AST 1548 - The Qin Qing that underwent a great personality change, Departure

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AST 1548 - The Qin Qing that Underwent a Great Personality Change, Departure

Qing Shui understood why the Leng Clan would do this to Qin Ying. Too many members of the Leng Clan had died in Qing Shui and Qin Qing’s hands. This was revenge. It was only to be expected that they would do such a thing.

Human nature would always side with one’s family instead of justice. They wouldn’t feel anything even if their clan members committed evil acts, but if their clan members were being humiliated or killed, this was simply unforgivable. There were so many from the Leng Clan that died, Qin Ying unfortunately became the sacrifice.

Thinking back to that young girl who was in her prime, the little girl who called him Brother Shui. Qing Shui was the closest, other than Qin Qing, to none other than this little lass in the Qin King Manor.

Her death made Qing Shui extremely angry and so very sad. It was an indescribable sadness. He was a doctor and as long as she had a breath of life left, he would be able to pull her back to life. But some illnesses were simply untreatable.

It was unknown what Qin Ying had experienced, enduring a sort of torture that made her lose all courage to continue leaving, choosing to escape by death.

Qin Qing’s eyes turned red from the killing. Qing Shui was blocking all attacks for her while her sword moves got sharper and sharper and was akin to an indomitable force. However, Qing Shui only grew more worried because he knew Qin Qing’s personality was changing.

She started to suffer from her heart demon, but she realised that her consciousness wasn’t blurry at all. She could recognise herself and knew what she was doing. For those who suffered from their heart demons, they wouldn’t be able to tell friend from foe and would engage in an all-out slaughter.

Rage ignited the potential of her body, and burned the power of her bloodline. Her physique originally already surpassed others and in addition to the inheritance from the phoenix battle god, she had awoken the blood of phoenix descendant of the phoenix battle god. However, her personality would grow more blood-thirsty.

She might be the successor of a battle god but it was destined that her life would be that of a demon king.

Qing Shui’s heart felt extremely complicated. As that gigantic explosion billowed, the blue small phoenixes eruption caused the old man to vanish completely, exploding into pieces. Right now, Qin Qing’s strength couldn’t be measured by logic.

Hatred and anger were able to grant overwhelming strength to people, igniting one’s potential. Qing Sha was like this as well. Qing Shui didn’t know whether these people were blessed or cursed.

Not long later, the ground was littered with corpses. Everyone from the Leng Clan had died. Qin Qing’s body was caked with blood, the baleful aura emitted by her didn’t diminish at all. She slowly walked towards Qin Ying and carried her up.

There were no tears on her face. Her cold gaze flickered with a little gentleness as she stared at Qin Ying. She knew that they had killed everyone in the Leng Clan but had sacrificed her little sister instead. Everything was her fault.

Her little sister died because of her…

Qing Shui walked over, “Be at ease, Ying`er wouldn’t have wanted to see you like this.”

“She is my little sister.” Qin QIng’s voice was extremely cold.

“The dead cannot return to life. These people are already dead, you don’t have to torture yourself.” Qing Shui was feeling very sad too. Even he wanted to exterminate the entire Leng Clan.

“I want the entire Leng Clan to be buried with her.” Qin Qing stared at the horizons and emitted a boundless killing intent.

The laws of this world stated that one mustn’t vent their anger on their enemy’s family. Although there were times people had to pull out the trouble by their roots, Qing Shui felt that in the past, Qin Qing wouldn’t have chosen to do this. She had changed now.

Qin Qing carried Qin Ying’s corpse back to the Qin King Manor, stunning everyone. The Qin King Manor might be low profile but it didn't mean that everyone could bully them, let alone killing their people. Also, Qin Ying died a terrible death, there was no way they could endure this. This was also the reason why Qin Qing was in such a rage.  


“Let me accompany you!”

During the second day, Qin Qing wanted to leave. Despite knowing what she intended, he still chose to support her.

“I want to do this myself. I don't want anyone else to interfere.” The gaze which Qin Qing used to look at Qing Shui, didn't contain any of her feelings of the past. There was only indifference now.

This matter was a great impact to her, she had no more confidence in men and subconsciously, she already began to distance herself from Qing Shui. He could clearly sense this.

Three days later, Qin Qing wiped out the entire Leng Clan in the Sacred Might Dynasty. Qing Shui was worried about her and followed her in the shadows, personally witnessing everything. His heart dripped with sadness when he saw what happened. Regardless of who it was, those at fault or those innocent, Qin Qing killed them. She was like a bloodthirsty demon queen.

Qing Shui thought about the Demon Lord. Tantai Lingyan had obtained the Demon King Inheritance but she didn't slaughter innocent people. To him, the actions of the Demon Lord Palace were more righteous compared to some of those from the righteous force.

Qin Qing had the inheritance of a battle god. She was a gentle and elegant fairy-like maiden yet she now became a true bloodthirsty demon. He felt as though he lost something.

That woman who stood afar wielding a bloodstained sword felt like a stranger to him. There was not a single living thing remaining around Qin Qing.

Qing Shui felt that it was about time for him to leave. When he inclined his head again, Qin Qing stood right before him. She stared at him with those beautiful yet emotionless eyes and spoke, “I can't control myself.”

“You are not suffering from a heart demon. You knew precisely what you were doing when you slaughtered them.” Qing Shui sighed. If she really was a victim of her heart demon, Qing Shui Shi had a method to help her. However, he could do nothing if she had a change of personality.

