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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1508 - Thunder Beast's Strength, Preparing to Enter Kunpeng Mountain

    Looking at the Spirit Fish's actions, Qing Shui immediately felt relieved. He was terrified that the Spirit Fish would eat some of his precious little fish. The current pond could already be considered as a small lake. It was quite deep with several rock mountains and caves inside it. Each kind of fish and tortoise had their own space where they swam. Only this Spirit Fish was by itself.

    It's a pity that Qing Shui could only fish one of them up. He hoped to catch another one, so at least this one would have a partner. Now that he had the Spirit Fish, Qing Shui could relax his mind. It would act as a guide when he leaves for Sea King's Palace later.

    Spirit Fish could be raised, but not tamed. Whenever Qing Shui was inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he would try to communicate with it as he raised it, so he could at least become its friend.

    During these two years, Qing Shui's strength had continuously increased, but he felt that it was still too slow, even though it looked very fast to outsiders.

    The time within the Realm of the Violet Immortal after converting the 2 years wasn't insignificant. His raw strength had increased by 1000 suns, reaching 6000 suns and raised his strength by 11 points. It was mainly because his strength had increased steadily.

    Unfortunately, what made Qing Shui dissatisfied was that the time duration of 2 years wasn't enough to make a substantial breakthrough. His strength still hadn't reached the False God Stage. If only he were to overcome one False God Tribulation, his strength would increase by one-fold.

    Qing Shui really wanted to go through the False God Tribulation right now. Then, his strength would increase very quickly. Although it was dangerous, riches always came along with danger.

    Qing Shui was quite willing to challenge this danger because he didn’t want to promote his strength little by little. If others knew that he felt that his speed was 'little by little,' perhaps they would feel extreme despair.

    Even if others knew Qing Shui had the Realm of the Violet Immortal, they'd theorize something else.

    The benefits that this realm gave Qing Shui weren't as simple as the extension of time. Naturally, the extension of time was one of its most important effects. As time can change everything, in front of it, everything was vain.


    The Imperial Cuisine Hall's scale didn't increase again, but there were two more powerful doctors and also alchemists. Regarding them, Qing Shui had his own methods to make them feel assured. 

    Moreover, he didn't desire absolute loyalty from them. If they just took care of the internal affairs properly and didn't do anything to harm the Imperial Cuisine Hall, they'd have a lot of freedom.

    Coming to the backyard living room, Yin Tong, Tian Yi, and Lan Lingfeng were drinking. Xue Nuo, Yu Niang, Ziche Sha, and the rest with the few children were upstairs. Qing Shui could hear their voices.

    "Brother, how about it? It's already been two years. You shouldn't take this matter to your heart. It is bound to happen when the time comes. Perhaps one day, there might be a possibility that your wife voluntarily appears again."

    "Yes, Brother-in-law. Elder Sister is quite strong." Xue Nuo came down from upstairs while laughing.

    Qing Shui shook his head. Humans were such chaotic beings. If the affair were related to themselves, everything would become obscure. This was what it's meant by the words - Those who are involved can't see clearly!

    3 years had already passed and since Qing Shui had been waiting during those 3 years, the actual time duration since he hadn't seen Yi Ye Jian Ge was over 10 years!

    Qing Shui didn't remember clearly and also didn't want to have such thoughts. If he thought of her, he'd feel urged by the desire to see her, but now, it wasn't possible to see her even if he wanted to. This only made him feel sadder.

    Strength, I still need more strength. If I have enough strength, I can go to the Sea King's Palace myself to get to the bottom of this matter.

    In those two years, the strength of Qing Shui's demonic beasts had also increased a lot. Though slower compared to his speed, he was pleased, especially regarding the Dragon Slaying Beast.

    The Dragon Slaying Beast's strength had increased by one fold, and its size had already become the same as a camel and the bigger its build grew, the more terrifying it was. With its current build, even massive demonic beasts would fear fighting it.

    The stronger the Dragon Slaying Beast was, the bigger its figure grows, and the quicker its speed becomes. The pace at which its build grows is very slow. Initially, it resembled a calf, and just within these two years, its strength had increased so much that its build became the size of a camel.

    With its current build, it could also act as a mount and display its entire might. The appearance of the Dragon Slaying Beast was very flashy and incomparably sharp. It could easily instantly kill even a super-huge demonic beast.    

It had already entered the stage where its progress became slower. Qin Shui knew that haste would make waste. The winner was the one with the firmer foundation. Although others could promote their strength, they didn't dare to do so because the disparity between their foundation and boundary was too wide.

    Qing Shui's boundary and foundation were in sync currently. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the breaking point to be promoted to a higher stage, and it also wasn't like some roadblock had appeared. He was merely habituated with increasing his strength rapidly and felt uneasy with his current promotion speed.

    After 2 years, Qing Shui was planning to take a look at Kunpeng Mountain. He had never thought of going there before, but he and the Dragon Slaying Beast had made quite the progress. As for the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and the Hellfire Phoenix, their strength wasn't able to surpass levels and fight. The Thunder Beast though had become more terrifying.

    Legend states that the Thunder Beast possessed a Divine Beast bloodline and was an existence which was at the peak of the food chain. Their numbers were also very few. The reason Qing Shui wanted to leave for the Kunpeng Mountain Ranges was to let the Thunder Beast make a breakthrough.

    Thunder Beast!

