AST 1551 - Qing Shui’s participation, the change in the situation of the battle

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1551 - Qing Shui’s Participation, the Change in the Situation of the Battle

The sky which had originally already turned dark became filled with smoke because of the battle. The air was filled with intense fluctuations of energy. This was due to the flow of Qi Force.

Qin Qing lifted her head and looked at the familiar figure. However, the face which she saw wasn’t the one which she knew. Though she was aware that he was Qing Shui, she felt an anomaly which she couldn’t describe in words. The fact that he was unwilling to use his original look meant that he didn’t want to face her in person.

But the fact that he was here meant that he was unable to let her go.

In actuality, Qing Shui wasn’t thinking that much. Nothing much was going on his mind at this moment. He had never been able to let go of Qin Qing. At the time when he left, the reason for his departure was because Qin Qing didn’t have him in her heart. He couldn’t afford to see anything happen to the Qin Royalty, nor could he afford to see her sad. At the time when Qin Ying died, Qin Qing almost lost control of her power. If the Qin Royalty was finished, Qing Shui wouldn’t dare to even think about the consequences.

Qing Shui immediately stood in front of Qin Qing. Chai Yang’s Bloody Moon Blossom collided with the Nine Continents Mountain before it crashed into Qing Shui. It crushed into Qing Shui and pushed him towards Qin Qing almost right away.

The distance between the two was very short which caused Qing Shui to crash onto Qin Qing. However, because of his agility, he managed to stabilize after a few spins. 

Nine Palace Laws!

Phoenix Battle Intent!

Qing Shui summoned his own demonic beasts and quickly raised his condition to its peak. He took out the Golden Battle Halberd. As of now, Qing Shui’s strength was at a totally different level from how it used to be. He could easily charge around his opponents violently because the attacks from his opponents weren’t able to cause him any damage.

Hence, Qing Shui started charging around recklessly as soon as he went to the battleground. He managed to kill five of the warriors when they were not expecting it. Just as this was happening, Chai Yang feared Qing Shui. It was as if this young man was an unbreakable stone.

Art of Pursuing!

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Emperor’s Qi!


Very quickly, Qing Shui already managed to control the entire battleground. In terms of wounding power, Qing Shui was only slightly weaker than Qin Qing. But when it came to resistance towards attacks, Qin Qing would never be able to catch up to him no matter how hard she tried. This was Qing Shui’s edge.

Demonic Beasts, the Emperor’s Qi, Battle God’s Light Ring, and formations as well. The formations were the main weapon which aided him in swiftly controlling the tide of the battle. After that, Qing Shui said gently, “Sister Qin, don’t worry about it. I just came from there. The old man is safe and sound.”

Upon hearing what Qing Shui said, Qin Qing’s heart felt more relieved. She noticed that in reality, Qing Shui’s strength wasn’t as fearsome as she thought. But as long as he was there, he would be able to turn any sorts of peril into safety. He was like her own support. With him around, she could stand very firmly almost without any effort. Without him, she often found herself having to exert strenuous effort to achieve anything.

“Are you still mad at me?” Qin Qing charged towards Chai Yang as soon as she finished speaking. 

Before Qing Shui could say anything, the outstanding woman had already left his side. He revealed an awkward smile. He was never actually mad at her; it was due to her change that caused him to be upset and temporarily left. But now, she was making it look as if he were the one who left her. 

Due to the addition of Qing Shui and his demonic beasts, Chai Yang’s side became really confused and immediately, their group became really disordered. Naturally, given this opportunity, Qing Shui wouldn’t want to go easy on them. He immediately summoned his Thunderous Beast.

Violet Lightning Strike…...

Both Qing Shui and the Dragon Slaying Beast were in sync with each other. In the span of a breath, six lives had already been taken away. Furthermore, the enemies who died were all experts. The Hell Nightmare Beast was keeping Qin Qing company. During this, Qin Qing and the Green Dragon had also managed to kill two other warriors.

As of now, Qin Qing was already considered to be quite strong. Otherwise, Qin Baifo wouldn’t have let her come here alone. Ever since her younger sister died, the bloodline across her entire body was completely triggered. It caused her strength to be significantly boosted right away. 

