AST 1599 - Demon Child Niu Has Been Defeated

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1599 - Demon Child Niu Has Been Defeated

“Didn’t I say this before, I am also a member of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Am I not allowed to weigh in on this?” Qin Qing said as she unsheathed a long sword of Jasper Quartz.

Ever since Qin Ying died, her entire disposition had changed. Even though she had essentially recovered, she still retained a gleam of aloofness that she never had before. This was a type of aura that rejected everything. Although she was talking now, there wasn’t a slight emotion in her tone.

An agonized expression appeared on Demon Child Niu’s face. This wasn’t his first time knowing who Qin Qing was. The name ‘Fairy Qin’ was still quite famous in this refined society and dynasty era. Most people only recognized Qin Qing through paintings as the number of people who had seen Qin Qing in real life was scarce. Additionally, she liked wearing a veil to cover her face. Even if she were to walk outside in the public, almost no one would be able to recognize her.

This, however, was Demon Child Niu’s first time meeting Qin Qing face-to-face. Despite that, he had heard so much about Qin Qing and even had a collection of Qin Qing’s portraits in his room.

On top of that, he even swore to obtain this woman after he had awakened his Demon King Inheritance. He didn’t know whether he loved this woman or not, but he knew that he desired to have her and that fact alone was enough for him.

He also didn’t expect to meet her in such circumstances. Demon Child Niu took a glance at Qin Qing and said softly, “Since it has come to this, then let us begin. However, I will not harm you and I will definitely make you mine. Only I am worthy enough for you in this world.”

There wasn’t any changes in Qin Qing’s expression when she replied, “Try saying it one more time and see if I will kill you or not.”

Demon Child Niu opened his mouth for a while before he said, “You will definitely lose. I really hope you can pull out from this fight. Trust me, you will not be able to withstand against me.”

Qin Qing remained silent. Instead, she took a step and brandished her long sword. A tiny emerald-green Phoenix simultaneously appeared on the tip of her sword. It shone brilliantly while emitting a rare glow from its body.

Demon Child Niu’s expression shifted to a cautious look. He straightened the dull ancient club in his hand which suddenly became flaming red. There was also a thick layer of dark-red scaled armor appearing all over his body.

Titan Ox Strength!

Instantaneously, Demon Child Niu’s power was abruptly boosted. The power he had received was the Titan Ox Demon King Inheritance. His physical strength was undeniable, including his power capacity, speed, defense, and endurance.


A Phoenix with a size of a fist expanded its wings and curved a trail of a blazing streak across Demon Child Niu. Qin Qing’s silhouette fluttered upward as well. The long sword in her hand had become translucent and sparkling, revealing a luster that was similar to water.


A distinct sound rang out. At that moment when Demon Child Niu managed to land a hit on the little Phoenix’s body, a giant red Ox suddenly appeared on his body. The silhouette of this Ox was massive, which was dozens of meters in size. Even though this silhouette could not be compared to some of the larger demonic beasts, its fierce aura and glorious form was supremely appalling. 

Wind Blowing Brushing Willow! 

The little Phoenix could only destroy the red ox’s silhouette by burning it, yet Qin Qing remained steadfast as she swung her sword towards Demon Child Niu. Her movement was light as a feather and the only impression that one could gather from that was beautiful, which matched Qin Qing’s silhouette that seemed like an otherworldly celestial. Her movement was mesmerizing as well. Even Demon Child Niu wanted to give up and take a closer look at her beauty. Perhaps it wasn’t a bad choice to let her pierce him like this. 

However, he knew that letting her stab him wasn’t a possible choice. He looked at the slender sword that was approaching fast and realized the lightweight movement of her sword possessed a formidable prowess. He quickly used his red club and violently countered the sword.


Qin Qing’s sword swiftly tapped on the club for only a moment. She was nimble as if there wasn’t any weight to her movement, just like a flower petal. However, she was quick - her movement was graceful yet deadly. 


