AST 1609 - Constitution Nurturing, Qing Shui Preparing To Go Home

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1609 - Constitution Nurturing, Qing Shui Preparing To Go Home

When Qing Shui raised his head to let out a sigh of relief, half a day had already passed. He also noticed that he was really tired at that moment. Even so, when he lifted up his head, he could see that the woman was still watching over the situation by his side.

“How is it?” The woman asked, concerned. Qing Shui could sense an uneasiness in her tone. She was afraid that Qing Shui would say something that would disappoint her again.

Qing Shui smiled, “It’s curable, but I need more time. This man would have to bear a lot of needles during this period of time though.”

“That is nothing. This is really great news. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to you.” The woman let out a deep breath of relief as if she was breathing out a feeling that she had been suppressing inside her heart. She had truly encountered hope after going through so many winding paths.

It was a sign of hope for a person to continue living, and it would still be a symbol of hope for the time to come. In a sense, this hope could be called a goal. The woman’s hope and goal was to cure this man. As long as her desire was fulfilled, it would be a great accomplishment. Fundamentally, it would also make her life much better and wonderful.

“Madam, do not fret. When I manage to cure your husband, it won’t be too late to thank me after that.” Qing Shui replied with a beam.

The woman nodded, “You are also tired. Get some early rest!”

“Madam, it won’t do you good for you to stay here either. Your husband requires a long time to recuperate. At least half a year or so. Why don’t you stay at my Imperial Cuisine Hall?” Qing Shui said after pondering for a moment.

“Then thank you for the trouble.” The woman did not reject his offer. She had actually planned to do that in the beginning.

During the evening, a luxurious carriage pulled by a Golden Draconic Horse entered the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Shui allowed them to stay on a separate floor and personally made arrangements for their placement. This was quite a troublesome matter. Treating this man required an extensive period of time. However, Qing Shui had an intention for doing such things. If he wanted to catch a big fish, he would have to wait for a long time. In any case, he would not suffer any losses from doing so.

Of course, Qing Shui did not plan on seeking any benefits from them. In the future, he could gain some understanding of them or perhaps they could act as a gateway to enter another circle. Qing Shui needed to understand a lot of things once he managed to break through to the Divine realm.

This was the only Immortal Sect that Qing Shui knew of, aside from the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. Moreover, there might be a possibility that a conflict would break out in the future, which was why he felt that he could never be able to stop no matter what. 

Qing Shui introduced Yin Tian and Feng Xi to the members of the Imperial Cuisine Hall when they arrived. He knew how powerful these two were. Most people in the Imperial Cuisine Hall were already aware that those two were members of the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. However, only a handful of people knew about the true meaning of the words ‘Immortal Sect’.

In most parts, they knew that only factions with a certain degree of immense power were worthy enough to be referred as an Immortal Sect. What they didn’t know was that only sects with Divine martial cultivators were truly deserving to be called as such. 

The woman was an easy-going person. Currently, those who were friends with Qing Shui had good vibes about her just by looking at her. Besides, Yi Tong, Lan Lingfeng, and Qin Qing had the capability to see how extraordinary she truly was.

The woman was beginning to grow curious about these people. As they said, birds of a feather would flock together, and this was truly the case of that. For one to be able to see a person’s true character, they would have to observe what sort of people their friends were, and what kind of people this person had been hanging out with and how close their interactions were. If this information was gathered, one would be able to discern the true colors of a person.

Yin Tian was already resting up. This could be considered a genuine rest after so many years. Seeing how peaceful he was while sleeping, Feng Xi was finally able to put down the huge burden in her heart. Feeling assured, she then slowly walked alongside Qing Shui and went outside of the bedroom.

The others came by and paid their respects before leaving them be. Qing Shui and Feng Xi went out of the room after that.

“Miraculous Physician Qing, is there any hope that he could fully recover?” Feng Xi asked while giving Qing Shui a serious look.

