AST 1584 - 100 Black Scales Mermen Slayers, Betrayal, Sunset Palace’s Arrival

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1584 - 100 Black Scales Mermen Slayers, Betrayal, Sunset Palace’s Arrival

Qing Shui had accumulated a lot of medicinal pills and they were enough for the hundred people here. Moreover, these kinds of pills weren’t worth much to him, but they were regarded as immortal pills by these Mermen.

Even immortal pills couldn’t promise them instant success. Qing Shui took out a few Bloodline pills which had been reinforced with crystal and other things. There were also a lot of Bone Strengthening Pills and Constitution Nurturing Pills.

There were only a few Yang Pills left, which were given to some of the outstanding talents. Qing Shui had kept enough for Yiye Jiange and Muyun Qingge as well.

In these two days, a huge transformation occurred in the strength of these Black Scales Mermen. Two of them had directly broken through to the Elementary False God Stage by using the Bloodline Pills effect complementing their aptitudes.

This was a huge hope and boon for the Black Scales Mermen. Even Muyun Qingge also didn’t expect this to happen. She looked at the transformed Black Scales Mermen with amazement. Normally, it’d have taken some hundred years to reach this stage.

A period of a hundred years wasn’t a long duration to Beastmen, but Muyun Qingge couldn’t wait that long. A lot could happen in some hundred years, as time changed everything.

Although she was amazed, Muyun Qingge could accept this because she had personally experienced it while getting treated from the poison. Her strength as well as Yiye Jiange’s strength had experienced a huge breakthrough and Qing Shui’s strength had also increased greatly.

Muyun Qingge convened all the members and let them take a look at the Five Elements Formation. After explaining it, the training began. If there were any mistakes, Qing Shui was here to rectify them.

Beastmen weren’t that talented with formations, but they possessed powerful physical bodies. This was also a kind of balance. Though they weren’t talented, it didn’t mean they didn’t know the terribleness of formations. They had vast losses while fighting with humans due to these formations which caused their original strength to drop.

Hence, the Beastmen began to thirst for formations.

The Black Scales Mermen were pretty strong, but their talent for formations was hopeless. Their ability to learn formations was terrible. As for Drakaina, they were heaven’s pets, so they were stronger in this regard than the Black Scales Mermen.

Though the pace was slow, Qing Shui was there to directly divide up the positions and explain the theory they didn’t understand. He directly gave them instructions and each did as commanded. Although this would reduce the flexibility of the formation, the speed would undoubtedly increase.

The core was the most important part in the formation. It and some of the more important positions were held by the False God stage experts. They could cover for each other and keep the formation stable.

They eventually succeeded with great difficulty in using the formation as all things were difficult in the beginning. After that, they began to familiarize themselves with the formation and the speed with which they grasped the formation became faster.


Qing Shui began to rush into the formation and instructed them on how to act. He naturally didn’t kill or injure anyone. He matched along with them and instructed then when they should attack and which position they should stand in. For a few of them, he explained about the best timing to attack and when it could result in a one-hit kill…

Teaching the theory of formations to Beastmen was like trying to straighten a dog’s tail. However, a lot of potential could be exploited if they were instructed on how to match with each other and how exactly they should act.

This was also the reason that there was oftentimes the shadow of humanity within Beastmen. These humans were mostly Formation Masters. Only with formations could the Beastmen’s strength be displayed perfectly.

The Five Elements Formation had many forms. The most important aspect was directing the five elements. The attacks were of all the five elemental types and could restrain the enemy’s attack by responding with the counteracting elemental type. 

Five Elements Protection. It can use the five elements to resist the enemy’s attack by using the restraining elemental type. This would diminish the enemy’s offense by a lot. All formations have the ability to increase offensive as well as defensive ability. There was just a difference in the amount by which it increased. The Five Elements Formation’s most core function was the five elements suppression.

Qing Shui wanted them to familiarize themselves with the compatibility between the five elements and make them understand which element each was in-charge of. After understanding the restraining principles of the five elements, they’d have to clearly judge the enemy’s elemental affinity or else they’d make a joke out of themselves.

It was easy to judge the elements like fire and water but some were difficult to judge. There were even some with dual attributes. It was also rumoured that there were more than five elements, which was before even considering the fusion of five elements. Qing Shui began to explain all about it.

Time passed by slowly; the progress of these Black Scales Mermen was quite fast. Qing Shui felt success looking at their progress. These people were the guards of Muyun Qingge and Yiye Jiange. A name was already designated.

The Hundred Slayers!

They were the Hundred Slayers Regiment.

Qing Shui knew that it wasn’t possible to increase their strength to the summit in such a short term. Even he also didn’t have the ability to do so. However, it was quite unimaginable for them to even expect such an increase in their strength in the past few days.

Qing Shui wanted to exploit their entire strength right now by forcing all of it out with a formation. He possessed the Great Strength Increment cultivation art which was quite suitable for the Black Scales Mermen.

