AST 1550 - Qin King Manor’s crisis

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1550 - Qin King Manor’s Crisis

The woman left. Qing Shui somehow had a feeling like he was drifting in the mist. He planned to wait for one month. He was certain that the woman was able to recognize Yiye Jiange. Most importantly, Qing Shui somehow felt that Yiye Jiange was related to the Aquatics.

This made Qing Shui’s feel a tug in his heart. He couldn’t wait to meet Yiye Jiange and find out the truth about everything. He had been separated from Yiye Jiange for too long. 

“Have you heard about it? Qin King Manor from the Great Qin Dynasty had eliminated the Leng Clan from the Sacred Might Dynasty.”

A voice went into Qing Shui’s ears, catching his attention. 

“A lot of people has already known. What’s so special about it?” The voice from before once again came through into his ear.

“Don’t you think that Qin King Manor is looking down on us Sacred Might Dynasty by eliminating one of our aristocratic clans right around our territory?”

“Aren’t they doing precisely that? Recently, a lot of people have been complaining that the royal clan is useless. Some of the clans even went on and demanded the royal clan to find justice for the Leng Clan.”

“Find justice? The Leng Clan is gone. Why would the royal clan bother to do it? They can’t get anything beneficial out of it.”

“But the Leng Clan still has a lot of allies. They wouldn’t just allow the Leng Clan to be eliminated like this. If this goes on, they will lose all their faces.”

“Yeah, you need to know that among the Leng Clan’s relatives, there are two clans that are particularly powerful. I wonder if they will help to find justice for the Leng Clan.”

“Are you talking about Chai Clan and Yue Clan?

“Isn’t that obvious? Furthermore, these two clans are likely to lay their hands on Qin King Manor in the near future. Since Qin King Manor dared to step onto Sacred Might Dynasty and massacre one of our clans, not even sparing women and children, the matters will not be settled so easily this time. Furthermore, it’s already official that the royal clan of Sacred Might Dynasty also supports the Chai and Yue Clan’s actions.”


While drinking his beer, Qing Shui was listening to the gossips from people around him. The Leng Clan was worse than beasts. Though Qin Qing might have overdone it with her massacre, Qing Shui found it quite reasonable for her to do it.

Qing Shui believed that Qin King Manor must be aware of what Sacred Might Dynasty was plotting. They have even gone to the point in which they found out that Qing Shui and Qin Qing killed quite a lot of members from the Leng Clan when passing by Sacred Might Dynasty. Following on, the Leng Clan went to them seeking redress. Unfortunately, they did it by using dirty methods which caused Qin Qing to lose her self-control and completely annihilated the Leng Clan. 

For the time being, Qing Shui didn’t know what to do. Though Qin King Manor might be strong, he was still a bit concerned about the issue. Things have developed up to this extent. No one would be stupid enough to dig their own graves if they weren’t confident enough to face off against Qin King Manor.

With this in his mind, Qing Shui decided to follow the Chai and Yue clans in secret. But shortly after, he changed his mind. Instead, he decided to first head off to Qin King Manor and wait for their arrival.

Qing Shui wasn’t trying to act arrogantly. Since both sides were going to battle and that their strength didn’t differ too much, the thing which he wanted to do was precisely to weaken his opponents. So long as he managed to lower about 20% of their strength, it wouldn’t be difficult for Qin King Manor to win. 

Qing Shui had changed his face. On that day, he rushed his way towards Qin King City. He was unable to completely let go of Qin Qing, nor has he planned to give up back then. They were separated for the time being. After all, Qin Qing’s sudden change had also made him lose his purpose of staying there. Him being there might only make things worse. 


Like usual, Qin King City was still really peaceful. However, Qing Shui was well aware that behind its serenity, a few ripples were already starting to form. The clash between the two clans this time might not be the last time they would face off, so much so that this battle might just escalate it further.


Gu Clan!

“Clan head, the Chai Clan and the Yue Clan will finally make their way here tomorrow.” A gloomy old man informed the other old man sitting on the seat of honor.

The old man sitting on top was the clan’s head of the Gu Clan, Gu Yintian. He has been in charge of the clan for almost two hundred years. The challenge he sent out to Qin King Manor last time had caused him to lose his face completely. It has gone to the extent that even the Gu Clan’s Old Ancestor needed to come out to solve the situation. 