Suddenly, a distinct cry could be heard within Demon Child Niu’s body. This cry sounded like it was from an ox, yet somewhat different from that. No one thought that the cry was funny when they heard it as the cry was no less inferior than a dragon’s shout. This cry had a momentum that could swallow Heaven and Earth.

Qin Qing knew Demon Child Niu was beginning to grow serious about this fight. The moment she shifted her silhouette, a pair of colorful yet clouded wings appeared behind her. If one observed her wings carefully, they would surely recognize them as the wings of a Phoenix. Qin Qing’s slender sword also gleamed with brilliant lights, as if it was a shadow of a Phoenix expanding its wings, ready to soar to the sky. 

Qing Shui continued to observe her from below the arena. When he thought of Juxtapose Phoenix, he realized that this battle technique might be effective for her. However, when he remembered the condition of this technique, he wondered whether she could use it or not. There wasn’t anyone suitable at her side right now.

Qing Shui had been reluctant to learn this technique. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to face reality but because he didn’t want the reality to become awkward for the both of them. Thus, he refused to learn Juxtapose Phoenix, at least for now.

A loud explosion rang out in the sky with occasional Ox roars and Phoenix cries echoing in the surroundings. The silhouettes of a Phoenix and Demon Ox appeared continuously before they were dispersed by the explosion. On numerous occasions, black holes were created and expanded in the sky due to the chaos of the fight, allowing the bright moon and stars to be visible. It was as if Qing Shui were watching television in his past life…

Qing Shui was initially a bit worried but after observing the fight for a while, it was clear that Demon Child Niu was definitely not Qin Qing’s opponent. In any case, Qing Shui was still confident in Qin Qing’s capability. As of now, the ones around him with the most horrifying power were Qin Qing and Yiye Jiange. Demon Lord Tantai Lingyan was slightly less powerful than these two. He wondered if she had already caught up to their level at this point.

The fight in the arena was extremely fierce while it was extremely quiet below the arena. Qing Shui noticed that everyone on the Niu Clan’s side were quite nervous despite their calm appearances as if they didn’t care whether Demon Child Niu would win or lose.

Qing Shui was able to surmise that it would be difficult for Qin Qing to kill Demon Child Niu. Moreover, if Qing Shui was correct, the Niu Clan had other strong warriors at their disposal. Perhaps they had a stronger pillar of strength behind their backs too.

Qing Shui wasn’t making wild guesses, the human mind was as such. He wasn’t proficient in psychology, yet he had some general knowledge of the matter. Through the experiences he had from the past until now, even if he might not be correct when he recalled his experiences, his guess should be pretty close to the truth.


The loud cry was accompanied by the appearance of a giant Ox akin to a large rock in the air. This was the Stone Ox that he had inherited from the Titan Ox Demon King Inheritance, which was cultivated using arts, energy, Qi, and spirit. This Stone Ox was congealed through the use of energy.

Qing Shui wasn’t surprised by this as he had these inside his consciousness as well. In any case, this Stone Ox was also known as a Demon Ox. The lifeforce and every aspect of a Demon Ox were bequeathed by the inheritor. The more powerful the inheritor was, the stronger the Demon Ox would be consolidated. However, summoning a Demon Ox would consume a lot of energy, Qi, and spirit.

This Demon Ox was approximately 30 meters in size. Qing Shui could sense that the strength of this Demon Ox was almost on par to that of Demon Child Niu. When he recalled the Tiger Form that Yehuang Guwu had cultivated, the Demon Ox that had been coagulated was far less stronger than her tiger. However, Yehuang Guwu still needed some time to build up her strength. With given time, Yehuang Guwu would definitely become a terrifying existence to be reckoned with.

Demon Child Niu had begun to feel that he wasn’t Qin Qing’s opponent anymore. There wasn’t much strength left in him after he had called up a Demon Ox just once. Even with this capability, he still wasn’t strong enough. Otherwise, his Demon Ox would definitely be a dreadful battle technique. Allegedly, the more advanced this technique was, the more frightening it would be. Unfortunately, this battle technique was deemed too difficult to cultivate and the progression of the cultivation technique was extremely slow too.

