AST 1611 - Dark Emperor's Force, Nalan Clan Forcefully Disbanded Phoenix Dance Organization

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1611 - Dark Emperor's Force, Nalan Clan Forcefully Disbanded Phoenix Dance Organization

Mingyue Gelou could not contain her laughter upon hearing Qing Ming’s words. She loved her child very much, but what kind of mother didn’t? On top of that, this child was a link between Qing Shui and the Qing Clan. Of course, this wasn’t implying that Yu Chang wasn’t related to them as a family. In actuality, Qing Shui would never change, regardless of whether he had children or not. In fact, it was Mingyue Gelou herself who wasn’t able to overcome her past by herself.

With the birth of this child, she was able to blend into this family with ease. She was regarded as a very traditional woman, otherwise, she wouldn’t have this thought to begin with.

“Our Little Ming is still quite sensible.” Qing Yi smiled. She had always been very close to her grandchildren—every single one of them—including Qing Qing’s child. She felt extremely happy right now. Having lived to this point, Qing Yi would never dare to dream of this day back when she was younger.

At this moment, Qing Yu laughed as well, “That brat from the Nalan Clan deserves to get hurt. However, the Nalan Clan is also very strong.”

“No matter how strong they are, we aren’t afraid of them. What do you think, my little girl?” Qing Shui beamed.

“Of course I’m not afraid, but I’m afraid that grandmother and mother will get hurt from this.” Qing Yu said in a worried tone.

“Mm, our little girl has grown up. She has learned to put her concern on others.” Qing Shui said as he contemplated on that fact. He hadn’t spent a lot of time with his children as they grow up, which was why he had never lectured them before. Even if they really did something wrong, Qing Shui could only forgive them, not to mention that these kids were still sensible and intelligent. Even if Qing Ming seemed exceptional in Qing Shui’s eyes, there were others among his children who were the same as well.

“Daddy, the Nalan Clan is very strong.” Qing Yu whispered.

Qing Shui smiled back and shook his head, “Who dares bully my children? No matter how strong your opponent is, keep strong, as long as you stand on your reasons. Of course, it’s alright if you don’t have the reasons to. But most importantly, our family should never bully the good.” Qing Shui said, smilingly. 

It was clear what Qing Shui wanted to say. They were not allowed to bully the good, which meant that they could bully the bad people. As long as they were able to put a label of bad people on their opponents, it would be fine.

His children were happy upon hearing Qing Shui’s words, especially Qing Ming, who began to chuckle, “My father is still as domineering as ever. I will remember father’s words today.” 

“Ming’er, come here!” Qing Shui wanted to see what was going inside Qing Ming’s body.

Qing Ming quickly hustled his way to Qing Shui when he heard his father calling him. Qing Shui extended his hand and felt his son’s pulse. Mingyue Gelou became nervous subconsciously when she saw Qing Shui doing that. Her husband’s medical skills were unparalleled. if he took the initiative to feel his son’s pulse, then he must have seen something no one else could. 

However, she did not ask about it as her child was still alive after all. When she thought of how incredible Qing Shui’s medical skills were, she wasn’t that worried. After Qing Shui was done feeling his son’s pulse, he opened his eyes and flashed a smile. This kid was also endowed with special talents.

Qing Ming actually had the legendary Dark Emperor's Force inside his body. To put it simply, it was a disguised form of Emperor’s Qi. The Emperor’s Qi could weaken the abilities of the opponent by 20%, whereas the Dark Emperor's Force could increase the user’s abilities by 20%. 

The Dark Emperor's Force was quite similar to the Emperor’s Qi. In fact, each had their own advantages. The Emperor’s Qi was more suited to be used on a stronger opponent if the user was weaker in terms of power. After all, the opponent’s powers would be weakened, which was why the debuffing would be greater if the opponents were stronger. On the other hand, the Dark Emperor's Force could be used to increase the user’s own stats. If the disparity of strength between both parties was considered small, or that both parties were of the same level, the sudden 20% increase in power could allow the user to subdue their opponent completely. If the opponent was already slightly stronger than the user and the fight seemed highly improbable to win, then the user would be able to achieve a victory easily by using the Dark Emperor's Force in that sort of situation.

