AST 1598 - Inheritance Battle Technique - Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory, Qin Qing Has Arrived

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1598 - Inheritance Battle Technique - Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory, Qin Qing Has Arrived

Yin Tong had always kept a low profile throughout his life. Even then, he had never lost his courage. He was older than Qing Shui and Lan Lingfeng, and his personality was more amiable than theirs. He could also be considered as a mature guy. However, he could never be compared to Qing Shui when it came down to the number of experiences they had accumulated.

Qing Shui had always been observant of Yin Tong’s every move. From what he could gather, Yin Tong was now stronger than Lan Lingfeng. However, their cultivation paths were different from each other. Yin Tong’s route was solely on softness with a little bit more of agility. Because his route was focused on speed, his attacks would also reduce the intensity of his opponent’s abilities, which at most times would result in the defeat of a superior force by a weaker force.

On the other hand, Lan Lingfeng’s route was more on the hardness aspect. The more difficult his situation was, the more he would be able to unleash his overpowering battle prowess. After a brief period of time, a man who seemed young and handsome appeared on the arena. 

Qing Shui was perturbed when that man went up to the arena because he sensed a familiar aura from this man. This familiar aura stemmed from the consciousness inside that man’s body.

This was a consciousness bequeathed to him by the Golden Battle God, which was a sort of perception towards other Demon King Inheritance. The built of the man on the arena wasn’t as buff as the other members of the Niu Clan, but he was full of energy. With only his muscular figure, he already exuded a strong explosive force. 


He had a handsome appearance and a steadfast expression. His thin lips were pursed tightly together, which showed his temperament as an extremely resolute person. This man exuded a subtle aura that could not be ignored by Qing Shui’s senses. From these observations, this man must be the Niu Clan’s disciple who had obtained the Titan Ox Demon King Inheritance.

Qing Shui knew that Yin Tong would lose this time, yet he didn’t urge him to surrender and admit defeat. Instead, he transmitted his voice to him and said, “This man must be the one who received the Demon King Inheritance. You must be extra careful.”

Yin Tong nodded his head while remaining calm and collected. Other people may have thought that he was nodding at the man from the Niu Clan but in fact, Qing Shui knew that Yin Tong was actually gesturing to him.

“I will not hold back so you must be careful. Or you can admit defeat to me. You are really not my opponent,” the man said calmly. The Niu Clan liked this method of being straightforward with others. When they sensed that their opponent wasn’t up to their level and was beginning to regret taking up the fight, they would tell their foe directly of what was on their mind.

“What you sense on the exterior might not be true. Let’s begin!” Yin Tong naturally would not admit defeat just because of what his had opponent said. Even though it was certainly dangerous to spar with a stronger opponent, it also presented a great opportunity for him to grow stronger.

That man took out a large club that seemed like a spear but thicker. The weapon was dull and simple without a slight lustre to it. However, this weapon must have been extraordinary, unlike its simple appearance, otherwise this pride of the Niu Clan would not be using it as his weapon.

“Demon Child Niu will definitely win. Perhaps the Miraculous Physician Qing is the only one who can fight him.” At that moment, Qing Shui could hear a voice in his ears.

Qing Shui found that quite laughable. The name of this person from the Niu Clan who had received the Demon King’s Inheritance was quite something. He was actually named Demon Child Niu. If that was the case, his father might not be called Demon King Niu, but Old Demon Niu instead… 

Qing Shui had no mood to listen to the commentary of the people below any further as the fight had already begun in the arena. From the beginning when Demon Child Niu took the first initiative to attack, many people began to notice that the disparity of strength between Yin Tong and Demon Child Niu was too great. Yin Tong who specialized in speed was now inferior in that field to his opponent. This fight was truly a difficult one for him.

Demon Child Niu bashed Yin Tong with the force of thunderbolt with his enormous club, causing the surrounding sky to reverberate with the sound of thunder. The entire sky seemed as if it had become more stifling than ever.

Fox Basked In Tiger's Glory! 

Yin Tong’s aura suddenly increased. His speed and power had received a significant boost as well. In an abrupt motion, he charged toward Demon Child Niu with his pair of Tri-Edged Daggers, which had become quite daunting in an instant.

