AST 1504 - Won Two Victories, Trepidation

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1504 - Won Two Victories, Trepidation

This two weapons were extremely strong, Qing Shui could sense an ancient aura filled with intense killing intent radiating from then. Most probably, these twin hammers were stained with the blood of many.

The two Goldrock Beasts were also variant-types from ancient times. The length of their bodies exceeded 200 metres and their entire body gleamed golden while exuding a malevolent and baleful aura.

Qing Shui felt that the old man’s strength have already exceed him by about one-fold. At the very least, the old man’s power should have reached 400 million sun. Even for Qing Shui, it was enough to make him take this more seriously.

Phoenix Battle Intent!

Battle God Halo!

Heavenly Talisman!

Instantly, his power boosted up, reaching same levels as the old man. However, Qing Shui hadn’t weaken his opponent’s strength yet. Also, Qing Shui’s strength was in his defence complementing the Golden Battle Halberd.

Roaming Dragon Steps!

Qing Shui stepped the Nine Palace Positionings, using the Roaming Dragon Step to dash to that old man. That old man instantly waved his twin hammers and also rushed towards Qing Shui.


A crisp sound rang out endlessly, Qing Shui depended on his movement techniques and fearsome speed plus Taichi Fist and his defence, fighting on equal grounds against that old man.

 As long as he could delay, Qing Shui would win. Also, the old man’s attack basically couldn’t injure Qing Shui at all. This was his source of pride.

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique!

After exchanging over ten moves, the Golden Battle Halberd’s penetration ability hadn’t appeared yet. Qing Shui decided to first disarm his opponents first before proceeding to defeat him. The pair of hammers gave him a weird feeling.


A sharp grinding sound rang out, Qing Shui saw that the huge hammers now had a dent of one foot deep on it when it clashed against the Golden Battle Halberd, but the halberd failed to penetrate it all the way through.

The old man’s hammers were sufficiently strong, if not both of them would have already disintegrated. Although now there was only a dent, the damage done to his precious weapons were enough to make the heart of the old man bleed blood. The twin hammers were his life, and now… there was a dent on it. He couldn’t even repair it if he wanted to.

Now, the old man was truly angered. He no longer had a smile on his face when he stared at Qing Shui. His expressions changed, turning gloomy and sinister.

Grey Slaughter Prison!

The hammers moved in a cryptic motion, creating a murky grey mist that obscured the vision of the spectators. This mist could even block sounds.

Qing Shui closed his eyes and activated his spiritual sense, and Area Dominance.

The silverwhite qi from him dispersed the grey mist in his surroundings, causing an area of ten metres around Qing Shui to be clear.

Nine Palace Domain!

Qing Shui directly used his Nine Palace Domain on this cleared-up area. Within this domain, he was the controller. Naturally, there was a limit to the size of his domain but it should be enough to use as a buffer against sneak attacks by his opponent.

“Go to hell!”

“Flash Strike!”

The old man’s voice suddenly appeared as twin gigantic grey hammers smashed towards Qing Shui with unbelievable speed.

The flash strike of the old man in Qing Shui’s perspective was actually extremely slow. This was precisely because of his Nine Palace Domain in addition to Qing Shui’s fearsome speed. This was why the old man’s attack seemed to be moving so slowly to him.


Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd accurately clashed against the giant hammer but the penetration ability didn’t activate this time around.

Qing Shui discovered that the probability of activating penetration was very low when clashing against these hammers. Most probably, this has to do with the quality of materials used to forge the hammers.

The Golden Battle Halberd could ignore any grades of quality from materials as it penetrate through them with ease. However, if it wanted to penetrate through legendary materials, the activation rate would drastically decrease and the amount of penetration when succeeded, would also be limited. It was impossible to shatter legendary materials so easily with a few attempts or if not, the battle halberd would simply be invincible.


Two roars thundered through the air as the two Goldrock Beasts lunged at Qing Shui. Goldrock Beasts belong to the metal element and extremely powerful demonic beasts. Golden saliva drooled from their mouths as they spat out a ball of that liquid.

This golden liquid has a terrifying temperature and was something even more fearsome compared to lava. Once something came into contact with it, that thing would instantly be sealed by metal.


Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire. Fire counters Metal. Qing Shui summoned the Hellfire Phoenix. Once an element counters another, the might exuded would double. At the same time, Qing Shui’s Primordial Flame Dragon Whip also lashed out towards the Goldrock Beast.

Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique!

The main point of the Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique was to allow Qing Shui to control the force of five elements. He could use them freely to counter his opponents during combat.


A bloody wound would open up on the flesh of the Goldrock Beasts every time Qing Shui’s whip lashed out. After all, Qing Shui’s strength was higher compared to these beasts and there was a boosting effect due to the counter in terms of the five elements. Each of his attack would injure the Goldrock Beasts.

Although the strength of Hellfire Phoenix wasn’t as high as Qing Shui, one cannot underestimated it. Everytime it erupted with fireballs, the Goldrock Beast would roared in agony. The phoenix’s attacks would always accurately strike at the bloody wound opened up by Qing Shui’s whip lashes.

Qing Shui didn’t summon his other demonic beasts as this was already enough. He didn’t want to reveal all his cards this early. Naturally, the prerequisite was that he has to win against his opponent. If not, it would be too late to regret if he held back and was defeated instead.

Qing Shui still had things he could depend on. Given his terrifying defences, there was probably only very few who could insta-kill him in the Ice Domain Dynasty. Also, he still had the ability to resist fatal strikes.