The Dark Emperor's Force has the ability to raise the stats of anyone, just like how the Emperor’s Qi had the ability to weaken opponent’s stats. Moreover, the Dark Emperor's Force was quite powerful as the ability was not limited to the user only but to everyone else as well. 

However, the form of the Dark Emperor's Force inside Qing Ming’s body was still incomplete. In other words, it hadn’t been completely condensed into a solid form. Even so, the Dark Emperor's Force would soon gain its form as Qing Shui was set on helping his son to achieve that.

“Is there any problem with my body?” Qing Ming asked, however, he wasn’t that particularly worried.

“There’s no problem, on the contrary, your constitution is great. There’s a powerful energy inside your body. Within these two days, I will help you transform it into a potent force, allowing you or others to gain 20% more of their overall power.” Qing Shui said, smilingly.

He was delighted as the Qing Clan’s progression advanced by leaps and bounds. The next generation was full of talents, Qing Ming would soon possess another ability that could surpass the ferocity of the Sure Kill Heavenly Technique. 

Everyone was elated upon hearing Qing Shui’s words. The other younger fellows were happy and envious at the same time.

“This is because of my good genes. There’s nothing to be envious about.” Qing Ming sighed.

Even though his words were provocative, Qing Shui and the others could only laugh at his statement. What ‘good genes’ was he talking about? He was the eldest son after all. In spite of that, Qing Shui still couldn’t figure out who Qing Ming had inherited his Dark Emperor's Force from. 

Mingyue Gelou did not have this aura. It would be impossible for such power to exist within her due to her pure, holy aura. Qing Shui was very much envious of this power, yet he possessed none of it. He couldn’t understand it; perhaps he was the one who had this aura from the beginning?

Everyone knew that there was no harm in Qing Ming’s aura, which was why they were able to talk about it openly. In fact, after knowing that there were tremendous benefits to his aura, everyone was happy about it. A lot of people were previously left in the dark regarding Qing Ming’s aura. Even if some of them were able to sense it, they weren’t able to tell what it was specifically.

“Right, what’s the matter with the Nalan Clan?” Qing Shui had heard of the Cloud Flutter Organization and the Phoenix Dance Organization before, but not about the powerful Nalan Clan. Qing Yu’s words previously might not have determined whether the opponent was strong or not.

It was at this moment that Canghai Mingyue began to speak, “The Nalan Clan has always existed but has always remained neutral. The Phoenix Dance Organization is no more. They have been forcefully disbanded by the Nalan Clan.”

Canghai Mingyue’s words shocked Qing Shui tremendously, the Phoenix Dance Organization had actually been disbanded by the Nalan Clan. It should be known that the Phoenix Dance Organization was the most powerful entity in the Phoenix Dance Continent. Similarly, the Soaring Dragon Organization was the strongest existence in the Soaring Dragon Continent, yet they were destroyed by Qing Shui himself. The Nalan Clan had destroyed the Phoenix Dance Organization, and it seemed like there was now a conflict between Qing Shui’s own clan and the Nalan Clan. Even though it was the younger generation who were fighting over a woman, this matter could be minor or significant depending on the progression of the situation.

Qing Shui suddenly thought of the Linghu Clan from the Phoenix Dance Organization and the Yun Yijian couple from the Cloud Flutter Organization. When he learned that the Nalan Clan had destroyed the Phoenix Dance Organization, the death toll was estimated to be quite high. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be disbanded so easily.

“Is the Linghu Clan alright?” Qing Shui had a good relationship with the Linghu Clan after all.

“The Linghu Clan is fine. The most important people in the Phoenix Dance Organization, however, are mostly dead.” Canghai Mingyue replied. 

The Qing Clan was currently someone not easy to be messed with. Yehuang Guwu was a False God cultivator and the two old people were the same too. Canghai Mingyue, Mingyue Gelou, and the other ladies were just a step away from achieving that level as well. 

Meanwhile, Eldest Princess, Di Chen, Yu Ruyan, Tantai Xuan, and Yu He would soon register their sects to the area closest to the Phoenix Dance Continent, the Soaring Dragon Continent and the Haohan Continent. Qing Shui had no qualms with the Phoenix Dance Organization being disbanded.