Chai Yang was caught off guard and immediately got half of his men killed. Actually, for a warrior who had reached his level, he was supposed to already be very mentally strong. However, after witnessing the abilities of the Thunderous Beast, even he couldn’t help but feel fearful toward it. He was a very knowledgeable person. He was even aware of the Dragon Slaying Beast’s abilities. To put it simply, when these two beasts decided to coordinate their attacks together, they would become a fearsome existence. 

Originally, the people who died around him could have avoided death. It was just that everything happened too suddenly. In a moment, they had already suffered a disastrous loss. The people who died were the people closest to him. Drowned in rage, he didn’t dare to move recklessly. If anything unexpected were to happen, it would lead to him submitting right here.

There was no one in the world who wouldn’t fear death. He looked at Qing Shui, “Who are you and why are you interfering in this matter?”

“You are overestimating yourself. You guys have been tricked. I am an ally of the Qin Royalty.” Qing Shui looked at Chai Yang with a disdained look. 

Somehow, Qing Shui had always felt that the Gu Clan was involved in this fight. The only people who could manage to destroy the Qin Royalty and also their formation must be people who were already very familiar with them. Furthermore, they would need to be individuals who bore deep hatred. No matter how much he thought about it, the most suspicious was the Gu Clan. It was unlikely that they would want to let go of this opportunity.

At the moment when Chai Yang fell, Qing Shui shouted at Qin Qing, “Let’s go and provide support to Old Man Qin!”

The battle that went on by Qin Qing and Qing Shui’s side wasn’t the greatest one. Qin Qing also didn’t dare to stop her steps. She quickly flew into the direction towards the Qin Royalty. The battle before was far away from Qin King Manor. This was also the reason why the opponents decided to spread out. 

By the time they made it there, Qin King Manor had already completed their defensive formation. A transparent light ring covered the entire Qin King Manor. Old Man Qin was placed in the middle. Threads after threads of Spiritual Qi were maintaining the protection provided by the light ring. 

More than a hundred people continuously attacked the light ring, causing the light ring to start tottering. It was obvious that the light ring couldn’t last any longer. 

“Everyone, try your best to break the light ring. The old coot is almost at his limits, we must massacre the entire Qin King Manor!

“Massacre Qin King Manor!”


Qing Shui didn’t say anything much. He immediately took out a bunch of Heavenly Thunder Talismans and passed them to Qin Qing. After that, he again took out another bunch and said, “Toss it at them together with me!”

“Who is that? Oh, Miss Qin is here!”


Though the Heavenly Thunder Talisman couldn’t cause heavy damage to warriors at this level, they could be used to cause chaos around the area. It also had a fixed chance of causing numbness to the people who got hit by it. 

“Stop them!”

Mighty Elephant Stomp! Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Both Qing Shui and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant unleashed the attack which neglected the warrior’s grades at the same time. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s Sure-kill Heavenly Technique only raised the success rate of the battle techniques. At this moment, it finally showed what powerful use it had.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant immediately caused dizziness to about ten of the enemy’s warriors. Among the ten people, two of them were experts. Qing Shui’s Mighty Elephant Stomp only managed to cause dizziness in a warrior, and it was someone who was fairly weaker in terms of strength. 

The Dragon Slaying Beast immediately leaped towards an expert. Qing Shui, on the other hand, shot out numerous Ten Thousand Years Coldsteel Needles which had been dipped in Venomous Datura before. 

Qin Qing didn’t stop her feet. She immediately approached one of the warriors closest to her and killed him. All of this happened in a flash. Meanwhile, on the other side, the old man from the Qin Royalty removed the light ring, and right away, the people from his clan also charged their way forward.

For a moment, the situation of the battle was really chaotic.

Qing Shui and Qin Qing mixed into the crowd of Qin King Manor. Phoenix Battle Intent immediately raised all of their strength by 10%. The Battle God Halo, and also formations, not only did they boost their strength, but their ability to recover was also increased by a few times.

The ability of the Dragon Slaying Beast to kill wasn’t something to be worried about. Though at the final moment, a man recovered from their dizziness and managed to hit  the Dragon Slaying Beast away, his head was still lopped off by the Beast’s claws.

That person was an expert. Hence, he was slightly far away from the others, which was why the Dragon Slaying Beast managed to do it so easily. Qing Shui’s Poison Needles were also really fearsome. In just a while, it managed to take away the lives of almost 30 warriors. However, the strongest person among them managed to barely avoid it again and again. 

