AST 1634 - Walking On Air, Meeting an Obstruction, Blade Demon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1634 - Walking On Air, Meeting an Obstruction, Blade Demon

It has been a few days since they returned to Imperial Cuisine Hall but there was still two days left bẻoe the agreed one week meeting time. Feng Xi and the rest were delighted to see Qing Shui return and probably knew that his matters have been settled promptly.

When he came back, he paid a visit to Sea King Palace and stayed there for a day. Yiye Jiange was there and this time was different from the last. They were entangled for a full day and succumbed to that pure and unadulterated affection and passion - each time made Qing Shui feel as if his soul wanted to soar.

Qing Shui previously said he wanted to let Yiye Jiange become a “knight” and they finally did it this time. When Yiye Jiange shyly straddled Qing Shui’s hips and covered his eyes while rocking, at that moment, Qing Shui felt as if the entire world trembled.

After that, Qing Shui removed her two hands and looked at her graceful appearance. Seeing that jerky but utterly beguiling movements, pure and innocent but also sheepish and coy, that two-pronged assault caused Qing Shui to feel as if he was walking on air.

This sort of feeling was really like walking on air. The saying of envying the life of a couple but not a lonely and immortal life was something that could describe what he truly felt then.

Qing Shui described what had happened at the Sunset Palace to Yiye Jiange and she smiled at him: “Do you have some motive towards the Sunset Palace Mistress?”

Qing Shui extended his hand and patted her round and perky butt. The clear and enchanting sound suddenly caused them to be overcome with impulse. It was yet another enchanting scene.

Lan Lingfeng, Yin Tong and the rest knew Qing Shui was leaving again and they were a little unhappy in their hearts. Still, they remained supportive of him going to treat Yin Tian. These days, the benefits the younger generation obtained from Feng Xi was really too much.

Of course, not much could be said about receiving the benefits itself. The greatest benefit Feng Xi provided them was with regard to cultivation and in the arts, especially so for Xue Nuo as Feng Xi imparted her best skill to her.

Although Xue Nuo called her Aunt Feng, Feng Xi had already treated her as if she were her own daughter. Those without daughters will subconsciously do this as it’s something normal.

Qin Qing came back and she knew Tantai Lingyan was a Demon King Inheritor upon seeing her. She was both surprised at how beautiful Tantai Lingyan was as well as the fact that she was Qing Shui’s wife. 

Qin Qing actually knew Qing Shui had wives all this time but was still mentally affected today when seeing her and thought that it would not be easy to get over her own barrier.

Qin Qing just came but Qing Shui and Feng Xi intended to leave tomorrow or the day after. Both women politely greeted each other and Qing Shui made some introductions while making it known this time that Tantai Lingyan is his wife.

“She’s the most beautiful woman that I’ve come across so far. You’re really fortunate.” Qin Qing smiled at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui felt a little morose as Qin Qing complimenting Tantai Lingyan was actually a good thing, but relations between the two of them were a little ambiguous so it wouldn’t be suitable for him to say anything right now.

“Miss Qing is being too humble, I feel that you’re more beautiful than I am and I’m speaking the truth.” Tantai Lingyan faintly smiled. That smile affected everyone in the vicinity; her smile could affect other people’s expression.

“I’m called Qin Qing. If you don’t mind, Sister Yan can just call me by my name.” Qin Qing smiled gently.

“If that’s the case, I’ll just call you Younger Sister Qing.”

Things between women are really strange but Qing Shui knew that they could do this only because they couldn’t be apart from him.


Qin Qing knew Qing Shui was leaving and merely wished him well. She just got back but actually came here on his account but now Qing Shui was leaving, she did not know if she was going to remain here or return to the Great Qin Dynasty after this. 

“Godmother, how about we let Sister Qing join us? It’ll be a little more boisterous for everyone.” Tantai Lingyan seemed to have noticed something and said immediately.

“Whether it happens is really up to her. Whoever is willing to go can go.” Feng Xi laughed.

Although Feng Xi said it in this manner, everyone knew it was merely niceties. Moreover, whatever danger that occurs during the journey might be a problem for those at that strength as it would be difficult for Feng Xi to take care of everyone. After all, Divine Moon Immortal Sect’s enemies are definitely terrifying.

“Sister Qing, let’s go together so that it will be a little more boisterous during the journey.” Tantai Lingyan said to Qin Qing.

Qin Qing cast an eye towards Qing Shui who then smiled and said: “That’s right. Let’s go together then.”

Qin Qing looked at Tantai Lingyan and Feng Xi: “If I go, Wouldn’t I be in the way?”

“Why would you be in the way? It’s settled anyway. We’ll set off together tomorrow.” Feng Xi smiled.

The next day, Qing Shui, Feng Xi, Yin Tian, Tantai Lingyan, and Qin Qing got on their way, sitting in a really exaggerated beast carriage. It was akin to a moving inn. The Golden Dragon Foal carriage can traverse through mountains and cross the seas and it would not be delayed no matter the terrain. Its feet could generate what seemed like golden clouds which allowed the beast carriage to fly straight up.

Bidding goodbye to Yin Tong, Lan Lingfeng and the others, Xue Nuo actually really wanted to go, but she knew her strength. Feng Xi also said, as long as she trained and cultivated, the next time when Yin Tian recovers, she will bring her wherever she wants to, which made Xue Nuo glad.

