AST 1610 - Home, Qing Zun’s Nature Energy, Qing Ming’s Darkness Energy

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1610 - Home, Qing Zun’s Nature Energy, Qing Ming’s Darkness Energy

Qing Shui returned home in a flash. It was morning when Qin Qing walked Qing Shui out, all while they were relaxed for a long time. They had already passed most of Linhai City when he asked his Hellfire Phoenix to stop. The temperature in the upper atmosphere was low, but the two could deal with it easily.

The current Qin Qing with the Golden Phoenix Scissors was already much different than before. She was now much stronger. Even if Yin Tian and his wife were not here, he would still let Qin Qing stay for a while, to wait for him to return.

“This is already enough. I will return, you don’t need to be so reluctant to part with me.” Qing Shui said to Qin Qing with a smile.

Qin Qing was no longer flattered by his cheap words, and said to his face: “I won’t be worrying no matter where you go, but it’s still good to be careful.”

“Same with you. If there’s nothing then just stay at the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Uncle and Aunt Feng aren’t normal people and yet they treat us younger ones nicely. Now that it’s a time of intensity, the most important thing is to work hard to raise our natural strength.”

“Mm, the Immortal Sect exists pretty far away though.”


Qin Qing returned, and as Qing Shui was watching her shape of infinite beauty, he used his Five Elements Divine Flag and disappeared from his spot, appearing right next to Yehuang Guwu.

This required a process, otherwise having a person suddenly appear beside someone else would be absolutely frightening. As he appeared, Yehuang Guwu would feel a ripple in the air, and Qing Shui could choose how far from her to appear since he didn’t want to teleport directly into her bath.

When Yehuang Guwu saw Qing Shui, she was so happy that she smiled. Although it was possible for her to be next to Qing Shui, she couldn’t do that at that particular moment, since now she had her son Yan Lang and daughter Qing Jun.

Qing Shui noticed that the two young ones were also there. Yan Lang had just learned how to walk, and didn’t recognize Qing Shui, but also wasn’t too scared, just watching curiously.

Qing Jun happily ran for a while to hug Qing Shui. She was the little kid that Yehuang Guwu had brought back. She still didn’t know how to speak, but her loving actions made Qing Shui very happy.

Yehuang Guwu held Yan Lang as she went over to Qing Shui. She was very happy at this moment. As though they were all a family, Qing Shui carried Qing Jun as he stooped down to hold Yan Lang’s hand: “Even this little one can walk now.”

“He can walk like normal now. He also thinks about you all the time,” Yehuang Guwu said happily.

“Then do you think about me?” Qing Shui tried to carry Yan Lang. Perhaps due to their blood vessels, the little one didn’t repel him.

“Not much, just that when I can’t see you, my heart gets a little stiff, wishing for a moment to be by your side.” Yehuang Guwu lightly said.

Qing Shui felt a little warm inside, and while carrying the two children, he walked closer. Yehuang Guwu was holding his neck, but quickly released it, smiling: “Go, let’s tell them you’ve come back.”

“Qing Shui nodded and went out with the two urchins and Yehuang Guwu. The Qing Clan had taken root here on the Dancing Phoenix Continent, creating a large family here.

It was pretty lively here. There were more of Qing Shui’s women in the Qing family. A familiar feeling rippled through his heart. These people were his relatives. They were the people that made him not feel alone. It was these people that cared about him, and they were the reason that he kept on advancing.

Qing Jun, Qing Yin, Qing Yun, Qing Yu, Qing Yan, Qing Long… they had all grown, their mothers were among the most beautiful women. Furthermore, this generation of Qing Shui also wasn’t lazy, their talent was much more than other people.

Canghai Mingyue, Huoyun Liu-Li, Yun Dun, Di Qing, Hai Dongqing, Mingyue Gelou, Zhu Qing, Wenren Wu-shuang, Mu Qing… were all there. In additions, Yuan Su was here as well.

Mother, Grandfather, Uncles and Aunts, the two strong brothers were also there.

Qing Bei, Qing Zi, Qing Hui, Qing You, Qing Qing, Qing Hu and Guo Polu, also their treasured sons were there.

Le Le and Yu Chang had already become adults, about the same age as Qing Hu, Qing Bei, and Qing You of the fourth generation of the Qing Clan, who were all adults.

Yun Dun’s child Qing Yun, Di Qing’s children, Wenren Wu-shuang’s children and Yehuang Guwu’s children, now the Qing family had a lot of people. Even Qing Yi herself didn’t think that this one child could give her so many grandchildren. These children were very close to her, and when she saw them, she was so happy that she couldn’t speak.

Yu He, Princess Chang, Di Chen, Yu Yuyan all had their own businesses. Even though they could find a place on the Dancing Phoenix Continent, they were far and close to other things. Wanting to go over would take a day and a half.

Yuan Su guarded the Imperial Cuisine hall of the Dancing Phoenix Continent. Canghai Mingyue, Huoyun Liu-Li, and Mingyue Gelou were making a trading company. Normally it was Huoyun Liu-Li, Yun Dun, and Zhu Qing who took care of it. Canghai Mingyue and Mingyue Gelou spend most of their time cultivating.

Huoyun Liu-Li and the others felt that their raw strength was enough so far, and even if they did practice, it was hard for them to breakthrough any further. That’s why they decided to make a trading company, to give themselves something to work on. Canghai Mingyue and the rest were in charge of protecting the cargo.