Qing Shui’s and Qin Qing’s appearance immediately caused minor changes to the situation of the battle. Most importantly, they managed to raise the Qin Royalty’s morale.

“I knew that Qing Shui would be back.” The old man revealed a happy smile. 

Qing Shui immediately peeled off the layer of thin skin on his face. He felt that it was a failure. His fake mask wasn’t made of human skin. He felt that the material was really disgusting. It was a liquid from botanical plants turned into a mask. Compared to the masks from his previous incarnation, it was more exquisite. However, Qing Shui knew that the flaw didn’t lay in his look, but his abilities, weapons and demonic beasts.

“That person is the Demonic Old Ancestor.” Qing Shui saw a familiar figure. It was one whom he battled before last time. Qing Shui’s ability was very unique. It was as if his Spiritual Sense would mark the people whom it came in contact with. 

Old Man Qin looked towards the old man whom Qing Shui pointed at. He immediately knitted his white long brows, “It seems that the Gu Clan has truly grown to be an outstanding clan. To think that they would work together with those clans to face us.

It’s indeed a surprising thing. Why was the Qin Royalty on such a passive side? Everything had become clear now. Though Qin Royalty might be strong, they were outnumbered. Now that they were up against three clans, they could do nothing but suffer the fate of being beaten up. 

Qing Shui and Qin Qing’s sudden appearance was like a butterfly that flapped its wings all of a sudden. However, their appearance had managed to slightly change the tide of the battle. 

“I won’t investigate any further if the Gu Clan withdraws now.” Old Man Qin suddenly moved his sight towards Demonic Old Ancestor. 

This was a mental battle. After all, in terms of morality, the Gu Clan didn’t have a firm ground to stand on. Also, Qin King Manor wasn’t an opponent who could be dealt with so easily.

But with how things had developed, the Gu Clan was no longer left with any retreat routes. The Demonic Old Man said in a gloomy tone, “All of you must die today. Why don’t you focus more on the Qin Royalty itself!”

Qin Baifo looked at Qing Shui and felt really relieved. Prior to this, Qing Shui’s performance gave hope to a lot of the people from Qin King Manor. The reason being that his appearance had benefited a lot of them, with significant boosts in their strength.

“You reckless bastard. Since things have already turned out like this, don’t blame me for anything that happens.”

The battle could happen at any moment. Qing Shui and Qin Baifo were really sharp. Qing Shui, in preparation, made the Dragon Slaying Beast and Hell Nightmare Beast coordinate with each other. The task of the Dragon Slaying Beast was mainly to sneak up on the enemies and attack them when Old Man Qin and Qin Baifo were attacking.

Qing Shui on the other hand, stayed together with Qin Qing to protect the others while they broke the siege. The Nine Continents Mountain mainly acted as a defensive tool to protect them. On several occasions, Qing Shui would also use it as a shield. 

Under the support provided by Qing Shui, the strength of both Old Man Qin and Qin Baifo was boosted significantly. Added to that, Qing Shui was able to weaken his enemies at a really fast pace. Even though the enemies might have outnumbered the people from Qin King Manor, they still had no choice but to suffer the fate of being beaten.

Qing Shui came back and was confident that he could face off against all enemies. This was precisely what was unique about Qing Shui. He could weaken his opponents and at the same time strengthen his allies. This effect was indeed really heaven-defying. 

The battle was one-sided. The people from Qin King Manor were like sharp swords. Everywhere which they passed through was like grass that was being cut off. At the moment when the opponents unleashed their Sure Kill Heavenly Techniques, the Hell Nightmare Beast would immediately stand in front to protect them and block the opponent’s attacks. The Hell Nightmare Beast was a lot more powerful than the Dragon Slaying Beast and kept on fighting. 

The air howled like roaring thunders. The noises made from weapons colliding with each other were like continuous waves. Explosions could be heard one after another, the situation was really fearsome. 

Qing Shui noticed that his role leaned more towards controlling the battle. For instance, he would coordinate his attacks to support Old man Qin. He would suddenly unleash the Heavenly Thunder Talisman or shoot out his weapons. His strategy showed unusually great results.

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