Qing Shui knew that Yin Tong’s increase in strength wasn’t a fabrication, yet it didn’t seem like his aura had increased as much. If Demon Child Niu’s power was slightly more than Yin Tong’s, then his aura would have been completely suppressed. If his aura had been suppressed, then it would essentially be equal to his defeat. 

Yin Tong was the inheritor of the Fox Battle God, his Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory was still quite strong. However, if his opponent possessed greater strength than him, he could turn the tables of the battle given that he had sufficient confidence to do so. For example, if a giant rock were to fall from the sky and someone told you that it was made of paper, would you believe it?

The power of Fox Based In Tiger’s Glory was as such. Even if the rock was fake, no one would dare use their own life to test it out. Besides, Yin Tong’s attack had packed quite the punch as well. This was the esteemed battle technique inheritance of the Fox Battle God.

At that moment, Yin Tong was like a sharp sword as he lashed out continuous attacks against his opponent. Even Demon Child Niu did not dare to go against him with force just in case he could get badly hurt. Even though he was aware that this could possibly be a pretense or illusion, he wouldn’t dare use his life to test it out.

Yin Tong was akin to a ferocious tiger running down a mountain. His trenchant attacks were dazzling to the eyes; each offensive move was struck with the intention to hit his opponent’s vulnerability. Yin Tong was quite well-versed with his own battle technique, which must be locked at his opponent’s weak points at all costs. He could attack other parts of the body but never actually hit them. He must do so to only scare his opponent. Furthermore, Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory has a one-time chance to boost the offensive power of its attack by multiple figures, which could gravely injure or even kill his opponent. Because of that, Demon Child Niu wouldn’t dare to try given that death was a possibility.

If not for that reason, Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory would be powerless. The higher the cultivation level of Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory, the more one could unleash a formidable offensive power. Its might would increase as well. Right now, Yin Tong could only use it twice at most.

Luckily, it was effective each time he had unleashed this attack. He could use his strongest attack whenever he wished as the technique itself was extremely flexible. Because of this reason, he would be able to unleash the prowess of the Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory to its maximum.


Demon Child Niu grasped the opportunity and managed to use his shoulder to block Yin Tong’s attack once. This time, Yin Tong unleashed his strongest attack, but Demon Child Niu had a plan of his own. Even so, he was still knocked back by about ten meters as a result of Yin Tong’s attack. Unfortunately for Yin Tong, he didn’t manage to unleash the ability to ignore 80% of his opponent’s armor protection.

Even though Demon Child Niu was shocked by the prowess his opponent displayed, he was still able to endure his attacks. The powerful attack of Yin Tong’s Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory could only be used twice. Despite the satisfactory result, the number of uses was directly proportional to the strength of his attack. In conclusion, the might of this technique was considered impressive. Even if 20% of the armor protection was ignored, the overlying damage of the technique could do nothing more than to knock back Demon Child Niu.

Demon Child Niu could sense that his attacks against Yin Tong were like a mantis trying to obstruct a chariot, yet with the ability to overthrow it. This was the sensation he had from the Fox Basked In Tiger’s Glory. If Yin Tong’s power wasn’t too far off from that of Demon Child Niu, they could continue this fight for about half a day.

However, even if Demon Child Niu didn’t use his inherited battle technique, he would be able to defeat Yin Tong easily. Before seven and a half minutes were up, Yin Tong was quickly struck down from the arena. Blood was already streaming down from the corner of his mouth, he was wounded but not very seriously.

“How goes it?” Qing Shui extended his hands and pulled Yin Tong back, suppressing his aura with his divine Qi. 

“We are useless. In the end, we still have to rely on you.” Yin Tong said, anguished. 

“Don’t say it like that Tenth Brother. Besides, you have just gotten your inheritance. The path to your future is still progressing. Likewise, I was able to become stronger albeit slowly because of an opportunity. I can guarantee that you will become stronger than him within a year.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“How about me? Why don’t I go up and fight him? Can you guarantee that I will become stronger than him in one year?” Lan Lingfeng asked promptly.