    Its raw strength was 100 suns. This progress speed was quite fast as compared to before. Although its figure hadn't grown, its skills became stronger. Since its control skills were stronger and its core ability was to control an area, the Dragon Slaying Beast would match with it to instantly kill the enemies.

    Violet Thunder Protection: It was the exclusive skill of the Thunder Beast. Its raw strength would increase by a hundred-fold with zero consumption. It works autonomously and would cause the enemy to be stunned if they received an attack. It also could cancel two of any enemy attacks.

    Qing Shui wasn't surprised at the ability of Violet Thunder Protection to increase its strength hundred-fold because of the bloodline Thunder Beast possessed. Perhaps it may even exceed a hundred-fold later on. Even the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Hellfire Phoenix hadn't surpassed that.

    Thunderbolt: By using its core, it issues an attack which contains the power of thunder. The attack itself deals eight-fold damage, and the distance limit is six kilometers. There is also a stun effect in the attack which would reduce the speed, and slow down reaction speed. It would also cause self-inflicted fatigue, as the consumption of Thunderbolt was 20 times that of a regular attack.

    Its attack potential had increased from four-fold to eight-fold. If it rose again, its control skills would become stronger.

    Violet Thunder Chain Lightning: Start a chain violet lightning attack within a range. It had a certain probability of stunning the enemy, and its attack strength is five times that of a regular attack.

If the offense becomes stronger, it could be considered as a crowd control attack.

Thunder Flash: A passive battle skill. Increases speed by 15-fold permanently.

    Its speed became faster! Speed was the basis for a demonic beast with control skills.

    Violet Thunder Strike: Condenses the energy from its core to issue a powerful lightning strike towards the enemy. Its strength was 15 times a normal attack and has a 100% chance of stunning the enemy. The stun time depends on the enemy's strength. This skill could be used six times every three hours.

    Thunder's Fury: A passive battle skill. Zero consumption. It increases the power of Thunderbolt and Violet Thunder Strike by four-fold.

    Lightning Recovery: The Thunder Beast can freely grow up inside the Golden Buddha Aura Lotus and use this incredibly powerful energy to use Lightning Recovery which will recover 70% of its injuries and also increase its recovery speed by ten times. The skill duration is 30 mins and needs a gap of one hour after for every two uses.

    This one hadn't changed, but Qing Shui felt that this skill was already quite heaven-defying. It would be difficult even for him to accept it if this skill leveled up...

   Violet Lightning Armor: A passive battle skill. Zero consumption. Uses violet thunder to condense a battle armor which could cancel out 50% of physical and spiritual attack strength! At the same time, it also promotes its attack potential by 4 times and defense power by 10 times.

   The Thunder Beast belonged to the Control-type. Therefore, it needed to first guarantee its own survival. This Violet Lightning Armor was a pretty heaven-defying skill. Adding to the Violet Thunder Protection skill, this combo could cancel out half of the injuries made by the enemy and also increase its attack and defense power.

   Mutual Destruction: Causes an 80% injury to itself to exchange an 80% injury with the enemy. The injuries kept on adding and by using fearsome attacks on the opponent, both of them would receive massive injuries. Mutual Destruction wouldn't take the enemy's life directly.

   It could only be used once every month! And the probability of success was very low if there's a considerable gap between their strengths. Even if the skill was defeated, it could be used continuously until it activates successfully, but there needs to be a gap of few minutes between every successive try.

The Thunderous Beast's offense and defense weren't powerful as before. Its attack strength reached 7 million suns and its defense reached 17 million suns. The Thunder Beast could cancel 70% of the enemy's attack, and under Qing Shui's hands, its defense had become stronger. After all, the Thunderous Beast's forte was control and not direct attacks.

   Qing Shui gave more importance to the Thunderous Beast's survival skills. Compared to two years before, the Thunder Beast was stronger now. And Qing Shui felt that it still had a lot of space left to improve.

    Qing Shui had already resolved himself to leave for The Kunpeng Mountain range. Yin Tong and Lan Lingfeng also wanted to accompany him, but he refused them. He felt it would be easier to retreat if it was him alone.

    Qing Shui left on the journey the next day, riding the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Naturally, since he was traveling on land, he made use of the Nine Continents Steps.

    In these two years, the majority of the magic treasures didn't show any changes. There appeared a change two times in the Five Elements Divine Flag and a point appeared in the Western Oxhe Continent. Moreover, the Five Elements Divine Flag could carry four people now, a total of 5 including Qing Shui. But it wasn't possible to use the husband and wife transmission skill.

    The Kunpeng Mountain Range was very huge. In the first day, Qing Shui had reached the entrance of Kunpeng Mountain Range and noticed there were many people there. He didn't remember how many times he had used the Nine Continents Steps only to see so many people rushing over towards here.

    Many adventurers were leaving to explore Kunpeng Mountain. Its borders were relatively safe. The deeper a person goes, the more dangers he faced. Qing Shui took a look around at the tents placed here and discovered several strong auras, so he decided to stop here for half-a-day before proceeding further.

Taking a look at the surroundings, Qing Shui looked for a place to pitch up a tent as he wasn't in a hurry.

"It seems that a Gold-back Bear King has appeared inside Kunpeng Mountain. It has already injured many people."

"Gold-back Bear King? Is it very powerful?" Someone couldn't help but ask.

"It's a variation of the Iron-back Azure Bear. It's extremely powerful."

"Don't all the powerful demonic beasts stay in the deeper parts? We're only at the border area, are you telling me that this place is also dangerous?"

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