AST 1608 - Yin Tian, Feng Xi, Parasitic Ancient Poisonous Insect

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1608 - Yin Tian, Feng Xi, Parasitic Ancient Poisonous Insect

What Qing Shui had said made the woman’s eyes filled with fear. As she saw Qing Shui brushing aside the man’s arm, she lightly said, “Then does the Miracle Worker have any way to solve this problem?”

“I can’t make any guarantees, but I can try.” Qing Shui didn’t dare to say that it might kill him, but even if he couldn’t completely heal him, there was still a way to soothe the illness.

The woman nodded after thinking a bit and said, “Then I’ll leave this to you. If you need anything, just tell me. I’ll prepare it for you.”

Qing Shui shook his head and warmly said: “Madam, I’ll state this clearly: You guys aren’t like normal people, and this man here has been poisoned. Although I don’t have a surefire way to get rid of the poison, I should be able to soothe its effects. I believe you know what I mean.”

Whatever type of person the woman was, she understood Qing Shui and looked at him happily. Because Qing Shui said that he could soothe it, at the very least he could soothe the illness and even said that there was a chance of full recovery. She quickly said, “I understand, the person that harmed my husband is already dead. I can guarantee that you will have no trouble on that front. Relax, I’m not the type that would bite the hand that feeds me.”

Qing Shui now knew that the man lying on the bed was the husband of the woman. Although the man had been lying there for 15 years, she hadn’t done anything different from before, just as though he was taking a long nap. The body had a strong aura, and Qing Shui was unable to determine the strength of the couple.

“Thanks for the consideration, I will begin now. No matter what happens, there’s no need to fret and please don’t order anyone to attack me,” Qing Shui said this solemnly.

Qing Shui removed the clothes on the man with the help of the woman, and using his Heavenly Vision Technique, he saw that the man’s body was in very bad shape. If nothing was done, he would die in a few years.

“His body is very strong. Being able to survive for 15 years like that is no small feat.” Qing Shui took many Golden Needles out.

“It doesn’t matter how strong he is. If there’s no plan for recovery, he won’t live for another 5 years...” the woman sighed. There was nothing she was going to hide from Qing Shui, but the bitterness in her heart was something that only she knew.

She couldn’t say that she had already scoured the Nine Continents, even going to the bottom of the seas. Unfortunately, she had seen many doctors and pharmacists, all of which had no idea what to do. There were also many who thought of a plan, but they couldn’t use it, because even though the man was in a deep sleep, his body had a natural defense mechanism that protected him from both the poison and the medicine. This meant that trying to heal him using those plans would have killed him even faster.

The woman couldn’t completely trust Qing Shui, but she was also desperate. In addition, Qing Shui had made a name for himself, and after seeing this young man, she determined that he was full of some interesting stories. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to reach this point with his age.

She was already left without a choice. Even though there were still five years left, 15 had already passed, and no one else dared to try. At least Qing Shui said that he could alleviate the symptoms, which was already a huge improvement compared with everyone else. She didn’t think she could do it herself either.

She had already supported the Divine Moon Immortal Sect for 15 years, and at least she had a child would-be successor. As long as both the man and she were alive, no one would dare to do anything, but if he was no longer around, then she didn’t dare to think about it, as the times that she had met assassins were many over the past 15 years. Even though she didn’t know exactly who it was, she could still guess. These people could have come from the interior, or from someone that wanted to place themselves higher in strength than the Divine Moon Immortal Sect.

However, these people didn’t know how much longer the man could live like this, and since it was so lonely at the top, all she could do was entertain the various possibilities of death.

The Divine Moon Immortal Sect also had many friends, so no one really dared to make a move even with the man in a coma. There were also no moral grounds to attack them, and if other people found out, they would attack them back. In addition, the woman’s strength was immeasurable to others. Even if they did try to attack, it wouldn’t be easy.

“Madam, don’t worry. Even if I can’t fully heal him, I can still make him live for another hundred or so years. This I can guarantee,” Qing Shui said this without raising his head as he was preparing.

“Just letting him stay in a coma like this is not what I plan neither. Sir, am I selfish for being like this? Should I just end his suffering? That way, he would no longer be in pain.” the woman had a pained expression. Perhaps it was because Qing Shui wasn’t a normal person, she was able to say what was in her heart.

Although the man was in a coma, he was also constantly in pain. The poison inside his body wasn’t going to be satisfied. It was leeching. It was multiplying. And even though the man was able to protect his most important organs, parts of him had already been filled with holes, though this was something that couldn’t be seen from the outside.

This, in fact, wasn’t the first time that the woman wanted to end the man’s suffering. He was in pain, and the pain in the woman’s heart was much stronger than the pain of the man, though she still wished that somehow the man would recover the next day. Every day she was let down, but even if she was not saddened like this every day, once she saw her husband, her heart would break down. This feeling, when held this deep inside her heart, hurt at every moment.

“As long as there’s hope, I will do my best to give you happiness.” Qing Shui understood the feelings of the woman, and doctors were supposed to hold the healing of their patients as their responsibility, and when they were successful, they themselves were made happy. In addition, true doctors were especially happy once they got rid of the pain of their patients.

