AST 1577 - Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1577 - Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King

Under the alarmed gaze of the Sea-Dragon Merman, the Dragon Slaying Beast directly drilled into the hole on his torso.



The Dragon Slaying Beast’s sharp mouth and claws tore into the Sea-Dragon Merman’s body, causing him to scream endlessly. The screams caused ripples within the surrounding waters of the sea.

It was certain that this Sea-Dragon Merman would die. Qing Shui’s sight locked onto the Giant Crowned Shark: “Didn’t I say that you wouldn’t even get the chance to surrender?”

Nine Palace Laws!

A large area within the sea fell under the Nine Palace Laws. The Giant Crowned Shark bellowed at this moment with a strange voice. Its voice was quite penetrating and its direction was towards the Sea King’s Palace.

“Don’t try that hard. The Carp Tribe tricked you. You stupidly believed that you could exploit the Carp Tribe, but they have already seen through your schemes.” Qing Shui said these words to defend the Carp Tribe.

He knew that it was sometimes better to give the opponent a chance, rather than killing it entirely. The Carp Tribe was quite important if the Sea King’s Palace wanted to exist in this Ice Ocean Domain.

Hence, Qing Shui was giving a chance to the Carp Tribe. Once today passed, Qing Shui possessed various methods to make them loyal to the Sea King’s Palace.

Also, if the Carp Tribe had even the tiniest bit of wit, they’d know which choice to take.

Qing Shui’s words shocked the Giant Crowned Shark. They had actually been planning to use this as a trump card as once it was used, the Sea King’s Palace would be done for.

The Carp Tribe was the core pillar of the Sea King’s Palace. There were many experts among the tribe and they also possessed the powerful Carp Dragon Gate Formation which protected the Sea King’s Palace.

“Since you want to see the Carp Tribe, take a look!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qing Shui clapped his hands clearly, after which a huge number of the Carp Tribe appeared in the surroundings. They were all in different stances.

Carp Dragon Gate Formation!

This was  the Carp Dragon Gate, a powerful existence of the Carp Tribe. With this formation, they could let some of the Carps become the same as Giant Dragons, letting them display their powerful skills.

Although the both parties had already exchanged moves, it was after all a group battle. Qing Shui was mindful of his surroundings and disturbed the enemy from time to time. He had already found the best position from which he could act.

Area Control!

Qing Shui had the Nine Palace Laws, a control-type demonic beast, buffing and debuffing Formations as well as poison and the Nine Continents Mountain…

Three hundred opponents had already fallen under their hands according to Qing Shui’s observations as he disturbed the enemy in this time that the Sea King’s Palace was in a vulnerable state.

Qing Shui wasn’t planning to act if the Sea King’s Palace’s strength was strong enough!


Yiye Jiange took the Nine-Headed Crystal Beast out. Qing Shui had now realized how terrifying this water-type divine beast was. It was an overlord-like existence underwater. Its huge body possessed the aura of a king and the oppression emanating from it even made the Giant Crowned Shark frightened.

The Sea-Dragon Merman who had fallen before had delivered a fatal hit to the Sea Dragon Palace. It was a breaking point in this group battle. The Giant Crowned Sharks ought to be happy that the Sea-Dragon Merman had fallen, but they couldn’t be in that mood after witnessing Qing Shui’s frightening strength. Just now, when he had set out, he had easily killed 200 Giant Shark tribesmen. Although they weren’t Giant Crowned Sharks, they were also proud existences in the Giant Shark Tribe.

Muyun Qingge had already come to the place where Qing Shui was battling with the Giant Crowned Shark.

Qing Shu took out some of his demonic beasts. The Thunderous Beast, his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, and the Dragon Slaying Beast acted together to crazily slaughter the enemies. The Hellfire Phoenix and the Eight-Headed Tarantula as well as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant were mainly proficient in slaughter. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was in charge of continuously weakening the enemy.

The Thunderous Beast and the Dragon Slaying Beast had already massacred a huge number of Sea-Dragon Mermen and Giant Crowned Sharks. The Sea-Dragon Mermen were the controllers of the Sea Dragon Palace and there weren’t too many of them, just around 1000. The death of a single one was a disastrous loss for them, but added on to that, every time one of them died, twenty of the Giant Crowned Sharks also died.

Naturally, the Sea King’s Palace’s side also had casualties, but compared to the enemies it was a lot less. Also, those who died were all pretty weak while it was the experts of Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace who had died. Even the weaker members could band together to attack. The Carp Tribe was killing those water tribes as if they were chopping vegetables.

Muyun Qingge’s Illusionary Rainbow Silver Silk wound around the Giant Crowned Shark again. Of course, this was after Qing Shui had already weakened him. The Sea-Dragon Mermen and the Giant Crowned Sharks trembled when they looked at this scene.

Yiye Jiange and the Nine-Headed Crystal Beast also didn’t lose out to Muyun Qingge. She held a white western sword to cut through her obstacles while the Nine-Headed Crystal Beast matched her moves, attacking and defending according to the situation…

The Carp Tribe started a large-scale massacre of their enemies. This was also the reason Qing Shui tried by all possible means to make the Carp Tribe fight or else the Sea King’s Palace would’ve suffered huge losses, even if they defended against the enemy’s experts successfully.