“Yes. Is Qin King Manor making any moves?” The old man was calmly looking at all the people in the hall. At the moment, there were a total of around twenty of them in it. They were all elders of the clan. 

“No, they are just living their lives as usual, but it seems like the young man called Qing Shui is gone.”

“This time, the Demonic and Heaven Slayer Old Ancestor will take part in the battle. By then, they will cooperate with the Chai and Yue clans.”

“Remember this. This time, we are cooperating with them in secret.”

“Will the royal clan interfere?”

“That’s something that we will only know in the future.”


Qing Shui didn’t go and look for Qin Qing. He released his Jade Emperor Bees to monitor the area. Very quickly, the sky turned dark. However, thanks to the Light Stones, the surroundings still looked unusually bright. 

The air contained a kind of fragrance. Like usual, the street was crowded with people. Peddlers could be seen rushing back and forth, living their own lives. 

Suddenly, far off into the distance, a Light Stone broke. It was accompanied by the laughing noises of children. The sky had turned dark. Though the street might still be crowded with people, and though the night market might be flourishing, it still couldn’t be compared to the daytime. 

Suddenly, a few more Light Stones across the street broke yet again. Qing Shui smelled something fishy about it. Following on, the Light Stones in the surrounding area started breaking one after another at a terrifying speed. 

The sky turned dark. Originally, Qing Shui wanted to stop it. But eventually, he decided not to do so. Instead, he rushed upwards to reach a spot directly above Qin King Manor in the sky. Though the darkness at night might affect an ordinary person’s vision, it wasn’t the case with Qing Shui.

By the time the surroundings became dark, the people from Qin King Manor had already known that things were a bit unusual. They quickly went into their defensive formation. Considering that Qin Royalty has been present for so long, they would naturally have their own way to deal with things. They quickly activated their Grand Defensive Formation. 

It was just that right before the formations completely opened, the elements used to create the formation exploded one after another. Following on, even the Light Stones possessed by Qin King Manor began to turn dim. 


Suddenly, explosions occurred one after another around the Qin King Manor. Smoke could be seen all around the area. Following on, the people from Qin King Manor began to charge in front at a fast speed. Right at this moment, a man in jet-black warrior attire appeared.

“Who are you? To think that you would dare to wantonly move around Qin King Manor!” Qin Baifo said in an angry tone. At the same time, he was giving out boundless killing intent. 

“Haha, Qin King Manor had been too arrogant. You guys show no mercy with the things you do, and this time, you seem to have extended your hand a bit out of your own reach.” A voice filled with rage and hatred came through. 

“You seem to be the people from the Chai and Yue clans. Since you are already here, I figure you guys will no longer need to go back.” By the time Qin Baifo finished speaking, he was already ready to charge towards the opponents. This action surprised his enemies as well. He initiated his attack as soon as he said he wanted to do so.

“Well then. I, Chai Yang, will judge and see what assets you have to battle against me.” 

Bloody Moon Plum Blossom Hands!

The old man formed a full moon with both of his hands. However, it was no ordinary moon. It was one which was colored crimson red. He shot it out towards Qin Baifo. 

Nine Leaf Ripple Palm!

At the same time, Qin Baifo formed another seal and shot it out to counter against the old man’s attack. However, right when he was in the middle of forming it, multiple human figures approached him from different directions and attacked him. The energy released from the attacks looked magnificent and dazzling.

Though Qin King Manor might be powerful, the only problem with it was that there were few members in the clan. If a battle royale was to really happen, the Gu Clan and Qin King Manor would almost be equal to each other. After all, in terms of sheer number, the Gu Clan had a lot more members than Qin King Manor. Even in terms of existing experts in clans, the Gu Clan had possibly ten times more experts in comparison.

Qin King Manor has always been a humble clan. Added to its relationship with other royal clans, no one would dare to provoke Qin King Manor. This time, Qin Qing has put Qin King Manor in a sensitive spot. The slightest mistake might lead to the total annihilation of Qin King Manor.

