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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1500 - No mercy, Three day battle agreement, Ziche Sha’s arrival

The atmosphere instantly became very delicate, Qing Shui did not regret his decision, nor did he do it out of impulse, he had arrived in Linhai City for a while now, having helped a few major clans quite a bit, the common folk having experienced boundless amounts of his aid.

Qing Shui’s reputation as a kind doctor resounded throughout the area, to the point where some clans wished Qing Shui would have matters for others to settle, to allow them to help out and get Qing Shui to owe them favours, after all, a favour from a strong doctor could save a few, or even more lives.

Everyone knew that debts of gratitude were the hardest to repay!

“Since matters have already reached this stage, our Se Clan will issue a challenge letter, do you accept?” The old man who first entered hardened his expression as he said.

Qing Shui finally took a serious look at this old man, he was still a careful old man, still able to think about preventing the Se Clan from being washed up by waves of conflict.

Challenge letter, Life and Death battle, all would not bring calamity upon their clan, so long as Qing Shui accepted, no one would lose face, so although the Se Clan had lost a few people, they still issued a challenge letter.

“I’ll accept, why would I not accept, three days later, atop the Ice Ocean.” Qing Shui casually said.

“Good, we’ll leave!”

This time, Qing Shui did not hold them back, after a while the people from the Se Clan left, and the Imperial Cuisine Hall reverted to its normal state, many people returned to to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, and they now knew that its owner was not to be underestimated.

“Old Brother, just now……” Yin Tong was rather embarrassed to say.

“Old brother did no wrong, sometimes raw courage is not to be encouraged, unless we have the absolute confidence to antagonize them, I do have the confidence, or else I would have used a different method.”

Yin Tong drew a breath of relief, smiling as he nodded his head, then Qing Shui patted his shoulder: “ But sometimes people need to have guts, some things can be tolerated, while others should be fought for, better to die in glory than live in dishonour.”

“I know, only this time you’re here, so I wanted to know how you’d handle it, even if you weren’t here, I would not allow Yu Niang to be bullied by others.” Yin Tong lightly said.

Yin Tong knowingly treated Qing Shui as his pillar, which was normal, as those with strength would all have this ability, in the world of martial artists, those who learnt this would benefit.

“Let’s go and see Yu Niang!”

He turned to Tianyi and said: “Big Brother Tian, don’t let those little kids learn about what happened to Yu Niang.”

“Alright!” Tianyi promptly responded.

Qing Shui had already helped Yu Niang apply acupuncture, but she was still an ordinary person, her natural recovery abilities were exceedingly slow, but Qing Shui’s ability was not to be looked down upon, the pain had already dissipated, a great improvement from before, only needing a week to recover.

“I caused a lot of trouble for Mister again.” Yu Niang sighed, an evident tone of self-blame.

“Sister, why can’t you just treat me as a little brother.” Qing Shui sat by her side, smiling as he asked.

Yu Niang sighed again as she looked at Qing Shui, this man had helped him too much, if it wasn’t for him, her and her children would probably have gone to the next world already.

“Why is there a need to think this way, are all feelings of kinship between people only for the sole purpose obtaining benefits, could it be that only this way you can be my sister?” Qing Shui continued smiling as he spoke.

Yu Niang was jolted, indeed, he was so young, he had no lack of money, had abilities, and even had extremely good skills as a doctor, what did he lack? Those people from the major clans couldn’t curry favour with him even if they wanted to…… 

She realised, at this point, that the young man before him was far too exceptional, lightly saying as she looked at Qing Shui: “The way you put it, makes me unable to understand at all.”

“Some things happen for no rhyme or reason, could it be that you are afraid I’ll try to take you against your will.” Qing Shui said smilingly.

Yu Niang shook her head: “ I can give you whatever I have, my everything was given to me by you, pity that I find myself lacking anything you would desire.”

I do not know why either, upon seeing sister I feel a sense of closeness, I see in you the shadow of my mother, you are a noble mother, a noble mother is the holiest, most precious, meeting sister was fate, why do you not accept me, there’s no need to be so pragmatic in life, use your heart to feel, don’t keep using how much you can help me, how much I can help you as a measurement.”

Qing Shui actually didn’t mention, that this lady spending time with her children was a soul-cleansing feeling for him, it couldn’t increase his cultivation or mental state, but it cleansed his state of mind, a feeling that he truly enjoyed.

He had love for her, but it was totally separate from the love between a man and a woman, it was a very pure kind of love, a love for humanity.

“I’ve long treated you as my most closest kin.” Yu Niang lightly spoke as she looked at Qing Shui, her face filled with a joyous smile.

Though there was no further exposition, the implicit meaning was already very obvious, Qing Shui left Yu Niang to recuperate, without need to worry about the few children, there were no events so the time would pass very quickly.

The next day Qing Shui was at the Imperial Cuisine Hall, when he saw a familiar figure eating, Qing Shui was shocked, but walked over and sat opposite the person.

Ziche Sha!

This familiar face was actually Ziche Sha, she was eating the Jade Steamed Buns with great gusto, upon seeing Qing Shui she lowered her face to avoid eye contact.

