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Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1509 - Metamorphosis Pill, A Chance Encounter, It's Actually Her

    "This Gold-back Bear King operates at the border area, or else we wouldn't have had to worry about it." Someone said immediately. 

    "This is indeed quite dangerous. Everyone's on the edge due to this powerful demonic beast. Even I don't dare to enter the mountain."


    "Gold-back Bear King?" Qing Shui's eyes glistened because he had an alchemy recipe which needed materials from the Gold-back Bear King's body.

    This alchemy recipe was given to Qing Shui by that old alchemist from the Imperial Cuisine Hall. It was a medicine pill which can allow a demonic beast to evolve again once. Even its name was pretty standard.

    Metamorphosis Pill!

    This could make the bloodline of the demonic beast's body undergo a qualitative transformation, awakening the power hidden deep within it. Even if it wasn't a demonic beast with a very powerful bloodline, it could purify the blood essence of the bloodline and result in an atomic increase in strength. In the case of the bloodline of other powerful demonic beasts, the effect would vary depending on the situation, but it'd be enough to make people feel astonished.


    For the past year, Qing Shui had been looking for the materials required to refine a Metamorphosis Pill. The last ingredients needed were the Gold-back Scales from the Gold-back Bear King's back and its gall...

    Qing Shui slowly walked towards the cultivators who were speaking. There were about a total of more than 10 individuals. As for their strength, there were 2 Martial Saints, and the majority of the rest were at the Martial Emperor level.

    "Dear Brothers, do you know where that Gold-back Bear King is? I want to check it out." Qing Shui asked politely.

    This world didn't have cigarettes, or else presenting a cigarette would've made a better impression...

    A few of them looked at Qing Shui. He was very young, so they looked at him with contempt. Only a strange gleam passed flashed through the eyes of the leading two Martial Saints as they asked solemnly: "Is Mister thinking about going to kill that Gold-back Bear King?!"

    The man who spoke seemed to appear middle-aged, around 40-years-old. Thick eyebrows and big eyes, possessing a very distinctive aura which would catch anyone's attention. As soon as he said these words, those who were behind him and were planning to speak out; all of them shut their mouths consciously.

    Those people were all just riding on the coattails of this man. Qing Shui laughed: "I do indeed have this intention. I just wanted to know its exact location."

    If Qing Shui were to search for it himself, with how massive Kunpeng Mountain is, it'd be difficult even with his spiritual sense.

    "I'll come along with you!" Suddenly, an ice-cold yet charming and seductive voice came through from behind.

    Qing Shui turned around to look and was dazed. It was a woman wearing palace clothing. Her beautiful hair was draped over her shoulders. Her face akin to a masterpiece of heaven glistening like jade but appeared a little hazy, making it difficult for anyone to see it vividly, even though she wasn’t wearing a veil.

    The skeletal charm of her figure was quite strange, its aura was spiritualistic and oppressive. Her beautiful eyes were picturesque and poetic, seemingly containing a hint of the starry skies' boundlessness. This was a kind of divine aura which appeared on the outside from within.

    She seemed like the bright moon in the starry skies. Though her aura seemed tranquil, she nevertheless exuded a pressure as deep as the seas and was similar to the blue dome of heaven. Those palace clothes made her seem to look like a mortal, but the noble aura was oppressing.

    Could it be her?

    Qing Shui believed that this woman was a perfect match for the woman drawn on the 10th Portrait of Beauty. He thought that she was from a Grade 4 Dynasty when he saw her before at the Western Oxhe Continent, but it appeared now that he was mistaken.

    Is she from the Ice Domain Dynasty?

    Qing Shui's current strength was quite strong, but he felt that this woman was much stronger compared to himself. Perhaps she might be at the peak of the False God Stage. Qing Shui couldn't see through her age, which was quite reasonable in this case.

    Her beauty wasn't transcendent like Yiye Jiange's, neither was it similar to that of Di Chen and Canghai Mingyue It was yet also different from Yehuang Guwu's lovely allure, but not seeming to possess a coldness like Tantai Lingyan. She appeared to have a completely integrated body. That aura, charm, coldness, and mysteriously, a little mundanity.

    This was a woman who wasn't inferior to Yiye Jiange and the rest. Merely, Qing Shui couldn't understand why she appeared at this moment. After thinking about it, he immediately realized it.

    He could sense his strength, and though his strength wasn't equal to her's, it was considerably powerful. And most importantly, many people must have recognized him due to the matter with the Se Clan.

    Perhaps because she was a beautiful woman and those people had realized that they couldn't afford to offend her, they quietly left the area.

    "Hello, why do you want to help me?" Qing Shui asked while smiling.

    "Miraculous Physician Qing, I help you and then ask for your help. Wouldn't it be too terrible for you to refuse me?" By the time the woman had said those words, she had already approached Qing Shui, stopping roughly at a distance of three meters away.

    A faint and pure scent came towards him, seeming just like orchids. Although it was quite mild, it nevertheless was distinct and smelled especially good.

    "It's already late today, so why don't we set out tomorrow?" Qing Shui thought for a moment and asked.

    In actuality, Qing Shui was still puzzled at the moment. He had already seen all of the women drawn inside the Portraits of Beauty except for the final one. Qing Shui felt that he would perhaps also encounter her as well. He pondered about what kind of secret was actually hidden within these Portraits of Beauty.

    Is it only the 12 Heavenly Meridians? But what's the benefit of opening all the 12 Heavenly Meridians?

    "Alright. I'll come and find you tomorrow." She disappeared after saying that.

