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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1499 - Yu Niang was hit, Se Clan, Irreconcilable

Qing Shui actually felt slightly depressed, how did the situation develop so poorly, he might as well not collect the reward, so he left first, allowing the situation to de-escalate before he came back for it.


Returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall in the afternoon, Xue Nuo saw that Qing Shui had returned, smiled as she walked up and asked: “ How was it, brother-in-law?”

“It was good, there’s no disease in the world that your brother-in-law can’t cure.” QIng Shui also felt like he was accustomed to the identity of being this brother-in-law.

“You are still so braggadocious, but at least you are more handsome than other braggarts.” Xue Nuo laughed clearly before leaving.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, really? He shook his head and then started laughing as well.

The little brat was also here, when Xue Nuo left she left the little brat over here, so Qing Shui started to play with her.

Not long after this, Xue Nuo ran in in a hurry, only saying one sentence upon seeing Qing Shui, which ignited a fire under Qing Shui.

“Yu Niang was hit by someone!”

Yu Niang was that lady, the little brat’s mom, she was the virtuous mother of the four children, Qing Shui’s face turned dark.

“Don’t be rash Brother-in-law, the opposing party is from the Se Clan.” Xue Nuo quickly reminded him.

“Even the old heavenly king coming down is insufficient.” Having said this, Qing Shui immediately left towards the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

“A little female servant, our young master has already hit her, do you think you really need an apology?”

“You guys are really bullying the weak.” Tianyi pointed at a group of a dozen people in a fit of rage.

“It was her who spilt soup all over the young master’s face.”

“If it wasn’t for you trying to make a move, would she spill it on you?”

Yu Niang used to be skinny, abject, but this period of good conditioning turned her into a true beauty, a graceful and charming young married woman, there were some people who were addicted to this kind of people.

“Our young master wanting her is her fortune, a mere servant like her, not knowing propriety, I trust that your boss wouldn’t say anything even if we killed her.” A youth standing beside the charming youth spoke out.

Yu Niang sat on the floor in pain, the bones in her shoulder had been fractured, and on her face were evident marks of a slap, these Aristocratic Clan young masters would not hold tenderness or pity towards servant girls like Yu Niang, but would not immediately kill them, even if they were to die they had to first experience abject despair.

Ling Fei went to treat Yu Niang’s wounds, Yin Tong stood in front, blocking the opposing party, allowing Xue Nuo time to seek Qing Shui, to decide on how they would handle this situation, after all, in Linhai City, the Se Clan was a monstrous existence.

Was not afraid of stirring trouble, but he needed to discuss the matter with Qing Shui, since Qing Shui was in the vicinity, additionally, he had sealed up the area, not allowing the other party to leave.

“Still obstructing us, do you believe we’ll turn your Imperial Cuisine hall to ash.” The youth said to in mild impatience.

Although Yin Tong had obtained a Battle God Inheritance, but without the requisite time, he was not strong enough yet, especially in comparison to the large clans in Linhai City, he had to be careful, and could only depend on Qing Shui.

At this moment Qing Shui appeared in the courtyard, he did not even spare a glance at those people, directly walking towards Yu Niang.

“How are you sister?” Qing Shui squatted down before Yu Niang.

“A few of the bones in her shoulder were shattered, while her viscera were all injured in the shock.” Ling Fei sighed in anger as she said.

“Mister, I’ve caused trouble for you.” Yu Niang was apologetic even with her pale white visage as she looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui patted the area surrounding her shoulder, smiling: “ Not at all, I treat you like my real sister, regardless of who they are, they cannot bully you.”

Qing Shui had an indescribable sense of affection and kindness towards this woman, perhaps he saw in her the shadow of his mother, the shadow of a noble mother, he would not allow this purity and nobility to be tarnished or desecrated, the holiness of motherly love, the nobility of a mother.

If even this was disrupted, Qing Shui would feel disturbed in his heart, as if something he had been protecting forever being destroyed, as if a conviction being lost.

After such a long time, the little brat and the other children, as well as Yu Niang, were like a family, while Qing Shui thought of her as a sister, although she always addressed Qing Shui as Mister, Qing Shui had once tried to change that, though she never agreed.

“What kind of thing are you, do you know who our young master is!” That youth that had spoken before once again began to shout.

“Old brother, take the one that just spoke, beat him to death and throw him out.” Qing Shui did not even bother turning his head as he spoke.

“How unbridled, I’d like to see who dares!” The youth had been enraged, as the Se Clan’s young master he was always fawned upon wherever he went, to think there was someone who dared to be so arrogant before him, and was even a foreigner at that.

“I’ll have to trouble old brother to break the arms and smash the mouth of this young master Se!” Qing Shui took out the golden needles to carry out Acupuncture for Yu Niang as he spoke.

Yin Tong no longer had any misgivings, immediately taking action, giving the arrogant youth from before a slap, sending him flying out onto the streets, dead.

Only now did he turn towards the young master Se, these youths were a bunch of profligate sons, their strengths in comparison to normal people was exceptional, but they were trash compared to Qing Shui and Yin Tong, absolute garbage.