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

Qing Shui saw an opportunity and directly unleash the bloodthirsty demonic vines. The blood-red thick vines soared up the skies, directly binding the two Goldrock Beasts. The barbs might not be able to pierce their skin, but the binding strength of these vines were incomparably terrifying.

The two gigantic Goldrock Beast struggled violently but the vines showed no signs of moving, slowly sapping away the beasts strength. At the end when all their strength was sapped away, they might eventually be strangled to death by the vines.

Qing Shui’s Area Dominance shifted together with his location. At the same time, Nine Palace Laws would also appear.

By now, the old man already felt Qing Shui was very tough to handle and he felt victory would be tough to achieve. In fact, he even felt a helplessness in his heart.

Soul Pursue Life Steal Hammer!

The old man moved again, his hammers seemed to be alive, protecting his body while he rushed Qing Shui.

Qing Shui laughed, he naturally wasn’t afraid of this method of combat. The attacks of the old man had no threat to him and when it comes to realms of combat techniques, Qing Shui don’t feel that he was inferior to any one. After all, Qing Shui has close to unlimited time to hone his combat techniques.

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique!

Phoenix Finger!

Qing Shui has already experimented with fusing the Phoenix Finger into the Nine Stances and the fusion have reached minor success stage. Now when he used it, it not only was powerful enough to block the old man’s powerful hammers, it even forced the old man back.

“You are not a match for me.” Qing Shui slowly spoke.

“That might not be the case. You best be prepared for what’s coming next.” The old man clutched his twin hammers tightly and spoke after contemplating for a moment.

“You want to risk your life for the next attack?” Qing Shui stared at the old man.

“Let’s try it and see.” Resolution flashed through the old man’s eyes.

Qing Shui nodded as his hold tightened on his halberd.

Qing Shui sensed that his opponent was going to use his mysterious sure kill technique. 

Paragon Reversal!

Qing Shui also his heavenly sure-kill technique, causing his movement and attack speed to increase several folds. He was waiting for the old man to act, and he had the guarantee of victory. Since the old man wanted to risk his life, he would grant the old man his wish.

“Sure Kill Strike!”

The body of the old man suddenly tensed as his motions turned blurry. All of a sudden, he appeared before Qing Shui as an indescribable desolate aura gushed forth from him, boring down and oppressing Qing Shui. Qing Shui couldn’t even open his eyes due to the pressure, let alone move at all. His entire body seemed to be frozen by the pressure.

Luckily Qing Shui executed Paragon Reversal earlier. But even so, he could only shift his head away under such circumstances. His body inclined backwards, and the halberd in his hand blocked the attack of a hammer. The other hammer of the old man took the chance and smashed upon his chest.

A blast of golden light manifested, neutralising this attack. At the instant he inclined his body backwards, his legs swept out with extreme force.

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

This was the most sinister and venomous move in Tiger Form.

After the old man executed his ultimate technique, he expended so much energy that he only has about 10% strength left. This was a sure-kill technique that was able to boost his attacks by numerous folds, and even contained a spiritual aspect that would damage his opponent’s psyche, befuddling them. This strike of the old man had killed countless people, including many experts who were stronger than him.

However this time it actually failed. The price of failure was death, the old man had no way to dodge Qing Shui’s counter attack which was a kick to his chest.


The old man was sent flying as his inner organs ruptured. The twin hammers flew from his hand due to the impact.

The Grey Slaughter Prison dissipated, only Qing Shui was left standing in the air. There seemed to be no change to him, he didn’t to be happy that he defeated his opponent and was just calmly standing there.

“Even Fat Arhat is dead!”

“Miraculous Doctor Qing is truly powerful. This time around, the Se Clan has rammed their toes into a steelboard.

“Sadly the Fat Arhat used Grey Slaughter Prison. If not we can see how did he died.”

“Look at the footprint on his chest. He should have been kicked to death.”

“Such a strong expert was actually kicked to death….”


For three rounds, they already lost two. But Qing Shui said that as long as they defeated him within three rounds, everything would be fine. This was their last chance, and although there weren’t any bets placed earlier, they would truly lose too much if they lost this round again.

Although the Se Clan didn’t place any bets, many of the spectators below were gambling on them. The Se Clan was a great clan here and hence to the spectators, the odds naturally are better for them.

Lan Lingfeng and the others stood below gazing at Qing Shui with strange expressions on their faces. Even though Yin Tong wasn’t clear on the exact level of Qing Shui’s strength, Lan Lingfeng was very clear of that Fat Arhat’s strength. At the very least, Lan Lingfeng knew that he, the #1 young man of the Linhai City, would surely not be able to win against the Fat Arhat.

If they could fight to a draw, it was already a miracle.

Ziche Sha’s shock wasn’t any lower than Lan Lingfeng. Zisha Che’s strength was stronger than Lan Lingfeng but the ultimate killing technique of the Fat Arhat’s was too powerful. They basically had no chance of victory if they fought against the Fat Arhat.

The two Goldrock Beasts were thrown down by Qing Shui.

“It’s about time for the Se Clan to make an appearance. This is the last battle why is there no one showing up?”

“Could it be that the Se Clan wanted to fight Miraculous Doctor Qing by taking turns and making him fatigue? If they lose again, they would truly have lost all face.

“I wonder who the Se Clan would sent up next. It should be some superstrong expert.”

“Of course. If they still cannot reverse the tides of defeat, they no longer need to make a living here in the Linhai City.”

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