AST 1576 - Armour Splitting Golden Sword, Illusionary Rainbow Silver Silk

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1576 - Armour Splitting Golden Sword, Illusionary Rainbow Silver Silk

Qing Shui had already evaded the attack; his movements underwater didn’t lose out to those of the water tribes, as he had the Paragon Water Shield.

Roaming Dragon Steps!

His silhouette seemed full of power as it hovered and it appeared as if there were a water dragon behind him. His movements were swift, as the water ahead rushed forward like a typhoon, emitting a beautiful sound.

Ding Dong Ding!

The Sea-Dragon Merman was also not someone to be trifled with. His huge hammers could defend as well as attack. But even he was surprised at the huge force of impact, Qing Shui’s power had already exceeded his expectations.


Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd pierced into the huge 10,000-Year-Old hammer, leaving a fist sized hole on it. Merely, the hammer was so huge that the hole looked similar to a sweat pore on a human body.

Yet the Sea-Dragon Merman had sensed this, causing him to roar loudly as if it had happened to his body; his reaction was even greater than when a small hole appeared on his actual body.

Sea Dragon Soul!

The giant Sea-Dragon Merman’s pair of huge hammers flickered with a glow as his aura increased. It could be clearly felt that the enemy had become more refined; if he was a giant ironman before, he was now an elite ironman.

Water Cloud Storm!

The pair of huge hammers seemed to be like two huge oars as they came on. They caused the water to churn, resulting in waves flickering with a dense white light.

Fire and Flood were indeed merciless. Qing Shui had seen a tsunami covering the entire sky during his previous life. The despair he felt during that time; once Qing Shui had arrived at the Nine Continents and obtained strength, that scene was no longer able to make him feel a sense of fatal danger.

But Qing Shui discovered now that water was still as mighty as before and didn’t lose out to fire or thunder. Each of the five elements possessed a huge might. The surrounding waters made it seem like they were in an underwater purgatory; even if iron essence was drawn inside, it would disappear.

The underwater typhoon was a huge whirlpool and Qing Shui was in its range, slowly being pulled inside. The more strength he applied, the faster he got pulled inside. The Sea-Dragon Merman looked at Qing Shui with a cold gaze. He was waiting for Qing Shui to be cut into pieces inside the underwater typhoon.

Qing Shui looked at the huge water whirlpool with a unchanging face and directly brought out the Nine Continents Mountain. The tsunami and whirlpool rippled out in circles layer by layer. Qing Shi felt this was the most simple, absolute truth.


It was difficult for Qing Shui to achieve a breakthrough in his achievements over Taiji. He brought out the Nine Continents Mountain and operated it to rotate consciously. Qing Shui didn’t expect that the Nine Continents Mountain would not be influenced underwater after obtaining the Paragon Water Shield.

He thought about the Nine Continents Steps. He was unable to use Nine Continents Steps underwater before. He planned to research later whether it could be used underwater. Even if it wasn’t possible, it didn’t matter. Many of the demonic beasts underwater were all users of grand heavenly techniques of the water type. If only he found a demonic beast of that kind, he could traverse underwater quicker than on land.

Demon Lord Tantai Lingyan’s old turtle was a user of grand heavenly techniques of the water-type. Therefore, it didn’t matter even if Qing Shui couldn’t use the Nine Continents Steps underwater. The Spirited Snake Turtle in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had already become quite large. It was already bigger than before and its strength had also increased explosively. It ought to reach the same level as that old turtle in the future.


The Nine Continents Mountain rotated in the opposite direction and passed through the tsunami. It possessed a huge defensive power and the current Nine Continents Mountain’s might was already different from before as it was larger and so it easily passed through.

The Mountain returned and then followed the river, rotating in the opposite direction as it dashed upwards.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, Drought!


The Nine Continents Mountain as well as Qing Shui flew out of the river, but the might of the enemy’s underwater typhoon was reduced by half. Qing Shui used the Golden Battle Halberd to make a hole in the water and rushed out.