Qing Shui’s heart had been swayed by this girl’s bearing, it was a feeling, though it was not very obvious, but this type of bearing was truly fatally attractive.

“Why, are you already unable to resist, coming here to find me.” Qing Shui lightly smiled.

Ziche Sha’s body trembled: “Why do you treat others so well, yet humiliate me?”

She looked at Qing Shui, her eyes seemed to be sparkling, lightly saying: “If you are that kind of person then so be it, I’ll accept this fate, but you aren’t that kind of person, why do you still act like this, let’s go, I’ll give you everything.”

Finished speaking, Ziche Sha grabbed Qing Shui’s hand and left, while the onlookers were all shocked as they looked at them.

Qing Shui gave a smile towards the onlookers and asked them to continue eating, before being pulled into the inner courtyard by Ziche Sha.

“Didn’t you see, that was Ziche Sha, the young mistress of the Ziche Clan, Linhai City and the Imperial Capital’s most beautiful woman.”

“No wonder she’s so pretty, so it was Ziche Sha, it is fortunate for me to have finally seen her in person.”

“ I never knew Miraculous Physician Qing had such great charm, to actually have Ziche Sha come over to find him, the two are even holding hands.”

“Not just holding hands, the two are extraordinarily close, only Miraculous Physician Qing could suit young mistress Ziche.”


Ziche Sha regretted pulling Qing Shui along, feeling like she was in a difficult position upon entering the inner courtyard, this man doesn’t even move, free for her to drag along, surely she could take the initiative to finish this?

She turned around, greeted by Qing Shui’s bad smile, immediately shaking off of Qing Shui’s in a huff.

“Alright, Big miss, take it as if I hadn’t said what I did before, the condition I raised before is also invalid, I want to apologize to you, either way I treated your father, let us call it even, nobody owes each other anything.” Qing Shui shook his head, not willing to let himself another relationship.

He felt that his relationships were already messy enough, although it seemed like the women by his side were all principled, on friendly terms, but Qing Shui knew that they actually only had a few who had good relationships with one another, and they were not willing to be entangled with Qing Shui, rather, staying separately, allowing Qing Shui to visit if they had the time.

Thinking about this, Qing Shui began having a headache, so he instructed the Heaven Secrets Academy, Lotus Sect, and Putuo Mountain to build their bases in the Dancing Phoenix Continent separately, not together, separated by at least hundreds or thousands of li.

The more he thought, the further he drifted away.

Ziche Sha also found Qing Shui’s words unexpected, she was ecstatic, yet slightly dejected, as after all, she was a lamb that sent herself to the slaughter, if he wanted to do anything to her she would not resist, for she had promised that to him.

Seeing that complete indifference in him, Ziche Sha began to worry, for the first time,if she was not beautiful enough…… 

“Do you hate me a lot?” Ziche Sha looked at Qing Shui.


“Am I ugly?”

“You’re pretty, very pretty.” Qing Shui said with conviction.

“Then you must not like women.” Ziche Sha looked at Qing Shui with a strange light.

Qing Shui became depressed, he viciously glared at her: “Is the fact that I didn’t go on you causing you discomfort.”

Qing Shui immediately grabbed her up and carried her to his room.

“Scoundrel, thug, let go of me……”

Ziche Sha began to panic, after all, she was still a greenhorn, to be carried by a man, and what was about to happen terrified her, this was not a beautiful love story, but rape…… 

“I was wrong, could you let go of me!”

“You’re a man, you’re a real man, this is fine already……” 

“What is fine already, that seemed too force, its better for me to prove it for a while.” Qing Shui, beauty in his embrace, his little brother already began to rise, and it had began to push on her perfectly round bosom.

Ziche Sha hadn’t ever experienced matters between men and women, but still had some knowledge of them, and she knew what exactly was pushing her, tightly hugging Qing Shui, trembling, not allowing Qing Shui to do anything.

Qing Shui saw that it was about time to end this, so he stretched his hand to spank the her perfectly round bottoms, a clear sound reverberated through the courtyard, to the point where Ziche Sha moaned softly.

“This slap is a short-term punishment. Why, are you unwilling to let go of me?” Qing Shui smiled as he said.

“You are a scoundrel, a big scoundrel.” Ziche Sha opened her mouth to bite Qing Shui’s shoulder.

“Ah, are you a dog!”

“You are then a dog.”

Ziche Sha’s face was beet red, her delicate and charm unimaginable, when did a mature and beautiful woman like her become like a child….. 

“Alright, speak, did you come here to find me.” Qing Shui smiled as he said, suppressing the foul thoughts he had with a few breaths.

People have emotions, Qing Shui wouldn’t do it with a woman whom he had no feelings toward, if that happened he would have to be responsible for that person, in his previous life people did this to escape loneliness, only to discover themselves growing more lonesome at the end.

This was a similar situation between Qing Shui and the Demon Lord, after that mistake, he tried his hardest to pursue her, unless she truly hated him at the end, then he would still end up with no regrets, meanwhile Yun Duan, in the end the ending was satisfactory, so Qing Shui would not go and provoke Ziche Sha, the move previously was merely to scare her.





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