AST 1547 - Qin Ying’s death

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1547 - Qin Ying’s Death

Qing Shui and Qin Qing didn’t tell anyone else. Qing Shui was confident that they would be able to save Qin Ying by themselves. He was sure that the ones who were responsible for this were both the Leng and Gu clans. Other than those two clans, they had no other enemies.

Staring at the Moonwolf Island, Qing Shui felt that they had the advantage. Since they were here first, the arrival of others would be easily noticed by them. They were in the shadows and hence, the initiative was in their hands.

The surface of the island was covered with vegetation, mountains, rocks, and forests. It was simply too difficult to search for people in here. When the two of them walked through the island, they weren’t in a hurry to find Qin Ying neither. Their enemies would appear sooner or later.

However, time flowed swiftly and soon, half a day had passed. The sky turned dark. Qing Shui knew that their opponents were purposely testing their patience. They called out a few times, yet they received no response at all.

“What should we do?” Qin Qing frowned. She was clearly feeling extremely anxious. After all, her younger sister was abducted by their enemies.

With a sudden flare of brilliance, Qing Shui summoned several Jade Emperor Bees and used them to scout. He had almost forgotten about these little creatures.


All of a sudden, an arrow shot through the air with blinding speed. Qing Shui sped after it and a few moments later, he saw the arrow pinning a piece of paper onto a tree. Unrolling the piece of paper, there were only six words on it.

Walk 30 miles to the South!

After reading, Qing Shui’s spiritual sense gushed out, quickly surveying the area. Very swiftly, he discovered the location hinted by the words on the paper. It was in a mountain valley not too far away from where they were.

It was very hard to ambush cultivators, let alone cultivators of Qing Shui’s level. His spiritual sense was simply too terrifying.

“Come on out, we are here.” After they arrived at the entrance of the valley, Qing Shui stopped and didn’t advance any further.

After about 10 minutes worth of time, footsteps rang out as over 10 experts walked out of the valley. The man in the lead was an imposing old man exuding sharpness.

Qing Shui stared at the old man in the lead. This man had a headful of white hair but he didn’t seem senile at all. He was wearing a hemp garment and emanated a sense of transcendence.

From his robes, one could tell that he was from the Leng Clan. However, they didn’t know if any from the Gu Clan was involved in this plot.

“Where’s my sister?” Qin Qing stared at the old man as she coldly asked.

“I only want to know why you are killing the members of my Leng Clan. How many have you killed already?” The old man’s gaze was like icicle as he stared at Qin Qing and Qing Shui.

“I only kill those who deserve to die. Could it be that you don’t know what sort of characters your Leng Clan have?” Qin Qing didn’t shrink away from the question. She stared straight at the old man and spoke without any regards to manners.

Leng Ye was a genius of the Leng Clan. All supreme descendants of aristocrat clans would have a little problem with their personalities. But in powerful clans, this wouldn’t count for anything.

However, humans also required luck. If Leng Ye hadn’t encountered Qing Shui and Qin Qing, it was unknown how his life would have unfolded. But life simply had too many coincidences; Leng Ye had encountered the two of them and an accident occurred.

“Nobody can kill the people of my Leng Clan.” The old man coldly shot back.

“I’m already here. Release my sister. Do what you want to me, you should know who is responsible. Don’t you feel your methods are too despicable?” Qin Qing knitted her brows as she spoke.

“Since you dare to kill the people of my Leng Clan, why don’t I kill your family members?” The cold laugh of the old man made everyone felt a sense of chill.

“Don’t you think your methods are too shameless? No matter what, the Leng Clan is a great clan. If the others learned that you guys had used such a method, wouldn’t that only bring you ridicule?” Qin Qing angrily spoke. She was already about to rush over but was held back by Qing Shui.

“Despicable and shameless? Methods do not matter. Results are everything. If you want your sister, you have to promise me one thing. If not, just wait and collect her corpse from me!” The old man laughed disdainfully.

“I need to meet with my younger sister first or I will have no ways to believe your words.” Qin Qing, still rational, replied.

The old man smiled and waved his hand, “Bring her out!”

Very soon, two men brought Qin Ying out. However, when Qing Shui and Qin Qing saw Qin Ying, they instantly stiffened. Her hair was a mess, her eyes had no spirit to them and her clothes were torn and tattered with many injuries on her body...

Qing Shui hadn’t expected that not even after two days, a beautiful young lady would be abused to such a state. What had she experienced exactly..?

“Ying`er…” Qin Qing called out as her body trembled.

Qin Ying inclined her head, her eyes stared vacantly at Qin Ying and Qing Shui. There was no joy in her eyes at all, after which she then stared at the people in the surroundings as she whispered, “Sister, take revenge for me. You have to avenge me, they are all a bunch of beasts!”

Blood flowed from the corner of Qin Ying’s lips... She had chosen to end her own life. Her eyes were still open in death, staring right at Qin Qing.

This was something nobody expected, not even those from the Leng Clan. They initially only wanted to use Qin Ying to threaten Qin Qing. Who would have thought that Qin Ying would ruin all of their plans by choosing to end her own life.

“Sister, take revenge for me. You have to avenge me…”

Qin Qing’s body trembled even more violently. The hand Qin Shui had on her arm which was restraining her, was shaken off. Her eyes grew red, exuding a demonic feeling that filled the hearts of those who saw it with fear.

“Qin Qing!”

Qing Shui was also furious. Qin Ying was Qin Qing’s younger sister and to him, that also meant she was his own younger sister. However, he sensed that something was terribly wrong when he saw Qin Qing’s current state.

It was like Qin Qing had suffered an attack from her heart demon and was a premonition to experiencing qi deviation.

Qin Qing moved. A berserk energy circulated within her entire body. Qing Shui felt her strength being greatly boosted and the longsword in her hand sliced two enemies that were obstructing her in two, with a single move.

Qing Shui moved together with Qin Qing, summoning his demonic beasts while taking out the Golden Battle Halberd.

All these people deserved death. This wasn’t the first time Qing Shui had fought together with Qin Qing in combat. Before this when Qin Qing acted, her actions could be considered merciful. Like what she said, she would only kill those who deserved to be killed. But now, she was using the most brutal methods to kill anyone with the Leng Clan’s blood in them.

“KILL HER FOR ME!” The old man waved his sword and rushed towards Qin Qing.


This old man from the Leng Clan was very strong. When Qing Shui sensed his strength, he didn’t hesitate and block the sword for Qin Qing. Luckily, Qing Shui’s defense was extremely strong and he got off with a light injury.

Qin Qing was lost in a frenzied slaughter. When Qing Shui had blocked that attack for her, her sword successfully struck that old man.

The Dragon Slaying Beast and other demonic beasts surrounded the rest of the experts of the Leng Clan. This time around, the experts sent by the Leng Clan weren’t considered a lot. The old man was Leng Ye’s direct elder and had a very high status in the Leng Clan. He didn’t think it was necessary to bring any more people with him to take down two mere juniors.

The sword in Qin Qing’s hand unceasingly sliced out. Her eyes only contained the single-minded bone-piercing coldness of an unadulterated killing intent. Her eyes were no longer red, and were immeasurably deep and cold, like ice in winter.

“You will die. The entire Leng Clan will have to die.”

As the sound of Qin Qing’s voice faded, her longsword manifested numerous blue-colored Phoenix Spirit Bodies that dashed towards the old man.


Over ten blue-colored small Phoenixes crowded around the old man, radiating a resplendent light. These brilliant rays of light were all fatal when one came into contact with them. The exuding glow contained a terrible beauty, yet strangely enough, it was a beauty that could stir one’s soul.

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