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AST 1501 - The Arrival of Linhai City’s Number One Son

Ziche Sha was relieved, she was completely relaxed as she looked at Qing Shui and suddenly found that her relationship with this man was much more cordial than before, more intimate even.

She has never gotten close to a man before but did not expect to be so confused with this man, and she knew from her own experiences, that children of large clans were not able to freely choose who to marry, but her father has never requested such a thing of her before.

The Ziche Clan was very powerful, so they did not need to make marriage ties like other families, the odds of her marrying like a normal was very high, and she was also the city’s number one beauty.

She knew of her own experiences, knowing that what her father has accomplished with his strength was very rare, because of this, such talent and youth from a doctor created some friction.

The mind of women is very marvellous, and sometimes in a matter of a moment they can instantly change their minds, perhaps it’s due to the lack of contact, but among martial practitioners there was a lack of intimate relationships among men and women, there was very little.

So it is actually nothing, but some women may pay special attention to it.

Qing Shui felt that it was a large family of many daughters, and they even knew very powerful martial arts, so he would only slightly overdo things. After all, a man, if suspected, cannot do anything anymore, which makes him really unhappy.

"Sit down and tell me, what do you want from me?" Qing Shui said while pouring a cup of tea for the both of them – one for her and another for himself.

Ziche Sha sat down and took the cup of tea without giving any thanks and gently said: “The buns here are really good-looking and delicious, well, it's the best thing I've ever had.”

Qing Shui noticed that she did not answer his question, but still he didn’t care too much about it. He simply said while laughing. “You don’t need any money in your family. You can just eat as much as you want.”

“Isn’t it stingy, you and the Se Clan, both don’t have any confidence.” Ziche Sha discoursed and stood up.

“I don’t know.” Qing Shui just shook his head and showed that there wasn’t much of a problem.

“I wonder if you still will accept it?” said Ziche Sha surprised.

“Who says he doesn’t know this, in fact, every duel will have at least one from either side who don’t know, otherwise there would be no failure of any party. Do not say anything which underestimates the other's strength.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

When the woman looked at him, Qing Shui was left with little to say, so she said: ‘Sophistry.'

Qing Shui smiled: “She looks worried for me, seems like she is fond of me.”

“You look stingy, I don’t know any good people, and to see you curing my father, I am still too lazy to take care of you.” Ziche Sha angrily said, she found that together with Qing Shui she had experienced, shame, panic, anger...

'Well, thank you Miss, but what if it’s not going to help me.' Qing Shui said indifferently.

“Hmph, I don't think you are worried at all. It seems that you are certain that you will never lose out even if you have a bad stomach.” Ziche Sha said while having tea with a laugh.

   The mentality and adaptability of this woman seems to be very strong, and is so fast, she has been able to easily deal with Qing Shui, while restoring her previous graceful bearing

Qing Shui saw her acting like this and felt happy in his heart, in this life he felt that his connections between women was pretty good. In the past, it was said that capable men never lacked good women, but he has only now experienced this.


People in the past complained about this, about a woman’s influence. But in fact, if you think about their position, they have no power. Some people even say that they are small-faced. But they don’t know that being small-faced is also a strength. No matter which aspect is strong, there will never be a shortage of need for women in areas like singing, martial arts, sports...

“You own a lot of houses here, can I rent a room in one?" Ziche Sha asked from Qing Shui.

"Are you really going to live here without being afraid of me touching you at night?" Qing Shui smiled.

“I too have a golden scissors, if you think you can endure then you can try.” Ziche Sha glanced at Qing Shui, which made Qing Shui feel that she was quite feminine

“Just pick any one, but I am saying this ahead of time, don’t get any ideas.” Qing Shui happily laughed as he said and left.

Ziche Sha got what Qing Shui was trying to say, but did not say anything, and just smiled

The next day, Qing Shui as always, did his own things. However, the incidents involving the Imperial Cuisine Hall and the Se Clan were already spreading rapidly. The reputation of the clan was not bad, but it was also not good. At least, it was not comparable to that of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Therefore, many people were accusing the Se Clan. Qing Shui saw this but only smiled and laughed. This was the benefit of the Imperial Cuisine Hall, the people had an unpleasant taste. This was disguised power of 

This was an invisible power that was described in the past world. Even though these people can't help directly, they can let the Imperial Cuisine Hall stand on the right side.

Qing Shui, however, found Nature Energy develops as the power of faith finds a role, that is, the more you support your own people, the more formidable the Nature Energy.

Nature Energy was formidable, as you can let your powers go beyond your normal strength, and take the sideline position while resisting the opponent's formation.

Although Qing Shui's Nature Energy Pellet wasn’t complete, but the seven-colored pellet on top of his Nature Energy compared to his Nature Energy Pellet and Nature Energy, it is unknown how powerful his strength would be increased by.

