AST 1635 - Feng Xi’s Sleeve Reversal, the Regretless Slash

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1635 - Feng Xi’s Sleeve Reversal, the Regretless Slash

Yin Tian was composed. He gazed at the man opposite him with the name Blade Demon, “There are still many immortal sects that are more powerful than Divine Moon Immortal Sect. What do you achieve by eliminating the Divine Moon Immortal Sect? It’s not like you guys will get stronger.”

Blade Demon smiled, “Yes indeed, it’s not like we will get stronger. But across the world of martial arts, our only rival is you, the Divine Moon Immortal Sect. Without you guys, the resources around this area will be ours! The reason why the Divine Moon Immortal Sect is so powerful is solely because of the advantage they hold in their resources. We have waited for this day for a long time.”

Yin Tian didn’t refute Blade Demon’s words, as he was telling the truth. The Divine Moon Immortal Sect was located right within a Spiritual Place. There was a place in there that especially helped in Spiritual Cultivation. Cultivating in a Spiritual Place with the best quality for a day would be equivalent to cultivating for a hundred days under normal conditions. In some extreme cases, it might even be equivalent to one year’s worth of hard work. However, a limitation of this place was that it couldn’t be used constantly for a long period of time. Normally, once a warrior used it for a number of days, it would take quite a while for it to recover.

Qing Shui knew about situations like this. This was also why it’s very easy for geniuses to emerge from disciples in aristocratic clans or sects. Though talent might be important, treasures or places like this also played an essential role in their cultivation. Otherwise, the geniuses would have their cultivation delayed and they’d be hindered from becoming top-class geniuses.

“Are you that confident that you can kill us here?” Feng Xi only managed to find her true calmness now, even though she had been composed since the beginning. With her talent in martial arts, she didn’t fear them.

The Blade Demon looked at Feng Xi and smiled, “I feel that there is no longer any need for you to stay stubborn. We all know each other well and I am aware that you guys care a lot about your reputation. But I know very clearly what kind of methods you guys hide under your sleeves. Do you guys really think that anyone would come and help you?”

“Do you feel that we need help? Will you believe me if I say we can kill all of you here?” Feng Xi looked at the Blade Demon with sharp eyes. These kinds of people who took advantage of other people’s crises must be killed.

The Blade Demon casually shook his head, “Even if you were at your peak, it doesn’t seem like you can beat me. Now? Haha, haven’t you realized that my strength has suddenly broken through by a huge chunk? Killing you now is as easy as turning my palm the other way.”

Though Qing Shui might have added the effect of Phoenix’s Battle Intent and Battle God Halo onto his body, he could hide it even from the mightiest opponents if he didn’t want them to realize it,. For people who received this kind of increase in strength, they would only need a bit of intelligence and be able to hide it from their opponents. This could help them in deceiving their opponents.

Feng Xi shot a cold glance at him, “Just do it. What are you speaking so much nonsense for? Would these kinds of things make your face seem brighter? Is it something worth being cocky about?”

“It will be good as long as we can kill you guys. Other things aren’t important.”

“Aunt Feng, let him remain proud for a while. It took him quite a while to finally think that he could beat you. Otherwise, that filthy spirit of his would never be satisfied. Since he is a person who is about to die, leave him as he is for the time being. There is no point in you arguing so much about it with that bastard.” Qing Shui said quickly.

In terms of accusing others, Qing Shui felt that he did quite a nice job. Accusing people required a state of mind. The more impulsive one was, the more complacent the other person would get. Hence, so long as one could keep himself composed in the midst of an argument and refute without revealing any sort of fluctuations in mind, things would work out fine. Other than that, one must make sure to expose the person’s most feeble point when accusing him to ensure that he’d become confused.

“Little bastard, you have no right to interrupt our conversation. Do it again and I will take the brain out of your skull.” The Blade Demon was offended by Qing Shui. He was no longer as calm as before.