Initially, Qing Shui had decided not to fight with the Phoenix Dance Organization out of consideration for both parties. He still harbored no intention of doing so even until now. However, the ladies wanted to move over, so this would more or less rouse the suspicion of the other party. Despite that, everything was good now as there was no need to consider this matter anymore. 

It seemed like the Nalan Clan was not weak after all since they were able to forcefully disband the Phoenix Dance Organization by themselves. This had proven that they were much stronger than the Phoenix Dance Organization. Even so, Qing Shui’s reputation was quite well-known to others. The destruction of the Soaring Dragon Organization had his name on it. Perhaps it was due to this reason that the other party dared not make any reckless moves against the Qing Clan. 

“When did that happen?” Qing Shui asked.

What he was inquiring was the time Qing Ming had an altercation with the disciple of the Nalan Clan.

“Three days ago!”

Qing Shui didn’t expect that there would always be trouble whenever he came back home. He had planned to spend a month at home, so at the very least, he had to find out the root of the problem. Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel at ease when he left home later.

“Are there any movements from the Nalan Clan?” Qing Shui asked. 

“No!” Canghai Mingyue shook her head.

“To be honest, this can be considered as an insignificant matter. Although this problem can be minor or significant, the subject of the altercation is the would-be fiancée of the Nalan Clan’s disciple. In the end, Qing Ming had beaten up that guy. Under normal circumstances, a powerful clan will not leave it at that. After all, this concerns the reputation of the Nalan Clan itself. Based on how they forcefully disbanded the Phoenix Dance Organization, this matter will not be passed off that easily.” 

Coincidentally, at that moment, someone came in from outside to give them something. It was the gatekeeper of the Qing Clan. The Qing Clan was now considered a large family, so naturally, they would already have a gatekeeper of their own.

The gatekeeper was a local middle-aged man who was scouted by Qing Shui himself. He had a cultivation base initially but was crippled by an injury. Qing Shui later cured him of his injury, and so to repay for his good deeds, the man then became a gatekeeper for Qing Shui’s clan.

His name was Pang Guang. Although he wasn’t very strong, his strength was decent. Moreover, it was great that he was a local as he was a disciple of the Pang Clan in this area. Even though his clan wasn’t very powerful, they were still considered above average in various aspects of their lives.

Pang Guang walked in and said, “Sir, Madam, this is a letter of challenge delivered by the Nalan Clan.”

True to what they were talking about, something related to them had arrived at their doorstep. Qing Shui smiled and took the letter of challenge from Pang Guang. This was great. It was always better for the other party to take the initiative rather than him doing so. The time for Qing Shui to stay at home was limited, this matter must be settled properly before he was to leave again.

After Qing Shui had received the letter, Pang Guang retreated to his post. Qing Shui then opened the letter to read it, “This is a challenge sent by the younger generations of the Nalan Clan to our younger generations of the Qing Clan.”

With a grin, Qing Shui handed over the letter of challenge to Qing Zun. Despite the casualness of his action, it was also a sign of gesture to Qing Zun as he was the eldest son of Qing Shui. Because of that reason, Qing Zun must establish and uphold his strong image in the family. Qing Ming was also handsome but this kid was too sinister, which was certainly not an example of a disciplined clan’s head. Due to that alone, Qing Shui had never thought of allowing him to lead the entire Qing Clan. 

As a clan’s head, not only must he be in power, he must also possess a resilient vision and perspective of an overall situation. Otherwise, the progression of the clan would be impeded, as well as causing disturbance to the whole family. 

Qing Zun took the letter of challenge and read it before handing it to Qing Ming with a smile. There were now strong cultivators among the younger generations of the Qing Clan. Luan Luan was indisputably a strong cultivator who was possibly too strong among her generation. She was already way too powerful than most people in the Qing Clan. 

Yuchang was almost there. Qing Zun, Qing Ming, Qing Yin, and Qing Hu’s son Changfeng were quite decent. However, that was enough. With Luan Luan holding the line, there was nothing to fear. Qing Shui noted Qing Zun’s calm expression and creased a smile on his face. His own son was still quite capable after all, he wasn’t sure whether he had taken after himself or Canghai Mingyue.

Qing Shui felt that he could still go on in this life. He was competent and responsible, and it seemed like luck was on his side too…

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