AST 1583 - Five Elements Divine Flag’s New Position, Golden Spirit Fish

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1583 - Five Elements Divine Flag’s New Position, Golden Spirit Fish

By the time Qing Shui had recovered his senses, a lot of time had passed by. That Divine Sense had given him some basic knowledge about the Nine Continent’s underwater world with the Jade Kirin Dragon Vessel technique.

The Nine Continent’s underwater world wasn’t different from the land above, but it was quite large, consisting of the Eastern Ocean Domain, Southern Ocean Domain, Northern Ocean Domain, Western Ocean Domain, Nine Heavens Ocean Domain, Immortal Demons Ocean…

The Ice Ocean Domain was merely a subsidiary of the Northern Ocean Domain. The Ocean Domains of Nine Continents World were all interlinked to each other.

Apart from this information, Qing Shui also obtained that golden fish. It was actually a Golden Spirit Fish. Due to absorbing the spiritual energy here, it had transformed into a magical spirit beast.

No one in the ocean was capable of attacking it, but it also didn’t possess the skill to attack anyone. Such were God’s arrangements. Some skills were obtained by sacrificing others. It had sacrificed its attack potential for eternal safety.

Actually, the Golden Spirit Fish had almost no attack potential, which was why it was known that this kind of fish was truly blessed by the heavens.

The Golden Spirit Fish had the skills of a spirit fish, but they were much stronger. Its greatest use was its familiarity towards the underwater world. If only thoughts were transmitted to it, it’d be able to find a person. However, there was a restriction of distance; even Golden Spirit Fish weren’t omnipotent.

Also, it could increase the spiritual energy of the places where carps mingle.

The Golden Spirit Fish was also an underwater treasure hunting beast. That’s why it was known to be very precious. Qing Shui looked at the little thing swimming around him and placed it into the lake-like pond inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

After receiving such a huge benefit, Qing Shui sized up this unique construct. This place was a natural spirit cave. Several precious spirit herbs were growing in the surroundings, most of which were endangered in the outside world.

As Qing Shui was planning to place the herbs inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, the Five Elements Divine Flag pulsed and he instead entered the Five Elements Space.

He was amazed to find a position appear on the Five Stars Map. Qing Shui was familiar with this location. This was the transmission position the Five Elements Divine Flag had set before.

The new position was activated accidentally. Qing Shui looked at it as it became clearer. Qing Shui was astonished to find that position was actually the natural spirit cave he was in.

Qing Shui was truly surprised by this unexpected event, because he needed to remain here longer. He might perhaps visit the lower ocean layers for a stroll, so this was actually a good position. It was easy for him to reach this place quickly from the Sea King’s Palace. He could also return home to check up on the situations there. After all, Yehuang Guwu was at home. He could also go visit other locations now, as he had the means to return quickly now.

Qing Shui wasn’t in a hurry to return. Such a long time had already passed, so he wanted to see the situation here first and planned to return after clearing it out.

Coming out of the Five Elements Space, Qing Shui raked all of the spirit herbs and other things and only left a few of them behind. He held the conviction that they’d grow here again.

This unexpected happy encounter made Qing Shui feel giddy, making him want to howl with laughter to express the feelings of surprise in his heart. It was like receiving charcoal in snowy weather. This time’s harvest would allow him to become the Sea King Palace’s genuine Guardian. Except for Immortal Sects, any other sect had no chance of getting Qing Shu’s attention.

Qing Shui planned to return after checking if there was anything else here. Originally, after seeing this familiar scene, he thought there would be a Portrait of Beauty here, but there wasn’t.

Those expectations were in vain, but the Jade Kirin Dragon Vessel was something even better than a Portrait of Beauty. After all, the Portrait of Beauty was just a drawing. The genuine treasure was the woman drawn on the Portrait of Beauty.

By the time Qing Shui returned back to the Sea King’s Palace, it had already become dusk. There was day and night even underwater, but there wasn’t much of a difference between them. It was because there were many shining fishes, stones, water herbs, mountains and other things underwater. Sunshine didn’t reach down here, but rumor had it that there was a water moon present underwater. Else, it wouldn’t be possible for such brightness to exist. These were just legends and it was unclear whether a water moon really existed.

Muyun Qingge and Yiye Jiange were having tea and chatting when he returned, laughing from time to time. It brought a pleasant sensation of joy when heard.

Their names were also similar, as they had strange family names and the ‘ge’ word. Qing Shui’s mood was quite happy after returning so he walked towards them, “What are you chatting about so happily?”

“Why do I feel you’re even happier than us? Hmm? I can’t even sense your strength now.” Muyun Qingge looked at him with amazement.

“I was careless and accidently made a breakthrough.” Qing Shui said modestly.

