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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1505 - One Against Four, Red-Robed Old Man, Kill

Qing Shui stood in the air. Below was a jumble of chaos. He was waiting, waiting for the Se Clan to send their last member. But when the last member of Se Clan was sent out, the spectators below were all stunned for a moment before they started cursing.

The Se Clan actually sent out four people for the third and final round…

“The Se Clan is too shameless. Why don’t they just sent the entire clan up?”

“That’s right. It was fine that they fought him by taking turns. Yet now at the last round, they actually so openly sent a team of four up there?”

“You can’t put it this way, before this the rules didn’t state that it should be one against one. The Imperial Cuisine Hall can jolly well sent up a few more experts if they want to.”

“What do you mean the rules didn’t state? You think the miraculous doctor really don’t have any backup to call for? If he wanted to, it’s too easy for him to summon a number of experts.”


Actually, the Se Clan’s decision made Qing Shui surprised as well. They actually sent up four experts in such a brazen manner. However, he wasn’t worried as he stared at these four old man.

These four old men all looked extremely calm, their state of hearts unaffected by the discussion earlier. When they stood before Qing Shui, the most senior one among the four stepped out.

This old man appeared truly ancient, he was clad in red robes and had a crimson blood staff in his hands.

“Young man, do you mind playing a little with us four old monsters?” The leading old man’s eyes gleamed with light.

“Old man, I don’t understand why you all choose to do this. Could it be that my strength is worthy of your four joining forces? Any one of you alone is stronger compared to me individually.” Qing Shui was very curious. His expression was calm as well.

“Your strength looks like it’s below us yet there’s an unknown power which you can activate that boosts your combat prowess far above your raw physical strength. Your expression tells me that you think nothing of us. And even I feel our chances of losing is greater than winning.” The old man sighed.

His voice wasn’t loud but everyone could heard it. Those who heard it were all instantly stunned. This old man was the red-robed old ancestor of the Se Clan.

The red-robed old ancestor of the Se Clan was a peak existence in the Linhai City. Usually, he wouldn’t involve himself in matters of the Se Clan but now he appeared and had such a high estimation for Qing Shui’s ability and even came with three others to fight him? What was going on?

“Old man, you given me such a big hat to fill. I wonder if you would try to kill me if there’s an opportunity to do so in the battle later.” Qing Shui smiled lightly.

Qing Shui wasn’t very clear of all the old men’s intentions but he knew they would surely kill him. He just wanted to see how the old man would reply.

“When weapons clashed, it’s inevitable for there to be injuries. Young sir, there’s no need to show mercy. We won’t show mercy as well.” The old man slowly spoke, his intent clear to all.

Qing Shui nodded. “Since this is the case, I accept.”

“Old brother, let me help you!” At this moment, Yin Tong flew up together with Lan Lingfeng and Ziche Sha.

Qing Shui shook his head. The three of them might be strongest within the youngest generations, they were still far from being able to match these four old men. In fact, they might even be insta-killed. He smiled at them, “I can handle them I think. Just support me from below.”

“Everyone look, that’s the eldest miss of the Ziche Clan and the number one young man of the Linhai City!” Some of the crowd commented excitedly.

“The Lan Clan and Ziche Clan seems to have an extraordinary relationship with the Imperial Cuisine Hall.”

“Yeah, but why no experts from their clans have been mobilised?”

“Maybe Miraculous Doctor Qing wants to take responsibility himself. Didn’t you hear the words of the red-robed old ancestor? The four of them joining forces was one thing, but they might still not be able to defeat Miraculous Doctor Qing.”

“You also choose to trust in the words of that old fox? Can’t you see that these old men wants to kill the Miraculous Doctor?”

“As someone that can make these four old fogeys join forces, Miraculous Doctor Qing must truly be extremely strong. In addition, he is very intelligent. If he is not confident, why would he accept this one versus four arrangement?”


Qing Shui stood in the air and took out his Golden Battle Halberd. However, he kept his fire bird and switched it for the Dragon Slaying Beast and Hell Nightmare Beast.

When Qing Shui summoned these two, the red-robed old ancestor’s expressions changed for a moment but swiftly returned to normal. His eyes narrowed into slits as though he was thinking about something.

For the Hell Nightmare Beast, it has been nurtured by Qing Shui using powerful medicinal pills and was many times more extraordinary than before. It has a beyond god-like defence that surpass super shield beasts, and a sharpness that exceeds the Blackgold Diamond Rat King. It was very fearsome in combat.

There was no need to say anything more about the Dragon Slaying Beast. Also with the existence of the Shadowless Flying Shuttle, the fearsomeness level of these two demonic beasts sky rocketed. Although their speed increased by one-fold, their strength increased by more than that.

“Let’s begin!” 

Qing Shui has already circulated his strength to the extreme limits earlier. For this battle, he might not be able to defeat his opponents in a short time but Qing Shui wasn’t afraid to drag the battle on. The longer he could drag it on, the greater his chance of victory.

The old man waved his hand, all of them stood in a fork position as they stared at Qing Shui.

Nine Palace Positioning!

Qing Shui didn’t dare to be careless and instantly activated the Nine Palace Positionings. He also linked telepathically with two of his demonic beasts, achieving a perfect rapport, able to unleash their greatest strength.

The four old men all had a crimson blood staff in their hands but their robes were all different. At this moment, a red color mist slowly enveloped the four of them, forming a ball-shaped blood barrier.

Golden sword!

Qing Shui raised his hand as a golden sword slashed out towards the blood-colored barrier directly.


A crisp sound rang out as the golden sword shattered. However, Qing Shui has anticipated that. He shot his other hand out summoning the bloodthirsty demonic vines, directly binding blood barrier with his four opponents.