At that moment, Feng Xi had already believed that Qing Shui was capable of healing, but she wasn’t sure whether he could heal her husband completely or not. 

“I can’t guarantee you right now. Madam, what else are your concerns right now?” Qing Shui replied with a gentle smile.

“Perhaps it’s a matter of time. I’m still a bit dazed for now as if everything was just a dream. I’m just afraid that I might wake up from this dream and everything will be back to how it used to be.” Feng Xi broke into a grin.

“Madam’s power might be strong, but you need to rest too. And I mean the mental kind of rest. You should retreat for the day early. Everything will be better once you wake up tomorrow.” Qing Shui said beamingly as he stood up to go out.

She sent him off all the way to the door and kept watching him until his back silhouette vanished before turning back to the room. She couldn’t sleep, but she wasn’t sleepy neither. Whenever people were in great sorrow or rejoice, they would either be confused or excited.

For the next few weeks, Qing Shui would spend the night cultivating in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal while treating Yin Tian during the day. It was just yesterday that Qing Shui had a sudden thought of allowing his Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm to kill those Ancient Parasitic Poisonous Insects.

Unexpectedly, it was proven exceptionally effective. The effect was several times faster than he had anticipated, which brought much happiness to Qing Shui. If this continued on, he would be able to kill off all the poisonous insects inside Yin Tian’s body within half a month’s time.

In spite of that, Qing Shui would also continue using the Life and Death Needles in conjunction with his Nature Energy to kill off those insects. Even so, it was more like he was just practicing his needle techniques on a patient. The actual main force in killing the poisonous insects had switched to the Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm instead.

Feng Xi and Yin Tian were very touched and grateful for Qing Shui in his efforts to help them. They had no relations to Qing Shui and vice versa, yet they could see how hardworking Qing Shui was for these past few days. He would spend most of the day treating Yin Tian, with the exception of his meal times. Feng Xi was aware that they weren’t related to Qing Shui, and despite his inferior strength, she knew that a miraculous physician such as Qing Shui would always be known as a distinguished person wherever he went solely because of his impressive medical skills. 

During these few days, Yin Tian and his wife were beginning to become familiarized with the members of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Qing Shui and the others were considered juniors, so Feng Xi would teach them cultivation whenever she had spare time. Lately, Xue Nuo even called Feng Xi as Aunt Feng. Feng Xi’s guidance was able to push their progress at an amazing speed. Qing Shui was surprised by the result too. It appeared that he had learned a lot of good things, yet didn’t know how to incorporate them well together. 

Another half a month had passed. Currently, the Ancient Parasitic Poisonous Insects were completely removed from Yin Tian’s body. After knowing that fact, Yin Tian and Feng Xi let out a sigh of relief. Even Yin Tian himself felt extremely uncomfortable whenever he realized there used to be a threat inside his own body.

Yin Tian could also feel that his body had been completely rid of those poisonous insects. However, his body had been tortured by those poisonous insects to the point where he could describe as extremely damaged. Even if he wanted to recover from that state, he felt that it was near to impossible to do so. 

Regardless of whether he could recover or not, he felt quite comfortable without those things inside his body. At the very least, his conditions would not get any worse. If he borrowed some of Qing Shui’s power, he might be able to recover a little. Unconsciously, he began to believe that this young man possessed powers that could be deemed as remarkable.

Yin Tian was emitting a superior air as he laid on his bed. That was the aura of a true powerhouse. Even though he was kind to others, he was still capable of emitting an aura that would cause others to feel uneasy and anxious.

Because of these poisonous insects, his power had decreased significantly. Even if his power had been reduced by quite an amount, it was still at a terrifying level.

“I will perform a Constitution Nurturing for Uncle today, which should heal you considerably. However, the rate of healing will be slower next time.” Qing Shui was already accustomed to calling Yin Tian as Uncle, which was insisted by Feng Xi herself. When everyone had grown close to each other, they followed Xue Nuo and addressed Feng Xi as Aunt Feng too. Qing Shui unintentionally followed suit by addressing them as such as well. 