Golden Dragon Foal’s speed was fast, going straight for the deepest parts of Haohan Continent. This section of the journey would require some time and the Golden Dragon Foal was specifically made for rushing a journey as it didn’t need any rest at night at all. All it required was a quick break and that’s why it could be considered one of the best for traveling, and most importantly it was a status symbol.

Golden Dragon Foal embodies the identity of its master.

Half a month later, Qing Shui didn’t even know where they were right now but during these days, they passed through countless cities. Although the journey was peaceful, Qin Qing and Tantai Lingyan became closer to each other, just like sisters.


Feng Xi lightly said and the two coachmen on the outside brought the Golden Dragon Foal to a halt. At this point, Qing Shui knew something was up because a strong aura was being emitted in front of them and it was not just one.

Qing Shui knew from the beginning that the journey would not be peaceful. Additionally, Yin Tian was already awake, so the journey would be even less peaceful. If it was before, there might be some who simply waited for Yin Tian to slowly die.

However, Yin Tian’s condition was getting better and better and this would encroach upon the interests of many. Without talking about enemy strength, there would even be some restless people within the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. They would not let go of this opportunity since they had some misgivings about Yin Tian’s influence from the beginning. Thereafter, once they knew Yin Tian was not going to remain alive for much longer, they realized there was no need to reveal themselves. As long as Yin Tian died, Feng Xi would take a huge hit mentally and her influence then would also reach a nadir.

Except the way things developed didn’t seem that simple. That’s why seeing Feng Xi bring Yin Tian on her return to the Divine Moon Immortal Sect will see people trying to intercept them.

Feng Xi didn’t bring any help but she was confident in herself, only bringing two coachmen. She pushed open the carriage door and walked out, accompanied by Qing Shui who let the other two women remain within.

In a distance stood eight people, the majority of them Peak False Gods but Qing Shui was slightly anxious as he didn’t know if the two elders were Peak False Gods or not. He couldn’t discern their actual strength.

“Yuan Yang, did you think that these people would be able to stop me? I don’t want to kill anyone now. Quickly leave!” A huge aura suddenly burst forth from Feng Xi, causing the entire area to suddenly be enveloped with the feeling of sharp knives scraping them.

“Haha. Did you think we rushed out here without feeling confident? In the past, we really could not do anything to you but two years ago your body seemed to have come up with some problems. For example, your strength is only 70% of its usual.” One of the two elders cackled.

There was no change in Feng Xi’s countenance, but Qing Shui obviously caught a glimmer of a change - he did not panic at all.

“I’m familiar with my own body. There would be no problem at all if I want to kill you all right now.” Feng Xi calmly said.

“Is that so? How about now?”

Feng Xi suddenly felt like her body was losing Origin Qi, which made her recall what happened two years ago. It was exactly the same, but it was concealed at that time. How did they know?

Feng Xi knew her circumstance, this was something going awry with cultivation because she lost 30% of her strength the moment the elder finished his words.

Qing Shui also felt it and he reached his hand out to grasp Feng Xi’s wrist and then told her: “Aunt Feng, do not worry. I’ll help treat you later, why did you not tell me earlier?”

“Qing Shui, I don’t have complete confidence in defeating these people, if I am not wrong, there will still be someone else appearing. Qing Shui, I will summon my Scaled Wind Beast. You think of a way to leave with the women and your uncle.”

Qing Shui knew what was happening now. The opponents were waiting for this opportunity. 30% of one’s strength was really immense and to lose that much strength was indeed terrifying. It’s likely that some Sure Kill Heavenly Techniques could not be utilized anymore. He also noticed Feng Xi mentioning that someone else would be appearing.

“Aunt Feng, there is no problem. I can help restore your powers to its peak and even surpass your previous strength.” Qing Shui immediately activated Phoenix Battle Intent and Battle God Halo. This was a variation of the unparalleled Battle God Halo, which immediately restored her powers.

Feng Xi stared at Qing Shui in disbelief, this sort of amplification directly increased one’s strength. Although formations could also increase one’s strength, it required teamwork and cohesion, a number of people and expended a lot of energy which led to significant limitations.

Qing Shui was a little regretful now. If the women and he all learned the Juxtapose Phoenix then they would have increased their strength by another 10% now.

Feng Xi was slightly agitated: “Enough. Now I’m confident. Even if that person appears, I’ll still remain confident.”

Qing Shui had yet to activate his trump card, which was something it would use only when desperate. Qing Shui could lay a formation on the spot and immediately coordinate with Feng Xi to allow her strength to increase yet again. For example, the Four Symbols Formation could immediately let Feng Xi occupy the Killing Position and there would be no problem even if the enemy tried to break the formation. These Peak False Gods could do no harm to Qing Shui.

Of course, this was not taking into account the previously mentioned person appearing. Otherwise, Qing Shui thought there might be trouble then.

At this moment, Yin Tian walked out. Although his strength was not strong, his prestige and name remained and he glared fiercely at the elders: “Yuan Yang, did you think we from the Divine Moon Immortal Sect are easily bullied? Get the Blade Demon to show himself.”

“Of course I want to come out. How could I witness your death otherwise?” A voice rang out as a person appeared right in front of the group of eight of them.

This was a man who seemed similar in age to Yin Tian but this was limited to outward appearances. As for their actual age, it’s estimated that most warriors who reach this level would have already forgotten.

The man was dressed in an inky black outfit which seemed like both an armor and a coat at once. It matched his facial features which were frosty and stern like a sharp knife. He also looked grim and detached. In truth, he seemed pretty good. Even Qing Shui also felt that this was a man not to be trifled with.

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