Great Strength Increment was a type of body refinement. Although it wasn’t a very mysterious martial skill, Qing Shui knew that it was suitable for the Black Scales Mermen tribe and wasn’t weaker than other cultivation arts once it was practiced to the peak.

Great Strength Increment could raise endurance as well as explosive strength. This was the reason Qing Shui wanted to use this Great Strength Increment cultivation art. Even low-level cultivation arts had their own benefits. For example, they were easy to cultivate. As for legend grade or divine grade cultivation arts, some cultivators couldn’t even make sense of them.

As Qing Shui was training the Black Scales Mermen, Muyun Qingge and Yiye Jiange were also cultivating. Besides the sentinels of Sea King’s Palace, all the others were cultivating.

As for Qing Shui, the Black Scales Mermen didn’t view him as just the Guardian of the Sea King’s Palace, they had already began to address him respectfully as ‘Teacher’.

‘Teacher’ was different from ‘Master’; only when a person felt that they didn’t possess the qualifications to become a disciple or the person giving guidance wasn’t accepting disciples did they use the address of ‘Teacher’.

Qing Shui had declined it several times in the beginning but there was no effect, so he let them do as they wished.

The matter of Qing Shui instructing these Black Scales Mermen in this location was quite secretive. Besides a small number of people, none of the others knew about this. The Sea King’s Palace had recovered its past serenity. Only a few of them knew that trouble would find the Sea King’s Palace soon, but most of them didn’t know anything and lived their lives even happier than before as they had finally beat back the Sea Dragon Palace and the Vicious Shark Palace. Just like how everybody in Qing Shui’s original world wished for their country to be rich and powerful, everyone here wanted the same, as only then could the safety of the people be ensured.

The reason Qing Shui was doing all of this was because of Yiye Jiange and that he was also considered to be Muyun Qingge’s friend. He’d help for the sake of Yiye Jiange.

After a week, Qing Shui and the two women were discussing matters. The Black Scales Mermen were already walking on the right track. They had entered into the right mood in this one week. At this time, a Merman entered inside in a frantic mood, “The Black Demon Mermen are rebelling.”

Muyun Qingge stood up after a while, but her complexion recovered its calm, “Alright. You can leave.”

Qing Shui could make out that this affair was a little troublesome from her face. The Sea King’s Domain was quite large and some of the powers belonging to the Sea King’s Palace only received protection yet never worked for the Sea King’s Palace. The Black Demon Mermen was a powerful tribe among them.

Each and every tribe capable of doing this were tribes that could compete on equal terms with the Sea King’s Palace. They didn’t want to become underlings of other powers. They developed themselves under the Sea King’s Palace’s wings, but they never exerted any strength to help the Sea King’s Palace.

“The Sunset Palace must’ve come.” Muyun Qingge sighed.

Qing Shui also felt the same or else there wouldn’t have been a reason for the Black Demon Mermen to have rebelled. Though they were powerful, they wouldn’t have made such a decision under the current circumstances.

“It was going to happen sooner or later. It’s better if they come early. This is just the beginning. Let’s see how many of them have good faith towards the Sea King’s Palace.

Qing Shui was just about to say something when that Merman entered again, “Palace Master, The Shark Wolf Tribe has defected!”

Muyun Qingge was still calm, “Understood. Keep me updated about the circumstances.”

Qing Shui looked at Muyun Qingge with a smile, “Do you feel it’s hard?”

Yiye Jiange laughed, “Those who wish to stay wouldn’t leave and those who wish to go wouldn’t stay. Their staying behind is also harmful.”

Muyun Qingge nodded, “I’ll move on. I’d instead feel happy if all of them left. I can then dissolve the Sea King’s Palace, which would reduce my heart’s trouble.”

“There’s no need to be so negative. The Sea King’s Palace leads several billion organisms and only a few of them are leaving.”

After that, the merman reported a total of ten times. Out of the tribes the Sea King’s Palace controlled, ten of them had declared independence. It quietened down after that.

But they knew that this was just temporary. These independent tribes didn’t need to do anything. If their guesses were right, the Sunset Palace would make them act as the vanguard and turn these former comrades into enemies. This scene would be quite shocking and painful.

As expected, news arrived after two days. Those independent tribes had formed a regiment and come to challenge the Sea King’s Palace. Muyun Qingge smiled helplessly when this news reached her.

The Sunset Palace liked driving a wedge between those weaker than them by using force. They made threats and promises to make a portion of the opponent defect and then make them face each other in battle while they looked on from afar. They’d move to attack the opponent after that.

Qing Shui and Yiye Jiange had also obtained the news. He wasn’t flustered at all because no matter what, the Sunset Palace wasn’t an Immortal Sect. As a result, he was fearless.

“Jiange, let’s go take a look. It’s time for the Hundred Slayers Regiment to take action.”

The strength of the Black Demon Mermen was pretty good and they were quite a lot stronger than before now. They excelled at real combat. It was quite rare for False God Stage experts to participate in a large scale fight at this level, as there were only a few of them.

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