“It’s better if you don’t go up there. Your technique is more on confronting toughness with toughness, which is essentially a path of aggressiveness. You will easily break his thing. It’ll be useless if it’s broken.” Qing Shui said as he shook his head.

The ladies were evidently embarrassed. Everyone was able to interpret the ambiguity of Qing Shui’s words. Lan Lingfeng smiled awkwardly, he was speechless as he didn’t know what to say…...

Demon Child Niu stood above them while Qing Shui and the others were laughing as they talked. In the perspective of others, it was a situation of bewilderment. Evidently, they had treated the Niu Clan as if they were nothing in the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

The surrounding people didn’t particularly feel anything of it but the Niu Clan had become furious because of their ignorance, especially Demon Child Niu, who was still standing above them. He had just defeated a triumphant inheritor. Moreover, he also knew that there was one more inheritor who was incapable of being his opponent. That young physician was the only one who was truly fathomless. Despite this, he wasn’t scared.

“Aren’t people from the Imperial Cuisine Hall always exceedingly arrogant? Saying something like wanting our clan’s head and his direct descendants to fix the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Even so, you still have to show us why we should fix your Imperial Cuisine Hall in the first place!” Demon Child Niu said as he gazed directly at Qing Shui’s direction.

“No need to worry about it. One Niu Clan can’t possibly stir up a fuss even if they tried.” Qing Shui smiled and shook his head.

“I will challenge you now then. I wonder if you are brave enough to come up?” Demon Child Niu smirked.

Qing Shui planned on going up either way, but if he were to go up now, it would mean that they have to battle this out until the end. This wasn’t a big deal to Qing Shui. Then again, the other party must have hidden warriors amidst their clan. Qing Shui intended to lure them out, but even if he had planned to do that, he didn’t have such warriors on his side right now. It would be great if there was someone like that with him before he could battle against Demon Child Niu.

“I will take the challenge for this battle. I am part of the Imperial Cuisine Hall too.” A graceful voice of everlasting charm resonated throughout the entire room.

Qin Qing!

Qin Qing had arrived. She didn’t wear her palace uniform and instead wore a snow-white pleated dress that heightened her presence beyond this world. Her luscious hair hung on her shoulders and her beauty was like a masterpiece created by the heavens. Her eyes were glistening bright like jade, yet somewhat hazy as well. She didn’t wear a veil to cover her face but it was enough to baffle those who gazed at her as if they weren’t able to grasp the whole picture of her face.

This woman had a graceful figure as well. Her refined charm was exquisite and her picturesque eyes were quite beautiful to look at. She exuded a divine air of a celestial being that came from within her. Like the crescent moon in the sky, her expression was calm, yet she was able to radiate an overwhelming force akin to the vast sea or the firmament. Her noble elegance was quite compelling too.

She was magnificent, enchanting, cold, mysterious, and also a bit heavenly.

Qin Qing appeared in the sky immediately. The sudden appearance of this woman had made many in to be awe. What kind of person was she to appear celestial-like? Most people—regardless of gender—were filled with passion as they gazed at the graceful figure hovering in the air. They had an indescribable feeling in their hearts when they saw her.

Qing Shui was still happy nonetheless. Qin Qing’s arrival allowed Qing Shui to breathe a sigh of relief. He didn’t have a superfluous intimacy with this woman, however, their relationship was still a bit unclear. There were some misunderstandings between them before but that had already been cleared up.

“She is Fairy Qing!”


Within a few seconds, more people were beginning to recognize Qin Qing. Even though this place was a bit farther than the Great Qin Dynasty, those who were fond of gathering information about famous people would still be informed of the news, creating portraits of her to propagate news of her presence. They did so because of the profits. This was one of the tactics that these people had utilized in order to survive. 

“Fairy Qing, I don’t know why you have to get yourself mixed up in all this?” Demon Child Niu calmly looked at Qin Qing. However, deep inside in his heart, he was burning with a fiery affection for her. A strong, young man would always harbor an unnerving lust for a woman. 

A woman was considered to be a man’s mask, and this fact could be applied in any world. Anyone would want to gain the entitlement to such rare beauty that may not be found again even in a million li of distance away. Even Demon Child Niu wasn’t an exception to that yearning.

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