However, before he could retract the vines, he discovered the blood barrier in ball shape emitting an intense crimson light that was much richer in hues of red compared to the vines. Next, the bloodthirsty demonic vines were actually devoured as it began losing vitality.

Qing Shui was startled. He directly withdrew his demonic vines.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

The surroundings before Qing Shui suddenly turned into an ocean with huge tsunami waves everywhere. With a wave of his hand, the waves rose to over 1,000 metres and surged towards the blood ball.

Bang Bang!

A thunderous boom echoed. But when the water tides gushed over, there was no reaction to the blood ball. Next, Qing Shui saw the blood ball spiralling with rapid speed, smashing towards his way and he was even locked down by spiritual sense.

Qing Shui was greatly shocked, he hurriedly willed his intent.

Emperor’s Qi!

The Hell Nightmare Beast swiftly appeared before him.


After a deafening boom, the Hell Nightmare Beast was knocked flying. However, it suffered no damage at all and in contrast, a scar could be seen on that blood ball.

Qing Shui’s eyes brightened. He allowed the Dragon Slaying Beast to attack while using the Hell Nightmare Beast to defend himself. Naturally if there’s an opportunity, he would switch them around to attack.

Now, what was important was for him to break this seemingly-formation like yet not a formation ultimate sure-kill technique. There should be a time limit for this thing. The strength it exudes is just too terrifyting.

Nine Palace Law!

Gravity increased rapidly, consumption rate as well!

Heavenly Talisman!

Xuantian Seal!

Art of Pursuing!

Qing Shui didn’t care if some skills wouldn’t be effective. He would just activate them all first.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui was forced back, but he would occasionally also launch attack with his golden battle halberd. Depending on the mystical Nine Palace Steps, Hell Nightmare Beast and Dragon Slaying Beast’s attacks, Qing Shui exuded a sense of immense danger. He wasn’t afraid of a direct collision at all.

Qing Shui felt a little helpless, but he didn’t know that the red-robed old ancestor and his opponents felt even more depressed. This blood ball was one of the red-robed old ancestor’s heavenly ultimate technique - World of Blood!

It could only last for 15 mins, and can merge the strength of them four together. Once the merging is perfect, it could devour the strength of five elements and possessed an insanely high defence.

Luckily, the consumption rate of energy is still normal but these four people could feel that the consumption rate was higher than normal. They knew for sure that the young man whom they are fighting against, must have done something. Because earlier, they felt their strength being lowered mysteriously when fighting him.

Having low strength wasn’t terrifying. What was terrifying was that there are some unknown methods that could lower one’s opponent’s strength. The red-robed old ancestor also stared with trepidation at the two demonic beasts of the young man as he felt an incoming headache.

Time flowed by, and soon after the sound of an explosion rang out. The blood ball finally exploded, and the four old men appeared, all of them had expressions of disbelief on their faces when they stared at Qing Shui.

This time around, Qing Shui depended on his speed and Nine Palace Steps, as well as attacks and defence by his demonic beast. He had no weakness at all.

The four old men exchanged mutual glances as they conversed. Two of them then rushed towards the Dragon Slaying Beast and Hell Nightmare Beast while leaving the red-robed old ancestor and the remaining old man as both of them rushed Qing Shui.

Qing Shui waved his hand and summoned the Thunderous Beast, Golden Scale Dragon Elephant, as well as the Seven-Headed Demonic Spider. After that, he took an instant to form a formation that was enveloped by the Nine Palace Positionings.

The Nine Palace Domain gave him a geographical advantage.

The red-robed old ancestor paused for a bit. He gritted his teeth and continued dashing towards Qing Shui again.

Heavenly Talisman, Emperor Qi, Dragon Elephant Trample, Diamond Sword Qi...

Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique!

Qing Shui dashed towards the old man using his Nine Palace Steps with a speed so fast that none of the others could follow his movements.

Crimson Blood River.

The silhouette of the old man flashed as he retreated in a mysterious manner. The Crimsonblood Staff in his hand waved as a bloody river manifested into existence. The blood river seethed and surge as an overwhelming devouring power was emitted from within.

Nine Continents Mountain!

The Nine Continents Mountain expanded to its largest size and appeared beneath Qing Shui’s feet. Supreme Treasure Nine Continents Mountains was considered to belong to the earth and metal element yet it wouldn’t be suppressed by the five elemental law of cause and effect and could even disrupt the other elements. The blood river belonged to the water element and it was suppressed by the Nine Continents Mountains


Sadly, the might of the Nine Continents Mountain was still limited. But despite so, Qing Shui stepped on the Nine Continents Mountain and once again rushed towards the red-robed old ancestor.

Thunder Strike!

The other old man directly rushed towards the Thunderous Beast.

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

Qing Shui chose to directly use the vines to cover the Thunderous Beast. The vines not only has an attack component, it could also act as defensive armor. The Thunderous Beast than continued to bombard its attacks towards the red-robed old man.

The old man dashed towards the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant but the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was too agile. The old man was in a rage, they knew that if they didn’t eliminate the Thunderous Beast, they would most likely die to the hands of this demonic beast.

The old man was in contemplation, wondering what to do but right at this moment, Qing Shui suddenly launched an attack using his miraculous Nine Palace Steps.

Violet Lightning Strike!

Violet Lightning Strike!

Two consecutive attacks. And Qing Shui followed up with a slash of his Golden Battle Halberd, aiming for the old man’s throat.

All of this was too sudden. Even the red-robed old ancestor was stunned. Qing Shui was so fast that nobody had time to react.

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