AST 1607 - Divine Moon Immortal Sect, Golden Draconic Horses, the Secretive Woman

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1607 - Divine Moon Immortal Sect, Golden Draconic Horses, the Secretive Woman

Qin Qing was also one to practice in the early hours. She then met Qing Shui and both of them found a clearing together, where they saw Yin Tong, Ling Fei, Lan Lingfeng and Ziche Sha practicing. Yin Tong and Ling Fei were already married, while Lan Yingfeng and Ziche Sha were going to marry this year.

If they became inseparable couples now, this feeling of being joined at the hip really wasn’t bad. Qing Shui was also dreaming about it. Actually, when he was alone with a few of the women for a while, he also had the same feeling, but he knew that Yin Tong, Ling Fei and them weren’t the same.

Qing Shui was still practicing his Tai Chi Fist, but it had completely changed and was different from before. Qing Shui had already exceeded the realm of having the same motion but a different meaning or the same meaning with a different motion. As to what realm he was in at the moment, even Qing Shui himself didn’t know.

He let nature take its course, without any rules, but every strike was secretly agreeing with the Heavenly Dao, molding it into the sky and earth. That had an indescribable charm, as Qin Qing was also entranced by it while she watched.

Of course, she wasn’t entranced by Master Qing but was shocked by his cultivation realm. She did not know what realm he was in neither, but she knew that he was in one much higher.

“Is it fun to watch?” Qing Shui felt Qin Qing staring at him, and smiled back.

Qin Qing nodded earnestly: “The moves are nice, but the person, not so.”

Qing Shui laughed after his shock, this woman knew how to crack a joke every now and then. Actually, Qin Qing wasn’t indifferent, it was just that this woman, who was similar to a fairy, was very hard to please. It was also hard to make her show her true self.

“Do you want to learn it? It feels great and it’s also something you can do when you have some downtime.” Qing Shui was feeling particularly good today.

“Sure, I want to learn this.”

After a certain point in training, there would be a sort of feeling of connection. Once that happens, it would be as though the practitioner had learned more than 10000 moves. Although that’s a bit of an overstatement, it does get the point through.

Just like Tai Chi, Qing Shui taught Qin Qing the striking technique, as well as some of the essences along with it, and demonstrated all the basic moves of the 24 styles of Tai Chi. Qin Qing was able to emulate them after watching them once, but at this time she grasped the motion without the meaning.

Qin Qing had a lot of talent. After Qing Shui explained to her the essence of Tai Chi, she was able to copy it very quickly and every now and then her moves had a bit of meaning behind them.

Qin Qing’s moves very nice to see as if there was a feeling of delight. And so the early morning ended; when they looked at the clock, it was already time for breakfast.

As the two were going to leave, Lan Lingfeng and the rest came over.

“The Niu Clan had already left overnight.” Lan Lingfeng said to Qing Shui.

“They left earlier than I thought they would. I thought that they would stay for at least another three to five days. But even if they left, it is still fine. It’s clean like this too,” Qing Shui wasn’t happier on account of the Niu Clan’s departure.

“Do you think that this Niu Clan will return again?” Although what Lan Linfeng said was whether they would come back, what he meant was if they would come back to kill.

“I have no idea, but you guys need to work hard so that if that really happens you guys will be able to protect yourselves and everyone around you,” Qing Shui said this to shock the other two. This sentence was, in reality, pretty normal. If it were said at any other time it wouldn’t have meant much, but now that there is an actual possibility for danger, which was Qing Shui’s intent, it was much more effective than normal.

Although Qing Shui said this, he knew in his heart that the possibility of the Niu Clan coming back wasn’t high because Qing Shui knew that the Demon Child Niu’s achievements couldn’t compare to the Old Man, and without surpassing him they wouldn’t dare come to die. The skirmish this time would have shown him that it was hard to beat the old man.

As for Lei Ming, if nothing unexpected happened, then his strength had reached its prime. If there were to be any sort of breakthrough, it would be very hard.

Qing Shui felt that Lei Ming had obtained a Demon King Inheritance like himself and others. He also didn’t know whether Lei Ming was happy in the Niu Clan, now that the Niu elder was dead. There wasn’t anyone who would be able to stand against him.

Qing Shui stopped thinking about these things. The important thing was for him to raise the strength of those around him. Now that Qin Qing had the Golden Phoenix Scissors, if she had to fight Lei Ming, it would be easy for her to win. Qin Qing wasn’t much weaker than Lei Ming, but now with the suppression of the Golden Phoenix Scissors, there would be no problem for her to beat her opponent.

That’s why Qing Shui thought that if he left for a short time, there wouldn’t be anything terrible happening. He wanted to go home and take a look, but he decided to wait a few days to see the situation first.

With the sun high in the sky, Qing Shui slept and rested. These few days Qing Shui felt as though he was free. He felt very relaxed and was able to enjoy life, without much intensity the sun felt very warm and nice.

“Qing Shui, there’s someone outside to see you. He came to get healed,” Lan Linfeng said after coming over.

“No one else can heal him?” Qing Shui said with one eye open on the grass.

“They said they needed you to come, calling themselves the Divine Moon Immortal Sect.”