Looking at him act this way, Yiye Jiange laughed. These words were really too infuriating. Others racked their brains and were still unable to make a breakthrough, but he had it too good, even breaking through accidentally. It made others feel like slapping him.

There was no need to explain Muyun Qingge’s decisiveness. She also felt quite happy that Qing Shui’s strength had increased. There were some things between her and Qing Shui which couldn’t be spoken about even though she was like a sister to Yiye Jiange, who was also a Palace Master. Qing Shui was her man and wasn’t an outsider. More so, she also sensed that Qing Shui was a responsible man. Actually, she also agreed that it wasn’t necessarily true that a fickle man would definitely be a bad man.

“Did you figure out anything about the Formations?” Qing Shui asked.

“How are the Life Gate, Death Gate and End Gate of this Eight Gates Golden Lock Formation arranged? I really can’t understand it.” Muyun Qingge smiled helplessly.

“First, understand the direction of the Nine Palaces.”


Muyun Qingge often felt quite helpless at the Sea King’s Palace. There were very few members from the Drakaina tribe. Yiye Jiange and her strength was actually relying on their ancestor’s shade. Each of the big water tribes had their own domains and rules. Although they actively helped when an outside enemy attacked, it was only because they wouldn’t have a home anymore if the Sea King’s Palace was destroyed.

However, if an existence with enough strength to suppress Muyun Qingge appeared within a tribe, that tribe might try to overthrow her. This wasn’t unusual, as this was the Beastmen’s style. The Carp tribe still lacked a genuine expert or else they would’ve done it already and that’s why they had tried something like the previous affair. It was a pity that they didn’t have a powerful overseer. 

Muyun Qingge honestly spoke about some of the circumstances to Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange.

“It won’t work this way. You have to develop your own trusted troops.” Qing Shui shook his head.

“There’s no time. I have trusted troops. It’s a group of about 100 members. Their strength is okay overall and there’s no need to doubt their faith, but their numbers are few. Muyun Qingge said helplessly.

“There’s no need for many. Just 100 of them are enough. Why don’t you let me handle this? I can help you develop these hundred members so that they may become an unstoppable force in the future.” Qing Shui joked.

“That’s what I wish for, too. Let’s go take a look. I’ll feel a sense of security if you can help increase their strength.” Muyun Qingge said softly.

“Don’t worry. I and Jiange are with you. The Sea King’s Palace will forever be yours.” Qing Shui stood up, laying the tea cup down.

Muyun Qingge looked at his tranquil expression and nodded. “Their restless notions have indeed been suppressed since you’ve entered the Sea King’s Palace.”

The three of them walked towards a region deep inside the Sea King’s Palace. This was a concealed interior land and the topography here was quite complicated. It was very difficult to find many of the hidden regions here.

They entered a valley which had a simple formation set up. This was the mysteriousness of the Beastmen. The Carp tribe relied on their inheritance of the Carp, their Dragon Gate Formation, and the Koi Domain to attract members. Perhaps it was because of this that an expert hadn’t emerged from within them even after a long time.

Even Qing Shui was dazed when he looked at those hundred members. They were all Black Scales Mermen who had human figures, but they were just a bit taller compared to humanity and were covered with black scales all over. Their bodies were well-developed and they released a powerful killing intent.

“Palace Master!”

These Black Scales Mermen called out deferentially when they saw Muyun Qingge.

She waved her hand, hinting for them to continue. These Black Scales Mermen were practicing a joint attack technique. Qing Shui could make out that this was a pretty good joint attack skill.

“This is a joint attack technique from their inheritance. A hundred members can already display its might pretty well. It becomes stronger with more people, but it’s also more difficult to control. Hence, all of the Black Scales Mermen tribes form a regiment of a hundred members.” Muyun Qingge explained.

The weapon of the Black Scales Mermen was a monotone pitchfork. These hundred members were all outstanding talents and there were even some Elementary False God stage experts among them. Although the others were weaker, their strength wasn’t far from the False God stage. Of course, taking a step into this level was an extraordinary feat and usually, only two to three of them at a time would ever reach this stage.

There was an impassable high mountain between the summit of the Martial Emperor stage and the Elementary False God Stage. It was possible that not even one among one hundred Martial Emperors might make a breakthrough.

Qing Shui guessed that the age of the Black Scales Mermen wasn’t that old as they were filled with a powerful vitality. Only the two False God stage experts among them were a bit older.

These people were Muyun Qingge’s secret weapon and though they were still weak, they possessed a formidable power.

“Do you have any means to increase their strength?” Muyun Qingge asked Qing Shui.

“I do. I have a formation with me here that’s even more powerful than the joint attack formation they are practicing right now. You ought to understand it. I also have medicinal pills that stimulate the bloodline, which can increase their strength and help purify their bloodlines.

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