First was shattering the young master Se’s arms, then smashing his mouth while he was howling in agony, only now did the rest of the people keep deathly silent, they took the Se clan Youth as their head, and now even he was in such a state, their arrogance had died down, replaced only with fright.

At this sight, the other female servants of the Imperial Cuisine Hall were all moved, only working at this kind of place would their personal safety be guaranteed, other places would definitely be unwilling to offend a major clan for a mere servant.

Though she was recognized publicly as Qing Shui’s sister, everyone knew Yu Niang was originally a poor person living on the streets, and after such a long time, Qing Shui treated every person here very well, never looking down on them, whenever they had any troubles he would definitely help them solve them.

“Mister, their background seems to be immense, do not be rash, or else even in death I would be unable to apologize to Mister.” Yu Niang looked at Qing Shui with worry.

“Sister, rest well, what kind of thing are they, even if they repent I would not forgive them.” Qing Shui had truly been enraged this time.

The woman felt the warmth, she truly owed Qing Shui far too much.

Xue Nuo carried Yu Niang into a room, while Qing Shui directly broke the limbs of all the other people, before sitting down at a corner, he knew that before long, people from the Se Clan would arrive.

Young master Se had already fallen unconscious, Qing Shui wore a gloomy expression, Yin Tong was still around, while Ling Fei and Xue Nuo had gone over to take care of Yu Niang.

Many people were fearful of being dragged into the mess, so they took the opportunity to flee, but still there were many who chose to stay, as after knowing about the incident they took QIng Shui’s side.

Many people could see the extraordinary abilities of the Imperial Cuisine Hall run by Qing Shui, and a strong doctor’s capabilities were impossible to estimate, he had even dared to injure the Se Clan’s people, the Imperial Cuisine Hall’s people were not idiots, so that only meant one thing, that they did not fear the Se Clan.

Almost an hour later, a group of twenty-odd people entered the Imperial Cuisine Hall, with a few old men leading the charge, upon seeing the situation within, their faces turned gloomy and dreary. 

Qing Shui merely sat there, without even standing up or looking at the people that had just entered.

“Who’s in charge of the Imperial Cuisine Hall, San’er, let some men take these people back.” The old man said lightly.

“I want to see who has the capabilities to bring them back.” At this point, Qing Shui stood up and walked towards them.

“Young man, you must be in charge of the Imperial Cuisine Hall, I wonder if you’ve heard of being lenient and leaving room for yourself.” The old man said lightly while looking at Qing Shui.

The old man had snow white hair, a snow white beard, but on his face carried an ugly expression, carried an extreme intent to kill.

“Haha, if I spare others, then who will spare me?” Qing Shui spoke in disdain.

The old man took a good look at Qing Shui: “ Then what do you propose?”

“Someone began attacking my sister, breaking her arms and slapping her at my Imperial Cuisine Hall, what do you think I should do?” Qing Shui coldly laughed.

The old man felt a headache, he knew the moral upbringing of these Se Clan descendants all too well, and knew that Qing Shui was definitely speaking the truth, but was shocked as he asked: “ The Se Clan is a respectable one with a reputation to uphold, I wonder what are you thinking of doing?”

“It is not what I am thinking of doing, but if someone slapped your sister at the Se Clan, what would you be thinking of doing?” Qing Shui stared at the old man.

Seeing the expression on the old man’s face, Qing Shui knew there was no need to talk about giving face or respect, there was no need to associate with this kind of clan too much, as they had no morals in the face of their clan.

The old man seemed to have his own misgivings, but he still gave off an air of arrogance, as if he did not truly put the Imperial Cuisine Hall in his eyes, looking at Qing Shui: “If you don’t have the strength to back it up you better retract, or else if it gets to a point of no return, it will get ugly.”

The old man was caring for the face of the Se Clan, not for the fact that this profligate son was injured, however if the one that came was not him, but this prodigal son’s grandfather, then the situation would be totally different.

“Who dares to touch my grandson, I’ll exterminate their family!”

Speak of the devil.

A clear, tyrannical voice rang, with a dozen or so people entering, lead by a radiant, healthy-looking old man, seeing young master Se’s pitiful appearance, he immediately shouted out as his eyes turned red: “ Who did this, Who the hell did this, get the hell out here.”

Qing Shui’s creased his eyebrows: “Where did this dog come from, spraying feces everywhere, roll the hell out.”

“What are you, f*** your mother..” The old man turned around to scold Qing SHui.

“Courting death!”

Qing Shui was angry, his silhouette flashed, he attacked with his Paragon Strike, QIng Shui’s speed was too fast, the old man hastily tried to retaliate, while Qing Shui neither dodged nor evaded.

Qing Shui solidly stood there taking a blow from the old man, but the old man was instantly killed by Qing Shui, he courted death insulting his mother, this was Qing Shui’s untouchable reverse scale, no matter who it was, Qing Shui would make him pay the heaviest price.

The whole scene quietened down, the old man had a fiery temple, but possessed a very special status in the Se Clan, yet he was killed by Qing Shui, this meant that the scene had reached a point of no return, there was no reconciliation that could be done.

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