Qin Ying’s death was too great a shock. Qing Shui could understand and since he had no way to change anything, he could only choose to leave temporarily. Her current condition would only improve with time.

“If I don’t kill them, I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I would have no way to answer to Qin Ying. And if I spare them, I would feel as though a knife was cutting through my heart.” Qin Qing agitatedly spoke as she looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui could understand. He nodded slightly, “I can understand your feelings now. I’m feeling the pain as well. It’s not too excessive to kill these people after they bullied Ying`er. But for some of the women, elderly and young children, they were truly innocent.”

Qin Qing didn’t say anything. She turned her head away because she didn’t know what to say. She suddenly felt her heart was in chaos. Earlier when Qing Shui wanted to let go off her hand, she didn’t allow him to do so.

But now, she sensed that maybe she could no longer retain his heart. She had changed, he seemed to dislike how she was now. And in fact, she didn’t really like herself either.

She wasn’t wrong to kill those people on the Moonwolf Island. But later on, many of them were clearly innocent. When would revenge truly end? No one would want to be the first to let things go.

“Sister Qing, I think it’s time for me to leave. Qin Ying’s matter happened because of us. Now that it is concluded, I have to return.” Qing Shui spoke with some reluctance.

Qin Qing shook as she stared at Qing Shui. Only at this moment was she certain that she was in love with him. However now, she felt the distance between them was growing further and further. Love cannot be forced and she understood this, so she nodded and sighed, “Take care then.”

Her heart was heavy when she said this, but so was Qing Shui’s heart! He nodded his head, “You too, please take good care of yourself.”

With misunderstandings already in the open, the best solution was to separate for a period of time. Although they might be apart for awhile, the connection between them wouldn’t be cut yet; it wasn’t so easy and might only happen after being several hundred to a thousand years apart.

Qing Shui saw Qin Qing hesitating to leave. He then spoke in a gentle tone, “I wish to see you leaving.”

Qin Qing’s heart trembled. She contained the trembling of her heart and slowly walked away, vanishing in the distance. Qing Shui kept staring at her back until she disappeared while all the while feeling a feeling of emptiness in his heart.

Sighing a long breath, he didn’t know where should be going now. Given Qin Qing’s current strength, she wouldn’t run into any danger. It was destined that the Qin King Manor would only grow stronger and hence he wasn’t worried. But when he thought of this, he realised he couldn’t let her go in his heart.

Qing Shui had no idea what was the situation like at the Divine Might Dynasty. Would it pressure the Great Qin Dynasty? The Divine Might Dynasty couldn’t be compared to Great Qin but they were roughly about the same.If the news of the Leng Clan was leaked, he didn’t know if the Qin King Manor would encounter any trouble.

But there was one point and that is even if there’s pressure, the Great Qin Dynasty wouldn’t do anything to the Qin King Manor as it would be a sign of weakness.


Qin Qing returned alone to the Qin King Manor. In fact, in her heart, Qin Qing didn't feel like she did anything wrong. Her personality had changed and she felt what she did was normal considering what these people did to her little sister. She was merely paying them back with the same coin so there she felt there wasn’t anything wrong with that. Since they could hurt the innocent and force her sister to commit suicide, she could do the same as well. She didn't feel she was overdoing things.

When the people of the manor saw Qin Qing returning alone. They roughly guessed what happened. Now, everyone was immersed in the pain of losing Qin Ying. A few days had already passed and everyone in the Qin King Manor was still in low spirits. Qin Qing shut herself in seclusion the instant she returned.

Qing Shui remained in the Divine Might Dynasty and didn't leave. He put himself in Qin Qing’s shoes and thought about what would he have done. Why was there a need to vent out on the innocent...

Qing Shui was in a state of contradiction. He didn't feel that he was right but he didn't think Qin Qing was right either. He felt that Qin Qing had changed and the distance between them grew wider.

Hatred, rage, sadness and regret filled her entire heart and there could be no space for anything else. Hence, Qing Shui decided to leave first and as time flowed, the negative feelings might fade and there would be a place for him again.

Without the Leng Clan, this meant that there were no more enemies. However the Leng Clan was a great clan and should still have many connections remaining. When they slaughtered the entire Leng Clan, Qing Shui knew that it would implicate many people. Hence, Qing Shui wanted to see what movements the royal clan of the Sacred Might Dynasty would make. These other powers would surely demand an explanation from the royal clan.   

This was the main purpose of why Qing Shui remained.

Imperial City!

Qing Shui  descended when he was at the imperial city of the Sacred Might Dynasty. He didn’t know how many people were acquainted with him here hence he changed his features to that of a middle-aged man.

“Get me a flask of wine and a few dishes to go along with it.” After Qing Shui entered an inn and called out to a waiter.

Qing Shui randomly found a table and sat down, staring at his surroundings without paying too much attention. All of a sudden, his eyes turned to the table by the window. Over there was a female who wore a conical bamboo hat. Her figure was svelte yet seductive, causing men to be unable to shift their gazes away. However, the reason Qing Shui noticed her wasn’t because of her figure but her aura instead.

Ever since Qing Shui cultivated the Titan Ox Strength and that mysterious energy entered his body, his spiritual sense had improved by leaps and bounds. He could sense that only 90% of the aura radiated by that woman was human...

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