Yan Zhongyue was also present, but his woman from the Soaring Dragon Continent wasn’t here, even though the people here were all a part of the Qing Clan. Although they invited him, Yan Zhongyue was the Yan King, so he couldn’t say much, but they did ask his woman to stay a short while to visit. She said she didn’t need to stay long. She didn’t want to come because she wouldn’t be able to do much by herself. In any case, Yan Zhongyue had come to stay for quite a while, as there were also three children which could be considered as his family.

When Yan Zhongyue saw his son possessing such a strength, he was certainly happy. Before it was the parents teaching the child, but now even the child could teach his parents every now and then. The Qing Clan was very kind. Even though Qing Yi and Qing Luo’s strength wasn’t too much, people would still call them “Sir” and “Madam”.

Qing Shui and Mu Qing hugged for a bit and said, “Mother is still like that. On this Earth you are the most beautiful.”

“Little bastard. Having left for such a long time, your first words to me are these sweet words. Is it because you think I’m old and need comfort?” Qing Yi’s face color didn’t change, but simply had an added grace to it. She was a graceful and subdued woman. Even in the Qing Clan, she stood out a little.

“No way, I wouldn’t lie like that.”

Qing Shui talked for a bit with his grandfather and father. Of course, a few of them came as well, the uncles, children, and the rest of the siblings. This formality ended up taking some time.

The weather here was warm, much better than that of Linhai City’s coldness. Qing Shui enjoyed it more here. It wasn’t only warm on the outside, but it also made his own heart warmer.

Only Yehuang Guwu knew the method with which Qing Shui used to return. Although the rest knew of the Five Elements Divine Flag, they didn’t know that he was able to teleport to Yehuang Guwu.

“Why’d you come back so suddenly?” Qing Yi dragged Qing Shui into the living room. There was more space there, which was perfect to chat about former times.

“I was thinking about you guys, so I came back as soon as I had the chance.”

Watching the mature faces of his children, with changes not befitting of their ages, Qing Shui’s heart was hurt but also gratified. His children had grown and also matured. This whole family was created by himself, and it was also him who had found Zhongyue. The survival of the Qing Clan was also because of his protection.

Qing Yi released a breath of air lightly and replied, “We also think about you. When you’re outside, everyone worries and my children care the most.”

Qing Yi felt Qing Shui’s uneasiness and Qing Shui’s women were even more sensitive to that. Huoyun Liu-Li, Canghai Mingyue, and Qing Shui had gone through life-or-death situations many times and Mingyue Gelou could sense the uneasiness even more.

“Papa, Qing Ming is stirring up trouble again.”

Qing Yu was clinging on to Qing Shui’s arm. Ever since the urchin was young, Qing Yu was very overbearing. Whenever Qing Shui was here, she had to claim his arm as her own.

“Oh, what trouble is he stirring up this time?” Qing Shui asked this with a smile. Before he came, he already felt the strength of his children. Qing Ming was very strong, besides his body had also awakened some sort of Darkness Energy.

This made Qing Shui a little concerned, but he hadn’t made this matter clear yet. Qing Jun also wasn’t weak. This oldest son wasn’t only outstandingly smart and righteous, but he also had Qing Shui’s own Nature Energy. Although it wasn’t as strong as the Darkness Energy in Qing Ming, in the future it wouldn’t do terribly either.

“He caught sight of the White Horse Clan’s mistress, the one that the son of the Nalan Clan also caught sight of. Thus, he beat up the son of the Nalan Clan, who is now lying down at home.” Qing Yu said against Qing Ming’s stare of protest.

Qing Shui thought about it for a bit: “Silly girl, is the Nalan Clan strong? Who first caught sight of that woman anyway?”

“Qing Ming saw her first, but the mistress of the White Horse Clan is engaged to someone from the Nalan Clan. However, the person who first approached her was the son of the Nalan Clan,” Qing Yu said.

“So what you’re saying is that the White Horse Clan’s mistress hasn’t actually been engaged, and those two fought and whoever won would get her.” Qing Shui laughed. Although Qing Ming’s mother Mingyue Gelou wasn’t snatched by himself, right now Qing Ming did even more than that. Alas, that is something for the other family to worry about.

“Qing Shui, children can’t be dealt with like this, don’t you know that this kid doesn’t really care? He just does what he wants.” Mingyue Gelou said with a little rush.

“Mother, I really do listen to what you say. Grandma can agree to that.” Qing Ming said quickly.

Qing Shui felt that this kid was just like him, and said with a smile: “Gelou, there’s no need to worry. Children having a bit of freedom is a good thing. He also didn’t break any serious rules. As long as they know to respect their elders and listen to them, as well as treat their family well, there’s no problem.

Qing Shui said this because he knew that Qing Ming did, in fact, listen to his grandfather and mother. Sometimes his mother was a little too strict. Only saying that he would accept something when he really didn’t. This was normal, because if he accepted everything without question, then there would be a problem.

Qing Yu had also always told on him, but if Qing Yu ran into trouble, Qing Ming would still do his best to protect her.

When Qing Ming heard Qing Shui’s words, he was so happy that he smiled: “I say that father is the most understanding. I’m already this old, I can understand everything. If I needed mom to tell me everything, then it’d be like I had no soul, or that I had become an idiot.”

“I’ve never cared about your minor details. Are you really fighting against this family for the entire day, to rival for the affection for someone? Do you really like the mistress of the White Horse Clan? Do you need us to help you obtain her?” Mingyue Gelou also knew the proceedings of this situation.

“That son of the Nalan Clan was relying on his family’s strength, and talking behind my back, saying malicious words of the Qing Clan, slandering us. If I don’t scare him at least a little I won’t feel well,” Qing Ming said helplessly.

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