If calling Feng Xi as Aunt Feng was normal, then it would be the same case for him to address Yin Tian as Uncle.

The Constitution Nurturing took quite long this time. Qing Shui also gave Yin Tian some precious medicinal pills to consume. Medicinal pills with stronger effects weren’t advisable for now, due to Yin Tian’s current condition. Constitution Pills and Bone Strengthening Pills would give better results instead.

With Qing Shui’s combination of Constitution Nurturing and Force of Rebirth, it took most of the day for the session to finish. However, the effects were tremendous as there was a significant change in Yin Tian’s situation. If his previous state of injury was rated ten, then his recovery was at most the rate of three.

After Qing Shui retracted his technique, he saw Yin Tian looking back at him with inconceivable gazes. No one understood his situation more than this young man. Never in his dreams would he expect that his body could recover to this state. Moreover, this was his first attempt at doing so.

Looking at the man who had always been calm becoming this excited, Feng Xi was speechless. She only knew that things were beginning to progress to a positive outcome. With a smile, she said, “Don’t rush.”

“I will keep quiet now.” Yin Tian said, laughingly. His words had the tendency to make others laugh.

“Next, your body will slowly heal by itself. I won’t be able to help you during this period of time. Your self-healing will progress for about a month. After that time period, I will once again perform a Constitution Nurturing for Uncle. Once that’s done, your legs should be able to recover to their normal state. When I say ‘normal’, it means an ordinary human kind of normal. I won’t be able to imbue inner force neither as it can only be done after three months.” Qing Shui explained to Yin Tian and Feng Xi after considering the situation for a while.

“That’s great. I now feel that gods above are kind enough to let us meet you at our most difficult times.” Feng Xi said as she enthusiastically pulled Qing Shui’s hand so that he would sit beside her.

Feng Xi was a senior, so it seemed normal for her to act this way. Yin Tian didn’t feel uncomfortable by her gesture whatsoever.

Qing Shui smiled and sat beside Feng Xi while facing Yin Tian in front of him. He smiled and said, “Everyone has become familiar with each other after spending so many days together. You even treated my children as your juniors, so make yourself at home. This is within the scope of my capability, and this is the fate between Uncle, Aunt Feng and I. To be able to meet each other in this vast world and develop a relationship with each other, this is fate. Since we are destined to meet, we should cherish each other more.”

“That’s right. It seems like fate is the only answer to this. Otherwise, I don’t know what else to say, really.”

“There are fates that come with good fortunes and fates that bring about tragedies. Enemies fall into the latter category. How can one become enemies with others in such a vast world?” Feng Xi looked at Qing Shui and chuckled.

During some of their conversations, Qing Shui would occasionally ask them things in relation to themselves. They were from the Divine Moon Immortal Sect, but they were considered slightly weaker among the others. Immortal Sects have different categories too. Their lives were mostly spent in the deeper parts of the Haohan Continent as that area was surrounded by the vast sea. The civilization in that place was more developed that it was here. 

“Aunt Feng and Uncle, you need to rest up for recuperation this month. Nothing will happen to you. By the way, I have to go somewhere and it will take at most one month for me to come back. I’m afraid I have to trouble Aunt Feng to take care of things here in the meantime.” Feng Xi could still understand what Qing Shui wanted to say to them. 

“Don’t worry about here. Are your errands dangerous? Do you need help?” Feng Xi asked with concern.

“It’s alright. I’m just going back home for a moment. There’s nothing wrong. I’m still capable of defending myself, you know. At least I can still protect myself from harm.”

The next day, Qing Shui told everyone of his temporary leave to travel back home, and he told them to wait for him in case something happened. If the situation became more dire and serious, then they would have to consult Aunt Feng instead. After Qing Shui guaranteed that he would be back within a month, he then excused himself and went off to prepare for his journey back home.

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