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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1503 - Battle in the skies of the Ice Ocean Domain

Qing Shui also didn’t know mind reading, he didn’t know what others felt about him. He also didn’t believe that Ziche Sha would fall in love with him. If she fell in love so easily with others, she wouldn’t have been single for so many years.

Even for Lan Lingfeng, Qing Shui felt that it wouldn’t be so easy for him to woo Ziche Sha. After all, Lan Lingfeng has pursued this woman for so many years, if he had the ability to, she would long be his.

In his past life, Qing Shui already understood a logic. Humans and animals were different. If it was an object and one was fond of it, one could use any methods they could think of to obtain it. But things were different when it comes to love. If the woman isn’t in love with a man, no matter what methods were used and even if they eventually got together because of force, neither party would be happy. Since this was the case, why force things? Unless the woman was fond of the man too, only then should the man put in effort to woo her.

 There were also people who said that men shouldn’t shrink back. You mustn’t cower just because the one you like don’t like you. You have to do all you can to get her, but the prerequisite is that she is neutral to you and you feel she might have a chance to fall for you.

There were simply too many different schools of thought.

Lan Lingfeng stayed in the Imperial Cuisine Hall and everyone now owns a pavilion that was situated in a courtyard. By moving in, Lan Lingfeng caused the topics of interest and conversation to increase a lot in the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Lan Lingfeng was considered the number one young man of the Linhai City. By staying with the Imperial Cuisine Hall, it was evident that his relationship with Miraculous Doctor Qing was extremely good. But as to how good it is, nobody knows and they could only try and guess.

Next, the topic of the battle between Se Clan and Imperial Cuisine Hall came out. The Lan Clan in the Linhai City couldn’t be considered the strongest clan but they were for sure one of the top few. The Se Clan was a great clan as well and now that the relationship of Lan Lingfeng and Qing Shui is so good, it actually made the Se Clan to fall back into a state of passiveness.

Because, Lan Linfeng’s status in the Lan Clan was extremely high and his words held enough weight to sway decisions. Hence, this made the Se Clan afraid to act.

The time the Imperial Cuisine Hall existed in the Linhai City couldn’t be considered long. And now, all of a sudden the eldest miss of the Ziche Clan and even the number one young man of the Linhai City moved in. What could the Se Clan do?

The challenge letter has already been sent and the entire city knew of their arranged battle. If the Se Clan retreats now, their reputation would surely be tarnished. It was much more worse compared to them losing. If they pulled out now, it would indicate that they are cowards and had no honor, breaking their very own words.

The arranged battle has to continue for sure. It was just that they had no idea if the Ziche Clan and Lan Clan would interfere?

An old man of the Se Clan was in deep thoughts.

In fact, on the other hand, the people of the Hua Clan felt a little depressed. However although they failed to lure out the Lan Clan, the appearance of the Se Clan could be considered a gain. If they knew this would happen, they would have probably chosen to do nothing. Now, they found such a stronger helper for the Imperial Cuisine Hall but there’s still a chance that the Lan Clan wouldn’t act.

There was an unspoken rule in the continents. For this kind of arranged battles, no helpers could he sought out usually unless one party spoken of it right at the start.

Ziche Sha and Lan Lingfeng naturally knew about the arranged battle between the Se Clan and Imperial Cuisine Hall. They asked Qing Shui if he needed help because there was still some time and they could send some of their clan members over if Qing Shui needed.

Qing Shui shook his head, “It’s fine, I think I can handle them.”

Regardless of one on one battles or group fights, Qing Shui had no fear at all. He could stand alone against them. However, he was still filled with gratitude for the kind intentions of Lan Lingfeng and Ziche Sha.

Because for inheritors of Battle Gods, they could feel a kinship when they met with each other. Such a feeling was indescribable, it was just simply so marvellous.

Hence they treated each other like brothers immediately. This was something the battle god inheritances brought to them, something imprinted into their bones.


After a while, it’s already late morning. Today, the Ice Ocean Domain was flooded with people. This world has always been strength-oriented and upon knowing there are powerful experts going to meet here for an arranged battle, many people were soon drawn over.

The sun in the east rose high up in the skies, shooting down rays of golden light. The coldness in the air dissipated somewhat but that was only just a feeling. The atmosphere of the Linhai City has always been chilly. This place, was like an eternally frozen world.

Qing Shui and the rest all already stood at a remote location of the Ice Ocean Domain and there were many simple confusion formations set up in their surroundings. The people of the Se Clan arrived long ago as well. Although their numbers weren’t many, it was still more compared to the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

There would be no judge for such an arranged battle. All the terms have to be negotiated by the two parties themselves.

Time slowly passed, and when it’s approaching noon, an old man from the Se Clan appeared in the air.

“Look, someone from the Se Clan is already there. Why is there no movements from the people of the Imperial Cuisine Hall yet?”

“Do you all think the Imperial Cuisine Hall is stronger or the Se Clan is stronger?”

“Se Clan is a great clan, a skinny camel is also larger than a horse. If the Imperial Cuisine Hall only depended on Miraculous Doctor Qing, it would be very difficult for them to achieve victory.”

“How can the Miraculous Doctor Qing be so strong at such a young age? There’s most probably a large power behind his back.”