Actually, Qing Shui had no problem passing through it by using just his body, but he didn’t want to expose his strength as this time’s battle wasn’t against just one or two and there were many Sea-Dragon Mermen and Giant Crowned Sharks among the opponents.

Although the Sea-Dragon Merman was startled because Qing Shui had made it out, he wasn’t that shocked. Those who dared to challenge them naturally had some ability. This time, the Sea-Dragon Merman’s pair of hammers exploded towards Qing Shui.

The huge hammers flashed with a cold light as they exuded a terrifying chill, causing the water to freeze wherever the hammers passed by.

Nine Continents Mountain!

Qing Shui controlled the Nine Continents Mountain and sent it towards the Sea-Dragon Merman.

The strength of the Nine Continents Mountain’s might, together with the Shield Attack, was considered to be one of Qing Shui’s strongest attacks. Originally, he was worried about the resistance underwater but it seemed that he had over thought it. The Nine Continents Mountain was a Supreme Treasure and wasn’t affected by any underwater resistance.


After attacking continuously, Qing Shui discovered that the enemy’s strength was stronger than his. The Nine Continents Mountain possessed 400 Million sun of strength and adding the Shield Attack brought it to around 600 Million sun. This kind of strength was equally matched with the enemy and made him retreat several hundreds of meters back.

This time, the Giant Crowned Shark had also expanded to a larger size. He didn’t lose out to the Sea-Dragon Merman in this aspect, and the large crown on his head made his face more malevolent.

Raging Waves Hitting the Shore!

The Giant Crowned Shark had a pair of huge hands that seemed like a pair of wings. They slapped towards Qing Shui, causing waves to appear within a thousand miles. 

This was the might of the Giant Crowned Shark; this was one of the overlord among the water tribes.

Paragon Water Shield, Water Wall!

Qing Shui’s Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique already leaned towards fire. A huge water wall appeared in front of him and his strength had increased and the Water Shield had also increased the Water Wall’s hardness by a lot.


Though Qing Shui’s Water Wall was broken in the end, it was able to cancel out 80% of the enemy’s attack.

Titan Ox Strength!

The Nine Continents Mountain smashed out again towards the Sea-Dragon Merman. The moment it did, Qing Shui used the Art of Pursuing and Emperor’s Qi!


The Sea-Dragon Merman felt as if his body was suddenly filled with metal. Each of his movements became heavier and the Nine Continents Mountain’s peak knocked against his body at this moment.

The Sea-Dragon Merman’s body suddenly fell backwards and it seemed as if a mountain was collapsing due to his large body.

Golden Sword!

Armour Splitting Golden Sword!

This was the strongest attack of the Metal Element after he had cultivated the Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique. It could negate 10% of the enemy’s defense.

The Golden Sword which appeared in front of Qing Shui was larger this time, it was 10m long, 2m wide and was completely different from the previous 3-foot Golden Sword. A golden halo similar to golden lightning swirled on top of the Golden Sword as it raised a sizzling sound.

Although Metal couldn’t inhibit Water, Metal’s attack was the sharpest. Against an existence like the Sea-Dragon Merman with a strong defense, the Metal element, which was the sharpest, was the most effective. Let alone that the might of the Armour Splitting Golden Sword had a strange effect towards this large defense.

The Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique didn’t only have the Five Elements. These attacks even had the effect of injuring the soul. Using this attack would cause a powerful voice to irritate the target; the voice’s intensity was enough to make targets unconscious and even kill them. Spirit attacks were usually like this, and soul attacks were even more mysterious.

The Armour Splitting Golden Sword dazzled with a golden light as it stabbed towards the Sea-Dragon Merman; its speed was similar to a golden meteor.



