaks of unmistakable exuberance and joy.

“Thank you Miraculous Physician, I can feel my recover, this is truly unthinkable, you are the strongest Miraculous Physician I’ve seen.” The old man happily said.

This caused the others to be jolted with shock, to actually reattach meridians, though they did not know their father’s condition, but they sought out many powerful physicians and Alchemists who were all helpless, yet this young man managed to accomplish it.

This meant that, stronger than those other people, who were considered Miraculous Physicians in their own right, this young man had far surpassed them, and was a true Miraculous Physician.

Miraculous Physician, a god-class physician!

At this time, Ziche Sha already had the medicine ready at the side, it only required water to run over it, so only a short while was needed, hearing Ziche Fei’s words, Ziche Sha’s eyes shone with an incredulous look, this was the first time she had seen a man differently.

“Try not to overuse your Origin Qi this month, after a month the recovery will be complete, I shall leave now.” Qing Shui smiled and said

This also reminded them, it was time to pay for the treatment.

Of course, the fee for this treatment was not ordinary.

“Sha’er, you escort Mister, you can remunerate him on the way out.” Ziche Fei saw that this young Miraculous Physician had astonishing capabilities, he felt that they were rather harmonious together, if they could get together, this would be a good thing for them.

Qing Shui was shocked, was this old man trying to give away her daughter, though she was pretty good, Qing Shui did not have such intentions…...

If Ziche Sha knew of his dirty and frivolous thinking, she might’ve fought him.

Qing Shui bid the others farewell before leaving, with Ziche Sha following him out.

“You have cured my father, how do you wish to be remunerated.” Ziche Sha lightly said, she did not know how best to thank Qing Shui, a Miraculous Physician like Qing Shui would not care for ordinary things.

“Where’s the Ziche Clan’s sincerity, unless you want me to give conditions? When I raise conditions, would you be unilaterally willing to comply?” Qing Shui turned around to tease her.

Qing Shui was not angry, he simply did not know what the Ziche Clan was cooking up, hearing her words made him feel like an extortionist, if it was truly like this, then he really wouldn’t mind extorting a little.

Ziche Sha’s body trembled slightly, as Qing Shui’s gaze while he was speaking carried with it an imperceptible dominance and stunning possessiveness to it.

“You cured my father, so long as I can accomplish it, I will not reject your conditions, I could even give away my life.” Ziche Sha lightly said.

Ziche Fei only had this daughter, and only in his old age, she was truly beloved by him, he had even helped her overcome two False God Tribulations, where she almost died, ZIche Sha was truly grateful to this father, but her love for him was also for another reason.

She was not actually Ziche Fei’s daughter, but rather her mother was one of Ziche Fei’s women, and even Ziche Fei knew that she wasn’t his biological daughter, as she was already six months pregnant upon arriving at Ziche Fei’s house.

She unintentionally stumbled upon this fact, her father and Ziche Fei were sworn brothers, when her clan was annihilated her mother bore massive wounds and carried her to the Ziche Clan, dying not long after she gave birth, therefore she became Ziche Fei’s daughter, while her mother, both treated her very well, they believed that she was still in the dark, but in reality she had long discovered the truth.

This was why he treated Ziche Fei like so,in her heart, Ziche Fei was her most respected and loved father, she wanted to continue to lie to herself, for her father, mother, siblings and the warmth of home.

These matters gradually went by, but she would not tell Qing Shui of them, which is why she spoke such words.

“Then I’ll have you be my woman, would you agree?” Qing Shui smiled, he knew this woman was a fledgling, although she looked mature and charming.

Ziche Sha trembled, her gaze towards Qing Shui coldened, before slowly saying: “Could you change your condition?”

“I can, don’t be my woman, but you cannot be others’ women,whenever I think of you, you have to come and accompany me to sleep.” Even Qing Shui found himself appalling.

The lady was angered to the point of wanting to kill Qing Shui, this was essentially the same as being his woman…...

The woman’s heart sank, as she slowly replied: “ I’ll comply with whatever you say.”

“Then to you agree to the first or the second condition?.” Qing Shui smiled as he inquired.

The lady looked away in disgust, lightly saying : “ I’ll choose the second option.”

Qing Shui was shocked, she was a truly stubborn lady.

Touching his nose, Qing Shui was only trying to crack a joke, merely not in favour of her attitude, unaware that things would escalate this rapidly, she probably thought he used these medical skills to accomplish shameful things, her disgusted gaze indicative of that.

Qing Shui saw her disgust and wanted to do something, but decided against it, shaking his head : “Fine, remember what you’ve promised today, I’ll leave first.”

Ziche Sha was shocked, she thought that she would not escape the fate of being ravaged today, but to think that he would leave of his own accord, her heart filled with joy, but also a tinge of disappointment.

Qing Shui left without any sense of unwillingness, he did not even turn his head, as if he had no interest or lingering reluctance towards her, she looked at Qing Shui’s disappearing silhouette, dazed.

“Little girl, why are you reluctant.”

A voice came at this time, Ziche Sha turned her head to see Ziche Fei, embarrassed, as she spoke : “ Daddy, what are you thinking about, he’s just a scoundrel.”

“Scoundrel? With Daddy’s experience, he is no scoundrel, with his capabilities he does not need to stoop so low, while his eyes are limpid, you can go over to the Imperial Cuisine Hall to take a look, then you will discover what kind of person he is, a dispirited lady walked in bringing four children, he sought no remuneration and took them in, he can treat poor people for free, give away free medicine, while towards the rich, he would charge exorbitant prices, ten times, a hundred times of ordinary prices, he justifies it by saying that an able man should do more…...He has confidence, some martial artists or rich people, in order to treat their illnesses, he would ask for half their assets, would they prefer their wealth or their life?...... The harshest terms he gave was to choose between their life and all their assets, that is truly a question of money or life. Of course this is all targeted at the immoral evildoers, but even if they are good people, so long as they can afford it, they should expect to pay a bit more.”

Ziche Fei had long since done a complete investigation on the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Ziche Sha was curious towards Qing Shui, what kind of person was he, previously she felt like he did not have any real interest towards her, but then why would he bring up such a condition?

She had already agreed, but yet he didn’t immediately move on her, walking away so nonchalantly, without even a hint of reluctance, was it her charm that was lacking…..

She had to visit the Imperial Cuisine Hall to see…...

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