“Have you forgotten that there some some mystical inheritances and good fortune in the continents? Given how strong Miraculous Doctor Qing is, there’s no way he reached this level of strength by simply receiving normal training.”

“That’s true. I wonder if the Lan Clan and Ziche Clan would act?”

“I don’t think so, but who knows?”


Qing Shui’s silhouette flickered, soaring up into the air. With another flash, he appeared not far away from the old man as he stared in silence at him. Qing Shui’s appearance naturally caused a commotion among the spectators below.

“Miraculous Doctor Qing, we will support you!”

“Everyone wants to see a fair fight. The great clans mustn’t use underhanded methods or any tricks.”

“The Imperial Cuisine Hall is too high profile for their own good. The Se Clan best teach them a lesson. Some youngsters truly had no idea regarding the immensity of heavens and earth just because they have a little strength.”

“Which bastard said this? Come on out!”

“Come out now!!”


“Now that things has come to such a state, I won’t say anything more. If the Se Clan is defeated, it just means that the Se Clan is useless. The youngsters of the Se Clan might be in the wrong but they have already suffered a heavy punishment. How about a fresh round of pure combat today with no other hidden intentions?” The old man slowly spoke in a neither servile nor overbearing matter, playing down the matters of the past by saying the youngsters of the Se Clan has already been heavily punished.

“It’s fine that young people commit mistakes. However, there are some things that can never be condoned. In any case, since you put it this way, let’s have a round of combat then. I wonder how do you want to set the rules?” Qing Shui smiled as he spoke.

“How about three battles? The winner has to win two out of the three battles.” The old man spoke after thinking for awhile.

“How about this? I will just stand here. As long as you all can defeat me, it will be considered your victory. How about it?” Qing Shui straightforwardly spoke.

The mouth of the old man twitched, but he didn’t let his emotions get the better of him. He nodded, “Since this is the case, I won’t stand on ceremony then.”

“Being merciful to your enemies is the same as being cruel to oneself.” Qing Shui casually spoke.

Very swiftly, a skinny old man appeared before Qing Shui. This old man was clad in loose flowing robes, his aged appearance made Qing Shui felt a little reluctant to hurt him but the aura this old man emitted, was an extremely cold and sinister one.

The eyes of this old man was very bright and sharp, akin to that of a dagger. He seemed to have returned to the state of his origin, and appeared not to have any cultivation. But because of the skills this old man practiced, that aura of sharpness emanating from him couldn’t be masked.

The weapon of the old man was a snake staff with a five flower snake about a meter long coiled around it.

Qing Shui wasn’t worried about that five flower snake. For such heretic things, Qing Shui had no regards for it. However, he knew he couldn’t be careless, it wouldn’t do him any good for him to be overconfident.

“Please!” The old man was straight forward, but his voice was delicate and cold.

Qing Shui took out his Golden Battle Halberd as he nodded, “Please!”

The old man wasn’t polite, directly rushing Qing Shui. His movements were not fast, but there were many transformations, resulting in four after-images when he was half way to Qing Shui. A total of five auras permeated the atmosphere, exact to the same detail.

Qing Shui smiled, these small tricks were nothing but child’s play to him.

Qing Shui had no change to his expressions. The strength of the old man was still a little stronger compared to him. But naturally this was under the circumstances that Qing Shui didn’t activate any of the augmentations.

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique!


At the start, Qing Shui completely suppressed his opponent the instant he came out.

That old man felt a reluctance in his heart, his strength was obviously higher but he was completely overwhelmed and suppressed.




Qing Shui,s Golden Battle Halberd triggered the penetrating ability, directly slashing through the snake staff into two. The five flower snake weren’t so lucky and during the combat, it attempted to sneak attack Qing Shui several times, even spitting out clouds of poisonous gas. Sadly, the white qi radiating from Qing Shui neutralised all of that.

After slashing the five flower snake into two, it screamed in agony.

The old man without a weapon, was no longer Qing Shui’s match. Not long later, he was wounded but he didn’t choose to concede, although it was clear that the victory belongs to Qing Shui.

“The Miraculous Doctor has won. Even the old snake freak isn’t his match!” 

“The old snake freak has quite some status in the Se Clan. Who would have thought that he would be so easily defeated by a doctor.”

“Since Miraculous Doctor Qing dared to accept this battle, it’s clear that he’s confident. I believe he would be able to continue winning to the end.”


Qing Shui stood in the air, he didn’t pursue after his opponent. The other party was already defeated and was even injured. His opponent wouldn’t be able to recover if he didn’t spend at least a few months in recuperation. This defeat would surely influence his opponent’s future strength greatly, leaving a demon in his heart. It would be tough if his opponent wanted to have another breakthrough in the future.

“Young man you really are strong.”

Another old man appeared before Qing Shui. This old man was quite chubby with a ruddy expression. There was always a smile on his face, giving people the feel that he’s someone who is well-connected.

“Wow old man, your strength must be very powerful. Let’s begin!” Qing Shui laughed.

“The young ones are so eager. Let’s get started then.” The old man took out a pair of huge hammers as he spoke, and summoned two Goldrock Beasts.

Qing Shui stared at the twin huge hammers that were a dreary grey in color. After some close observation, he could tell that the hammers weren’t ordinary and had a heavy desolate aura within them.

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