The Golden Sword slashed off two fingers of the Sea-Dragon Merman. The Sea Dragon Merman was quite big and although the Golden Sword was big, it was still small compared to the Sea-Dragon Merman.

The Sea-Dragon Merman was very enraged right now. Blood puffed out like a fountain from his fingers, dying the surrounding seawater a richer blue.

The Sea-Dragon Mermen’s blood was blue in colour.

Two huge azure ice hammers formed two ice crystal whirlpools, making icebergs dash towards Qing Shu from all directions.

Actually, this Sea-Dragon Merman had quite the bad luck because he had met a freak like Qing Shui. Qing Shui restrained him and had a powerful defense. If it was someone else, even if they possessed the same strength as Qing Shui, they wouldn’t be able to resist the terrifying attacks of the Sea-Dragon Merman.

The Sea-Dragon Merman, who had always obtained everything he wanted, couldn’t see the reality before his eyes or rather he was unwilling to accept this reality. He was a Sea-Dragon Merman whose physical body was paramount and even the powerful Dragon Tribe members were only evenly matched with their physical bodies. Adding the Sea Dragon Soul and Underwater Typhoon into the fray, it was quite difficult for someone to escape unscathed.

The Giant Crowned Shark had also realized that the matter today wasn’t as simple as it appeared. His huge body rushed towards Qing Shui and he sent his left arm slapping towards him.

Qing Shui didn’t waste any more time and took out the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Qing Shui raised two water walls to block the Giant Crowned Shark’s attack. Each path of the Five Elements Divine Refinement Technique had a new powerful battle skill which was used by Qing Shui just now.

After Qing Shui blocked the Giant Crowned Shark, the Dragon Slaying Beast quick rushed towards the incoming Sea-Dragon Merman.

The bloodline of the Sea-Dragon Mermen was denser compared to the Sea-Dragons.


The Dragon Slaying Beast appeared accompanied by a loud roar. The Sea-Dragon Merman’s strength had decreased once more. Qing Shui used the Nine Continents Mountain against him again.

5 Layered Mysterious Heaven Seal!

A huge silver square platform smashed onto the Sea-Dragon Merman’s body. The Art of Pursuing and Emperor’s Qi together with the suppression from the Dragon Slaying Beast were acting on him. The Nine Continents Mountain knocked against the Sea-Dragon Merman’s body at that instant.

The Dragon Slaying Beast dashed over. It had the bloodline of a Dragon inside it so it wasn’t influenced underwater at all as it rushed towards the Sea-Dragon Merman.

A long after image created a water tunnel as it moved.

The Sea-Dragon Merman trembled with fear. He understood the history of the Dragon Slaying Beast the moment it appeared. Dragon Slaying Beasts were their nemesis. Their strength was high and had a terrifying defense, but the Dragon Slaying Beast could easily break through their defense.

If it was merely the Dragon Slaying Beast, he could still deal with it. But the problem was that his current speed was reduced by half and he could only get slaughtered in front of the Dragon Slaying Beast….

“Kill him, kill him or else we’ll all be done fo…” The Sea-Dragon Merman screamed.

But how could Qing Shui allow them to have hope? Muyun Qingge and Yiye Jiange had already dashed over in the direction Qing Shui had told them in advance. 

This was a kind of Formation walking position. Everyone would only need to walk using a special path and it was enough. Beastmen were weak with Formations and this was largely because of the structure of their brains and was unrelated to their intelligence. It was as if the Beastmen received a restriction on this aspect.

Muyun Qingge used a huge rainbow colored banner to attack.

Illusionary Silver Rainbow Silk!

Under Qing Shui’s amazed gaze, the Illusionary Silver Rainbow Silk directly bound the Sea-Dragon Merman. Qing Shui looked at its movements and knew that the reason it bound the Sea-Dragon Merman so easily was because it was fast or else it wouldn’t be able to do it.

The Dragon Slaying Beast waiting to the side finally pounced on the Sea-Dragon Merman.

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