Qin Qing was also among the crowd from Qin King Manor. She was wearing a snow-white cloth and holding the snow white long sword in her hand. In a flash, she managed to take out a warrior who attempted a sneak attack on Qin Baifo.

The opponent also didn’t seem to be in a rush. They surrounded the people from Qin King Manor and continued to unleash some powerful attacks and sure-kill techniques. They were doing this to wear down the endurance of the people from Qin King Manor.

“Qin Baifo, don’t you want to go back and have a look at the other clan members of yours?” At this moment, the hateful voice once again came through, causing Qin Baifo to open both his eyes wide. 

“If you dare to kill my clan members, I will make sure that I kill all nine generations of your clan.” The blood across Qin Baifo’s entire body was burning up in rage. 

“When the Leng Clan was eliminated, what were you guys doing? Today, I will let you and your daughter witness your own clan members die one by one. I want to let you people experience the despair of losing the things you cherish most little by little.” The voice quickly began to turn cold. 

“Daddy, please go back and take a look at what happened. I have got this area covered.” Both of Qin Qing’s eyes were filled with blood. 

“That’s exactly what they are planning. They intended to separate us and defeat us one by one.” Qin Baifo said while shaking his head.

“Daddy, there are some things which will only happen if you believe in them. I can handle this myself. Go and take a look at the situation there quickly!” Qin Qing said in a firm tone.

Deep down, Qin Baifo was really concerned for Qin Qing. At this time, however, he suddenly thought about Qing Shui; it would have been great if he was here now. If Qing Shui was here, he would have been able to leave this place without any worries. He was sure that Qing Shui’s presence would ensure his daughter’s safety.

Qin Qing summoned the enormous Green Dragon and urged Qin Baifo to go look around for the other clan members. After all, there were still a few people from the Qin Clan whose cultivation level wasn’t as great compared to the others. They wouldn’t stand a chance against the opponents in this battle. 

“Little brat, please be careful.” As he was saying this, Qin Baifo felt as if his heart was bleeding. He had already lost one daughter, he couldn’t afford to lose another one. 

The only people who remained here was Qin Qing and a few warriors from Qin King Manor who didn’t follow after the clan’s surname. They were all warriors loyal to Qin King Manor. Considering Qin Qing’s formidable strength, she was able to hold herself together for the time being and kill a few of the enemies.

“You impudent brat who thinks so highly of yourself… Do you really think that you will be able to stop me?”

Chai Yang formed an enormous plum blossom with both of his hands. The plum blossom looked enchanting, it felt as if blood was going to drip out of it. It was revolving slowly in front of his eyes. 

Qin Qing looked at Chai Yang coldly. With her longsword, she drew out a blue phoenix and flashed past the air as she charged her way towards Chai Yang.

Pa, beng!

However, two formidable palm seal suddenly appeared in mid-air and sealed Qin Qing’s attack. At this moment, Chai Yang bit off the skin of his fingertip and shot a drop of his blood essence onto the plum blossom.

The plum blossom which originally already looked really bright looked even brighter, like fresh blood at this instant. Following its spin, a gloomy and cold aura could be felt being emitted from it. Though it hadn’t initiated any attacks, it was already enough to make people shiver. It looked really unnatural.

“Today, I shall let you witness how formidable the Bloody Moon Plum is. Go!”

As the old man swung his hand, the bright-colored plum blossom charged towards Qin Qing at high speed. It left grey tracks along the path which it passed through, breaking the essence of the natural law itself.

Qin Qing’s expression changed. She had never expected for the old man to unleash his most powerful sure-kill Heavenly Technique so soon. She abruptly stepped back, but as she did so, slightly more than ten people went forward and blocked her escape route.

Qin Qing knitted her brows. Since she was left without a retreat route, she decided the only way for her to solve this would be to approach the fatal plum blossom directly. The plum blossom locked onto the target’s Spiritual Sense. She would definitely be tracked down even if she was to change directions. That would only make the entire situation even worse.


Suddenly, a small mountaintop appeared in front of the plum blossom. However, it was immediately kicked off by the plum blossom and made a huge noise.

Qin Qing’s heart thumped when she once again saw the familiar mountaintop. She then proceeded to look into the sky.

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