This is also the reason why Qing Shui decided to go out for life experiences, conveniently gaining some power of faith, though it’s not like it would fade away after all is said and done. After all, if you help people, the other side would be grateful for life

In the world, there are many normal people. Even if it is a bad person, they also have sentiment. You should be good to them. They are the minority. There is also a lot of comprehension that compels or exposes the motivation for the other person to take advantage of.

Near noon, when Qing Shui had just arrived at the Imperial Cuisine Hall, he saw that several people were heading towards him, and leading them was a tall and handsome man.

Mr. Perfect?

When Qing Shui saw this man, he thought of that word. He felt that this word properly described this man. The man was quite transparent. The smile on his face was very charming. Qing Shui felt that he could not find any faults with this man. He felt this man would be liked by most women

"You are Divine Doctor Qing, I am Lan Lingfeng, please to make your acquittance." The man smiled and said to Qing Shui.

'Wow, he is the first son of Linhai City!'

“He’s so attractive!'

“But I still think Divine Doctor Qing looks better!”

“The first son of Linhai City is not only good-looking, it is said that his strength is the most frightening.”


For a moment it was bustling with incomparable excitement, Lan Lingfeng has been a big celebrity of Linhai City, and was extremely well-known, that even people who have not seen him have also heard his name.

Qing Shui was also surprised for a moment, he naturally heard the name of Lan Lingfeng here, but he didn’t feel anything like the past when people worshipped celebrities and the such. Qing Shui seems to have no interest in this regard and it was unlikely that he would worship anyone in this age.

Qing Shui smiled and reached his hand out: “Hello, I'm Qing Shui!”

Holding both hands together, Lan Lingfeng grasped Qing Shui's hand tightly: “I have heard that the attainments of Divine Doctor Qing in martial arts is also very deep. We are all young people here, are you interested in playing?”

Qing Shui heard the rumors that the first son of Linhai City was not only measured by looks, but in addition, there was the title of martial arts, coupled with a strong talent, so for a time in the entire younger generation, no one could take over his limelight.

Qing Shui did not expect this first meeting, yet the second sentence said was about fighting...

“I'm sorry, I have something else to do.” Qing Shui shook his head and skillfully shook off Lan Lingfeng's hand.

Lan Lingfeng’s bright eyes were surprised. He looked at Qing Shui and asked “Are you afraid?”

“Afraid? I'm not afraid of anything.' Qing Shui smiled.

  “If you don't want to compete with me, I ask you to distance yourself from Miss.Ziche.” Lan Lingfeng smiled, but the words that came out were chilling.

Qing Shui understood it now, this was his plan for coming. The original reason was for Ziche Sha. In the case that he had properly asked him, Qing Shui would have happily complied, after all, Qing Shui felt before that this man was very good. He also didn’t mind others opinions, but now he was quite disgusted by this Lan Lingfeng.

“This is the Imperial Cuisine Hall, currently you are unwelcome, I ask you to please leave. You are not welcomed here.' Qing Shui smiled and waved to Lan Lingfeng, like he was shooing a housefly.

“How dare you? Are you a man? A man solves things the man way. You win, I immediately leave. But if you lose, stop pestering Miss.Ziche from now on.' Lan Ling Feng said with a laugh.

“Whether I am a man or not, I need not you to tell me. It is not said that a man who shouts more powerfully than another man is better. And, I'm not so bored as to test that with you. I have no time, so don't bother me, leave!” Qing Shui said as he was not at all fond of the young man at the moment.

"Forget about this soft egg, it is impossible Miss.Ziche is so strongly attached and would fall for this soft egg." Lan Ling said with a biting voice.

Qing Shui lifted a silver acupuncture needle and pierced the man’s perineum: Speaking has a price, since you are fond of softness, I will make you soft for life!'

The man suffered a pinch of pain, then it was all right, but suddenly he felt that there nothing and there was no feeling, as if no such thing happened.

The man panicked, thinking that the other party was a doctor, and doctors could kill without blood spilling, they did not use a knife, but had many ways to make people die, suddenly he broke out in cold sweat: "What did you do to me?" What have you done to me!”

The voice of the man was trembling and fear-stricken, just like an old woman’s...

“What did you do to my friend just now, I ask you to heal him.”

“It cannot be restored, and I will not help him recover.' Qing shui said with a smile and turned to leave.

"Believe it or not, I raze this Imperial Cuisine Hall to the ground." Lan Lingfeng’s voice was cold and bitter. Qing Shui’s outer appearance currently was quite awful. What did Lan Lingfeng suffer to be so angry?

"Whatever, I'd like to have the Lan Clan come and meet me, and you Lan Lingfeng to be a porter here." Qing Shui stopped and said quietly.

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