The Blood Demon’s heart wasn’t that weak. It’s just that he never really had any advantage in front of Yin Tian. Now, not only did he get accused by a young man in front of Yin Tian, Feng Xi and his subordinates, he was accused right at the most feeble part of his heart. That’s precisely the reason why he lost his cool.

“Qing Shui, let that mad dog bite himself for a while. We shan’t quibble with him.” At this moment, Feng Xi said in a relaxed tone.

This time, the Blade Demon was truly enraged. The things which Qing Shui said before only made him angry but now, he was insulted by not just someone who he wasn’t familiar with, but also a woman. A notable feature about the Blade Demon was that he had always looked down on women. Throughout his entire life, he had always treated women like tools, tools to help pass down his heritage, tools to release his anger. The Blade Demon cultivated the Ruthless Blade.


In an instant, Qing Shui felt as if the entire area stopped in motion. The things around felt unreal. He was no longer able to hear anything with his ears. After that, he transferred her out with a gentle force.

By the time Qing Shui regained his senses, his entire body was covered in sweat. Feng Xi was battling against the Blade Demon. They were almost equal in strength. Feng Xi was using the Sleeve Reversal.

In between movements of both of her sleeves, the sky and wind could be seen changing. This was a kind of mysterious force. It was capable of producing a strange and faint shadow. Once it enveloped the Blade Demon, he would have no choice but to try and block against it.

This was one of Feng Xi’s expertises - Sleeves Reversal. While watching her Sleeves Reversal, Qing Shui was reminded of the Zhenyuan Daxian from his previous incarnation. His consummate skill was his Heaven and Earth Sleeves. It should be quite similar to the Sleeves Reversal technique.

It’s a Divine Technique!

While battling, the Blade Demon realized that he was wrong. Feng Xi wasn’t in the slightest weaker than himself. It seemed like throughout these years, her strength had also increased tremendously. What he couldn’t understand was that she was supposed to have lost 30% of her strength due to errors made during her cultivation, but it hadn’t happened. Instead, it felt as if her strength had improved by a little.

The second time they separated away from each other, a huge sword appeared in the Blade Demon’s hand. It was a huge sword dyed in red. It glistened in the air, like fresh blood was going to drip down from it.

After unsheathing the long sword, the Blade Demon was once again on his move. His speed was a lot faster than before. His strength was also boosted significantly. This was his true strength. As he brandished the long sword in his hand, it felt as if wolves’ howls and ghosts’ cries could be heard in the air. It was as if a malicious spirit was demanding somebody’s life.

Regretless Slash!

The Blade Demon shot out a blade shadow with the bloody long sword in his hand. Even Qing Shui couldn’t tell whether the shadow was real or not. This slash was ruthless and firm. It could be seen that it was a firm shot without any regrets or hesitation. Once this slash was made, the user would never regret this decision in his entire life. Even if he died, he would no longer bear anymore grudges.

This was the level of the slash that was created. A ruthless slash without any hesitation. Feng Xi wrinkled her face. She constantly swung her arms. In her surroundings, a number of afterimages were formed. Following that, she swung her sleeves and blocked against the blade shadow.


A continuous series of loud explosions were heard. It was if the entire heaven and earth were shaken. Feng Xi took a few step backwards. The Blade Demon, on the other hand, only took a step back. The Blade Demon looked at Feng Xi, “You are no longer my opponent. Do you feel despair? Worry not, I will let you see as he takes his last breath and dies. I will make sure that you hold your last grudge in your guts.”

The Blade Demon revealed a ruthless smile across his face. After that, he glared at Qing shui, “Brat, count yourself unlucky for this. Why would you side with them? It’s hard to keep your tiny life alive. If you come begging to me, I might let you go. But I am taking the two extreme beauties in the cart to help me pass down my heritage. The children they give birth to together with my children would definitely be very outstanding.”

“Outstanding my ass. Who is your mom? I would like to ask her why she didn’t keep her belt tight and gave birth to someone like you who makes people feel sick.” Qing Shui also was offended and as a result, he became angered.

The Blade Demon cared about his face deeply. He felt that this way, he could take back the face which he had lost. As to whether he should keep the brat alive by then, it wasn’t up to him to decide.