Once Qing Shui heard the words “Immortal Sect” he immediately stood up, puckering up his brows. He didn’t want to deny any request from the Immortal Sect. Even though he didn’t know whether the Divine Immortal Sect was any strong, he still went over and looked.

“I’m going over,” Qing Shui left for the main hall of the Imperial Cuisine Hall after saying this.

When he entered the main hall, Qing Shui saw two middle-aged men waiting. Although they appeared to be middle-aged, Qing Shui had a feeling of great changes in their eyes.

False God High level Martial Artists... in an instant two more of those were discovered; with them being here it was astonishing.

“Who are you two?” Qing Shui asked the pair.

“We want Mr. Qing to go diagnose for illnesses,” the man on the left said this with a smile. He was very courteous and very polite.

Qing Shui smiled. There was no one that didn’t deserve respect because of their status here. Qing Shui was also able to feel that the people in front of him weren’t faking it, but Qing Shui’s own spiritual sense and smell weren’t something that those two could feel.

“Is it alright for them to come here?” Qing Shui asked after some thought; he still wasn’t able to determine whether the people in front of him were the people from the Immortal Sect of legend.

“It’s not convenient here. If you accept, we’ll go out for a short while together and won’t be paying a minor amount,” the man said with the same courtesy as before.

Qing Shui also couldn’t find a good reason to reject them. If they weren’t polite then there would have been an argument, but they were the opposite, so he could only say in reply: “How far is it from here? I don’t have much time.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not far. We won’t take too much of your time.”

Qing Shui was a little shocked when he went outside. There was a very luxurious battle carriage, very large at that. It was 30 meters long; pulling it were four Golden Draconic Horses, large and fierce. Golden Draconic Horses were even more precious than the White Draconic Horses. Golden Draconic Horses were also a symbol of status. They didn’t have much fighting power, but they were the best for pulling carriages because of their speed and comfort as well as its stamina.

Qing Shui was surprised by the luxury of the battle carriage. Another thing was that those two men were the riders of this carriage. Qing Shui could see that those two were longtime drivers. If False God High level men were driving the carriage, who was its owner?

“After you, sir,” the men held the door to the carriage open.

This carriage about as large as a moving house: five meters high, around thirty meters long, and ten meters wide. A car this large wasn’t rare, but the four Golden Draconic Horses at the front were absolutely stunning.

The men’s actions further affirmed Qing Shui’s assessment—the two False God Martial Artists were the horsemen...

The area inside the carriage was very large and had many rooms. Qing Shui sat inside. Now he was considered to be skilled in both art and courage. Even if he couldn’t beat his opponent, he was still able to flee. That was what Qing Shui was thinking, but he really didn’t know how powerful Divine Martial Artists were.

The luxurious battle carriage was very fast. Even if they went through turbulence it wasn’t something that would be felt inside the comfortable car. They quickly arrived near the Ice Ocean Domain and was very close to Kunpeng Mountain.

There were many tents here. Qing Shui felt many strong smells. There were many people, and he also noticed that many of them were doctors. Qing Shui was stunned. Could it be that none of those doctors was able to heal the illness?

That was indeed the truth. All the doctors in Linhai City were asked to come. In a tent in the distance, two doctors came out, shaking their heads.

Qing Shui found out that he was perhaps the best one. Once he got there he went straight to the front and followed the men into the tent.

“Once the master asks for you, go in!” Said a slightly old man in front of the entrance to the tent.

The man nodded at Qing Shui to go in, and Qing Shui nodded back as he went into the tent. Once he went in a smell locked him in place. The smell was very strong, deeper than any other. He couldn’t even tell where this smell was coming from.

“You must be the Imperial Cuisine Hall’s Miracle Worker Qing!” a soft voice said.

A middle-aged woman came out from inside the tent. The woman’s full body was tall and high. The glory and splendor of her body had some unspeakable richness. This was an attractive middle-aged woman.

Her five sense organs were very delicate, but because of her age, they emanated a mature air. This was a benevolent woman. Although she was smiling, there was still a certain sadness hidden within her eyes.

“I don’t believe I’m a miracle worker, and I’m not sure who I have been called here to see.” Qing Shui said with a smile, and his senses told him that this woman was one who was very strong.

The woman looked at Qing Shui and her eyes also lit up. The strength of the young man was very high, and the courage that he possessed was unparalleled. Even though he was this strong, how good were his medicinal arts in reality?

“Come with me,” the woman went in.

Although Qing Shui wasn’t able to affirm anything, he also knew that the woman was absolutely scary and only saw a man lying down on the bed once he entered the room. This man was handsome and mature and even though he was lying down with his eyes closed, he could still recognize that this man was more handsome than any other.

Qing Shui didn’t ask who it was, as he had already asked once and wasn’t given an answer, thus he stopped with the intention. The woman also didn’t say anything, not even the symptoms of the man’s illness.

Qing Shui smiled and walked over. He felt his pulse, then wrinkled his eyebrows. Looking at the woman he said, “He’s been asleep for around 15 years!”

The woman’s eyes lit up once again: “It was just three days after 15 years.”

“He’s been plotted against. What he has inside him is an active poison that can multiply. In those 15 years, his body has become infested with this poison.”

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