Qing Shui used three of the Gold Needles to lock the man’s arteries, many others were used on the five viscera and six bowels. In this way, he used more than a 108 of his Gold Needles.

Qing Shui took out one of the Life and Death Needles and immediately plunged it into the man’s central stronghold!

One of life and one of death!

All of this was done very slowly. As this needle was plunged in, of all things, the man’s two eyes suddenly shot open, and the originally peaceful face became paler than ever as he recovered.

Although he was in a coma, he still knew what was going on inside his body. The woman was tormented, and as he was going through unspeakable pain he was also tormented. Most of the time, he let himself stay in a coma. This way he could pass time, and could also abate some of his pain. What good would have come from him being awake? With his eyes open, he couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything, and could only feel with his spiritual sense. He couldn’t even hear clearly, and his pain came from inside him.

How much he had wished that he could have been conscious for a while, to tell his woman he no longer wanted her to waste her thoughts on him. He also didn’t want to suffer like this any longer.

Seeing his man suddenly become conscious, and even smiling at her, the woman with incomparable strength suddenly became filled with tears, then excitedly and happily said: “Yin Tian, how are you? How are you?”

“Feng Xi, there’s no need to continue. It’s no use. I no longer want to see you in such a turmoil.” In reality, the man didn’t want her to give up at the last moment, all with no use, as it would hurt even more.

“I’ve found the Miracle Worker. You will be alright. You will get better.” the woman was no longer serene. It’s been 15 years, and she finally is able to hear him talk once more.

The man shook his head: “I am clear about this, that my body is practically void. Wanting to be better now is basically impossible. 15 years, I’ve already reached my limit. Even though I’m already used to this pain, I don’t want to live like a disabled person.”

“As long as you’re alive, it doesn’t matter how, you are still a pillar to them.” Qing Shui said with a soft smile.

The man smiled at Qing Shui: “Your medicinal arts are very good. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk again.”

“Would you believe me if I could let you talk again after a few years? If you gave up at this point, would you be alright with giving up on your wife?” Qing Shui said this with a smile, the Gold Needle in his hand was still steadily plunged into the man’s body.

“You’re still young, I don’t know whether you’ve gone through this or not, but getting rid of this pain for her is much more important than getting rid of the pain in my own body, and if I continued like this, it would be more painful for her than for me.” the man said solemnly.

“Your wife will have a chance, trust me. In a while what you will have is time to talk, I will first help him ease his pain, and allow him to be without pain like a normal person.”

Qing Shui’s words made Yin Tian and Feng Xi unable to counter him, especially Feng Xi who was excitedly staring at Qing Shui. If that was the result, she was already happy It didn’t matter if he were to become just like a normal person.

Qing Shui’s medicinal arts were very strong, and now with the Gold Needles, using the Five Elements Heavenly Needles, he could restore the critical parts of a wounded person, even if some places had been completely destroyed, for example, the two legs, arms, shoulders, and the back. At least, the heart and the brain were good. If those two parts had problems then even the Daluo Golden Immortal couldn’t save him.

“This is an evolving parasite, having been left there from antiquity. It would take residence in a person or animal’s body, live in the fluids of the body, and never stops multiplying.”

Yin Tian had already known. His body was something he knew very well, so he no longer held any hope. Even before Qing Shui said these words, he didn’t believe. He didn’t know why his woman asked for Qing Shui, but he was too young.

“I can’t heal you in a short amount of time. Even I don’t have that kind of power, but not because I’m not trying my best.” Qing Shui said this as he removed the needles from the man’s body.

“If you said that you could heal me within half a day then I wouldn’t have believed you.” Feng Xi was extremely happy.

“I can’t remove the needles that I’ve put in you. You should be able to feel them since I’ve already divided many areas of your body. I first need to get rid of those parasites then exterminate them area by area. If I got rid of any of the needles during this time then it would hinder progress.” as Qing Shui said this, he was already killing off those parasites.

Naturally, the two of them understood. Before this Qing Shui had already stopped his pain using the needles. This way, he made Yin Tian feel as though he was in heaven, but his body didn’t have any senses, as if it was under anesthetic. Only the head was full well, but it felt great.

It wasn’t that he didn’t think of getting rid of the pain, but with these types of parasites, just stopping the pain wouldn’t do anything. Though there was no pain at all now, Yin Tian had felt true fortune like this, being able to talk to Feng Xi with no pain.

It was only after huge suffering that people could truly feel fortune and happiness; only during these times, they would fully appreciate everything. Qing Shui was moved by the scene in front of him.

It was very annoying to exterminate the parasites. Moving within a small area, Qing Shui had to exterminate them for most of the day and there were more than 100 Gold Needles on Yin Tian to distinguish the different areas, dividing them up by the blood vessels, each needle marking one territory.

The tool used for killing these parasites were the Life and Death needles as well as Qing Shui’s Nature Energy and other Energies. Even with these methods, it took a while to kill each parasite...

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