    Qing Shui looked at the empty space before him, feeling as if what he went through was just an illusionary dream. Those 10 people at a distance appeared to be discussing something. Qing Shui found a place to make fire and then cooked some meat.

    The surrounding had warmed up from the bonfire and most of it was used to prepare food. This location was quite cold and became colder as night crept up. Fortunately, they were cultivators, so their resistive abilities were enhanced.

    Although Qing Shui didn't add any spices, the meat's quality was still superb. The flavor after roasting it filled the surroundings with a fragrance, but it didn't seem to dissipate.

He made a small pot of soup for himself to eat, but since there was no one around, he was not in a rush as it was just himself. 

    A quiet night passed by and Qing Shui woke up very early the following day. The surrounding tents were all very quiet. After leaving, Qing Shui looked at a beautiful visage standing on top of a mountain, looking towards the horizon.

    This woman really came quite early!

    Qing Shui packed up his tent properly and had already made himself presentable when he came out from the Realm of the Violet Immortal. He flew towards the woman and stood beside her.

    "Morning!" Qing Shui smiled and said.

    Her figure possessed a graceful sexiness, but it wasn't that kind of excessive curves but was an unspeakable alluring charm, and this attractiveness seemed to appear right from her body and soul.

    The woman turned to look at Qing Shui: "Morning!"

    Right now, Qing Shui could clearly see her mien. It didn't appear too different from the time it was hazy. Her skin was exquisite like jade, which seemed like it'd crumble just from a blow of air. Those pair of picturesque eyes possessed an irresistible allure. Qing Shui had never thought these two types could blend so perfectly.

    "Let's go!" Qing Shui noticed that this woman didn't appear to be the talkative type, so he also spoke directly.

    "Alright!" It felt as if the woman cherished each of her words like gold as she spoke.

    The woman brought out her mount, which was a bird of a small size. Qing Shui was dazed. He originally thought she would bring out her Giant Azure Dragon.

    Qing Shui felt that she should've brought the Giant Azure Dragon out. Did she bring out this small bird because she was afraid I'd ask to ride along with her?

    Since she brought out only a small mount, Qing Shui brought the Dragon Slaying Beast out.

    Though its figure wasn't that big, the woman looked at it for a moment with amazement and then flew towards the Kunpeng Mountain Range.

    Originally, Qing Shui was planning to ride together with her and ask her about a few things, but it seemed impossible now. Qing Shui only wanted to know whether this woman would want him to repay this help as soon as she finishes helping him.

    Before she especially called him Miraculous Physician Qing, and this ought to explain the request for help she was going to make.

    Although it was at the borders, it didn't seem to be near. Qing Shui didn't know how this woman knew where the Gold-back Bear King was, but it didn't matter in the end as it was quite important for him. It was all good as long as he could obtain the materials.

    He didn't know whether it was a good or bad thing for him to encounter this woman, but he felt a sense of familiarity towards her after meeting this woman drawn on the Portrait of Beauty since her "picture" was hung inside the Realm of the Violet Immortal.

    By frequently looking at a person's picture, when meeting the real person, they'd feel quite familiar as if they'd known each other for a long time. Naturally, this was only what Qing Shui felt.

    Roughly after 2 hours, the woman descended. This place was a valley. They'd run into many demonic beasts on land, but they weren't existences of the same grade.

    The speed of the woman's 'small bird' wasn't slow. After reaching the valley, she recovered the 'small bird' and turned to look at Qing Shui, and then looked towards a canyon deep inside the valley.

"Let's go together as you're trying to look for the Gold-back Bear King for alchemy ingredients!" The woman said softly and then stepped forward.

"Mhm. I do need a few materials from its body." Qing Shui replied.

"Do you know why the Gold-back Bear King has appeared here?"


"How strong is it?" Qing Shui curiously asked.

    "Its strength is pretty good. Mainly, its defense is difficult to break. You'll understand in a moment. It can contend with your previous demonic beast."

    Qing Shui understood that. But he was still curious. From behind her, he could naturally gaze at her visage. Especially her curvaceous figure and that fatally attractive aura that she exuded.

    It seemed that she had sensed his gaze and so she turned back to look at Qing Shui. As she stared into his eyes, he didn't feel like moving his gaze away, so he kept looking at that woman.

    "Do you always look at women like this?" That woman's voice was incomparably cold.

    "You aren't a woman yet."

    Qing Shui's words made that woman choke up immediately, making her send a glare at him before going forward. He nudged his nose. He was afraid that this woman would really attack.


    Going towards the canyon, a small valley entered the scene. It was quite small, and the spiritual qi here seemed ten times as compared to the outside. Qing Shui was dazed.

    "A Spiritual Place!"

    "So you also realized it." The woman looked at him with astonishment.

    "This is nothing. I know quite a lot of things like the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams, Mystical Gate Escape Arts, Yin Yang Med..."

    The woman curled her lips silently. This man was a rogue just like other men. Only, he was someone who dared to act so wantonly in front of her and seemed to take her quite casually. She felt this was quite strange...

    Feeling embarrassed, Qing Shui stopped speaking. Meeting this kind of a woman, Qing Shui wished to act a bit vulgar, a bit ignorant, a bit immoral. To sum it up, when any man met a woman like this, he'd try to bring out his best qualities as much as possible.

    This was the most common method but was quite effective towards many women. Of course, while displaying their inner qualities, it should be all-natural and not faked out.

    But this method was useless towards some women. Qing Shui didn't plan to pursue her. Therefore, he didn't feel like praising her. He said what he thought, and even though he wantonly enjoyed those regions on her which shouldn't be appreciated casually, he was calm the entire time.

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