When Qin Qing saw Demon Child Niu calling up a Demon Ox, she knew that the battle was going to come to an end. She didn’t dare to make any careless moves, so in a swift motion, she called out her own gigantic Azure Dragon. 


The blaring dragon shout had caused quite a turbulence. Although the ox shout previously was quite imposing and by no means less blaring than the dragon shout, it still lacked in comparison in terms of its visual impact. On top of that, Qin Qing’s Azure Dragon wasn’t just an ordinary dragon species, which was nothing that Blue Dragons or Green Dragons could contend against. Those dragons were a mixed breed, thus they were deemed incomparable to the dragon species of Qin Qing’s Azure Dragon. 

The Demon Ox’s consciousness was actually entirely Demon Child Niu’s consciousness, which was why the Demon Ox was still quite affected by the dragon’s shout. The giant body of the Azure Dragon was less than a thousand meters in length, yet its enormous stature was able to make the Demon Ox seem like a miniature in comparison.

Under the assistance of Qing Shui’s outstanding medicinal pills, the Ancient Demonic Fruit, and the Metamorphosis Fruit, the strength of Qin Qing’s Azure Dragon had been increased dramatically, albeit without changes to the size of its body.

With a blaring roar, the gigantic Azure Dragon circled the air and charged toward the Demon Ox below it.

Demon Child Niu was truly terrified this time. He didn’t think that Qin Qing’s Azure Dragon could be this powerful. It was really too unexpected for him. 


The enormous Azure Dragon rammed into the Demon Ox, whose fundamental cores were its hardness and strength, and was sent flying to the air. The Azure Dragon then swiped its massive tail at the Demon Ox as if it were a monstrous whip.

Qing Shui didn’t expect that the built of Qin Qing’s dragon would be this remarkable. He had always thought that its supernatural power would be water-based. However, as it turned out, the physical body of the dragon was already overbearing to begin with. 

The Diamond Fruit inside the Interspatial Silk Sachet could not be used for the time being as it required a little bit of time before it could be used again. Otherwise, the Azure Dragon could potentially become more terrifying once it had consumed the Diamond Fruit.

Boom boom…

What caught Qing Shui by surprise was that the giant Azure Dragon only used its enormous body as the most primitive method to attack the Demon Ox. After a series of collated loud sounds had passed, the air was beginning to be filled with the smell of gunpowder. The Demon Ox was entirely gone, even Demon Child Niu was taken down by Qin Qing’s Azure Dragon as well.

Fortunately, Demon Child Niu had a remarkable ability to save his own life despite being inflicted with light wounds. Demon Child Niu was dejected and upset to have lost against Qin Qing because he really wanted to have her as his woman. In this world, most men would typically be stronger than their opponents when they liked the idea of having such a woman to themselves, especially when that opponent was the woman they desired. Because of that, the chance of getting that woman was highly probable.

Just like the scenario in his past life, if one desired to obtain a wealthy and powerful woman who was stronger and did not have feelings for them, it would be weird if this man would not feel desolated due to not captivating the woman he wanted, despite having a handsome face. 

A giant Azure Dragon hoisted Qin Qing and slowly circled around the sky. The magnificent sight at that moment was quite shocking. Those who had feasted their eyes on such sight had a tendency to bow down in worship.

The Niu Clan was still somewhat affected by Demon Child Niu’s defeat. He was the Niu Clan’s hope for the future and they needed his protection for the years to come. However, he was now defeated at the hands of someone of the same age, or perhaps even younger than Demon Child Niu himself. 

Qin Qing remained silent while still being hoisted in the air. She waited silently, for she knew that the matters today were still unfinished. When the time required for half an incense to burn was up, an evil looking middle-aged man appeared in the sky. This man had an air of wealth around him. He had a tall stature and his gestures were graceful. Most people would easily notice his appearance and regard him as a charming man.

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