However, the words which Qing Shui accused him with enraged him. He wanted to charge towards Qing Shui, but he knew that Feng Xi would definitely stand in his way. He immediately told the people around him, “Go and get that little bastard for me! I want him alive!”

Qing Shui wasn’t nervous as both Qin Qing and Tantai Lingyan appeared beside him. Qing Shui knew that they wouldn’t just stand at the side and spectate the battle. He immediately used the Four Symbols Formation.

The two girls as well as Yin Tian were also under the effect of the Battle God Halo and Phoenix Battle Intent. The Hell Nightmare Beast and Dragon Slaying Beast came out and they even summoned Qin Qing’s Green Dragon. After all, the weakest opponent opposite them was at least a peak False God.

Qin Qing and Tantai Lingyan battled the weaker warriors under the effect of the formation. The position where Feng Xi stood at was the place with the most offensive prowess. It once again made her feel Qing Shui’s Divine Artifact. For a formation to be used in this way was indeed really powerful.

It took a long time for one to cultivate formations across the continents in order for him to gradually unleash the strength of said formations. Furthermore, its weak points were also very obvious. The energy consumption was multiple times than that of normal conditions. Also, if the eye of the formation was to be destroyed, the warrior would very easily receive recoil damage from the formation and get hurt.

Everything came with both advantages and disadvantages, which was why Qing Shui felt that he was the most perfect warrior in controlling the tide of a battle. Even with a Divine Warrior in the battle, he still managed to control the situation of the battle. Even though they might be the weakest Divine Warriors, they were still a lot more powerful compared to peak False God Warriors.

The Thunderous Beast also was dragged by Qing Shui into the formation. It constantly unleashed the Lightning Strikes. The Hell Nightmare Beast on the other hand, was sent by Qing Shui to the Xuanwu position within the Four Symbols Formation. Its defensive abilities were getting more and more fearsome. Even the peak False God Warriors opposite them were unable to deal any significant damage to it.

Though Yin Tian might not have recovered his strength, he could suppress his opponents with his aura alone. Even if he was a tiger without teeth or claws, he still wasn’t someone who normal cows or goats could taunt.

The things which mainly concerned Qing Shui were the two super peak False God warriors. They were elderly who had not the slightest idea they had achieved Divine grade. Qing Shui operated his state to its peak.

Art of Pursuing, Art of Pursuing! Art of Pursuing!

Qing Shui immediately tossed out three Art of Pursuings. He made sure he didn’t let the Blade Demon slip away from this. The Blade Demon who was fully occupied battling against Feng Xi suddenly experienced a huge drop in speed. Meanwhile, Feng Xi was already well-informed by Qing Shui prior to this. She immediately landed a swift attack and injured the Blade Demon while he was unprepared. Though he might not have suffered grave injuries, he was still hurt.

Feng Xi didn’t show the slightest mercy to her opponents as soon as she had the upper-hand in the battle. The attacks she unleashed from her hands were like a river with torrential currents. In the meantime, Qing Shui also made his move. By coordinating the Dragon Slaying Beast with Qin Qing, they managed to injure the two old men.

They were relatively weaker warriors. This caused the two old men to knit their brows.

Golden Phoenix Scissors!

The pressure on Qin Qing’s side was suddenly increased. An enormous golden scissor suddenly appeared out of nowhere and shone brightly across the sky. Suddenly, another golden light appeared and locked up the old man. The old man was shocked with what happened and at the moment when he was distracted, he forever departed from this world.

He was cut into pieces and disappeared into the air. This reminded Qing Shui of his Diamond Staff. The Diamond Staff was a formidable treasure that helped increase the damage caused by the five elements. To Qing Shui, it could be considered a Divine Artifact.

“Qing Shui, fight the one on your left. I have the other one covered.” Yin Tian smiled and said.

“Uncle, your body hasn’t recovered yet.” Qing Shui was a bit worried.

“Don’t worry. This kind of trash isn’t even worth my consideration.”

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