Even if the casualties were large, the Carp Tribe did their utmost to fight because even though there were many tribesmen among the casualties, they didn’t have any other choice. The Sea King’s Palace had already given them enough leeway so they had to fight. Let alone that, the Carp Tribe also owed the Sea King’s Palace and their lifeline was also grasped by them. They had to fight today whether they were willing or not, for the entire Carp Tribe’s future.

The Mermen Tribe, the Clammen Tribe, the Black-Dragon Mermen Tribe…

All of them were participating in this battle. The battlefield stretched around a thousand miles and the sea water had become multi-coloured. Some of the colors dissipated in a few regions but the waters were soon dyed with blood again.

Qing Shui kept moving around and attacking. He needed to find the powerful cultivators in order to weaken the enemy most effectively. He possessed the Nine Palace Laws and the Roaming Dragon Steps as well as the Paragon Water Shield, which allowed him to traverse freely underwater.

It was Qing Shui’s first time experiencing such a large formation, especially one that was  underwater. As the battlefield situation progressed, a turnback was already visible. With the strong experts of the Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace dying on the battlefield, it was becoming extremely clear that the tide was turning.

Qing Shui suddenly sensed the soundwave of an explosion from faraway. The energy waves were especially intense. His heart skipped a beat as he rushed over there only to see a pale faced Yiye Jiange being sent flying back while the Nine-Headed Crystal Beast howled and struggled with the enemy.

A Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King!

Qing Shui knew that the Vicious Shark Palace had a Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King.  This was an existence akin to the guardian of the Vicious Shark Palace, the strongest existence among them that hadn’t revealed its face outside for a long time.

Qing Shui had never sensed such a powerful aura before so he didn’t know whether it had just come here or was hiding its breath. Qing Shui lightly held Yiye Jiange and patted her back, setting her free from the large power trapping her.

“Are you okay?” Qing Shui asked anxiously.

“I’m fine.” 

Yiye Jiange couldn’t bear it anymore after speaking those words and coughed up blood due to the Qi and blood in her body raging all over the place.

Qing Shui sent Origin Qi to help in recovering her blood and qi.

“This Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King is quite strong. I became like this with just a sweep from him. You won’t be able to confront him directly.” Yiye Jiange knew Qing Shui would surely fight with it so she didn’t stop him and instead told him to be careful.

“Don’t be worried. Nothing will happen to me. Since he dared to injure my woman, I’ll break his third leg.” Qing Shui looked at the Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King.

“What nonsense are you saying?” Yiye Jiange was now a couple with Qing Shui, so even if she didn’t know what a third leg meant before, she knew exactly what he meant now.

“Go and check the situation at your Grand Palace Master’s side. Take the Nine-Headed Crystal Beast with you as well. I’ll feel at ease this way.” Qing Shui warned her.

“But I’m worried about you.” Yiye Jiange looked at that huge Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King.

“Don’t you already know how strong my body is? It’ll be fine. I’ll find some way to deal with him.” Qing Shui laughed.

Yiye Jiange warned him to be careful again and headed towards Muyun Qingge along with the Nine-Headed Crystal Beast, as a huge battle aura was also transmitting out from that side. The strongest person of the Sea Dragon Palace must have arrived. After all, the Vicious Shark Palace’s Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King had also come, it wouldn’t make sense if nobody from the Sea Dragon Palace came.

Qing Shui couldn’t pay attention to that at this moment. He could only notify the Sea King’s Palace tribes to fight intensely and let some of the old monsters provide help to Muyun Qingge and the others, as he was going to confront this Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King.

Qing Shui wanted to take him down quickly, but it wasn’t such an easy thing to do.

Qing Shui had already sent the Thunderous Beast and the Dragon Slaying Beast forward.

Berserk Paragon Attack!

Art of Pursuing!

Emperor’s Qi!


He promoted his strength to his peak state in a split second and also simultaneously reduced the enemy’s strength by a lot. The shark king’s speed was halved.

The Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King issued a loud howl. He was astonished that his strength had weakened. He turned his huge body and slapped his palms towards Qing Shui.


The thunderbolt’s effect seemed insignificant. Qing Shui pondered whether he could delay it,  as he didn’t know the situation at Muyun Qingge and Yiye Jiange’s side. Qing Shui made the Dragon Slaying Beast dash towards the Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King.

Purple Lightning Strike!

Purple Lightning Strike!


Qing Shui’s figure flickered as he rushed forward with the Golden Battle Halberd!

Paragon Strike!

Qing Shui and the Dragon Slaying Beast aimed their attacks at the Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King’s eyes.

The Thunderous Beast had used up all of its Purple Lightning Strikes in a split moment. The Thunderous Beast’s current strength had already reached an unimaginable degree. The Purple Thunder Strike was also a lot stronger. Moreover, it had a certain hit probability. It was just that if the enemy was too strong, the time of the effect was shorter and could diminish so much that it would be insignificant. Hence, Qing Shui felt anxious.


Qing Shui was pleased that his wish was fulfilled, as the attack had landed on the Violet Crystal Crowned Shark King’s eyes. Qing Shui planned to make the Dragon Slaying Beast attack its brain from the inside, but the stun time from the Purple Lightning Strike was about to end so the Dragon Slaying Beast leaped out, making it blind in both eyes.

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